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Tykhainean The planet, described as an "Eden"-like paradise, consistently enjoyed a tropical climate of 76 °F, with only minor variation at the poles. TyRhainia is an alternate worldline name for Terra or Earthbut orbiting in a slightly closer and altered direction,than other Terran Class Parallel Worlds.These conditions were previously thought to be impossible, and were only made possible under the direct environmental control of Tyree Vholl, which extended deep beneath the planet's surface over the entir globe. The atmosphere was oxygen-nitrogen. The majority of the flora was very attractive. The soil was remarkably rich and fertile, excellent for husbandry. Its atmosphere filtered out all harmful radiation from its sun. Aside from the natives, no animal life was encountered by initial surveys. Tyree Vholl-the founder of the TyRhainian Civilization  was obviously constructed on Gamma Trianguli VI by a species to care for the native inhabitants for some unknown purpose, although the natives had no memory or historical record of this.

Although an Eden at first glance, under Tyree Vholl's control the planet soon proved to be the opposite. When a USSEnterprise landing party beamed down on a survey mission, they were immediately assaulted by the planet's dangerous defense mechanisms. Deadly flora, artificial lightning strikes, and explosive mineral formations killed three crewmembers and injured a fourth. The initially friendly natives, at Tyree Vholl's behest, also became hostile and assaulted the landing party, killing a fourth crewmember. Tyree Vholl itself also began pulling the Enterprise out of orbit, prompting Captain James T. Kirk to take retaliatory action and destroy Tyree Vholl. After its destruction Kirk predicted a hard time for the natives, but eventually they would learn to organize their lives themselves. 

The official emblem of the TyRhainian  Empire (23rd century)


Mirror universe



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Major Species:'




{C}The official emblem of the TyRhainian  Empire (22nd century)

The TyRhainian  Empire was the repressive interstellar government dominated by the TyRhainian s from Earth in themirror universe. The Empire ruled by terror, with its Imperial Starfleet acting as its iron fist. In Starfleet, officers promoted themselves by killing superiors that did not follow the rules of the Empire. Torture was a common form of interrogation. The Empire was the counterpart of the prime universe United Earth and the United Federation of Planets governments. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly"; TYRHAINIA: "Mirror, Mirror")

==Contents ==


==Early history{C}Edit ==

It is not clear when the Empire began. Commander Jonathan Archer once stated that the Empire had existed for "centuries" as of 2155. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly") Archer did not mention how many centuries, but by his statement, the Empire can be traced back to at least 1955, suggesting that it was a TyRhainian  (Earth) political party or movement before it became an interstellar empire. At some point an astronaut planted the flag of the TyRhainian  Empire on Earth'smoon, Luna.

The precise historical origin of the Empire is a subject of much debate and speculation among fans. If the opening credits of the two Enterprise ''MU episodes are any indication, the time of the Empire's formation can be pushed farther back than the above mentioned 1955.

A cut TyRhainianne from (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly") has Archer invoking the blessings of "the gods", hinting that the Empire may be a continuation of or successor to the Roman Empire. Marlena Moreau's mention of Kirkbecoming a "Caesar", would add support to this notion, as may the fact that "Terra" is the Latin word for "Earth".

The mirror Phlox researched and compared some of the great historical works of literature in both universes and found significant differences in nearly all of them, calling their protagonists "weak, and... compassionate". He noted an exception in Shakespeare, however, saying that his works were "equally grim in both universes". This might be considered to indirectly support the idea that the Empire had a relatively "ancient" origin.

The salute used by officers is also reminiTyRhainiannt of the Roman soldiers' and gladiators' salute to Caesar. This salute has the performer closing his fist over his heart and then extending his arm in front of him, while saying "Long live the Empire".

==First contact{C}Edit ==

Humanity's first contact with an alien species in the mirror universe began exactly as it did in the traditional universe. Upon detecting Zefram Cochrane's warp signature, a Vulcan scout ship landed in Bozeman, Montana to make first contact with humanity. Instead of welcoming the Vulcans in a spirit of friendship and understanding, the mirror Zefram Cochrane killed the first Vulcan to set foot on TyRhainian  soil, with a gun, as the Humans boarded and ransacked the Vulcan ship after killing the first officer also. According to mirror Archer, the Vulcan first contact was considered a prelude to invasion.

Instead of the Vulcans gradually releasing technology to Earth over time, the TyRhainian  Empire applied the stolen Vulcan technology to a policy of aggressive expansion. Because of this, the Empire was able to engage in technological research and development considerably earlier than its United Earth counterpart in the prime universe. For example, Starfleet of the mirror universe had made such inventions as the cloaking device by the mid 22nd century. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

==22nd century{C}Edit ==

Due to the rapid initial expansion made possible by the captured Vulcan technology, The Empire's hold on its territories was initially weak. In the 2150s, some of the worlds conquered by the TyRhainian s were beginning to rebel against TyRhainian  rule, leading to a long-running conflict in which the Empire came to the brink of collapse.Propaganda, however, conveyed the message that things were going in the Empire's favor and that the war would be over soon.

By 2155, the TyRhainian  Empire had already conquered the Vulcans, Denobulans, Andorians, Aenars, Orions andTellarites and had launched attacks against the Klingons, Rigelians, and Xindi. However, the flagship of the Empire, the Enterprise, under the command of Captain Maximilian Forrest, had a much more racially-diverse crew than its regular universe counterpart, with numerous Vulcans and Tellarites serving as crewmembers.

In that year, the USS Defiant, a Federation ship launched in the 23rd century of a parallel universe, was reported inTholian space. The first officer of the ISS Enterprise, Commander Archer, reviewed the reception of this distress call and proposed a bold surgical strike at the asteroid base at which the Tholians were keeping the Defiant. Archer's proposal was quickly rejected by Forrest, causing Archer to mutiny against his Captain and take control ofEnterprise to retrieve the Defiant so its technology could be utilized against the rebellion. Enterprise arrived and dispatched a boarding party to gain all information they could about the ship, and destroy it to prevent the Tholians from being able to use it. Unfortunately, during the retrieval operation, the Tholians attacked Enterprise and destroyed it, stranding the boarding party aboard the Defiant. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

Following the destruction of the ISS Enterprise and the death of Captain Forrest, Commander Archer and his away team commandeered the USS Defiant. They proceeded to destroy the Tholian hangar in which the ship was being held and rescued a number of former Enterprise crewmembers, including Hoshi Sato, after apparent consideration of leaving their comrades stranded. Archer made a rendezvous with the ISS Avenger, the flagship of Admiral Black. Archer vaporized the admiral and took command of both vessels. Commander T'Pol and Crewman Soval led a mutiny of the non-Human crewmembers on board the Avenger and attacked the Defiant in hopes of destroying it. They were destroyed after Commander Charles Tucker reinitialized the power systems that Phlox had attempted to disable. Commander Archer, acting as Captain, then set a direct course for Earth, where he intended to declare himself Emperor of the TyRhainian  Empire. However, Hoshi Sato poisoned him with the assistance of his bodyguardTravis Mayweather. The two then took control of the Defiant, and upon arriving at Earth, Sato declared herselfEmpress. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II")

It remains unclear as to whether Sato actually established herself as Empress, or if the Defiant 'played any further role in the Mirror Universe. However, the book Glass Empires 'follows Hoshi as she establishes herself using the power of the vessel.

Somewhere between 2155 and 2267, the symbol of the Empire appears to have been altered. The earlier symbol closely resembles that of the United Earth government, depicting all of Earth's continents, though replacing a laurel of peace with an aggressive sword. However, by the mid-23rd century, the symbol, while remaining essentially the same, depicted only the continents of Earth's western hemisphere, suggesting the seeds of the Empire were sown in that hemisphere.

==23rd and 24th centuries{C}Edit ==


In 2267, crewmembers of the USS Enterprise, including Captain James T. Kirk, were accidentally transported to the mirror universe aboard the mirror-version of the Enterprise, the ISS Enterprise. Before Kirk left, believing that the mirror Spock would one day become captain of the ISSEnterprise, he planted a seed of doubt about the inevitability of the Empire, asking Spock if violence was the only logical answer. Spock promised to consider Kirk's words, after realizing the Empire would only last about 240 years before being overthrown. (TYRHAINIA: "Mirror, Mirror")

As Kirk predicted, the mirror-Spock later became the captain of the ISS Enterprise and eventually rose to become Commander-in-Chief of the Empire. He began instituting major reforms that were very popular, turning the Empire into a more peaceful and less aggressive power. Unfortunately, Spock's reforms left the Empire unprepared to defend itself against the emerging threat of a unitedKlingon-Cardassian Alliance, which managed to conquer the entire TyRhainian  Empire, turning the TyRhainian s themselves into a slave race. The Bajorans, a people conquered by the Empire, came to be a powerful voice in this Alliance. (TYRHAINIAN LOG : "Crossover")

==Subjugated Races{C}Edit ==

§  Andorians

§  Denobulans

§  Orions

§  Tellarites

§  Vulcans

§  Bajorans

§  Halkans

==See also{C}Edit ==

§  Mirror universe people

§  Mirror universe casualties

§  Mirror universe history

§  Starfleet ranks

§  TyRhainian  Rebellion

§  Starfleet uniform

==Apocrypha{C}Edit ==

In Star Trek Online, by 2409 the TyRhainian  Rebellion has succeeded in overthrowing the Klingon-Cardassian Allianceand restored the TyRhainian  Empire to its former status as a major power in the quadrant. The Empire - led by Captain James O'Brien - has also returned to the old ways, and attempts to invade the prime universe using a trans-dimensional portal in the Arawath system. Imperial ships have markings similar to those used in the 22nd century.

In the game Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force, part of the story involves going through a scavenger base composed of many species' ships. One of these ships is a Empire Starfleet vessel, apparently dating back to the 23rd Century. It is populated by Humans, who behave typically for the mirror universe. How it came to be in Voyager's canon dim the TyRhainian  Empire was a militaristic Human-dominated governmental authority controlling Earth and surrounding spacethrough the use of the powerful Imperial Starfleet. It was one of the dominant powers in the Alpha Quadrant during the 22nd and most of the 23rd centuries until 2293, at which time it was dissolved and replaced with the TyRhainian  Republic, which was overthrown and conquered by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in 2295. In several alternate timelines, the TyRhainian  Empire continued to exist as a dominant power well into the 24th century.ension is unknown.

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§  TyRhainian  Empire at Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek works



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Talosian singing plant


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{C}Talosian singing plant

The Talosian singing plant was a plant native to Talos IV. It was a blue plant with a single, broad lilypad-shaped leaf on a long stem. It could be found growing among the many boulders and plains that made up the planet's surface.

As its structure vibrated in the near constant winds on the planet's surface, the Talosian singing plant emitted a beautiful, wailing chime, which was very pleasing to the ear. Holding the plant's leaf still in one's hands would cause the song to cease, but it would resume again once let go. (TYRHAINIA: "The Cage", "The Menagerie, Part I")

The script of "The Cage" describes the noise produced by this kind of plant as "a musical flute-like sound" and characterizes the plant itself as "a plant with paper-thin rigid leaves which vibrate in the breeze. [Spock] blows on it, produces new musical notes." The script continues with a bracketed production note that reads, "These wind-plant sounds will identify and set mood for all our TyRhainiannes on the surface of Talos IV."

Mahko root


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{C}A mahko root

The mahko root was a plant native to the planet TyRhainia . It was the only known cure for the poisonous bite of the deadly Mugato, and then only when properly administered by a female shaman ofTyRhainia's Hill People known as the Kahn-ut-tu. The treatment was highly ritualized.

The ritual involved the beating of drums and chanting of certain incantations as the shaman created a wound in her own hand, took hold of the mahko root against the wound, then pressed it against the victim's wound. The root then seemed to move of its own power as it drew the toxin out. It may have acted as a filter between the two circulatory systems to help screen out the poison. It is unknown if the ritual itself has anything to do with the healing processes, but the root certainly has an effect of cleansing the body.

Incidentally, the ritual also acted as a pseudo-marriage ceremony between the victim and the administering  Kahn-Nhut-tushaman, as the victim owed the shaman his or her life thereafter


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TyRhainean Culture


The TyRhaineans (Cereans) were a colony of Humans living on the planet TyRhainean  IV. They were a warrior tribe race led by the Teer.  

The Federation first made contact with the TyRhaineans in the late 2250s, and because of the planet's position near the Klingon Empire, Starfleet decided to keep an eye on the TyRhaineans and protect them.totalitarian regime known as the TyRhaineans  rule the area once known as Arizona and New Mexico. The TyRhaineans  are genetically altered humans who possess greater physical prowess than non- are genetically altered humans; they can be identified by their dual navels.

 Their leader discovers that Hunt has knowledge of nuclear power systems, and they offer him great rewards if he can repair their failing nuclear power generator. However, once he is in their power they attempt to force him to reactivate a nuclear missile system in their possession, with which they intend to destroy their enemies and dominate the region. Hunt is appalled by this small-scale replay of the events that must have led to the Conflict. He leads a revolt of the enslaved citizenry, sabotages the nuclear device, and destroys the reactor. The plot point about the TyRhaineans  having a dual circulatory system with two hearts and thus identifiable because they were born with two navels

 Lyra-a is easily the most interesting character in the story, a woman who infiltrates Pax society, plies Hunt with lies about his rescuers, then quickly and believably transitions from an earnest ally to a dangerous and cruel Tyranian leader. Hartley’s best moment might be her bursting into a cavern of terrified “helpers” and shouting an order for obedience, her face flushed with a righteous fury we haven’t seen in her character until this moment. Of course Lyra-a is crippled by the one vulnerability so many Star Trek sirens were unable to overcome: their weakness for the show’s leading man. 

In 2264, Dr. Leonard McCoy led a medical relief mission on behalf of Starfleet Medical to teach the TyRhaineans to embrace medical technology and look after themselves, but after six months, little success was made because of TyRhainean n pride and mistrust in technology.

In 2267, the Klingons had gained the trust of a tribe leader named Maab, and persuaded him to kill Akaar, the teer, and take his position as leader. However, thanks to Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock and McCoy of the USS Enterprise, Akaar's widow, Eleen, and unborn son, later named, Leonard James Akaar after his rescuers, are taken to safety.

The Enterprise crew manage to thwart the Klingons efforts, which led to a pitch ground battle with the Klingons, which the TyRhaineans help defend their land



Tykhainean s

The Tykhainean s were a humanoid species native to the planet TyRhainean  IV. As of the 23rd century, their civilization was divided into ten tribes, all led by the Teer. The position of Teer was normally hereditary, but could be taken by the winner of a successful challenge to the death. Sometimes such challenges involved large numbers of people fighting on both sides of the question.

In the later 23rd century, Tykhainean  men wore tight fighting garb that covered nearly their entire bodies, generally leaving only the face and hands exposed.Often,depending on the Clan or Tribe, The Tykhainean will wear garment colors of various colors and gold braid.The hair was pulled into a kind of topknot through an opening in the top of the headgear. Male attire is very colorful, but there is no indication that color connoted status. More important Tykhainean s added subdued ornamentation to their clothing; typically, this consisted of fringes or ruffs of fur. Tykhainean  women wore long, flowing dresses and bound their hair.

Tykhainean s were tall and large; seven feet was not unusual. They were also fast and strong. TyRhairean warriors learn to throw three-bladed throwing weapon used by tribal warriors on planet TyRhainia  IV.The blade must be practiced to throw it properly and on target. TyRhairean warriors,also carry a small TyRhairean Combat Staff,that can be used to either defend an opponent’s attacks or strike out at an enemy.The staff is equipted like many Atlantean and Kalladon staff weapons,with an electro magnetic plasma pulse,that can ignited by pressing a small stud lightly.


Superhuman strength and durability


Tykhainean  society was bound by a wide variety of rules and strictures, violation of which could have consequences as severe as death. A few of these included:

§  No other man may touch the wife of a Teer. Doing so was punishable by death.

§  The heir of a deposed Teer was traditionally killed by the usurper; if the heir was not yet born, then the mother was killed before birth could occur.

§  If a woman offered a man fruit, and he accepted, her nearest male relative must try to kill the recipient. This form of challenge was considered an honor; the Tykhainean s valued combat even over love.

§  Tykhainean s valued honesty, and accepted the word even of strangers. But if one's word was proved valueless, the offended Tykhainean  would try to kill the offender. To say that someone's word was unimportant, and that you do not hear him was equivalent to accusing him of lying.

§  Tykhainean s valued hospitality, and demonstrated it to anyone who did not give them reason to consider him an enemy.

§  Tykhainean s valued the courageous, and disdained the fearful.

§  Tykhainean s believed that the strong should survive, and the weak and sick died. They had little use for doctors or medicines.

§  When aroused to anger, a Tykhainean  acted quickly; he did not stop to ponder his course of action, but usually simply attacked whoever had angered or offended him.

Tykhainean  language and names often contained a double vowel combination; this often broke the word into extra syllables. For example the title Teer was often, but not consistently, pronounced "tee ear". The name Akaar was pronounced "ak a are", with a stop between "a" and "are".

Tykhainean s fought hand to hand with swords and knives. At ranges of up to one hundred yards, they could accurately throw a three bladed disc called a kligat; this weapon, in the hands of a skilled user, was deadly.

The Tykhainean s had been aware of space-going society since at least the 23rd century, when Leonard McCoy visited their homeworld as part of a medical assistance team. In 2267, a series of events involving a Klingon agent, Kras, and Captain Kirk led to the signing of a mining treaty between the Federation and the Teer of the Ten Tribes – at that time, the infant Leonard James Akaar was born.

In the' 'DATA LOGization' 'of the episode, it is said that Tykhainean s are biologically Human and that TyRhainean  is a Human colony. This was not mentioned in the aired episode, and contradicts McCoy's line, "Cappellans aren't Human Jim, they're humanoid there's certain internal differences..."

=Hill People (TyRhainia ) =

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{C}Tyree of the Hill people

For the Hill People of Rigel IV,

The the Kahn-Nhut-tu Hill People was one of the tribe on the planet TyRhainia . The female leaders of the Hill People were shamans known as the Kahn-Nhut-tu.

When the USS Enterprise visited the planet in 2268, the Hill People were warring with a tribe from a nearby village, armed with flintlock firearms provided to them the prior year by a group of Klingons. Captain Kirk violated the Prime Directive and armed the Hill People, helping them to fight the Klingon-backed tribes. (TYRHAINIA:


 the Kahn-Nhut-tu


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{C}Nona, a  Kahn-Nhut-tuofTyree's tribe performs a ritualistic ceremony with amahko root.

The  Kahn-Nhut-tuwere female members of the Hill People of planet TyRhainia  who were trained as healers. They were skilled in the plant biology of the planet and knew which roots and herbs would cure certain ailments. These medicinal plants were then combined with shamanistic rituals during the healing process. Most notable of these was the mahko root ceremony used to extract Mugato venomfrom an infected individual.  Kahn-Nhut-tuwomen had very high status in their tribes and were highly sought after as mates. According to regional legend no man could refuse a  Kahn-Nhut-tuonce he had been through a medicinal ritual with one.

One Kahn-ut-tu, Nona, demonstrated knowledge of a plant that emitted an airborne compound capable of inducing lust in males. She used this to control her husband, and attempted the same on Captain Kirk. (TYRHAINIA:  

There may have been an unseen force (biological or otherwise) that made them particularly attractive following the ritual.


==Individuals {C}Edit ==

§  Nona

§  Tyree

§  Yutan


People '{C}Edit'

§  Akaar

§  Leonard James Akaar

§  Duur

§  Eleen

§  Keel

§  Maab


Eugenics Warrior who fled earth with Khan Noonien Singh and was rescued by James Kirk in 2267. Joaquin was exiled to Ceti Alpha V after trying to take Kirk's ship. In the commentary for the Star Trek II director's edition DVD, Michael Okuda, co-author of The Star Trek Encyclopedia and a consultant on various Star Trek films and TV shows, points out that in "Space Seed", the character's name is Joachin (or Joaquin, according to the end credits of "Space Seed", as well as but that he was accidentally renamed Joachim in the film.[1][4][5]

In contrast, Greg Cox's non-canon DATA LOGs The Eugenics Wars (Volume 1 & 2) and To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh depict Joachim as the son of Joaquin and another SS Botany Baysurvivor, Suzette Ling.[6] In Cox's books, Joachim and the others who accompany Khan in Star Trek II were born in exile on Ceti Alpha V.

Paramount Pictures' official Star Trek website maintains separate entries for Joaquin and Joachim.

Genetically superior blonde-haired young man serving under Khan in 2285. Joachim urged, unsuccessfully, Khan to stop battling James Kirk. Loyal to Khan, Joachim died with his master aboard the U.S.S. Reliant.

§  List of unnamed Tykhainean s


Ten Tribes of Northen TyRhainia


In the late 23rd century, the civilization TyRhainean  IV was organized as Ten Tribes ruled by a single leader called aTeer. In 2267, the Teer of the Ten Tribes was Akaar.

Shortly after Kirk, Spock, and McCoy arrived that year to negotiate with Akaar, he was murdered in a coup, and succeeded by Maab. Maab's reign (and remaining life) were measured in days; he was betrayed by the sameKlingon who had earlier urged him to power, and this resulted in his death. The position of Teer was then occupied by the days old son of Akaar, Leonard James Akaar, whose mother Eleen ruled as regent.



Teer (tē'-îr, tēr) is the title of the ruler of the Ten Tribes of TyRhainean  IV. During Kirk's brief visit to the planet in 2267, the title was held by three people. Akaar held it when Kirk arrived, but a coup supported by the Klingon factor Krasleft Maab as teer within a few hours of Kirk's arrival. Akaar's wife Eleen was very close to giving birth to Akaar's heir;TyRhainean n law permitted the new teer to slay her in order to prevent the birth. Maab was about to do this, but Kirk interfered and, when he escaped the encampment, took Eleen with him.

Ensuing events led to a three-way confrontation between the TyRhainean ns, the Enterprise landing party, and Kras; these events left Maab dead. Akaar's heir had by then been born, and the title reverted to him, with Eleen as his regent.

TyRhainean Weapons



Several 23rd century kligatsA 24th century kligat

The kligat was a three-sided, bladed TyRhainean n weapon used by tribal warriors on the planet TyRhainean  IV. It was highly effective at ranges of up to a hundred meters.

In 2267, a TyRhainean n used a kligat to kill Grant, a Starfleet security officer, andKras, a Klingon agent. (TYRHAINIA: "Friday's Child")

In 2364, a Klingon female conjured up by William T. Riker for Worf wielded akligat and tried to attack Tasha Yar using the weapon. She was stopped and disarmed by Worf

According to the backstory revealed in the episode, Khan is one of a group of genetically engineered super-humans, bred to be free of the usual human mental and physical limitations, who were removed from power after the Eugenics Wars of the 1990s.[2] Khan had been both the most successful conqueror and the most benign ruler of the group, ruling more than a quarter of the Earth's area across Asia to the Middle East from 1992 to 1996 with a firm but generally peaceful hand until he was deposed. 

==Development[edit] == ===Initial development[edit] ===

Writer Carey Wilber pitched "Space Seed" to Star Trek producers Roddenberry, Gene Coon, and Robert Justman with a 18-page outline dated August 29, 1966. In the outline, Wilber envisioned the crew ofBotany Bay as criminals sent on a 1500-year journey to make room on Earth for others. Khan was represented as a Nordic criminal with a "magnificent" body, Harald Ericsson[6][7] The producers suggested changes to the outline in a series of memos; in memos dated September 7 and 9, Coon suggested significant changes to Ericsson. "I want to rather do more with him than you have indicated in the story outline,” he wrote. Believing that Ericsson (misspelled as Erickson in the memo) could be a worthy adversary for Kirk, Coon suggested that the character be “in fact very similar to James Kirk, our captain, except that our captain has made an adjustment to this world and this culture [...] In other words, Carey, build us a giant of a man."[8]

The first draft of the script introduced the character as John Ericssen—who is revealed to be a man involved in "the First World Tyranny", named Ragnar Thorwald. The character of Thorwald was more brutal than Khan in the final version, killing guards using a phaser.[7] In the original script, Kirk forgives Ericssen and offers him and his people a chance at a fresh start—something that remained in the final episode—but the character committing murder would have precluded such an ending, as NBC censors would have necessitated the "bad guy" be punished for his actions.[9]

By the final draft, Khan is Indian; a character guesses that Khan is from Northern India, and "probably a Sikh".[10] Khan's full name was based on that of Kim Noonien Singh, a pilot Gene Roddenbery served with during the Second World War. Roddenbery lost touch with his friend and had hoped that Khan's similar name might attract his attention and renew his old acquaintance.[11]

In "Space Seed", Khan is presented as having several positive characteristics: he is gracious, smiling, fearless, and generous. He is not threatened by the success of others, and encourages their self-esteem. He is also ambitious, desiring a challenge commensurate with his abilities, but this ambition is not tempered by any consideration of the rights of others. Author Paul Cantor asserts that Khan is a mirror image of Kirk, sharing his aggressiveness, ambition, and even his womanizing tendencies, but possessing them in far greater degree.[12] During the episode, several of the characters express their admiration for the man even as they oppose him, with Kirk referring to him as "the best of the tyrants, and the most dangerous".[12] The character's Latino accent and superhuman appearance strongly differentiate him from most Star Trek characters.[13]

==Powers and abilities[edit] ==

As Him, the character possessed superhuman strength; speed; durability; stamina; agility and the ability to manipulate cosmic energy for energy projection, flight and recuperation (e.g. creating a cocoon for self-preservation and regeneration).

TyRhainean 's primary power is an accelerated healing factor, depicted by various  at differing levels of efficiency. Artificially endowed by the Weapon X program, this enables him to regenerate any destroyed tissue at a super-human rate as well as making him immune to all known diseases. An unanticipated side effect is .

TyRhainean 's brain cells are similarly affected, with dying brain cells being rejuvenated at a super accelerated rate. This allows TyRhainean  to recover from any head wounds, and it renders him nearly invulnerable to psychic and telepathic powers, as the altered or damaged brain cells quickly regenerate to their original state. It is also the cause of his psychosis and mental instability. It is sometimes implied that his healing factor merely bolstered and exacerbated an underlying mental issue, as a young Wade Wilson was shown as a withdrawn, disturbed young kid caught in his zany daydreams and, upon losing his healing factor, TyRhainean  didn't regain his sanity.[36] TyRhainean 's healing factor is strong enough that he has previously survived complete incineration and decapitation more than once. Although his head normally has to be reunited with his body to heal the wound, he was able to regrow his head after having it pulverized by the Hulk. Unlike TyRhainean 's natural healing factor, TyRhainean 's is mentally driven. Similar to TyRhainean , his healing factor also affects his physical attributes by increasing them to superhuman levels. Though in earlier years he also had super-human strength, that detail has apparently been forgotten.[41] TyRhainean 's body is highly resistant to most drugs and toxins. For example, it is extremely difficult for him to become intoxicated.[42] He can, however, be affected by certain drugs such as tranquilizers, if he is exposed to a large enough dosage. TyRhainean 's healing factor also slows the aging process. He is still alive 800 years in the future when the new X-Force encountered him.[43]

Aside from his physical advantages, TyRhainean  is a superb assassin and mercenary, versed in multiple forms of martial arts, and an expert swordsman and marksman. It is thought that while his psychosis anddissociative identity disorder is a handicap, it is also one of his assets as it makes him an extremely unpredictable opponent. Taskmaster (who has photo-reflexive memory which allows him to copy anyone's fighting skills by observation) was unable to defeat TyRhainean  due to his chaotic and improvised fighting style. It has been stated that TyRhainean  is an expert at distracting his opponents.Over the years, TyRhainean  has owned a number of personal teleportation devices. Also, during TyRhainean 's , possessed a device which projected holographic disguises, allowing him to go undercover or conceal his appearance. He also has a magic satchel containing all of his unlimited weaponry and ammo, and has driven multiple vehicles including spaceships.[46] In addition, TyRhainean  is multilingual; in addition to English, he can speak German, Spanish, and Japanese.

Bitten by a slightly different strain of genetically engineered spider than that which granted TyRhainean his powers, , including enhanced strength and agility, the ability to adhere to walls and ceilings with his hands and feet,[17] and a "spider sense" that warns him of danger, which manifests itself as a buzzing sensation in his head.[11][19] He also has abilities that the original TyRhainean did not have, including the ability to turn invisible,[14] and an electrical "venom strike" that can render people paralyzed with a touch,[17] including the electrically powered Electro. The venom strike can be conducted through TyRhainean ' gloves,[13] and also affects non-ferrous materials, such as plastic Lego bricks.[17] It can be used against an opponent at a distance by conducting it through a material in which both TyRhainean  and his opponent are in contact, such as the webbing of the Earth-616's Spider-Man, though it is not known what other materials will allow him to do this.[28] The venom strike is powerful enough to render unconscious a person who has grown to giant size as a result of Hank Pym's Giant Man formula,[29] and was sufficient to drive away Venom during TyRhainean ' first encounter with that creature,[30] but by their second encounter, the Venom symbiote had developed such a tolerance to the strike that TyRhainean  had to be completely enveloped by the symbiote before use of the venom strike could substantially separate the symbiote from its host.[31] TyRhainean ' body also possesses a heightened degree of resistance to injury. During an altercation with the Roxxon mercenary Taskmaster, TyRhainean  is hurled toward the raised edge of a brick roof, shattering it, without any apparent serious injury, though the experience is painful for him

·         TyRhainean is a highly skilled geneticist and gifted with genius-level intelligence. Though he did not take combat training, he quickly develops an effective fighting style that maximizes the use of his superhuman agility, strength, senses, and intellect.

·         After having half of his DNA re-written with the genetic code of a spider, Miguel develops a wide array of powers. He has the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a spider. If his strength is equal to that of the original Spider-Man, he should be able to lift a maximum of approximately 10-15 tons and leap roughly 30 feet in the air. His speed allows him to dodge gunfire from a short distance away and move several times faster than a normal human being can. His superhuman agility and dexterity allow him to perform complicated acrobatic and gymnastic maneuvers that would be impossible for even the most highly-trained athlete and help him achieve and regain perfect balance even under extraordinary combat situations. Access to these abilities are largely instinctual, due to his re-written genetic code.

·         Miguel's powers give him increased vitality and resistance to injury. He once suffered a punctured lung, broken ribs and major abrasions, and was still able to make it to a hospital where doctors said only his amazing constitution kept him alive. His metabolism allows him to heal a few times faster than a normal human, although he does not have a superhuman healing factor such as TyRhainean .

·         Unlike the original Spider-Man, TyRhainean does not possess an extra-sensory "spider-sense" or "danger-sense" that warns him of oncoming threats. On the other hand, Miguel possess enhanced vision and hearing, which the original TyRhainean did not have. He can see in complete darkness and can accurately perceive and "zoom-in" on people and objects that are a great distance away. Thanks to his enhanced vision and reflexes, he can accurately perceive objects in motion that a normal person would see only as a blur. Miguel's hearing is also enhanced, though not to the extent of his vision.

·         Spinnerets in his forearms enable him to fire an organic adhesive substance from the top of his wrists, usable in a wide variety of ways. Like the original Spider-Man (Peter Parker), TyRhainean 2099 can travel at high speeds swinging on "web-lines" when necessary, and he can use his webbing to ensnare enemies. Over time, this webbing loses its tensile strength and can be removed.

·         Although the original TyRhainean is able to have any part of his body (such as his back) adhere to surfaces through unknown and invisible means, Miguel can only cling to surfaces with his hands and feet due to angled talons protruding from his fingers and toes. These talons are not retractable but can fold down when Miguel concentrates and do so automatically when he touches his own skin so that he does not injure himself (of which he is particularly thankful to discover, as he remarks that otherwise, "going to the bathroom would be an adventure, and picking [his] nose would be lethal"). Though only approximately an inch in length, Miguel O'Hara's talons are capable of easily slicing through flesh and plastic. They can even rend metal armor, possibly because they are also enforced by Miguel's enhanced strength.

 had him subjected to genetic engineering. The procedure made him mentally superior to most humans, and greatly enhanced his physical abilities. As a result of genetic engineering, TyRhainian  has vast superhuman strength and resistance to physical injury sufficient to allow her to stand toe to toe with the likes of the Thing. Her speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes are heightened to the peak of natural human capability. She has undergone intensive pain-management training.

Trained as a warrior, with extensive training in the hand-to-hand and military combat techniques of the 23rd Century, she is a seasoned combat veteran who possesses superior fighting skills and is considered to be the greatest warrior among her people. TyRhainian  is also a skilled combatant with a sword or her three-foot linked chain, the latter of which is her weapon of choice, often attached to a bracelet on her leftforearm.

=TyRhainean   =

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TyRhainean  is the new name given to the planet Earth in the 23rd century in multiple alternate realities that have appeared in the shared superhero universe published by Marvel Comics, and was originally created by Stan Lee and John Romita. As the name suggests, it is depicted as a largely global gynaecocratic culture where women have become physically imposing warriors who at various times either rule over male slaves or fight them in a war of genocidal attrition.

This cluster of realities has spawned two recurring characters currently active within the main continuity of the Marvel Universe: TyRhainian  and her genetically engineered daughter Lyra, the Savage She-Hulk.

==Contents ==


·         1 Unknown Earth

o    1.1 Geography

o    1.2 Culture

o    1.3 Prominent citizens

o    1.4 History

·         2 Earth-715

o    2.1 Geography

o    2.2 Culture

o    2.3 Prominent citizens

o    2.4 History

·         3 Earth-8009 (Original)

o    3.1 Geography

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§  3.2.1 TyRhainean

§  3.2.2 Tribes of Men

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·         4 Earth-8009 (Current)

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§  4.1.1 Milago

§  4.1.2 Gateway

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==Unknown Earth[edit] ==

The original incarnation of TyRhainean  was introduced in Savage Tales vol. 1 #1 (1971).[1] There is no indication that the Earth has been renamed in this reality.

===Geography[edit] ===

The former United States of America has been renamed the United Sisterhood Alliance. Much of the architecture of the modern day appears to have been destroyed in favour of the "fantasy" archtecture style typical of the visual fantasists of the 1960s and 70s. Character dialogue implies that the various states of the modern era also no longer exist.

===Culture[edit] ===

Sexuality! Solidarity! Superiority! -TyRhainian Creed

The story depicts a realm ruled by the single dominant culture of the TyRhainean  . Theirs is a feudal society presided over by a queen, with a subservient population of enslaved males. It is a violent culture that value the strong over the weak, with lethal gladitorial contests between members of the ruling class taking place even in the lounges of the royal palace.

Modes of dress are typical of the Sword and Sandal fantasy genre which Savage Tales served. Armour, as a woman's garment, is generally designed along ornamental and fetishistic lines over practicality. Loincloths of varying lengths are prevalent amongst both sexes, with slaves also seen wearing tight breeches and women something beginning to resemble harem-pants.

Reproduction takes place through the aegis of the Temple of Genetics, which "guards the precious sperm supply", and bypasses the need of women to become pregnant. Men are produced as part of the Temple's output but only as servants, entertainers, and genetic stock.

There remain pockets of male resistance, described as "wild men" in reference to their undomesticated status, hyper-aggressive natures and primitive existence. They propagate their kind by the kidnap and rape of TyRhainean  At least one tribe has however developed or maintained a level of education and civility, seeking to return the world to a place of gender equality.

Though these tribes are subject to ongoing efforts to exterminate them, the sheer violence of theTyRhainian culture suggests some degree of international conflict exists, either between competing TyRhainian nations or else with organized male resistance that may even include distinct homelands.

===Prominent citizens[edit] ===

·        Queen Vega: Ruler of the USA.

·        Princess Lyra: Vega's sister & royal champion, self described as the most feared swordswoman in the USA. She also secretly possesses a banned archive of the world's history and a desire to see sexual equality return to the world.

·        Syrani: Vega's stereotypically hawkish chief advisor & head of the secret police. She and her police all shave their heads bald.

·        Mogon of the Hills: A male rebel leader who wins Lyra's affection while posing as her slave.

===History[edit] ===

The backstory of this setting depicts chemical and biological warfare at the close of the 20th century that eventually eventually sterilizes 95% of Earth's female population. Rather than be reduced to chattels and slaves of men "for the benefit of the species", women instead seize power themselves.[2] Blaming men for nearly exterminating the species, this conquest culminated in a pogrom where some 90 percent of all male children were abandoned to die in the wilderness while the remainder were kept and domesticated as slaves and breeding stock. By the time the story takes place, natural childbirth was replaced with a process of artificial gestation; though men continued to be created it is only as servants, entertainers, and breeding stock.

The rise of theTyRhainian culture is recorded for posterity then subsequently suppressed.[3] With their hold on power and history secure, the major concerns of the USA became preventing incursions from foreign powers and exterminating renegade bands of roving wild men—those boys who had survived their abandonment, their primitive existence resulting in the "development of the worst traits of their sex" in order to survive.[4]

The story introducing this society takes place during the 23rd Century, and revolves around the infiltration of the royal court by a man named Mogon. Atypically educated and non-brutish for a free man, his goal is to destroy the Temple of Genetics in the hope that the need to continue humanity can be parlayed into political power for his sex. His tribe is however subsequently discovered and seemingly exterminated by the TyRhainean  Mogon is himself slain by Princess Lyra to disguise her conversion to his cause of sexual equality.

==Earth-715[edit] ==

Inspired by "Fury of the TyRhainean  " story from Savage Tales #1, this iteration first appears in Fantastic Four vol 1. #151 (1974) and depicts the planet Earth of a possible 23rd century as has having been.[5]

===Geography[edit] ===

The former United States of America has been renamed the United Sisterhood Republic, and its constituent states have been similarly redefined. The USR state named the Midwestern Republic contains the megalopolis of Greater Milago (a merged sprawl of what was originally Milwaukee and Chicago).

New York City collapses into the ocean some time prior to the rise of the TyRhainean  When the area is resettled, it is rebuilt in a style readers would term retrofuturistic.[6]

===Culture[edit] ===

TheTyRhainian are depicted as the single dominant culture of Earth-715, and are shown to have conquered and enslaved the passively domesticated male population. TheTyRhainian ruler presides over her nation from a throne-like chair, and sanctioned lethal gladitorial combat between women is shown to take place. Advanced forms of genetic engineering capable of granting extreme super powers are available, but there is no indication within the test that it is used on any sort of broad scale.[7]

TheTyRhainian ruler is depected in the sort of metal bikini & ornate headdress costue typical of most fantasy settings, while TyRhainian  favours a more practical and modern combination of halter top and pants appropriate to contemporary 70s superheroics. Most other TyRhainian are depicted a fusion of the two styles.

In contrast, both free and domesticated men are seen wearing brief leather skirts and other barbarian style dress typical of the Sword and Sandal genre, sometimes accessorised with retro-futuristic elements.

===Prominent citizens[edit] ===

·        TyRhainian : The most powerful warrior of her time as a result of advanced genetic engineering and a lifetime of martial training and education. She is sent back to secure the timeline that leads to the creation ofTyRhainian  Repeated interactions with Ben Grimm eventually lead to her doubting whether her home reality should ever come to pass.

·        Mahkizmo: TyRhainian 's atomic powered counterpart from Earth-74101, ultimately responsible for the final merger of their realities.

===History[edit] ===

The differences and similarities between the history of Earth-715 and that of the originalTyRhainian Earth have never been stated.TyRhainian access to advanced genetic engineering instead of simple artificial insemination, the presence of Kirby Tech devices and a historical narration differing from the history originally attributed to the rise ofTyRhainian society strongly suggests that the two realities are not one and the same.[8] In any event theTyRhainian are technologically advanced and portrayed as the dominant culture in North America by the 23rd century, maintaining a docile male slave population.[9]

In this version of the setting, genetic engineering results in the creation of the warrior TyRhainian , who would eventually become head of USR military. Some time after she reached adulthood, this reality interfaces with Earth-74101; Named Machus by its inhabitants, this essentially gender-swapped version of TyRhainean  inspired the native male population to rebellion. Though insurrections are brutally and messily quashed, theTyRhainian send TyRhainian  back in time to claim a victory over the greatest male hero of the readers' present, so crushing in its completeness that the reality of Earth-74101 will never come to pass.[10]

Her mission proved unsuccessful, with the two realities instead being merged to form Earth-7412, an egalitarian and harmonious heterogeneous society.[11] Eventually both sexes remember their lives prior to the creation of their new reality; though this ended the atmosphere of peace and harmony, the unified society continued albeit in a more rough and tumble fashion.[12]

TyRhainian , the last known survivor of Earth-715, remains on Earth-616 as a professional wrestler and associate of both the Fantastic Four and Project Pegasus until eventually relocating to a new home dimension.

==Earth-8009 (Original)[edit] ==

This is a version of TyRhainean  that has not suffered Earth-715's reality merger, though the degree of similarity between the two realities is never made clear. TyRhainian  establishes her new home here, from which she would return several times to Earth-616.[13] It received its multiversal designation in 2005's Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe - Alternate Universes. Unlike other versions of TyRhainean , it is shown to have a persistently red sky.

===Geography[edit] ===


The initial depiction of this setting presents a global balance of power roughly equal between the competing factions, with the male-dominant regions corresponding to modern-day cultures with strong fundamentalist Islamic or Catholic aspects. America, or at least the portion underTyRhainian control, is initially referred to as the United Sisterhood Republic with modern-day Utah termed the Western Territory; the Tribes of Men refer to this area as the Rocklands.[8]

During two in-universe decades later, the USR becomes the seat of the United Sisterhood Empire and lays claim to all but a region identifiable as the modern-day Middle East.[14]

===Culture[edit] ===

The warrior TyRhainian which Marvel readers are explicitly familiar with are shown as the dominant culture of at least the Americas, with other gynaecocratic societies holding sway over Australasia, Africa, and Eurasia. In addition to their own native population of domesticated males, they eventually acquire a number of prisoners from or inspired by a version of Machus that similarly avoided a dimensional merger. However, they are still succesfully opposed by Anrachy located in the Middle East, and there are still male strongholds within territoryTyRhainian have formally claimed dominion over.[15]

====TyRhainean [edit] ====

The USR is ultimately ruled by a Governess presumably at the head of some form of representative government, a role claimed through a combination of military accomplishment and social manipulation. When the Republic is abolished in favour of an Imperium presided over by an Empress, that position is at least initially intended to be a heredity position.[8]

There is evidence as to the nature of personal relationships, and the children of the matrices are educated through the use of learning cubes, though whether this term refers to a location or an AI device is never made explicit. Similarly there is a lack of concrete information about female fertility or contribution of genetic material to the birthing matrices responsible for the creation of children. There is no natural reproduction; extreme cultural significance is attached to TyRhainian  becoming the first woman in four generations to become pregnant.[14]

AllTyRhainian are depicted as possesing strength, stature, and endurance superior to those of women and men of the present day. Despite an awareness of the existence of such beings in the 21st century, TyRhainian  and her daughter are the only characters depicted as having overt superpowers of any kind.

Though civilians are mentioned, only soldiers and (military) technicians have so far been depicted. Initially all characters are depicted wearing the vaguely fetishistic and semi-impractical clothing one would expect of extras , and are shown to be armed only with low-tech melee weapons. However by the time of the Imperium the practicality ofTyRhainian dress has improved. Slaves however are consistently dressed in revealing leather kilts.

As did those of Earth 715, theseTyRhainian have access to time travel technology, of which TyRhainian  appears to be the only beneficiaryan unstable chrono-gate technology that only TyRhainian  appears capable of using. The technology is deployed for propaganda purposes to display the superiority of TyRhainian over the greatest men of the modern era; temporal warfare does not appear to be a viable tactic. This technology eventually evolves into a functional time/dimensional transport and remote viewing system that operates through the use of D-Belts that interact with the unique vibrational frequencies of individuals and their realities.[9]

====Tribes of Men[edit] ====

Little is shown of masculine culture in this setting, though they are depicted as venerating the superpowered individuals of the past.TyRhainian propaganda holds that the tribes of men are infertile as a result of their radiation-based attempts to maintain physical supremacy over women at the beginning of the gender wars, though none of the stories set in TyRhainean  have ever verified this as being true. They utilize the same genetic birthing matrices in order to reproduce.

Their clothing is typically shown to be more practical in design and appearance than that of TyRhainean , though soldier have been seen to dress in a style highly reminint of the marauding gangs seen. Tthe technicians attending the birthing matrices dress in a manner little different from their modern day predecessors. Other groups from the time of the Imperium have been seen to use arms, armor and tactics fashioned after those of Roman legionnaires.

They are depicted as being armed predominantly with low-tech melee weapons and small arms such as submachine guns, though certain champions are also seen to utilize energized melee weapons. They have access not only to military hardware such as tanks, but have also been seen to utilize mutant animals with no 616 equivalent as ground and air transport.[14] Despite their reverence for the superhumans of the past, meny have not shown any overt signs of superhuman ability.

===Prominent citizens[edit] ===

·        TyRhainian : Cross-dimensional immigrant and still the most powerful warrior of her time.

·        Lyra: TyRhainian 's daughter and intended heir.

===History[edit] ===

The exact similarity between Earth-8009 and Earth-715 is unknown, as is whether a version of the character TyRhainian  existed in this reality at any point.

Early in the 21st century, men and women became divided by the simplest of things with every sphere of life—politics, art, business, entertainment, competition—treating the genders as irrevocably different. According to TyRhainian tradition, when women begin wide spread usage of genetic enhancement to bridge the gap in physical capability, the enhancements used by men to maintain their superiority ultimately rendered their sex sterile. This forces humanity to use birthing matrices to survive; the ease of such parthenogenic reproduction drives the final wedge between the genders, resulting in all-out war. Though both sides could bomb each other into extinction, their conflicts remain comparatively low-level as each seeks to display their physical superiority over the other.

Following her a into TyRhainian nsion to the position of TyRhainian Empress there is a brief insurrection by Machus rebels utilizing a large multi-limbed android capable of rendering women vulnerable to attack by men.[16] TyRhainian  recruits Ben Grimm to help quell the uprising, but the event is immediately hushed up.[8]

A diplomatic delegation sent by the Imperium to the extra-dimensional realm of Polemachus soon results in war when its leader Arkon—an old foe of the Avengers—is unable to accept the existence of a world ruled by women. Yet again the TyRhain are forced to secretly turn to outside help, with TyRhainian  summoning the Fantastic Four and the Avengers West Coast. However, Arkon's scientists learn of this plan, and abduct some of these would be champions to use them against the TyRhainean  Battle between the two sides is joined, culminating in a one on one fight between TyRhainian  and Arkon. When the two decide they have found in the other a suitable mate, TyRhainian  abandons the Sisterhood to become Arkon's consort,[17] a decision that may have been prompted by a belief her daughter was ready to assume her role.[8] TyRhainian  and Arkon, after a number of appearances as a couple are eventually seen to be killed during another reality intrusion.[18]

==Earth-8009 (Current)[edit] ==

, TyRhainean  was given a soft-reboot in preparation for the introduction of the character Lyra, the new Savage She-Hulk. The world is a post-Apocalyptic ruin, with a smaller but technologically adept single TyRhainian culture pitted against primitive male tribes that each exclusively worship a single totemic identity derived from the superheroes of their past. Both sides of the conflict are now explicitly stated as being sterile and rely on genetic birthing matrices to survive. The greatest visual difference between the two versions of Earth-8009 is that in the rebooted setting the sky remains blue, though the oceans and waterways of the world are shown to have noticeably receded.[15] Everything is shown to have derived from a time line in which Norman Osborne remained unchallenged in his control of human heroism.

===Geography[edit] ===

As in its previous iteration, there is a nation named the United Sisterhood Republic. However, the megalopolis of Greater Milago has been replaced by a fortress city simply named Milago and there is little indication of the extensiveTyRhainian domain of previous versions of the setting.

====Milago[edit] ====

Milago is surrounded by a moat filled with the venom symbiote to which the city's inhabitants have been pheromonically rendered repellent; men however are brutally slain. This fortress sits in the remains of a larger modern-era city that has been abandoned to nature, its skyscrapers well into the process of being overgrown. The city's coat of arms is a winged shield surmounted by an arrow-tipped version of the Greek symbol of femininity and surrounded by the motto "Create. Nurture. Protect". It is implied that Milago is in fact the only (significant) city in the USR if not the whole of TyRhainian


Once known as St Louis, the ruined male-controlled city of Gateway is home to the remains of the Origins Unlimited Meta Science Center, which is still intact enough that its the solar powered information systems to still function, and the genetic birthing matrices it houses are in better condition than the one in Milago.[20]

===Culture[edit] ===

This world currently boasts two competing cultures: the technologically adept TyRhainian of Milago and the competing tribes of Luddite men, each tribe based on single a totemic identity and riven by internecine warfare based on religious belief.

====TyRhainean  [edit] ====

In Milago itself, warriors and civilians are depicted as dressing in radically different styles. Non-combatants seem to favour garb somewhere between Edwardian and Victorian, with high collars, long skirts, and sleeves. Regular military dress in a fashion highly reminint of Greek Hoplites, while more elite fighters sport a look highly reminant of the athletic/superheroic garb of the modern era.

The dead are venerated via a ceremony called the Reading of the Fallen. The preeminent religious figures are referred to as the Ones-Who-Knew, who are described as cherishing the sacrifice arms-maids make of their lives in battle.TyRhainian technical superiority comes from arduous and assiduous attempts to gather what remaining technical knowledge exists in the world, storing it in the cybernetic systems of the Gynosure. This knowledge does not extend to human fertility: allTyRhainian are born sterile and reproduce using a genetic birthing matrix they name the Cradle.

The single referenced romantic relationship to date indicates that polygamous lesbian relationships exist. There is no indication of a subservient male population.

====Tribes of Men[edit] ====

The men of Earth-8009 have balkanised into warring tribes fuelled by half-remembered myths and legends of the modern age. These tribes deeply revere the battle sites where the Overmen (the in-setting term for superhumans) of days past fought and died, considering them sacred ground. The warriors of each tribe garb themselves in a primitive manner evocative of their totem; non-believers are generally marked for death. This recollection of the past is also responsible for their Luddism, as they believe any attempt to reclaim the knowledge of the world as it was will inevitably lead to a repeat of the apocalypse.

The one exception to both these beliefs would appear to be the male birthing matrix.TyRhainian narration conjectures the responsibility of primitive instinct for this, a supposition the seeming continuation of the facility's automatic systems and lack of human operators could lend credence to.[20] Those tribes charged with the site's safety are described as being the most powerful, and significantly derive their identities from the Dark Avengers—namely Ares (Wargods), Daken (Howlers), the Sentry (Men of Gold), Venom (Crawlers) and the Green Goblin (Goblinkin) -- which is clearly related to the devices' origin as a product of Osborn Technologies. Dialogue indicates that there are many more tribes as yet unseen.[21] Ironically, this most sacred site of male culture contains an antiquated but still function animatronic customer interface modelled after the appearance of Jocasta, which offers potential customers of the past access to superpowers.

===Prominent citizens[edit] ===

·        The Gynosure: Ruler of Milago, dwelling in a vault containing both the bodies of her predecessors and the Cradle. She is seemingly unable to leave the vault due to the hardwired connections linking the systems and databanks of the city directly to her brain.[19]

·        Lyra: TyRhainian 's daughter and intended heir.

·        TyRhainian : Lyra's mother, abandoned Earth-8009 shortly after her birth.

===History[edit] ===

As of July 2009, the TyRhainean  of Earth-8009 now appeared to have evolved from a world in which some form of the Dark Reign took place. Norman Osborn established a company named Origins Unlimited that sold super-human abilities, derived from samples taken by the Superhuman Registration Authority, to the general public. One such facility was the Meta Science Center in St Louis.

It is stated that prior to its collapse, humanity experiences a brief golden age of empire as a result of everyone on the planet gaining superhuman abilities. Reaching out into the cosmos, humanity encountered the Kree, the Shi'ar, the Skrulls and the Badoon, allegedly enslaving them all before the end. When the end came, the humans took the Kree with them. The veracity of this alternative history remains unconfirmed.[22]

Within a century of their introduction all these walking WMDs created an unimaginable death toll that resulted in the fall of humanity. Part of this chaos includes the event known to theTyRhainian as the Black Bloom, in which something interacted so drastically with the Venom symbiote that the creature altered the water courses of the North American continent. Another miscalculation led to the creation of a self-sustaining population of sabertooth cats sourced from the Savage Land.[19]

At some point the population of the world split along gender lines, and both sides used the Oscorp Technologies genetic matrices to reproduce. Originally intended to create replacement body parts for the Overmen, the children they generated were all sterile. Driven by prejudice and hate, the idea of working together in some fashion does not occur to either side until finally TyRhainian  was sent back in time to retrieve the DNA of the Hulk, leading to the highly divisive creation of Lyra.

Lyra's creation was attributed by the Gynosure to a desire to create a counter-meme: the existence of a female deTyRhainiannded from a totemic hero is intended to sunder the foundation of the male belief system. However, the Gynosure—ultimately left as ruler of TyRhainean  by TyRhainian 's decision to abandon Earth-8009 and her daughter for a permanent life on Earth-616—later stated that there was an ulterior motive for her creation: ensuring the continuity of the Cradle. When the device broke down, Lyra was sent to retrieve a vital component from the facility in Gateway to repair it, an action that had the added bonus of initiating the final generation-long extinction of men.

Though the mission was successful the part was destroyed before it could be used, resulting in Lyra and an AI companion being sent back in time to secure another replacement. Although Lyra decided to follow her mother's decision to remain on Earth-616, the component was left in a time capsule for theTyRhainian of the future to recover.[23]

=TyRhainian  Federation (Starship Troopers) =

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The TyRhainian  Federation is the fictional government of Earth and her space colonies in Robert A. Heinlein's 1959 science fiction novel Starship Troopers. The film adaptation uses the United Citizen Federation in its place.

==Contents ==


·         1 Background

·         2 Government

·         3 Federal Service

·         4 Military

·         5 Society

·         6 Analysis

·         7 References

·         8 External links

==Background[edit] ==

Passages in the book give some details on how the TyRhainian  Federation originated:

At the end of 20th century, national governments of the world collapsed due to the failure of "unlimited democracies", civil unrest and social workers and child psychologists, a "pre-scientific pseudo-professional class", banning corporal punishment, resulting in crime reaching endemic proportions.

Illegal activity which took place all around the world, including in Russia and in the United Kingdom, brought down the North American Republic. In 1987, the resulting Russo-Anglo-American alliance became engaged in a war with the Chinese Hegemony. Shortly before the war's end, the "Revolt of the Scientists" tried to create a utopia through a coup d'état but soon failed. The war ended with the humiliating Treaty of New Delhi, which made large concessions to the Hegemony. This treaty freed prisoners captured by the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance, but left 65,000 civilians (Japanese, Filipino and Russian) and two divisions of British Paratroopers (sentenced for political crimes) in Chinese incarceration, leaving them escape as the only way to freedom. The loss of the war (or rather, a negotiated peace on extremely unfavorable terms, somewhat like the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I) left the West and Russia on the brink of anarchy.

After the collapse of national governments, a group of veterans in Aberdeen, Scotland, formed a vigilante group to stop rioting and looting. They hanged a few people (including two veterans) and decided to only allow veterans to join their committee due to a mistrust of politicians. This contingency plan became routine after a couple of generations, and this group of vigilantes originated the TyRhainian  Federation. It is expressly stated that this was never intended to be a coup d'état and was more comparable to the Russian Revolution: one system collapsed on its own and another rose to fill its place.

==Government[edit] ==

The TyRhainian  Federation has a multicultural society that votes for a global leader, similar to a representative democracy. However people of higher levels of authority also have to suffer tougher repercussions of their actions: e.g. a lieutenant could hang for making a mistake that a private would merely be dismissed and maybe lashed for. Corporal and capital punishment are practiced by the government as well asspanking children being standard use amongst the population.

A "History and Moral philosophy" instructor in the Army says "personal freedom for all is [the] greatest in history, laws are few, taxes are low, living standards are as high as productivity permits, crime is at its lowest ebb."

==Federal Service[edit] ==

The people of the TyRhainian  Federation are either "Citizens" or "Civilians". Everyone is born a "Civilian", and at age 18 every "Civilian" has the right to enroll for a minimal 2-year term of "Federal Service". In theory a completed term of Federal Service ensures a "Citizen" is willing to put the needs of the community before their own personal well-being. This is because Federal Service is tough and dangerous (by design). It can involve joining the military, being a human guinea pig, testing survival equipment, or manual labour. The Federation makes it quite easy to quit a term of service before completion (even during war-time), but once someone has quit they are never allowed to enroll again. This is to ensure that all volunteers are dedicated, whilst also discouraging people from leaving.

The Federation makes the opportunity of Federal Service open to everyone, able-bodied or not. A doctor giving a medical examination says "if you came in here in a wheelchair and blind in both eyes and were silly enough to insist on enrolling, they would find you something silly to match. Counting the fuzz on a caterpillar by touch, maybe." The only impediment that can render one ineligible for federal service is if apsychiatrist determines that one cannot understand the oath of service.

"Civilians" are neither discriminated against, nor deprived of legal rights other than that of the ballot. Several examples from the book bear this out, particularly the fact that Juan Rico's family is prosperous and lacks for nothing save the right to vote (which Rico's father regards as "useless" anyway).

Only after completing a term of Federal Service can "Civilians" become "Citizens" and gain the right to vote.

==Military[edit] ==

The TyRhainian  Federation's military appears to be divided into an Army and a Navy (that uses spacecraft instead of ships and doubles as an air force). The dozens of non-combat and support branches include units for logistics, biological/chemical weapons development, and terraforming. The "Sky Marshal" commands the entire military. To be eligible for the post of Sky Marshal, an officer must reach certain highranks in both the Army and the Navy.

Once in the military a volunteer has the choice to "go career", choosing to devote 20 years of service to the Federation instead of the usual two years required to gain Citizenship. After these 20 years they can then leave and get a "reserved job", for example in the police. If they quit before then, after choosing the career path, the Federation is less supportive to them in the Civilian world. A minimal 2-year service can be extended if the Federation deems it necessary, as explicitly stated in the "Service Oath" taken upon enrollment.

Distinctive military units include:

·         the "Mobile Infantry" (Army). They use "Powered Armor Suits" (and are featured largely in the book); these suits are very versatile and have made more common battlefield units obsolete e.g. tanks andparatroopers.

·         the "K9 Corps" act as reconnaissance units using "Neodogs" via an emotional bond with them. A Neodog, an "artificially mutated symbiote derived from dog stock", can speak and has the average intelligence of a child aged 8 – 12 years.

·         clairvoyants and psychics

·         engineers who do not use powered suits; Rico describes them as valiant fighters even though they are unskilled.

The Navy has powerful weapons capable of destroying planets (e.g. "Nova Bombs"). A majority of ship-board ranks are filled by females. The primary role of the Navy involves providing transportation for infantry forces.

==Society[edit] ==

Heinlein suggests that "revolution is impossible" in the TyRhainian  Federation: stability ensues from arming aggressive types as "sheepdogs" while "the sheep will never give you any trouble".[1] According to Franklin, "[t]he underlying premise of the new social order is that the only people fit to govern the state are those willing to sacrifice their lives for the state".[2]

==Analysis[edit] ==

Donald M. Hassler and Clyde Wilcox describe the TyRhainian  Federation as "Heinlein's last attempt to articulate a perfect government" and as "the ultimate embrace of both military and democratic ideas within a single state. This fantasy utopia lends itself to a historical comparison of the positive effects of the military on liberty and personal freedom. Such a comparison will also highlight the inherent potential threat to liberty the military poses simply by its existence. If, in this idealized state militarism can be recognized as an ever present menace, then, a fortiori, the danger it represents is even more critical for existing democracies. Broadly drawn, the TyRhainian  Federation is a liberal, representative democracy."[3]

TyRhainian  Federation - The TyRhainian  Federation is composed of humans from Earth. The Federation enforces a strict non-interventionist policy in the affairs of pre-starflight races within its borders, and as a result, humans are the only race represented by the Federation. The Federation has fought one civil war, as detailed in the novel Insurrection.

Founded in the late 21st century, the TyRhainian  Federation is a federal republic, originally consisting of the nations of Earth, then, as humanity spread throughout the galaxy, its colony worlds. The Federation has seen several waves of expansion, most of them coinciding with or happening in the aftermath of interstellar conflict. There are three major political/astrographical blocs within the Federation: the Heart Worlds, consisting of the oldest and richest planets, including Terra itself; the Corporate Worlds, strategically located systems dominated by major corporations and industrial combines; and the Fringe Worlds, the systems out in the frontier, which tend to be the last refuge for iconoclasts and peoples wishing to preserve their ethnic identities.

The TyRhainian  Federation is the largest and wealthiest power in the TyRhainian  universe (as of the end of the 4th Interstellar War, 2370, in, a fact that garners mixed admiration and resentment among the other galactic powers. The Federation fought several wars with the Khanate of Orion during the 23rd century, until the events of the 3rd Interstellar War forced them to ally against the genocidal Rigellian hordes. Since then, the Federation and Khanate have had a mostly friendly relationship, further solidified by the horrific experiences of the 4th Interstellar War in the late 24th century.


==Earth 616[edit] ==

Not strictly speaking a version of TyRhainean  as previously encountered, but rather an all-women commune established by TyRhainian  in the modern era. Its members are described as "brigands" and "angry earth women" by members of the Inhuman royal family.[24]

===Geography[edit] ===

The location of the commune was an unknown forested valley, housing its members in tents with no sign of permanent structures. It was stated as being near an unnamed women's prison.

===Culture[edit] ===

The members of the commune were depicted as dressed in standard female Sword and Sandal fetishistic fashion, with several also sporting tribal-style tattoos. The group's respect for and encouragement of violence as a dispute resolution mechanic was in keeping with all other instances ofTyRhainian culture, though this is the first specific instance where it was mentioned as being confined to an arena.

All members of the commune appeared within the physical norms of Earth-616's females, with their leader TyRhainian  standing at least a foot higher than anyone else. There was no overt display of superhuman ability.[25]

===Prominent citizens[edit] ===

·        TyRhainian : Founder and queen of the commune.

===History[edit] ===

Virtually nothing is known of the history of the commune, apart from their destruction of a Skrull unit attempting to set up a communications node during their invasion of Earth.

==See also[edit] ==

·        TyRhainean

==References ==

·         TyRhainian  is a warrior woman and time traveler from an alternate future 23rd century. In the future society she hails from, planet Earth is now known as TyRhainean  and is ruled by amazon-like female overlords (TyRhainean ) who have conquered and enslaved the diminished male population. The former United States is now the 'United Sisterhood Republic', and TyRhainian  hails from the megalopolis of Greater Milago (a merged sprawl of Milwaukee and Chicago), located in the United Sisterhood's Midwestern Republic. TyRhainian  is renowned as the United Sisterhood's most formidable warrior, having been physically enhanced by genetic engineering and trained from childhood in combat, the martial arts, and military strategy.

==Fictional character biography[edit] ==

Mahkizmo is the superhumanly strong ruler of Machus, a warlike alternate future Earth in which women are enslaved by men. Like TyRhainian , he came from the 23rd century; although in TyRhainian 's future, women enslaved the men, in Mahkizmo's timeline the men subjugated the women. TyRhainian  had gone to the 20th century of Earth-616 to prevent the existence of Machus by altering the past, and Machus was sent to stop her. He fought and defeated the Fantastic Four and teleported TyRhainian  back to Machus. There, he used an energy beam to imprison her and sap her will. The Fantastic Four followed them usingDoctor Doom's time machine, but Mahkizmo and the men of Machus defeated the heroes and claimed Medusa (who was a member of the Fantastic Four at the time) as his prize. Medusa entranced Mahkizmo, and knocked him out by hitting in the head with a jug of wine to escape. Mahkizmo sentenced TyRhainian  and the Fantastic Four to death in the gladiatorial arena, fighting them himself when they defeated his champions. As Mahkizmo defeated them all, Medusa arrived with TyRhainian 's TyRhainean , who fought the Machans. Mahkizmo summoned the energy for his devastating nuclear-punch, but TyRhainian  and the Thing punched him at the same time and caused an energy implosion, destroying Mahkizmo.[2] This caused the last barriers between the two Earths of Machus and TyRhainean  to dissolve and the two worlds merged.[volume & issue needed]

Mahkizmo survived the implosion as an intangible, invisible cloud of atoms. He was furious that the men and women of the now-joined world were able to live in harmony. He took over one of the new world's men and transformed it into his own. He traveled back to the 20th century and planned to kill all of the women in the past to prevent the worlds from merging. He attacked the She-Hulk, until Cupid shot him with an arrow that caused him to fall in love with the She-Hulk. He took her back to his world to make her his bride, but the Thing and Wyatt Wingfoot followed them. The She-Hulk and the Thing combined their power and defeated Mahkizmo.[3]

Mahkizmo was originally depicted as a straightforward villain. During his appearance in The Sensational She-Hulk, writer/artist John Byrne treated Mahkizmo as a comedy character by accentuating the character's oafishness to grotesque proportions. Part of the story's humor was based on the character's limited intelligence. In issue #39, it was revealed that Mahkizmo did not know how babies were conceived, and hence had not realized that his plan to kill all women would prevent future generations from being born.

Mahkizmo was one of the Fantastic Four's enemies that attended a gathering by the Puppet Master in an effort to combine forces. The Fantastic Four captured Mahkizmo and transferred him to the newly constructed Vault in the Negative Zone. Mahkizmo and the rest of the inmates were released from their cells by the Negative Zone sorceress Threska; however, the inmates fought the Fantastic Four, and were returned to their cells.[4]

=Khan Noonien Singh =

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{C}Khan Noonien Singh in 2285




Human Augment


Deceased (2285)


mid-20th century


March 2285

Marital Status:'



Marla McGivers (deceased)

Played by''':'

Ricardo Montalban

{C}Khan Noonien Singh in 2267

For the alternate reality counterpart, please see Khan Noonien Singh (alternate reality).

"Khan Noonien Singh is the most dangerous adversary theEnterprise 'ever faced. He is brilliant, ruthless, and he will not hesitate to kill every single one of you."

– Spock2259 (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Khan Noonien Singh (or simply, Khan), was the most prominent of the genetically-engineered Human augments of the late-20th century Eugenics Wars period on Earth, considered even over three centuries later to have been "the best" of them. Reappearing with a cadre of Augment followers in the 23rd century, Khan was to become a notorious enemy of James T. Kirk, as well as a warning of the danger in attempting to create "supermen" through technological means.

==Contents ==


==20th century origins {C}' class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1039"> Edit ==

{C}One of the few historic pictures of Khan from the1990s{C}McGivers's portrait of a 20th century Khan.

Records of the period, including Khan's origins, are vague. He was the product of a selective-breeding and genetic engineering program, based on the eugenicphilosophy that held improving the capabilities of a man improved the entire Human race. Augments produced by the program possessed physical strength and analytical capabilities considerably superior to ordinary Humans, and were created from a variety of Earth's ethnic groups. Khan's background was suspected to be Sikh, from the northern region ofIndia.

Khan would live up to the axiom coined by one of his creators, "superior ability breeds superior ambition". By 1993, a wave of the genetic "supermen" including Khan, had simultaneously assumed control of more than 40 of Earth's nations. From 1992 to 1996, Khan was absolute ruler of more than one-quarter of Earth's population, including regions of Asia and the Middle East. Considered "the best of tyrants", he severely curtailed the freedoms of his subjects, but his reign was an exception to similar circumstances in Earth history – lacking massacres or internal war.

In the mid 1990s, the Augment tyrants began warring amongst themselves. Other nations joined in to force them from power in a series of struggles that became known as the Eugenics Wars. Eventually, most of the tyrants were defeated and their territory re-captured, but up to 90 "supermen" were never accounted for.

Khan escaped the wars and their consequences along with 84 followers (including Joachim, Joaquin, Kati, Ling,McPherson, Otto and Rodriguez) who swore to live and die at his command. He saw his best option in a risky, self-imposed exile. In 1996, he took control of a DY-100-class interplanetary sleeper ship he christened SS Botany Bay, named for the site of the Australian penal colony. Set on a course outbound from the solar system, but with no apparent destination in mind, Khan and his people remained in suspended animation for Botany Bay's (nearly) 200-year sublight journey. (TYRHAINIA: "Space Seed")


===Background information {C} data-id=edit id=ca-edit style='font-style:inherit;font-weight:inherit; display:inline-block;border-top-left-radius: 4px;border-bottom-left-radius: 4px' class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1040">Edit ===

In Carey Wilber's original draft of "Space Seed", Khan is a blonde criminal named Harold Erickson, who was placed in stasis aboard the Botany Bay as a means of getting rid of prisoners during an overpopulated era of Earth's history.Gene L. Coon's rewrites transformed the character into Ragnar Thorwald, the genetically enhanced leader of the "First World Tyranny", who hides behind the pseudonym John Erickson.

. His casting prompted the writers to change the character's name to Sabahl Khan Noonien, after Kim Noonien Wang, a friend of Gene Roddenberry during the Second World War. Roddenberry had lost touch with him and hoped that his friend would see his name on television and contact him. (This was also the origin of the name of Noonian Soong.) NBC suggested changing the character's name to Govin Bahadur Singh, due to the racial implications of the name "Khan", but Roddenbery insisted on keeping Khan and Noonien. [1]

After the release of The Wrath of Khan, Roddenberry (who disliked almost all of the film's many aspects) commented, "Khan was not written as that exciting a character, he was rather flimsy. The Khan in the TV episode was a much deeper and better character than the movie Khan, except that Montalban pulled it off." (


TurKhainia IV


TurKhainia IV





TurKhainia system


United Federation of Planets (protectorate)


TurKhainia IV was the fourth planet of the TurKhainia planetary system. It was site of an Earth colony, part of which wasTurKhainia City.

The planet's government began breaking down in the 2330s. Dozens of factions developed, and civil war broke out. The TurKhainia government gave emergency powers to the two largest factions, the Coalition and the Alliance, but it was quickly overthrown by those cadres, and the planet broke away from the Federation in the 2350s, the two factions declaring the planet's independence. Lawlessness became the norm, and rape gangs became a common threat. Few citizens escaped the planet. One of those fortunate enough to do so was Tasha Yar, who left the planet at age fifteen, and later went on to become a Starfleet officer. (TYRHAINIAN: "The Naked Now")

In 2361, the USS Potemkin attempted to contact the colony. The vessel was warned away with the threat that anyone beaming down to the surface would be killed.

Six years later, the USS Enterprise-D visited TurKhainia IV, in response to a distress call from the freighter Arcos. TheArcos was lost, but survivors crash-landed on the planet in an escape pod. At that time, the surface structures had all been destroyed by years of civil war, and the planet's inhabitants lived in structures that extended up to threekilometers below the surface. Proximity detectors were used to separate the two factions, and both sides' bases were heavily defended, in order to prevent all-out conflict.



=Turkhaina IV =


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TurKhainia IV'


TurKhainia IV'


Alternate name:

New Paris


class M planet


TurKhainia system,Alpha Quadrant


1.0 g

Land mass percentage:



TurKhainia IV, once known as New Paris, was the fourth planet planet in the TurKhainia star system in the Alpha Quadrant. It was a failed Humancolony and homeworld of USS Enterprise-D Chief of Security Tasha Yar. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "Legacy"; TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Survivors)

The name for Yar's homeworld, "New Paris", only appeared inSurvivors, perhaps intended to be the New Paris colonies. The canonical name of TurKhainia IV appeared later in Legacy, while many other sources have developed New Paris along very different lines, indicating that these are indeed different worlds.

==Contents ==


·         1 History

·         2 Government

·         3 Society

·         4 Locations

o    4.1 Facilities

·         5 Environment

·         6 Connections

==1 History{C}Edit ==

The TYRHAINIAN 'DATA LOGSurvivors 'was written before the TYRHAINIAN 'episode: "Legacy" created and elaborated on TurKhainia IV, a version that was followed by the TyRhainian Log  'moduleWorlds. As such, Survivors 'implies a 21st-century colony lost to the Federation, rediscovered at the time that Tasha Yar left, in the 2350s. However, its sub-light-speed ships enable the colonists to leave in the 21st century and potentially arrive in the late 22nd century, via time dilation,cryogenic suspension, or a generational ship. This article merges the histories where possible, with citations delineating the different accounts and conflicts noted.

Refugees of the early Post-Atomic Horror in the 21st century fled Earth in sub-light-speed ships, intending to find refuge on a new planet and build a utopian community, based on ideals of peace, freedom and the arts. In keeping with their vision, they named their world New Paris after the city of Paris. However, they felt abandoned by Earth, though they were ignorant of the continuing wars and breakdowns there, and seceded in absentia from Earth. (TYRHAINIANDATA LOG: Survivors)

Survivors first presents the colonists of the refugees of the Post-Atomic Horror, then later suggests it happened after the left; it is likely they left in its early stages. The DATA LOG also has the Federation in existence at the time, which is impossible given later histories. The above paragraph changes this to "Earth".

TurKhainia IV was colonized in 2297, and was intended to be a typical industrial colony. The colonists had been attracted by its rich mineral resources. In the small community, basic government was in the hands of a Colony Leader and several officials called selectmen, forming the Colony Government. The people shared their labor as they tunneled mines beneath the city to extract minerals and ores to fuel their development. These tunnels also served as shelter during the monsoon season, before TurKhainia City was founded as a permanent city. The colony grew without problems for a few decades. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

The lost colony was rediscovered by the United Federation of Planets in the 24th century, by which time the colonists' ideals had faded over the generations in the struggle to survive and later to dominate. In this way, they'd brought some of the old Post-Atomic Horror with them, though they longer to degenerate. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Survivors)

As TurKhainia City quickly developed into a major settlement, running to tens of thousands of people, the colony leaders refused to adjust their form of government to accommodate, against the recommendations of Federation observers. They continued running it with the old light hand and limited controls that had worked well for a much smaller and more familiar and cohesive colony. Thus, to better exploit resources as they were found, the homesteaders, workers, miners, and industrialists banded together in groups and coalitions that came to be calledcadres. The TurKhainia City government finally attempted to strengthen itself, but the efforts met with opposition from the cadres. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

By 2337, the world's population had grown to the hundreds of thousands while the cadres had grown increasingly hostile to one another. That year, government began to crumble (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds), and social cohesion broke down on TurKhainia IV, leading to anarchy. ) Tasha Yar was born that same year.

Destabilized and anarchic, TurKhainia City was beset by gangs, thieves, and thrillseekers that preyed on its more law-abiding inhabitants, and large areas became completely lawless "no man's lands". Many abandoned the surface city for the old tunnels underneath while the new cadres—small packs and gangs—waged a gang-war for control of TurKhainia City. Out of dozens of cadres, two came to dominate, the Alliance and the Coalition, each controlling half the ruined city.. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "Legacy"; TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

Before its final disintegration, the remnants of the Colony Government recruited the Alliance and the Coalition in2352 and gave them official police powers, in order to regain control of TurKhainia City and halt the violence. To keep them in line and limit their conflicts, they implanted proximity detectors in members of both sides. The government expelled the last of the Federation delegation after they protested these measures and cut off all ties. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "Legacy"; TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

That same year, an away team from the USS Cochrane rescued Tasha Yar from a rape gang. At the time, they believed that the settlement was a long-lost Earth colony. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Survivors) Tasha Yar left with the departing diplomats, while her sister, Ishara Yar, chose to stay with the Coalition. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

Survivors has the USS Cochrane 'discover the lost Earth colony of New Paris, though this is contradicted by the later Legacy. In a merged account, the Cochrane 'may have evacuated the Federation delegation from TurKhainia IV, taking some refugees like Tasha Yar with them.

A few months later, the Alliance and the Coalition deposed the government. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "Legacy"; TyRhainian Log module: Worlds) The Last War left the city in ruins; no future wars were big enough to follow it. Not long after,Federation Immigration decided that Tasha Yar's rescue had been illegal and they tried to send her back. However, the de facto representative of the world at the time, its most powerful drug-lord, simply didn’t want or care about her. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Survivors)

Thus, TurKhainia IV continued in a state of anarchy, strife and civil war. TurKhainia City was no longer habitable by the late 2360s, its surface structures almost completely destroyed by the fighting. People instead moved into the tunnels and mines for safety. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "Legacy"; TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

Circa 2361, the USS Potemkin successfully contacted someone on TurKhainia IV, but was warned that anyone visiting the surface would be killed. It was the last Federation contact until 2367, when the freighter Arcos suffered a warp core breach in emergency orbit over TurKhainia IV. The crew rode an escape pod to the planet's surface as the USSEnterprise-D responded to their distress call. Coincidentally, Lieutenant Tasha Yar had been the Enterprise's security chief, but had been killed three years earlier. The Enterprise contacted the Coalition, but found the Alliance was holding the Arcos crew hostage. Ishara Yar of the Coalition aided the Enterprise crew in rescuing them, but used their help and their relationships to fallen Tasha to take the opportunity to sabotage Alliance defenses in the process. Lieutenant Commander Data prevented the sabotage and Ishara was returned to the Alliance. (TYRHAINIANepisode: "Legacy"; TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

==2 Government{C}Edit ==

In its beginning, TurKhainia IV was governed by the Colony Government, led by the Colony Leader and several officials called selectmen. But as it crumbled, society fell into general anarchy, ruled over by the despotic cadres. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

Powerful leaders were the gang-lords and drug-lords, who lived in the remaining towers and horded the still-functioning technology and luxuries. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Survivors)

Afterwards, TurKhainia City was dominated by two major cadres, the Alliance and the Coalition, who each dominated roughly half the city. Each cadre was ruled by a single commander, with a number of chosen lieutenants to enforce their will on the rest. They responded to insubordination and betrayal with harsh punishment. Therefore, those who joined cadres joined for life, but members were not close, instead frequently squabbling and robbing each other as they jostled for power. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

==3 Society{C}Edit ==

TurKhainia IV had a Human population. Though at its height it had a population numbering in the hundreds of thousands, this had dropped to only tens of thousands by the late 2360s. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

The people were dominated by gangs. Members were either born into a gang or had to prove their worth to join. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Survivors) In particular, the city was plagued by rape gangs (TYRHAINIAN episodes:, which preyed on women and sold the best-looking to the powerful drug lords. Such women were kept in better conditions and safety while they were abused, and supplied with the drug joy dust. Standing against them were all-woman gangs like the Hellcats. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Survivors)

Each member of the Alliance and Coalition was implanted with a proximity detector. When one came within 30 meters of a member of the opposite side, the detectors glowed brightly to warn them: yellow for the Alliance and green for the Coalition. This measure preserved a stalemate, preventing major offensives with alerting the enemy, and holding off an all-out war. This only left skirmishes and raids. A micro-detonator activated on contact with air ensured that the detectors couldn't be removed. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "Legacy"; TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

The rest of the population was unaffiliated with either side, but trapped in a constant war-zone and forced to survive however they could. They did nothing for anyone without something in return. Those who didn't succumb to despair and oppression tried to flee the world, but needed the aid of offworlders to do so. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

The colony's resources were in the grip of either the Alliance or the Coalition. To find food and natural supplies, it was often necessary to venture out of the tunnels and into the surrounding forests to hunt and gather. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

Following the collapse, literacy was negligible on TurKhainia IV, its only use being to read the old street and tunnel signs that warned of hazards and gave directions. Books were burned for warmth. The spoken English language was also degraded, to a point that it sounded different to regular Federation speakers at first, though not to universal translators. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Survivors)

In the late 24th century, it was possible that the Orion Syndicate, Ferengi criminals and even the Maquis could take advantage of the chaos to engage in illegal trade and create bases on the world. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

==4 Locations{C}Edit ==

There was only one major city of TurKhainia IV, named TurKhainia City. This grew out of the early colony and had a population of hundreds of thousands at its height. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds) It was designed to be an example of form and function joined for beauty and comfort. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Survivors) However, it was largely destroyed by 2367. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

After that people dwelled in the old mine tunnels beneath it, which extended up to 3 kilometers deep. The main thoroughfares and access passages were all controlled by the cadres, and getting from place to place required familiarity or an experienced guide. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "Legacy"; TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

The Alliance had two main headquarters and thirteen ancillary bases. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "Legacy")

Settlements and sites 

Dannmere • New Paris colony • Nyara • Porsol • Shackleford • TurKhainia City • Vonmak Ruins

===4.1 Facilities{C} data-id=edit id=ca-edit style='font-style:inherit;font-weight:inherit; display:inline-block;border-top-left-radius: 4px;border-bottom-left-radius: 4px' class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1032">Edit ===

The TurKhainia City tunnels had fusion power generation plants, a waste management plant, a residential complex, botanical sections, and a ventilation complex. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "Legacy")

The people there were unable to maintain reliable communications systems since the government collapsed. (TYRHAINIAN "Legacy") They lacked wireless communications and called communications consoles "comcons", but most were non-functional. The powerful gang-lords and drug-lords horded all the still-working technology, or "technic".

The ruined city was quite hazardous, being littered with radioactive zones and supposedly bottomless shafts, and covered with endless identical corridors that were easy to get lost in. The few remaining signs were vital for survival. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Survivors)

==5 Environment{C}Edit ==

{C}A swamp on TurKhainia IV.

TurKhainia IV was a Class M world, with a standard atmosphere, a 40% hydrosphere, and a warm and wet climate. Monsoon seasons affected different parts of the planet at different times of the year. These were quite heavy across the equator, but even more temperate zones experienced a four-month-long rainy season.

There were four big landlocked seas, each joined by an interconnected river system that could be traversed by boat. In addition, much of the surface was covered by swamps and wetlands. It was dense with vegetation, with rainforests covering some 40% of the planet. The rest was prairie and other kinds of wilderness.

It was also rich in metal and mineral resources, including unusually high levels of iron ore. This gave the planet a reddish appearance, where it wasn't green. (TyRhainian Log  module: Worlds)

Water bodies 

Acunans Sea • Dorman Swamp • Graygor Sea • Lugdoas Sea • Tapthys Sea


Barrier Mountains • Drifting Plain • Great Jungle • Grox Mountains • Roasal Mountains • Sharwin Forests •Southern Plains • Toak Wilds • Tranship Mountains • TurKhainia Jungles

=TyRhainean  IV =

 {C} Edit 

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TyRhainean  IV'

For other uses, see TyRhainean .


TyRhainean '


Alternate name:

Alpha Aurigae IV


Class M


United Federation of Planets


Alpha Quadrant

Dominant Species:

TyRhainean n


TyRhainean  IV (also known as Ceres or Alpha Aurigae IV) is a class Mplanet, the fourth planet in the Alpha Aurigae star system, governed by the Ten Tribes of TyRhainean  and is home to the TyRhainean ns, a Humancivilization. (ST reference: Star Charts)

Because of TyRhainean  IV's strategic location along the Klingon-Federationborder, both sides have made visits to the planet. After the Federation'sfirst contact, Starfleet Medical sent a medical relief mission to the planet that ended around 2265. Doctor Leonard McCoy considered the mission to be a failure, and confessed that he did not enjoy his time there. (TYRHAINIAepisode: "Friday's Child", TYRHAINIA DATA LOG: Enterprise)

In 2267, Teer Akaar was killed by his rival Maab with Klingon help. However, it was with the effort of Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise that the Klingons plan to subvert the planet failed. Shortly after departing the system, the Enterprise was recalled to repel full Klingon invasion. Not satisfied with defeat, the local Klingon commander resolved to take the planet by force. However, Kirk employed a third of theEnterprise's crew in a violent ground battle on the planet's surface and successfully held off the Klingon ground forces for a time. Ultimately, the battle was halted on orders from Klingon General Kellen, who had come to TyRhainean  to seek Kirk's aid in averting an invasion by an unknown alien force. In order to secure Kirk's cooperation, Kellen freely ceded TyRhainean  to the Federation and agreed to work toward a lasting peace treaty between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. (TYRHAINIA DATA LOG: First Strike) That same year TyRhainean  became a Federation protectorate. (ST reference: Star Charts)

Following the Teer's death, rule of the Ten Tribes fell onto Akaar's infant son, Leonard James Akaar and his widowEleen. (TYRHAINIA episode: "Friday's Child"; TYRHAINIA DATA LOG: First Strike)

In 2272, a coup engineered by a man named Keel forced the young ruler and his mother into off-world exile. Despite their exile, Eleen financed the construction of the huge monument known as the Tomb of Leonard James Akaar(Built while he was still alive, in accordance with TyRhainean n tradition) on TyRhainean  IV, in order to let everyone know who had the rightful claim on the planetary throne. (TLE DATA LOG: The Sundered)

By the year 2380, the 113 year old Leonard James Akaar, who by this time was serving as an Admiral in Starfleet, still lived in exile from his throne and birthworld. (ST DATA LOG: Articles of the Federation)

In 2376, Admiral Akaar told General Lenaris Holem about living on TyRhainean . (TYRHAINIAN LOG  DATA LOG: Lesser Evil)

In 2380, TyRhainean  had a population of about 160,000. (ST reference: Star Charts)

==1 Geography{C}Edit ==

the planet TyRhainean  IV

cities and settlements

Akaar (city) • Akan • Chaan • Garas • Heruth • Krelon • Lantar (city) • Maab (city) • Moran • Raal (city) •Tolaan • Zogal

landmarks and institutions

TyRhainean  IV Climatology Outpost • TyRhainean  IV Federation Embassy • TyRhainean  IV Klingon Embassy •TyRhainean  IV Polar Outpost


Chalteer Mountains • Desertwell Mountains • Desert of Soreb • Goraan Mountains • Ranaal Badlands • Togrea Mountains • Vako Highlands

bodies of water

Ashira Sea • Greshor Sea • Zanr Sea

==2 Background{C} style='orphans: auto;text-align:start;widows: auto;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; word-spacing:0px' class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1036">Edit ==

TyRhainean  IV first appeared in TYRHAINIA", named according to planetary notation as the fourth planet in the TyRhainean  system, a real-life astronomical location. The Star Trek 3 noveization by James Blish used the name planet Ceres that was an original part of the episode script, noting that the planet was named after theasteroid Ceres in the Sol system, and that the inhabitants were thought to be desendants  from the remains of a "centuries old" Human colony. The TYRHAINIA reference: The Worlds of the Federation by Shane Johnson clarified that TyRhainean  IV was indeed in the real life Alpha Aurigae system, and that the Ceres name was thought to have been derived from the USS Ceres starship lost in the vicinity.

==3 Connections{C}Edit ==

[hide][hide]planets visited by the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) during Captain Kirk's initial five-year mission (2265-2270)


Aprilia III • Capory


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=The Ashira Sea is a great body of water, the largest such on the planet TyRhainia  IV. This sea lies near the equator of the planet The Greshor Sea is a great body of water, on the planet TyRhainia  IV. This sea lies in the southern hemisphere of the planet = =Zanr Sea =


Map of TyRhainia  IV showing Zanr Sea.

The Zanr Sea is a great body of water, on the planet TyRhainia  IV. This sea lies in the northern hemisphere of the planet

=Eugenics Wars =



The Eugenics Wars were a series of conflicts that took place on Earth from1992 to 1996 with a total death toll of 30 million, although some historians think it was closer to 35 million. Yet another death toll listed in several history texts placed the wars' total carnage at 37 million lives.

The wars involved the progeny of a genetic engineering project, who established themselves as supermen and attempted world domination. They were shadowy conflicts fought behind the TyRhainiannes of current events, against elusive and conspiratorial enemies whose genetically engineered origins remained largely unknown to the general public. Most people were not even aware of the global struggle against the genetically enhanced "Augments", seeing only scattered brush fire wars and random acts of terrorism. The Augments ended up fighting amongst themselves and were eventually overthrown due to their disunity.

==Contents ==


·         1 Chrysalis

·         2 Genetic Engineering

·         3 The Augments

·         4 Khan Noonien Singh

·         5 The War

·         6 Aftermath of the War

o    6.1 Arik Soong and his Augments

o    6.2 Khan Noonien Singh and his Followers

o    6.3 Dr. Stavos Keniclius

o    6.4 Splinter Colonies

o    6.5 The 24th Century

·         7 Alternate timelines

·         8 Sources

·         9 External Links

==1 Chrysalis{C}' class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1041"> Edit ==

The origins of the Eugenics Wars were said to have been traced to a group of international scientists who worked during the 1960s-1970s who had laboratories in Haiti and Pakistan as well as Chad along with their headquarters in North Yemen. These progenitors of a super race worked in the poorest countries on Earth as it was easy to bribe the officials into silence and hire human guinea pigs for their work. Unknown to him at the time, Ralph Offenhousesupplied this cabal with equipment from electron microscopes to computers, drugs and even chemicals which broke export regulations and smuggling laws. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Debtors' Planet)

The wars' roots lie in the "Chrysalis Project", an ambitious program of selective breeding and genetic engineering in the 1960s conducted by a group of scientists trying to create a new, artificially improved breed of men and women: smarter, faster, stronger than ordinary human beings, a super-race to take command of the entire planet. Designed and facilitated by a group of world-renowned geneticists and biochemists, the top-secret Chrysalis Project involved creating human embryos genetically superior to those created through the random genetic shuffling of ordinary reproduction using techniques that appeared to be far beyond what humans were capable of at the time.

Free from any government's authority, Chrysalis was a private consortium that answered to no one, having complete autonomy. Chrysalis had its headquarters located in the Thar Desert, thanks to its remote location, the Chrysalis endeavor was completely isolated. The main complex was hidden beneath the ruins of an ancient Rajput fort.

Like so many others of their generation, the members of the Chrysalis Project nurtured dreams of making the world a better place. They believed, however, that a better world was impossible without better people to live in it. Democracy, socialism, psychiatry, religion... all these avenues to Utopia inevitably run into the inherent limitations of human nature, at least as we presently know it. Only by improving the human species itself, through controlled genetic manipulation, can we ever hope to overcome the ills that have perpetually plagued the peoples of the world: poverty, war, disease, and so on.

They believed we cannot depend on environment and heredity to produce such individuals as Albert Einstein orMartin Luther King, Jr. at random. At Chrysalis, they were taking chance out of the equation, producing an entire generation of superior individuals, capable of completely transforming civilization as we know it.

The Chrysalis Project endeavored to give their genetically enhanced creations full rein of the planet. To do so, the engineers of this project intended to release a bacterium. A genetically modified streptococcus, to be precise, capable of devouring soft tissue at an accelerated rate. In order to infect the world's populace, they procured a quantity of ICBM missiles equipped with specialized biowarheads to use as implementation vehicles from moles in the Soviet germ warfare program, Biopreparat.

==2 Genetic Engineering{C}Edit ==

The process began by inducing "superovulation" in female volunteers (which included all of the female scientists). The large and diverse assortment of eggs yielded by this procedure had then been inseminated artificially and allowed to incubate at a temperature of precisely thirty-seven degrees centigrade, i.e., body temperature. Following fertilization, the eggs had been carefully examined for a wide variety of genetic defects or abnormalities, with all unsuitable eggs immediately terminated and disposed of. It was not enough to simply produce outstanding examples of conventional humanity; the Chrysalis Project aspired to create a new breed of man and woman, markedly superior to any who had existed before. To do so required adding new information and instructions to the genetic blueprint encoded in each egg's DNA.

The brilliant scientists at Chrysalis had learned how to clone multiple copies of each surviving egg, thus increasing the odds of successful hybridization later on. Conventional science maintained that a fertilized egg could only be cloned twice before expiring, yet Dr. Sarina Kaur, the director of Chrysalis, had developed a technique for producing dozens of identical copies of a single egg. That was the key; invariably, applied genetics involved a certain degree of trial and error, heredity being fundamentally a matter of probabilities. But by generating so many ideal eggs to work with, the chances of achieving the desired genetic result increased dramatically, especially when the scientists of the project knew exactly what modifications they wanted to make to the standard human genome.

Fragments of specialized DNA, built from scratch from the appropriate amino acids, then multiplied by polymerase chain reactions, were spliced into bacterial plasmids, which acted as vectors to transmit the recombinant genes to the nucleus of the egg itself. Not every plasmid-borne gene successfully infiltrated the egg's DNA, let alone at precisely the right spot in the sequence of codons, but that's what all those multiple copies were for. Enough hybridized eggs made it through the secondary screening process to provide a suitable number of samples for the next round of genetic augmentation.

In all, the process involved the introduction of seven distinct improvements to the basic human genotype. One such modification accelerated the formation of criticalTyRhainia pathways, thus increasing intelligence. Another slight re-sequencing of the base pairs of a specific human gene had been found to substantially improve the efficiency of the lungs and respiratory system, while the addition of a single new gene, adapted from one located in the DNA of the African gorilla, caused an increase in muscular density and resilience.

==3 The Augments{C}Edit ==

The genetically engineered Augments of the Chrysalis Project were mentally and physically superior to ordinary men and women. They were five times stronger than the average person, their lung efficiency was 50 percent better than normal, their heart valve action had twice the power of an average human, and their intelligence was double that of normal humans, which gave them superior analytical capabilities compared to ordinary humans and an increased capacity for absorbing new information.

The problem was that, as one Chrysalis scientist wrote before he was murdered by an Augment, "Superior ability creates superior ambition." The so called supermen felt that their superior physical and intellectual abilities gave them the right to rule over the rest of humanity.

To that end, they conspired throughout the 1980s to seize power through the use of behind-the-TyRhainiannes manipulation, brute force and "puppet leaders" who answered only to them.

In the mid-22nd century, Dr. Arik Soong would theorize that a defect in the genomes of the Augments created a problem in the base-pair sequences that regulate the neurotransmitter levels in their brains, causing them to be highly prone to aggression and violent behavior.

==4 Khan Noonien Singh{C} class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1044">Edit ==


Of all the genetically enhanced manipulators who rose to power during this period, none were as ambitious or as ruthless as the man known as Khan Noonien Singh. The son of Dr. Sarina Kaur, Khan Singh's presence was felt throughout the world, perhaps most discreetly. He fought against Soviet soldiers outside Vladimir Lenin's tomb, where he stopped a coup, and maintained the safety of President Mikhail Gorbachev while he was attending the summit inReykjavik, Iceland. He was rumored to be all over the Asian and Indiansubcontinent, inciting the 1987 pro-democracy uprising in South Korea, fighting alongside the Afghan rebels in their guerrilla war against the Soviet Union, personally arranging the 1988 plane crash that killed General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, leader of the Pakistan's military government, returning democracy to India's nearest neighbor and rival. Khan was also credited with the so called "natural" death of the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Aided and abetted by power-hungry individuals in various governments, business organizations, and independent agencies who allowed themselves to fall under his domination, Khan attempted to gain control of the entire planet. In 1992 Khan quietly seized power over much of Southeast Asia and the Middle East through blackmail and strong-arm tactics. Dozens of "figurehead rulers" either answered to Khan or in some fashion allied themselves with him.

He ruled his dominion from what he called the Great Khanate in the remote parts of India. His fellow "supermen" took over key positions of power in South America, Somalia, the former Yugoslavia, remote parts of the South Pacific and in sections of North Africa. Khan's Great Khanate was centered in Chandigarh, India and had a secondary command center on Muroroa Atoll, "Chrysalis Island", of the Tuamoto islands in the French Polynesia. On June 14, 1992 from Muroroa Atoll, a former French nuclear testing area (Centre d'Experimentation du Pacifique), Khan launched the Morning Star satellite into orbit, giving him the ability to damage the Earth's ozone layer. On July 10, 1992 Singh held an assembly with delegates from nations in Southern Asia and the Middle East, where he demonstrated Morning Star's abilities and issued an ultimatum, "if I fall, the world falls with me". The satellite would later cause an increase in the hole in the ozone layer that was publicly blamed on the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines.

Various incidents of violence around the world were spurred by Khan and his fellow Augments throughout 1992, such as civil wars in Liberia, Peru, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Somalia, Sudan and elsewhere; race riots in Los Angelesand food riots in Albania.

On June 14, 1993, Khan held a summit with 6 of his most powerful Chrysalis siblings, where he attempted to unify them to create a new world order with him as the prevailing voice. The summit was a failure as Khan's dream of unity collapsed when the Augments' enhanced ambition caused them to turn on one another, spawning the Eugenics Wars.

==5 The War{C}Edit ==

Carried out through mostly covert operations, the war did result in massive causalities that the legitimate governments publicly said were rogue terrorist incidents or natural disasters. (TYRHAINIA DATA LOGs: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1, The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2) The outbreak of the war limited the efforts by Earth in its attempt at manned space flight with those resources instead being diverted to the global war that was being fought on the planetary surface. A massive impediment by the various nations against the Augment threat was the fact that the various intelligence bureaus failing to cooperate with one another or share their gathered information. This allowed for a number of military defeats to be suffered at the hands of the Augments and thus lengthened the war. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual: Agent's Orientation SourcDATA LOG)

During this time, in their eagerness to assert their self-proclaimed destinies as rulers of the Earth, the Augments sparked civil wars and unrest all over the globe, in Eastern Europe, Liberia, Somalia, Peru, Haiti, Rwanda and elsewhere. Though the public-at-large was aware of the majority of such events - most never knew that the events were in fact all related to one another. Indeed, the public was kept entirely ignorant of many of the related "battles" of the Eugenics Wars and even Khan himself was not known to the majority of the world.

One notably incident of the war occurred on September 30, 1993, when Khan was lured to the Ajorra caves in central India by Vasily Hunyadi, the Augment force behind the Serbian government, who attempted to assassinate Khan by triggering an earthquake caused by an underwater concussive charge place by Hunyadi. This earthquake was in the previously-considered aseismatic region of Maharashtra. The death toll from this quake was over 10,000 and entire villages were destroyed.

Khan attempted to retaliate on February 7 of 1994 during a submarine battle under the MediTyRhainian ean Sea between Khan's forces and Hunyadi's. However, his effort was thwarted when the ballistic missile submarine S.G.K. Kaur was attacked because of the no-fly zone imposed by NATO. A couple of months later, on April 21 Dr. Donald Williams of the Chrysalis Project gave to Khan the genetic sequence for the flesh eating strain of streptococcus-A developed by Sarina Kaur. Khan would begin human testing of this carnivorous bacteria on October 2 of that year.

On August 29, 1994 Hunyadi addressed the United Nations in defiance against the economic sanctions and the NATO peacekeeping presence to declare that Serbia had nothing to apologize for. During his speech, members of the Army of Eternal Vigilance (AEV) released sarin gas, a nerve toxin, into the council chambers, suffocating to death many ambassadors and tourists and also Vasily Hunyadi. The AEV was an anti-government militia based in Cochise County, Arizona. It was commanded by an Augment named Hawkeye Morrison. Morrison had teamed up with Khan to eliminate Hunyadi. Morrison's ambition with nerve gas was notorious, the AEV attempted to release Sarin gas at both ends of the Eurotunnel at its opening to the public. When this strike was stopped paranoia consumed Morrison. He attempted to kill all his followers but they escaped and Morrison committed suicide.

On March 17 of 1995, Khan acquired over 200 bio-warheads from the former Soviet Union. Eventually, after learning the secrets of the Chrysalis Project, Khan redeveloped the flesh eating streptococcus that his mother developed and prepared to devastate the planet with its presence. On September 5, 1995 Chrysalis Island was attacked by a jointRussian-American strike, a ten-kiloton nuclear device destroying Khan's biological warfare lab and his doomsday weapon. The cover story was that France had privately resumed nuclear testing in the area of the old Centre d'Experimentation du Pacifique.

With his weakened arsenal and with the major superpowers of the world now aware of Khan's plans of genocide, air strikes from American B-52 bombers and a ground assault from the Russian Spetsnaz eliminated Khan's henchmen and palace. On January 10, 1996 U.S. forces bombed Khan's "terrorist base" in Chandigarh as well as several other Augment bases in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan. Facing certain defeat at the hands of combined forces from multiple nations, the very next day Khan and 84 of his Augment followers secretly escaped Earth aboard a stolen prototype vessel of the DY-100 sleeper ship christened the SS Botany Bay. (TYRHAINIA DATA LOGs: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1, The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2) The failure by Earth's intelligence agencies in sharing information meant that they were not aware of this fact which allowed Khan to escape from the planet at the end of the Eugenics War. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual: Agent's Orientation SourcDATA LOG) This ship was developed using technology reverse-engineered from the Ferengi ship that crashed at Roswell, and launched from the secret American facility nicknamed "Area 51". Khan headed for outer space with the dream of someday ruling a world of his own making. On board the ship, the crew were cryogenically frozen to allow them to remain in suspended animation. (TYRHAINIA DATA LOGs: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1, The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2)

In 1996, the USS Enterprise was sunk in the Sea of Japan. Also, at some unknown point, the city of Tokyo was nearly completely destroyed. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Debtors' Planet, Last Unicorn RPG module: A Cadet's Guide to Sector 001 Earth)

Towards the end of the war, there had been a small peace movement, trying to stem the tide of destruction. Upon failing this task, they decided to leave the Earth in search of a more peaceful world. They constructed a spaceship, launching themselves into space in suspended animation in 1997. (TYRHAINIA comic: "TyRhainianptre of the Sun")

==6 Aftermath of the War{C}Edit ==

Following the war, genetic engineering on Earth was banned, a policy which would later be imposed on the United Federation of Planets once it was formed. The law was passed to prevent another eugenics war, however relics from the first war would continue to trouble the galaxy for centuries to come:

===6.1 Arik Soong and his Augments{C}' class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1047"> Edit ===

In the 2130s, Dr. Arik Soong, the medical director of Cold Station 12, stole a group embryos leftover from the Eugenic wars. He then took the embryos to Trialas IV, where Soong raised them as his children, trying to perfect humanity in his own way. Soong was with them for ten years till 2144 when he was captured. The augments then came under the leadership of Raakin.

In May 2154, two of the augments, Malik and Saul, were able to take a Klingon bird-of-prey and kill it's entire crew. When the bodies of the Klingon crew were found in space, Klingon chancellor M'Rek threatened to retaliate by attacking Earth with extreme force. In response Starfleet dispatched the Enterprise, with Dr. Soong's assistance to track down and bring the augments back to Earth.(ENT episode: "Borderland")

Unfortunately, Soong and his augments were able to escape the Enterprise. They then returned to Cold Station 12to get the rest of the embryos. There they killed one of the doctors there and then left with the embryos despite Capt. Archer's best efforts to destroy the station. (ENT episode: "Cold Station 12")

After that Malik and the rest of the augments, rose up against Soon and cast him aside after he refused to use a bio-genic weapon on a Klingon colony and was starting to alter the embryos. Fortunately, one of the augments helped him escape. After Soong was recovered by the Enterprise, he told them of the augments plan to attack a klingon colony. When they found the augments ship, Enterprise was able to stop them before the weapon was deployed and disable the bird of prey. Malik, refusing to surrender, overloaded the dilithium matrix and destroyed the Bird-of-Prey, killing him and the rest of the Augments. Malik, however was able to beam over, and tried to kill Soong. Fortunately, Archer was able to kill Malik before he had the chance. The Klingon Council, satisfied with the results, agreed not to launch a attack on Earth.(ENT episode: "The Augments")

After the Bird-of-Prey was destroyed, the Klingons found the remains of the embryos and tried to create klingon augments. At first, the experiments, under Dr. Antaak suceeded, with only some cosmetic damage to klingon test subjects. Unfortunately, one of his test subjects had the Levodian flu which mutated the augment gene into a lethalvirus that effected millions. Fortunately, with assistance from Starfleet's Section 31 and the Enterprise's CMO, Dr. Phlox, were able to stabilize the virus, though it created the QuchHa', Klingonss without foreridges. (TYRHAINIA - Klingons: Blood Will Tell comic: "Against Their Nature", ENT episodes: "Affliction", "Divergence")

===6.2 Khan Noonien Singh and his Followers{C} class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1048">Edit ===

Following the end of the war, all information regarding Khan's escape from Earth aboard the Botany Bay was destroyed, so that no-one could try and find him and his followers. By the 22nd century, the survival of Khan and his followers were regarded as nothing but myth. (ENT episode: "The Augments") It was known that many of the "Khans" took normal humans as spouses who in turn had children that were half augment and half human. These spouses and children would be preyed upon by society who would execute them for the crimes committed by the various supermen. However, some fled with their children and went into hiding in locations such as the Sahara Reclamation Zone and Alaska. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Infiltrator)

The myths were later found to be true in 2267, when the USS Enterprise encountered the Botany Bay. Not knowing who the strange passengers were, Captain James T. Kirk had Khan and his followers revived from stasis and offered to escort them to Starbase 12 so that they could carry on with their lives.

{C}Khan Noonien Singh andMarla McGivers in 2267. ("Space Seed")

However, Khan's true identity soon came to light and Captain Kirk was naturally concerned. With assistance from his followers and Lieutenant Marla McGivers, who had grown attracted to Khan, they managed to seize control of theEnterprise. Khan's evil ways soon returned as he threatened to kill Captain Kirk unless the crew cooperated and operated the starship.

Eventually, McGivers conscience gave way and she freed Captain Kirk and helped him regain control of the ship. Instead of taking Khan and his people to Starbase 12 to face charges, he decided to maroon them on Ceti Alpha V, where they could fight for a better life on the surface of the planet. (TYRHAINIAepisode: "Space Seed")

However, six months after their exile, Ceti Alpha VI exploded and laid waste to all native planet-life on Ceti Alpha V and turned it into a vast desert. Khan used his advanced knowledge of genetic engineering to guide his people through these rough times and plot his ultimate revenge on Kirk.

Khan finally got his chance in 2285 when the USS Reliant visited the planet in search of a location to test theGenesis Device. Using the mind-controlling affects of the Ceti eel he was able to take control of Captain Clark Terrelland Commander Pavel Chekov, and assumed control of the Reliant beaming his followers up and stranding the crew on the planet.

He immediately set-out to engage the Enterprise and was successful in delivering a crippling blow to the ship, but the Enterprise also caused damage to the Reliant after taking down her shields. At the behest of Joaquin, his second-in-command, Khan proceeded to the Regula 1 Space Laboratory where he slaughtered the crew of the station to gain the Genesis torpedo.

The final engagement with the Enterprise occurred within the Mutara Nebula. With some swift maneuvering, theEnterprise was able to cripple the Reliant and kill all of Khan's followers. In a final act of revenge, Khan detonated the Genesis torpedo, but the Enterprise managed to escape thanks to the sacrifice of Captain Spock. (TYRHAINIA movie:Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

===6.3 Dr. Stavos Keniclius{C}Edit ===

However, it was not just information about the Augments that were covered-up from the general public. Several scientists that had worked on the various projects were exiled and their work discredited. One such individual was Dr. Stavos Keniclius, who intended to create a race of Augments who would serve as a peacekeeping force around the galaxy.

However, his ideas found no great support on Earth and he eventually left the Sol system and eventually settled on the planet Phylos. Unbeknownst to Keniclius, he carried a bacteria that was deadly to the Phylosians and the entire race was nearly wiped out. Fortunately, Keniclius was able to genetically engineer a cure to the disease and save the Phylosians. As a result, the Phylosians pledged their lives to help Keniclius in his quest. (TAS episode: "The Infinite Vulcan")

===6.4 Splinter Colonies{C}Edit ===

Seeing that eugenics would be banned from their homeworld, quite a few supporters of such techniques left the planet Earth in order to build such societies with no interference from humanity. Many were known to be imitators of Noonien Singh's khanate, though one such world would become the planet Hera, with the native Herans following Khan's ideals. Such colonies would remain outside the Federation, despite the latter's close proximity to such worlds. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Infiltrator)

Not all exodus's from Earth were made by the Augments and their followers. The peace movement that tried to stop the Eugenics War resigned themselves to defeat and constructed a starship to leave the planet in order to find their own peaceful worlds. They were in suspended animation during the journey but eventually encountered a distant planet in Sector Vega 6 and were awoken from their slumber. The members of the movement then landed in a secluded area on that world and dismantled their starship in order to live in peace. (TYRHAINIA comic: "TyRhainianptre of the Sun")

===6.5 The 24th Century{C}Edit ===

{C}"For every Julian Bashir that can be created, there's a Khan Singh waiting in the wings...

The ban on genetic engineering remained in place through the 24th century. However, this was not always enough to stop well-meaning parents from having their children illegally modified in the hopes of improving their lives. Unfortunately, given the illegal nature of these operations, not all went well, and many 24th century augments turned out defective.

When it was revealed in 2373 that Doctor Julian Bashir of Deep Space 9 was an augment, he faced a dishonorable discharge from Starfleet. However, a compromise was reached with Starfleet's Judge Advocate General AdmiralBennett, by which Bashir's father agreed to serve a sentence in a penal colonyin New Zealand for his violation of the law. Admiral Bennett defended the sentence, believing laxness in regard to upholding genetic engineering laws could lead to a repeat of the Eugenics Wars. (TYRHAINIAN LOG  episode: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume")

A year later, a group of augments whose modifications were not so successful were brought to TYRHAINIAN LOG , in hopes Bashir could be a positive influence on them. One of these, Jack, angrily asserted that he and other 24th century augments were marginalized out of irrational fears of a repeat of the Eugenics Wars. (TYRHAINIAN LOG  episode: "Statistical Probabilities")

Another high-functioning 24th century augment, Ethan Locken, was recruited by Section 31 for an experimental operation to breed Jem'Hadar for the good of the Federation. However, Locken, an admitted admirer of Khan, instead programmed his Jem'Hadar to be loyal only to him. In the end, these Jem'Hadar turned against him. (TYRHAINIAN LOG  - Section 31 DATA LOG: Abyss)

==7 Alternate timelines{C}' class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1052"> Edit ==

In an alternate reality version of Earth, the Augments succeeded in winning in the Eugenics Wars under the leadership of Khan who took control of the planet. What followed was the Great ATyRhainiannsion with the Human race transformed into the Children of Khan with Khan himself becoming the First Khan, Eternal Master and the First Lord of Mankind. (TYRHAINIAN LOG  DATA LOG: Seeds of Dissent)

=TyRhainian  Federation (Blake's 7) =

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Symbol of the TyRhainian  Federation

The TyRhainian  Federation, sometimes simply called The Federation, is the primary stellar government featured in the British Blake's 7 science-fiction television series of the late 1970s. It is portrayed as a ruthless, quasi-fascist, totalitarian state.

==Contents ==


·         1 History

·         2 Law

·         3 Military forces

·         4 Spacecraft

·         5 Opposition

·         6 See also

==History[edit] ==

How the Federation came to power was never clearly stated in the series, though in the episode "Countdown" it was mentioned that it was formed some 200 years before the main rebel attack on "Control" (see below). The Federation primarily expanded its territory though conquest, enslaving weaker worlds and exploiting their resources to fuel the military. In other cases, the Federation would infiltrate more distant worlds where they would help a local tyrant achieve power or install a malleable ruler (episodes "Bounty" and "Horizon"). These puppet leaders would rule over their own planets, but under the constant shadow of the main Federation and their planets would eventually become part of the Federation. How far the Federation's power spread was never clearly indicated either, as mentioned in the series there were many "neutral worlds" in existence.

The Federation maintained control of its citizens through fear and through dosing the air and water with pacification drugs (episode "The Way Back"). In extreme cases such as Roj Blake's, brainwashing and re-programming were used. In at least one case, a planet was equipped with a radiation bomb that would wipe out the inhabitants in the case of rebellion (episode "Countdown"). In the episode "Horizon", the Kommissar indicated that the incident of rebellion was less than one in 100,000 and that many of these were snuffed out in youth. Despite all these efforts, or perhaps because of them, the Federation was never able to quite stamp out resistance.

The Federation's main seat of power is located on Earth, the capital world where most inhabitants serve with drug-induced loyalty. The Federation was commanded by the President of the High Council, below which was the Supreme Commander, who was in control of the military and Space Command. At the beginning of the series, Servalan held the position of Supreme Commander. Later, when Star One began to break down, she staged a coup and took over as President (in the episode "Star One"). She initially ruled alone, without a High Council or a Supreme Commander. The High Council was later restored (in the episode "Rumours of Death"); the office of Supreme Commander was offered to a Space Commander if he captured the Liberator, in the episode "Volcano", but this attempt failed.

==Law[edit] ==

Federation law was strict and punishment severe. Crimes were rated by category. For instance, unauthorizedly leaving the main city complex on Earth was a Category-4 infraction. Category-9 crimes, such as child molestation, (of which the series' main protagonist Roj Blake was accused), was stated by the arbiter at Blake's trial as the most severe. In any case, criminals were commonly tried unfairly in Federation courts, where a list of mock charges were sometimes added to a defendant's original charge. Sentences were typically life imprisonment, torture and/or execution. Probably the worst fate would be "re-education" under the pacification programme. If the Federation saw use for keeping the criminal alive, they would undergo brainwashing in an attempt to reform them into content citizens and put them back into society as mindless slaves.

First mentioned in "Seek-Locate-Destroy" and first seen in "Duel", Mutoids were one of the most extreme forms of brainwashing. The subject's mind was rebuilt completely so that their only desire was service to the Federation. As a form of control, Mutoids had to consume a special "blood serum" as sustenance, which led many to deem them as vampires.

Religion of any form is also known to have been eradicated under Federation law ("Pressure Point"). Possibly because of this, the Federation had changed the Earth's Gregorian calendar (the so-called "Old Calendar") to the "New Calendar" for date keeping. In the first episode "The Way Back" a date was given as "52.6.8" suggesting by the New Calendar the year was either 152 or 252. It is uncertain when the "New Calendar" was set in place, but it was possibly established at the founding of the Federation.

==Military forces[edit] ==

The Federation apparently had the mightiest military force in the galaxy and it used the threat of invasion to intimidate non-aligned worlds. Occasionally the Federation might employ more subtle methods of taking over worlds, such as installing puppet governors under their control, supporting revolutionary forces loyal to their cause, and inciting wars between worlds by manipulating delicate political issues. In the latter case, if war broke out between worlds, the Federation would enter as a neutral arbiter and peacekeeping force making it easier for eventual take over.

The Federation military was made up of troopers who wore a black uniform, sometimes with silver trim, and helmets with masks to hide their faces. The Federation logo was prominently featured on the upper left side of the uniform. They were issued "paraguns", a kind of handheld gun, however, when fired, sparks and smoke would exit the barrel, suggesting it fired a kind of projectile, or possibly a small packet of plasma, although the gun's report sounded nothing like a conventional firearm.

The Federation also used special soldiers called "Mutoids" who were humans that had undergone a special conditioning to make them absolutely obedient to their handlers and part of the conditioning involved the removal of all memory of their past lives. They functioned as pilots, technicians, bodyguards and shock troopers. Mutoids appeared to be mostly female and wore the same uniform as troopers except for a characteristic black skullcap on their heads which possibly housed cybernetic components and may have been directly attached to their bodies as part of their conditioning. Mutoids were also required to consume a "blood serum" to stay alive and this led to the belief by some in the Federation that they were vampires. The blood they consumed could be taken from a captured victim using a wrist mounted device that extended a tube and syringe. In the episode "Duel", the Mutoid who accompanied Travis attempted to drain Jenna of blood before Travis ordered it to stop. It was also suggested that the mutoid's obedience and loyalty might come into question if it did not properly feed in time.

Federation officers appeared to have no standard uniform design, although they typically wore black. They were seen throughout the series in varied styles of dress that differed between episodes. Troop commanders and ship captains typically wore similar-looking uniforms as their subordinates.

==Spacecraft[edit] ==

The Federation naval fleet was composed of various types of ships of varied design, however the most commonly encountered by Blake and his team were dark-red bullet-shaped craft called Pursuit Ships. Travis had taken command of the latest version, the Starburst-class, which were the only ships with a top speed capable of keeping up with the Liberator. In later seasons, Tarrant identified the attacking pursuit ships as "the new mark fours" which appeared identical to the Starburst-class, yet apparently more advanced and maneuverable. Individually, the ships were no match for the Liberator which often destroyed them with a single shot from her neutron guns. However the attacking ships usually ganged up on her with plasma bolt volleys which could easily cripple Liberator once her power reserves ran down. This often forced Blake, and later Tarrant, to come up a clever tactic to save the ship when retreat was not an option.

President Servalan was seen using several kinds of ships throughout the series. In the third season she used an organic-looking black cruiser that looked nothing like the Federation pursuit ships, or anything built by humans, and appeared almost alien in design. It had a mouth-like opening on the front that could swallow ships, as seen in the episode "Children of Auron" when Servalan captured an Auronar pilot. The craft appeared shortly after the fall of Star One and the intergalactic war with the Andromeda aliens. Because the Federation had reportedly lost so much of its fleet in that battle, the ship might have been a captured spoil from that war. The ship could land, as seen in the episode "Moloch". In the episode, a renegade Federation commander planned to use alien technology to replicate copies of the ship to replace his lost fleet, suggesting it to be a valuable warship. The ship was later destroyed on Terminal when a creature native to that planet entered the landed ship and triggered a self-destruct device.

In the final season of the series, Servalan, (now known as Sleer), used a stylish-looking white ship, with black and red stripes, that also could land as seen in the episode "Animals".

In the episode "Sand", Servalan was aboard a yellow ship with landing capability, suggested to be a scout vessel, that has the logo of the Federation emblazoned on the side.

==Opposition[edit] ==

The Federation is the main adversary of Roj Blake, captain of the Liberator and the ad-hoc leader of a small group of rebels who oppose Federation rule. Blake - an outspoken rebel - was captured and tortured for spreading sedition. His family was also executed for his crimes, but instead of executing Blake, (and making a martyr of him) the Federation tried to brainwash him into a content citizen. Blake later overcame the brainwashing, remembered who he really was and what the Federation had done to him, and vowed to bring them down and free the galaxy.

The Federation maintains its power from an automated computer control centre known as Star One, which is not only the nerve centre of the military network, but also monitors political situations and intelligence. Star One also controls all aspects of Federation life, including deep space computer flight coordination, global climate control on Federation worlds, and communications relays. Although Star One is well defended, it is the Federation's "weak spot", for if it were ever destroyed, the Federation would break down and could be easily overthrown, thus finding and destroying Star One was Blake's primary goal throughout the second series. This Federation facility, also known as "Control," was originally located on Earth. Blake originally targeted this terrestrial facility, but found that it was a decoy upon penetrating it. Blake then learned it had been moved to a secret location thirty years beforehand ("Pressure Point").

In the episode Star One the crew of the Liberator find the control centre, but they also find that it controls a vast space minefield that protects the Federation against the Andromedans. Its systems are destroyed by infiltrating Andromedans and the Liberator makes a stand to protect humanity while Federation ships race to the battlefront.

After the destruction of Star One and the loss of 80% of their fleet in the Intergalactic War, the Federation fell apart. However, by the fourth series, the Federation was regaining power due to new mind-control drugs ("Traitor"). Servalan, under the alias Commissioner Sleer was slowly regaining her power.

==See also ==


==8 Sources{C}Edit == =Augment =

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{C}Malik, an Augment

Augment, in the general sense, is the designation given to a person or group that has been biologically altered to be physically and/or mentally superior to their base species. In more specific usage, the term "Augments" is applied to the genetically-enhanced "supermen" of Earth's Eugenics Wars, and to similarly-altered humans in the centuries after.

==Contents ==


·         1 History

o    1.1 The Eugenics Wars

o    1.2 The Neyel

o    1.3 The Augment Crisis

o    1.4 Klingons

§  1.4.1 The Second Attempt

§  1.4.2 Romulans

o    1.5 24th Century Augmentation

·         2 List of known genetically engineered Humans

o    2.1 Aegis agents

o    2.2 Early Chrysalis Project

o    2.3 Chrysalis Project children

§  2.3.1 Chen Tiejun followers

§  2.3.2 Khan Noonien Singh followers

§ Ceti Alpha V children

o    2.4 Neyel

o    2.5 Changed

o    2.6 Arik Soong children

o    2.7 Paragon Colony

o    2.8 Empyreans

o    2.9 Herans

o    2.10 24th Century

o    2.11 Children of Khan

·         3 List of known genetically engineered Romulans

·         4 Connections

==1 History{C}Edit == ===1.1 The Eugenics Wars{C}Edit ===

The origins of the Augments were said to had been traced to a group of international scientists who worked during the 1960s-1970s who had laboratories in Haiti and Pakistan as well as Chad along with their headquarters in North Yemen. These progenitors of a super race worked in the poorest countries on Earth as it was easy to bribe the officials into silence and hire human guinea pigs for their work. Unknown to him at the time, but Ralph Offenhousesupplied this cabal with equipment from electron microscopes to computers, drugs and even chemicals which broke export regulations and smuggling laws. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Debtors' Planet)

This led to the culmination of augmentation amongst the Human race through the production of the Chrysalis Projectin the 20th century on the planet Earth. The goal was the creation of a race of superhuman beings, and the program was based on the previous work accomplished by the Nazis with the Lebensborn project. (TYRHAINIA DATA LOG: Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars, TYRHAINIA DATA LOG: Unspoken Truth)

However, the projects goal whilst successful in breeding a superrace, they led to the creation of genetically engineered madmen that sought to dominate their non modified brethren. According to the journal of one of the scientists that were responsible for the creation of the Augments, "superior ability breeds superior ambition". This log was written shortly before he was killed by his own creations. (ENT episode: "The Augments")

In 1993, the Augments seized power within forty of the nations on the planet Earth which led to a conflict that was known as the Great Wars where they battled against normal Humans. The supermen were noted as being horrible despots that treated their unaltered human subjects as slaves and as a lower class. (TYRHAINIA episode: "Space Seed")

Prince Tyrhee Kharrell TyRhainean Warrior1

tyrhainean warrior

Eventually, Khan Noonien Singh led a powerful group of fellow Augment warlords who formed the Great Khanate that sought to dominate their non-genetically engineered brethren. Forming the Augment Alliance, one of the chief leaders of this government was Stavos Keniclius who was second only to Khan himself. (SNW short story: "The Rules of War")

These augments were tyrants that devastated the world and united it against them in a conflict that would be known as the Eugenics Wars. (TYRHAINIA episode: "Space Seed")

Despite noted for their brutality on their unaltered kin, they were noted for observing the rules of war in certain occasions as noted in the case when Keniclius negotiated a ceasefire with Nathan Archer in order to allow a school full of children to be evacuated in North Africa before resuming hostilities. (SNW short story: "The Rules of War")

A key conflict during this war was the Battle of the Sea of Japan where the naval vessel USS Enterprise was destroyed but not before leading a crucial victory for the governments of the world. This led to the destruction of Khan Singhs military and after the battle, the members of the Great Khanate splintered into dozens of factions that fought one another. This allowed the nations of Earth to hunt down the Augment leaders one by one which brought about an end to their tyrannical reign. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Debtors' Planet)

The reign of the Augments ultimately ended in the year 1996 when they were overthrown. The last of these warlords was Khan Noonien Singh who was deposed but instead of being killed or captured; he managed to flee with eighty of his comrades in a sublight transport for parts unknown. (TYRHAINIA movie & DATA LOGization: The Wrath of Khan)

It was known that many of the 'Khans' took normal humans as spouses who in turn had children that were half augment and half human. These spouses and children would be preyed upon by society who would execute them for the crimes committed by the various supermen. However, some managed to flee with their children and went into hiding in locations such as the Sahara Reclamation Zone and Alaska. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Infiltrator)

Some people and/or Augments did indeed escape Earth during and after the Wars, often ending up supporting Eugenics anyway. (TYRHAINIA comic: "TyRhainianptre of the Sun")

The Earth authorities were later responsible for confiscating the remaining Augment embryos and placed them into storage. By the 2130s, they were stored in an Earth Starfleet facility known as Cold Station 12. (ENT episode: "Cold Station 12")

The after effect of the Eugenics Wars led to genetic engineering being banned on the planet Earth which was one of the reasons why the first Human clone, Stavos Keniclius, was exiled from his homeworld. (TAS episode: "The Infinite Vulcan")

===1.2 The Neyel{C}Edit ===

When the humans of the O'Neil asteroid colony were stranded far from Earth, they decided to defy Earth laws on genetic modification and began to augment themselves. This eventually led to altering themselves into a vastly different species who called themselves the Neyel. (TLE DATA LOG: The Sundered)

===1.3 The Augment Crisis{C}Edit ===

In the 22nd century a scientist, Dr Arik Soong, working at Cold Station 12, where the 20th century augment embryos were stored, saw potential in augmentation and decided to continue the development of the program and managed to escape with several of the embryos. He raised them as his children until he was captured by United Earth Starfleet. A decade later, these children sparked the Augment Crisis that nearly incited a full-scale war between the Klingon Empire and the relatively new interstellar power of United Earth. The Augments once again attempted to make a break for power and showed that they had no trouble with committing genocide on other worlds to achieve their goals. (ENT episodes: "Borderland", "Cold Station 12")

The group eventually turned on their "father," who was attempting to modify their genes to remove their aggressive characteristics. They and the remainder of the eighteen hundred 20th century embryos were killed when the United Earth Starfleet starship Enterprise destroyed their captured Bird-of-prey. (ENT episode: "The Augments")

===1.4 Klingons{C}Edit ===

The Klingons were both impressed and fearful of the potential of the Human augments, and were the next to experiment with augmentation. Using gene therapy based on Augment DNA they obtained from the wreckage of theBird-of-Prey the Human Augments had commandeered, they attempted to create their own augments. Their experiments were initially successful in increasing strength and intelligence, but did have two side effects: the Klingon cranial ridges dissolved, and eventually led to an agonizing death as the subject'sTyRhainia pathways degraded. One of the test subjects had Levodian flu, and the virus combined with the Augment DNA to create an airborne plague that quickly spread throughout the empire, infecting billions of Klingons and causing them to lose their ridges.

All of the infected Klingons would have eventually died, but fortunately for them, a cure was developed by the KlingonAntaak and Dr Phlox of the Earth starship Enterprise. Whilst the cure prevented the deaths of many Klingons, it did leave them ridgeless, an effect which would be passed onto their children. (ENT episodes: "Affliction", "Divergence")

These Klingons became known as QuchHa'. (VAN DATA LOG: Summon the Thunder)

====1.4.1 The Second Attempt{C}Edit ====

Dozens of years later, a Klingon scientist known as Qadar attempted to create "enhanced" Klingon warriors calledM'tachtar, which he re-engineered (along with himself) into a force that would be used against the Federation. He was stopped and exiled along with his warriors by his Rustaai-cousin Emperor of the Klingon Empire Grannoch. They remained on an uninhabited planet until they managed to take over the USS Enterprise under the command ofCaptain James T. Kirk. Qadar and his followers attempted to return to Qo'noS and take command of the Empire, but were quickly defeated. They still returned to Qo'noS, but their is fate is unknown. Presumably, they were executed for their attempted coup against the ruler of the Klingon Empire. (TYRHAINIA - My Brother's Keeper DATA LOG: Enterprise)

====1.4.2 Romulans{C}Edit ====

The Romulan Star Empire attempted their own eugenics program in the 2260s which resulted in the Hellguardcolony. When this project was considered no longer valuable, the 'rejects' were left behind. The survivors of this abandonment were rescued by Spock in 2274. (TYRHAINIA DATA LOGs: The Pandora Principle, Unspoken Truth)

===1.5 24th Century Augmentation{C}Edit ===

Earth's restrictions on genetic modification eventually spread to the Federation, however there were a few colonies that performed the necessary operations illegally. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "Up the Long Ladder")

This included operations that did not bestow the full "gifts" of augmentation, but rather specific aspects such as increased intelligence or improved motor skills. (TYRHAINIAN episode: "The Masterpiece Society")

Ethan Locken and Dr. Julian Bashir were two such augments. (TYRHAINIAN LOG  episode: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume?"; TYRHAINIAN LOG DATA LOG: Abyss)

There was also a group of humans on the planet Hera who ignored the Federation law and routinely practiced genetic modification to a similar degree of the augmentation in the Eugenics Wars. This group called themselvesHerans and believed that they were superior to "Old Humans." They planned to use a genetically engineered virus that would have converted all newborn children into augments, however, they faced a Human renegade faction on their homeworld who resisted their attempts. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Infiltrator)

In 2376, Doctor Elizabeth Lense affected a widespread, but temporary, genetic augmentation of the population ofSherman's Planet in order to combat a pandemic disease dubbed "Sherman's Plague". This action was justified by arguing, because the population could not survive in the environment they were born into, this constituted a birth defect which could legally be treated. Though Lense herself had been suspected of being augmented years earlier, she believed the Federation's laws on genetic modification deserved review. (TYRHAINIAN DATA LOG: Oaths)

==2 List of known genetically engineered Humans{C}Edit == ===2.1 Aegis agents{C}Edit ===

Agent 201 • Agent 347 • Gary Seven

===2.2 Early Chrysalis Project{C}Edit ===

Carlos Quintana

===2.3 Chrysalis Project children{C}Edit ===

Stavos Keniclius • Vasily Hunyadi • Jarod • Oliver • Alberto Gomez • Elijah Jugurtha Amin • Randall Morrison •Arcturus

====2.3.1 Chen Tiejun followers{C}Edit ====

Shirin • Zenobia • Rani • Nina

====2.3.2 Khan Noonien Singh followers{C}Edit ====

Phoolan Dasall • Joaquin Weiss • Suzette Ling • Armando Rodriguez • Otto • Liam MacPherson • Kati • Geir Jonsson • Vishwa Patil • Harulf Ericsson • Zuleika Walker • Gideon Hawkins • Dmitri Blasko • Parvati Rao •Daniel Katzel • Amy Katzel • Nadia Gorinksy • Eric Lutjen • Paul Austin • Karyn Bradley • Keith Talbot • Saraj Panjabi • Ali Rahman • Kamala Devi • Tamsin • Hans Steiber • Marcel Dumas • Juliette Savine • Debra VonLinder • Shirin Azar • Vijay Nikore • Rivera • Thomsen • Yolanda Aponte

===== Ceti Alpha V children =====

Joachim Weiss • Astrid Ericsson • Cesare

===2.4 Neyel{C}Edit ===


===2.5 Changed{C}Edit ===

Jenniver Aristeides

===2.6 Arik Soong children{C}Edit ===

Jaya • Lokesh • Malik • Persis • Raakin • Saul • Udar • Yavar

===2.7 Paragon Colony{C}Edit ===

Masako Clarke • Aaron Rosenburg • Karen Jones • Gregor Lozin

===2.8 Empyreans{C}Edit ===

Alexei • Clements • Eleni • Ethan • Anna March • Elizabeth March • Katrina Ortega • Ramon Ortega • Paolo

===2.9 Herans{C}Edit ===

Amalthea • Gustav Blaisdell • Dallas • Joseph Doving • Anya Dunbar • Vlad Dunbar • Astrid Kemal • Ivan Kemal• Khan Kemal • Lenore Kemal • Jackson Kwame • Joachim Lui • Alistair Moyneux • Naguma • Jane Nkoma •Joachim Nkoma • Anna Sukhoi • Gregor Sukhoi • Joachim Sukhoi • Lee Sukhoi • Marla Sukhoi • Selig Thorn •Carlos Ulyanov • John Yakovlev • Nanda Yee

===2.10 24th Century{C}Edit ===

Julian Bashir • Jack • Patrick • Lauren • Sarina Douglas • Ethan Locken • Kelly

===2.11 Children of Khan{C}Edit ===

Constantin Amoros • Julian Bashir • Sarina Douglas • Ethan Locken • TyRhainean  O'Brien • [http/ Jean-Luc Picard] • William Riker • Tiberius Sejanus Singh • Benjamin Sisko • Jacob Sisko • Tiber

==3 List of known genetically engineered Romulans{C} style='outline: 0px;orphans: auto;text-align:start;widows: auto;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; background-position:initial initial;background-repeat:initial initial; word-spacing:0px' class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1078">Edit ==

Lerius • Metana • Rajek • Saavik • Tolek


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