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Terra-Prime-built by the Sidairians and the Atlanteans,with some help from the other Elder Race of the Maveric Universe,Osirhons,the Celestrials,the Asguardian,the Asitlandrians,the Attilandrians,the Avaloneans,the Promeatheans,the Atlashians,as a Temporal TransitJump Point,to other Alternate Realities,within the Pocket universe,known as The Vault of Heavon. The Amazing Dysonsphere World of Terra-Prime was created as one of the last,great dyson sphere projects-apart of the Great Network of Temporal Transit Civilations,to complete a network of Temporal Jump Point Clusters,similar to Atlantis-Prime,Asguard-Prime,Olympus-Prime,Celestrial-Prime,Asitland-Prime,Attiland-Prime,Avalon-Prime,Promeathia-Prime,Atlas-Prime,Hades-Prime,Tartarus-Prime.Genisis-Prime,

It was the hope of the ancient,elder civilizations to give to the many infinate Terran civilizations,a similar world as they already had and upgrade them into a higher state of civilization.It was also though,since there was so much room upon a Dyson Sphere,that lost civilization or dying civilization could relocated for possable settlement of various World Plates.

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A Dyson sphere (or shell as it appeared in the original paper) is a hypothetical megastructure originally described by Freeman Dyson. Such a "sphere" would be a system of orbiting solar power satellites meant to completely encompass a star and capture most or all of its energy output. Dyson speculated that such structures would be the logical consequence of the long-term survival and escalating energy needs of a technological civilization, and proposed that searching for evidence of the existence of such structures might lead to the detection of advanced intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Since then, other variant designs involving building an artificial structure — or a series of structures — to encompass a star have been proposed in exploratory engineering or described in science fiction under the name "Dyson sphere". These later proposals have not been limited to solar power stations — many involve habitation or industrial elements. Most fictional depictions describe a solid shell of matter enclosing a star (see diagram at right), which is considered the least plausible variant of the idea (see below).

Terra-Prime: Capital world of the Second Terran Empire

Hollow earth complete shell model

- beat back the Trongoroth invasion and restored Pangaea as the Jewel of the Sphere of Terra Prime. ======Prince Eric Khorum Rhann.

Prince Eric Khorum Rhann-First Son of Aqualonia-foremost undersea kingdom of Hydro-Pangea,one of the many sub surface sea nation of Terra-Prime-a huge dysonsphere,found within the colonial regions of the Terran Federation.This is one of many Tales of Terra-Prime and one of many charactersmthat exist there,upon this lost world.[A somewhat retelling of the undersea Atlantean you see in simular comics like Aquaman or Prince Namor.also simular to Conan and King Kull,but under water,]tm,c.Maveric Comics,Inc,Studios,Maveric Comics Group/entertainment /Maveric Characters,Inc,] For more information: Groups Home | My Groups | Language | Help Post message: Subscribe: Unsubscribe: List owner: PrinceEricKhorumRhann-owner@yahoo Group Info Members: 1 Founded: Jan 17, 2003 < Maveric Comics,Inc,Studios,Joseph Gilbert Thompson,6142 Torresdale Avenue,Philadelphia.Pa.19135 think a combination of Prince Namor/the Sub-Mariner and Conan of Cimmeria.=====


===World Plates of Terra-PrimeEdit

Dyson Sphere

Terra-Prime,being a huge Dyson Sphere,contains a trillion habital world sized domed environments,many occupied by former inhabitants of many alternate Earth worldlines and many others from across the Milky Way Galaxy-some beyond in other near by galaxies.Terra-Prime,being called by the Elder Races,as the Great Experiment,in seeing how such deverse habitats from so many different worlds,might co habitat together.In cases,where the two Earth cultures share a similar Earth or Terran designation,the habitat is assigned a new name,such the one used it foremost,capital city or nation.

Listed here are some of them

  • 1.Pangea
  • 2.Arcadia
  • 3.Jovia
  • 4.TyRhainia
  • 5.Tellus
  • 6.Tellar
  • 7.Jurasca ;dinosauroid inhabitants are characterized as both sentimental and rapaciously capitalistic
  • 8.Brobindenagg;Land of the Jhatanheim giants
  • 9.
  • 10.Isis is inhabited by a trunked and multi-legged species described as resembling a cross between an elephant and a dachshund. Isidians are only occasionally encountered in the series.
  • 11.Krishna, the setting for most of the stories, is a world similar to Earth, though its humanoid natives tend to be more impulsive and volatile. Their planet is drier than Earth, having no ocean or continents as such, but rather a worldwide landmass dotted with numerous seas and lakes. As a result, much of its area is composed of broad desert and steppe regions inhabited by nomads who periodically overwhelm and destroy the civilizations of the better-watered and more settled regions. Thus Krishnan civilization, while older than that of Earth by tens of thousands of years, has never progressed to a technological stage, having been forced to continually rebuild itself in the wake of repeated disasters. In the region of the Triple Seas, the planet's largest drainage area and the setting of all but one of the Krishna stories, the most recent disaster occurred over a thousand years prior to the contact era, when the Kalwmian Empire was destroyed and partially overrun by the Varastou people. At the time of the stories the Varastou nations themselves are similarly threatened by the nomads of Qaath. The presence of the Terrans with their superior technology complicates the situation, Despite the much-resented technological blockade, the local nations are beginning to develop their own technology after the Terran example, even as Terran culture undermines its customs and institutions. For instance, a railway network is slowly spreading around the Triple Seas, though the trains are pulled by elephantine local beasts rather than powered engines. The premier example of Krishnan adaptation is the island nation of Sotaspé, whose prince has established a patent system to encourage innovation.
  • 12.Kukulkan is resource-poor, which along with the innate conservatism of its dinosauroid inhabitants inhibits its venerably ancient civilization from developing technologically. The natives do make limited use of steam power.

Mars is a dry world with a thin atmosphere whose inhabitants, described as short and insect-like, are mentioned but not seen in the stories.

  • 13.Ormazhadi is a world whose humanoid natives' unique biological traits have encouraged the development of hive societies similar to those of the social insects of Earth. Each is centered around a single ruling queen who alone can bear young, with a handful of males forming her harem and a host of sterile workers who make up the bulk of the population and perform all other societal roles. Contact with Terrans disrupts this system and leads to its overthrow.
  • 14.New Osirhis is an arid world whose Osirhon inhabitants are characterized as both sentimental and rapaciously capitalistic; they are also possessed of mind-controlling powers, generally referred to as "telepathic pseudohypnosis," against which other intelligent species must take special precautions.
  • 15.Thoth, in the same star system as Osiris, is a wet planet whose natives are amoral and anarchic.
  • 16.Vishnu, in the same star system as Krishna, is lush, tropical, and populated by two different intelligent species, both barbaric primitives in culture; the ape-like Romeli and the centaur-like Dzlieri.
  • 17.Almurhack;Arid habitat.
  • 18.Amtoria;Mostly aquatic,swampy-marshland habitat
  • 19.Tera,
  • 20.Terah,
  • 21Terrah,
  • 22.Tiera
  • 23.Tierra.
  • 24.Tarra,
  • 25.Terris,
  • 26.Terri,
  • 27.Terea,
  • 28.Terryannus
  • 29.Teara.

Tarah, Taralyn, Taralynn,

Tarra-Alpha Tarrah-Solus 3. Tellarus

Tamara and Taryn.

Dara, Taura, Tera, Tyra, Teara and Tora.

Erda, Ertha, Herta Hertha.

Eartha Artha, Aretha, Oretha, Orthia, Warda Wardia. Terra Australis


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