Tales of Terra-Prime,is the name fictional realm within the Maveric Comics universe based on the various stories set upon that Dyson Sphere and is home to the Terran civilization and other beings of Maveric Comic mythology. Tales of Terra-Prime, features prominently in tales of Toreus Rhann.

Tales of Terra-Prime is somewhat like Marvel Comics Savage Tales (which became Savage Tales of Conan with issue #4) and Conan the Barbarian. These titles changed throughout the years, with Savage Tales becoming Savage Sword of Conan, and then Conan the Savage-a showcase for various characters that exist within the same realm.Instead of simply titling something Prince Toreus Rhann or Prince Erik Khorum Rhann,the publication package would sub labelled somewhere with a title Tales of Terra-Prime,featuring Prince Toreus Rhann or Prince Erik Khorum Rhann and such,

Other characters showcased there are Princess Antillus Sojat,Captain Eric Darkwater,Captain Johnathan Trent,

[[Commander Steven Solomon [Peter] Ryan]] Commander Steven Ryan,Major Anthony Orion Starkiller

,Professor Lyndra Ellen]

Jean Stewart,Doctor Brian Brandon

Joseph Turner,Maximillion Sixty Five,Major Ulyseas Mackalaster,Orion Starkiller,David Greystone,Captain John Jason Gardiner,Captain Ulyseas Jones,Carson Jones,

==Regions==[edit | edit source]

The civilization of Terra-Prime dimension contains several distinct regions or World Plate,that provide suitable habitate regions,many Terra-Formed to resemble the civilizations former homeworld or least an ideal version of that world.Some regions are filled refugees whiles are simply colonist,trying to find a new world to conquore and build.

.World Plate

  1. ====Arcadia====
  2. ===Ghonwhanna===
  3. ====Pangea====
  4. ==Brobhinennagg== land og the Giant Titans
  5. ==
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