Terra II is a fictional alternate Earth timeline,where there is a long nuclear was resulting in a post apocholyptic world of brutal savagery,fear,where super science is looked on as sorcery.Humanity lives among the skeleton ruins of the ancient world.

Earth or Terra II is the second planet to the sun.There is no Venus,but Earth is in its same orbit,making it the second planet and not the third,as in other realities.

Captain Toreus the SlayerEdit

Captain Toreus Rhann the Slayer,son of Arthos Rhann,is sent out upon a quest to seek out the Hidden New Genisis Bunker,located unknown to him,in the Great Rocky Mountains-a vast storehouse of ancient artifacts and knowledge.

Major CharactersEdit

Princess Aphrodite Sojat-she pirate princess of the Great Lakes

Artimus Boggstone or Boggs-Vhalheimean swordsman.

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