Temporal Space Agency is a fictional organization from Time Core Corporation's Time Sorceres Project series,that existed upon the ancient Atlantean Homeworld. shortly after the invention of the first time machine, in order to preserve the space-time continuum from the rightly feared power of the device. Theirs was to be the only legitimate use of the technology.

Most Temporal Agents have a special forces,Alpha Omega Warriors background,otherwise known as Omega Warriors a professional knowledge of history, or both. (In their private lives, they tend towards being history .) After the latter's establishment, they're divided into the Security Unit and the slightly smaller Research Unit. Agents operate alone; even at its peak, the TSA fields no more than ten.

Deep Time Research Unit Edit

Time travel allowed the study of history by actually studying it, but the opportunity was never used before the formation of the Deep Time Unit because of the dangers of accidentally or intentionally altering history. The Deep Time Unit consisted of experienced and dedicated agents who would not meddle with history, and would be able to record it impartially, among them Spacial Temporal Agent 7 (Ulyseas Jordan) and Spacial Temporal Agent 13 (Jessica Jordan).

The data they gathered would be used to add to mankind's knowledge of history, a worthy goal in itself. Their fieldwork also helped the Security division by increasing knowledge so the TSA could be more certain of the context of any historical revisions.

Administration and Support Edit

Dr. Bernard Sarkhon is the main technical support for the TSA. Using newly-gained alien technology, he designed the Jumpsuits which the agents use to travel through time from the second game onwards.

Commissioner Jack Baldwin is the highest authority within the TSA. He handpicked all of his agents, including Agent 3.

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