Intergalactic Junkers specialist in reclaiming trash and junk in order to sell that as scrap,abandoned all over deep space.These interstellar Salvage Ships,travel about space to locate and haul in any derilick or abandoned star ship,that they can throw a bucky cable anchor about or into.The star ships can either find a local orbitting star ship Salvage Operation or a planetary Star Ship Junkyard,to be salvage and either repaired or dismantled for spair parts to be sold,if the ship is beyond repairring.  

 The  starship Salvage yards either salvage,manufacture and repair facility was located within major cities or remote settlements, on various planetary systems or asteroid colonies . Although often heavily subsidized by the local Salvage Trading Consortium, these Salvage Yards were owned by the local Transport Systems and starship scrapyard unions. The spaceship graveyard the crew of Starbug encounter in the asteroid belt is filled with familiar ships from other sci-fi films. The Eagle transports  ship from ancient Terra, the spaceship from alien worlds and a Kalladon Star Pirate ship,Ploovian Hyper jump ships-small one passenger craft,that hop into wormholes,like intergalactic yoyo’s all can appear in these star ship junkyards.Orbital starship graveyards,often orbit around large gase giants,whose heavy gravity,can provide enough pull to collect and orbit about the planet.Other times,a heavy artificial black hole,can be created from a Tauron Black Sun-a heavy moon sized gravity generator,that can be used to pull in and lock in orbit salvaged space junk,drawn in from all over deep space.Sometimes these  Sargasso space of sea,can grow to an enormous size, "Super-Sargasso Sea" in space, where space travellers cn  discovers many lost spaceships and space stations and so on, , which have "fallen through a the black suns gravitational  barrier". Connection to Bermuda Triangle

Scavenge World

=== Owing to its proximity to Bermuda (and being in the Bermuda Triangle), the sea is credited with some of the infamous disappearances there. That stigma is further enforced by the sometimes total lack of wind over the sea, and the possibility for modern engines to become entangled in the sargassum, stranding most vessels. Thus, it is sometimes called the "graveyard of ships." In reality, the sargassum is not a serious threat to shipping, and historic incidents of sailing ships being trapped there are due to the often calm winds of the doldrums or horse latitudes.Many star ship junk yards or salvage yards or graveyards are thus called Sargasso Seas of Space,due to their ability to draw in dellick star ships. The Sargasso Sea is often portrayed in literature and the media as an area of mystery. It can be depicted as a "sea within a sea" in the midst of the freezing Northern Atlantic ocean. Whirlpool-like currents and/or the seaweed are reputed to becalm ships,trapping them in it’s seaweed vines.Many Salvage ship yards,often use some form of bucky cables to draw in star ships,ensharing them like tentacled seaweed.Often Zhennon Star Pirate Ships and Zhennon Star Cube ships can be found within these Sargasso Junkyards. http://

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