Terran Fedration WEAPON SYSTEMS:


Siege Cannon Mk.I:

The Siege Cannon is a newly developed particle weapon system designed to be used on the new Titan Class Weapon Platforms as its main weapon. The Siege cannon is a more powerful quantum reflex cannon with accelerator technology designed from Vangar energy weapon technology to increase its energy output by forty percent. This weapon is so large, that it takes up thirty percent of the entire stations mass and requires two fusion reactors to fire it. The weapon draws energy both reactors, and requires large converters to convert that energy into high yield quantum particles. The beam that is released can travel over five million kilometers, and has enough power to completely destroy a fully shielded Orion Class Dreadnought in a single hit. The weapon has a cool off and recharge rate of 2 minutes.

Quantum Reflex Beam Cannon Mk.V:

The Quantum Reflex Beam Cannon is the Terran Federations main weapon when it comes to ship to ship combat. This high yield energy weapon has been enhanced with Vangar Ion weapon technology to improve rate of fire and shield damage by thirty percent when compared to the Mk.IV cannon. This weapon is currently only placed on heavy warships like Dreadnoughts, Battleships, and Battlecruisers as it takes lots of power to operate and alot of internal space. With the Vangar Ion technology, the need for bulky capacitors is no longer required to store and convert the energy from the ships reactors. This new tehnology allows a smaller converted to be installed and can charge the weapon five times faster then before. But, there is still a problem of overheat and the weapon must cool down between fires for at least one minute. Quantum Reflex Cannons has a optimal firing range of one million kilometers and a maximum range of two point five million kilometers.

Ion Lancers Mk.I:

Ion Lancers are a new energy weapon designed from Vangar technology. These weapons are designed to be used mostly to quickly take down enemy shields as they discharge high levels of ionized particles per beam and this can disrupt most known shield systems. It is a quick firing weapon, taking only a few seconds between shots to recharge. Also Ion Lancers are not cannons or turrets, they are installed in small arrays. This gives it a full 180 degress of view, and it can keep firing even if the two ships are engaged in combat maneuvers. This weapon was intended to be equipped to smaller warshis like destroyers and frigates to give them extra fire power, since they can not have Quantum reflex cannons or many rail cannons. These weapons have a short range of only sixty thousand kilometers.

Pulse/Particle Cannon Mk.II:

Pulse/Particle Cannons or more commonly known as PPCs, are light energy weapons designed for engaging destroyers and frigate types of vessels and can be used as a heavy anti-fighter interceptor weapon system. PPCs are able to fire both small fast bursts of plasma and a narrow beam of plasma energy. Just like the other energy weapons in the Terra Federation, PPCs are enhanced now by Vangar technology to improve rate of fire and armor penertration. The two modes can be switched at anytime to allow the ship to qiuckly adapt to the combat situation. The Pulse mode has a maximum 80,000 kilometers and a rate of fire of 100 pulses per minute The particle beam mode has a maximum range of 96,000 kilometers and a rate of fire of 25 beams per minute.

Vulcan-Type Pulse Cannon Mk.XIII:

The Vulcan Type Pulse Cannon is a scaled down pulse energy weapon designed to be used on small vessels like fighters and support craft. It is a very versatile weapon that is great for hitting fast moving targets and can be used to hit ground targets. It is very accurate and has a moderate rate of fire for a pulse energy weapon. Standard barrel sizes range from 20mm all the way up to 100mm. The most common are 40mm cannons that many fighters use as their main defense. These weapons fire small charged bursts of energy, this energy has a high damage rate against hull armors on small craft, but is useless against heavier capital ship armors. Vulcan Pulse Cannons have enhanced rate of fire due to new accerators from Vangar technology, this makes them twice as deadly against enemy fighters. The newer 100mm barrel is now replacing the older railguns as Federation warships main close in weapon system. VPC's are also replacing auto-cannons used on vechiles as their main anti-air/anti-personnel weapon.


Rail Cannon Mk.II:

Rail Cannons are the Terran Federations main long range artillery space based weapon. Using magnetic accelerators to accelerate projectiles trough space, Rail Cannon rounds rely on pure kinetic force to penetrate enemy shields and hull . There are a wide range of sizes for Rail Cannons, the most common ones are 2000mm and 3000mm barrels and they are perfect for ship to ship combat. They have a optimal range of 500,000 kilometers and a maximum range of 800,000 kilometers. Most classes of warships carry at least one Rail Cannon for long range engagements.

Kinetic Energy Cannon Mk.I:

Another type of Kinetic weapon used in the Terran Federation are Kinetic Energy Cannons or KEC's. These weapons are close range guns designed for up close combat with enemy ships. Using similar magnetic technology as the Rail Cannons, KEC's fire explosive rounds that explode on contact instead of trying to punch through with just kinetic force. These rounds travel at slower speeds then Rail slugs but have a wider splash damage area and can even be used as Flak batteries. They have a maximum range of 100,000 kilometers.

Railgun Repeater Mk.I:

The Railgun Repeater is a new type of heavy cannon designed for the Warhammer Class Bomber as its main weapon. Basically it is a scaled down version of the Rail Cannon and redesigned into a heavy Gatling gun style weapon. Its main goal was to tear through light Capital ship armor. It fires 100mm Caliber rounds but at a slow rate of fire, and not intended for anti-fighter engagements. It can fire standard 100mm Kinetic rounds or explosive rounds for extra damage.

Galting Repeater Mk.II:

The Gatling Repeater is similar to the Railgun Repeater but scaled down to suit anti-fighter engagements. This chaingun of sorts is currently only on the Lightning Class Tactical Fighters as its main weapon. It can fire 60mm rounds at high speeds, perfect for fast moving objects. This is the mark two version of the Gatling Repeater and the mark two features enhanced target lead software and better targeting systems.

Guass Cannon Mk.V:

Gauss Cannons are heavy ground based vehicle weapons, mostly used on Tanks and Walkers as a means to destroy the enemies tank or vehicle first. Gauss Cannons are very powerful as they accelerate shells or other types of ammo at supersonic speeds via electromagnetic forces. This is effective as it cause heavy kinetic damage as well as what ever is loaded in the shell for a charge. Since they need electromagnetic forces to accelerate rounds, this requires a large amount of power and mostly is only used on Vehicles and base defense turrets.

Mortar Cannon Mk.II:

A Mortar Cannon is a type of Artillery launcher designed for the Siege Tank as its secondary mode main weapon. It can fire a number of rounds or shells like explosive, Armor Piercing, or EMP grenade rounds. It has a optimal firing range of 18 kilometers.


Starfire-Type Tactical Nova-Fusion Missile:

The Starfire Type Missile is a Tactical Nova-Fusion based Cruise missile, designed to replace the slow Nova Type Torpedo. The Starfire can travel at twice the speed of he old Nova Torpedo and has better tracking and guidance systems. The Starfire also carries a larger payload enhanced with deuterium to increase energy output. Normally only a few of these types of missiles are carried on a warship as the use of Tactical Weapons can only be authorized by an Admiral or The President. Extreme safe guards are in place to ensure these weapons do not go off while on board a warship. During combat, the warheads are locked down in a special room shielded from extreme radiation and heavy blasts, it also has an airlock so if needed the warheads can be dumped into space. Handling of the warheads to the missile is done via auto-maned machines so limit human contact.

Juggernaut-Type Heavy Cruise Missile:

The Juggernaut Type is a Heavy Anti-Ship Cruise missile designed to replace the older Anti-matter torpedo. The reason for this change over to missiles was the fact that torpedoes were becoming too slow to deal with the number of faster warships being made by various nations. So missiles were redesigned and giving all the roles as Capital ship strike weapons. The Juggernaut is a heavy anti-matter based anti-ship missile, meaning that it is designed to inflict heavy damage on capital ships and stations. They are slightly less powerful then the older Anti-Matter torpedoes but they do have much better guidance and targeting systems making them faster and more accurate then torpedoes. Normally a warship would carry between 50-150 Juggernaut missiles in their storage bays, this can be increased or decreased depending on the mission situation.

Valkyire-Type Light Cruise Missile:

The Valkyire Type missile is a light anti-capital ship cruise missile. It is the second generation of the Valkyire design and name, thus makes it a signature weapon to the Terran Federation. The Valkyire is a high speed cruise missile, with enough anti-matter to take out smaller vessels like frigates and damage heavier vessels like cruisers. These missiles are also smaller, and more can be carried on a warship. These missiles are carried on all Terran Federation naval ships and stations as their main missile weapon. With medium range, these missiles can literilly "rain" death apon an enemy vessel.

Hellbringer-Type Shield Distruptor Missile:

The Hellbringer is a new type of missile that the Terran Federation has designed with the help of the Vangar people. Using their ionized particles from the Ion Lancers, these missiles have the ability to overload enemy shield grids but feeding ten times the normal amount of energy into the grid, forcing it to fail. These missiles are very fast as their payload is very light, and the bodies can be made small. These missiles use advance guidance software and have a anti-jamming casing to help with ECMs. Most shield types can be affected by these missiles, but it could take several impacts before they complete overload the enemy shields.

Jericho-Type Anti-Ship Missile:

The Jericho Type is a anti-ship missile designed to be carried by bombers and even fighters. This missile is small enough to be armed on large fighters and bombers and is powerful enough in groups to take down a frigate or destroyer. Jericho's have half the destructive power of the Valkyire-Type missile, but in groups they can be just as deadly. These missiles are slow, but well worth it when they hit their target.

Sparrow-Type IR Heavy Missile:

The Sparrow-Type is a heavy hitting anti-fighter missile designed only for air to air. It uses advance infra-Red tracking systems to lock on to an enemy craft and track it until its reached its target. These missiles pack a good punch to deal with dropships and bombers, but fast fighters can easily out manunver these missiles.

Longbow-Type IFF Light Missile:

The Longbonw Type is a light anti-fighter defensive missile used to engage enemy fighters or ground tracks with speed and accuracy. They don't have a lot of punch to get through heavier armors like on bombers but can easily take down nimble fighters. The Longbow uses the fighters computer system to lock onto an enemy target and tracks that target until it is destroyed. This missile is also used as a CIWS for ships and stations and on the ground.

Reaper-Type Hyper Unguided Missile:

The Reaper Type is a light, unguided missile that is used mostly for ground attacks on bases or stations. A standard pod will be able to carry up to 8 of these missiles, there are also small and large versions of the pods as well. The Reaper doesn't have a guidance system, this makes the missile very fast and can carry the same amount of explosives in its warheads as the Sparrow. But, with no tracking system these missiles are normally only used by bombers to attack stationary targets.



Planetary Defense Shields Mk.I:

Planetary defense shields are a large shield that is used to protect a planet or moon from enemy bombardment. These shields are Positron based, using a mix of Terran, Vangar and Creator technology to create a powerful energy field that can stop most known weapons from penertrating it. The shield is powered by a network of orbital defense stations, each station will have one massive generator on it. Taking out over half of the stations will cause the shield to fail due to not enough power.

Positron Particle Defense Shields Mk.I:

Positron shields are a new type of particle energy field designed from Terran, Vangar and Creator technology and data. These new shields are five times stronger then neutron shields, and two times stronger then polaron shields. Positron shields can hold back all forms of attack, from energy weapons to projectiles these shields have the same defensive rating for them all. These sheilds sit four meters away from the hull to reduce power strain on the generators. Each generator can produce a 100 terrawatt particle field around a small area. When a ship raises their shields during combat, all of the generators are online but only eightly percent of them are working to make the shield. The other twenty percent are on stand by, as backup just in case the main ones burn out or are destroyed. These shields provide the same amount of protection for any class of warship or station, however the generators are limited to the vessels or stations power generation. Position shields use the same regeneration technology as used in Neutron shields, this can keep the shields in use longer during a long battle.

Polaron Particle Energy Shields Mk.I:

With neutron shields now no longer able to keep with with the demands of the Federation. The Vangar were happy to provide their Polaron shield technology to be used on Civilian ships and now on small craft like fighters. Though, no where near as powerful as the new Positron shields, Polaron shields are still great for basic shield defense. Also Polaron shields are now being fitted to fighters, support craft and shuttles for extra protection. Fighter shields can protect the craft from small weapons fire and light missile impacts, but is weak against heavier weapons. Support craft shields are good for light to medium fighter weapons and missiles, but also very weak against heavier weapons. Civilian shields will have the same amount of protection Vangar warships use to have during the Republic.

SPARTAN-A Type Ablative Multi-Layered Armor:

The SPARTAN-A Type Ablative Armor is the second line of defense for a warship or station and has greater resistance to high impact weapons and projectiles. Terran Federation Ablative Armor is layered into three sections. The first layer which is on top comprises of thick Titanium plates, the second layer is filled with nano-fiber tubing that absorbs the force of impact and the third layer is a thin coating of a heat and shock resistance over a thin piece of titanium. Armor on a warship is placed out in small square slabs on the main hull, not every place on the hull is covered by the armor but most of the high value areas are like engine housings, weapon turrets, reactor covers, and missile bays. When a weapon hits the piece of armor, it absorbs what it can then it vaporizes. This does leave the area under the armor exposed but will buy a ship more time then standard hull plating and shields alone.

MIRROR-II Type Reflective Composite Armor:

The Mirror-II is a more refined version of the Mirror-I armor used on stealth craft and vessels. The second version has better energy weapon resistance and a second coating of anti-sensor polymer to greater reduce the ship or craft appearing on enemy sesnors. The armor hids the craft or ships energy readings, making finding the vessel harder unless the enemy has more tuned sensors. This armor will continue to be under heavy testing as the need for better stealth technology will be around for a while in the Terran Federation.

Trinium Multi-Grade Hull Plating:

Trinium is a new type of medal compound that is now used in the making of hulls on warships and stations. This new type of hull plating has much stronger resistance to outside radiation and heat. Titanium hull had a melting point of ten thousand degress celcuis, Trinium plating has a forty thousand degree melting temperature. It also has nano-bots inside the metal, these bots can repair small breaches and damage done to the armor, heavier damage still requires the ship to be repaired in a shipyard. This armor is also much lighter, and easier to use then Titanium.


Close In Weapon System (CIWS):

Close in weapon systems or more commonly called CIWS, are small turrets of rapid firing cannons or missiles that are designed to intercept enemy missiles, fighters and anything else they can shot down to protect their ship. The Terran Federation uses two types of CIWS, one cannon type and one missile type. CIWS are placed in batteries around a vessel or station, the most common layout is four VPCs and one missile interceptor together.

Hurricane-Type 100mm Vulcan Pulse AAA Battery:

The Hurricane Type has been refitted to a 100mm Vulcan Pulse AAA battery. This move was made after testing the stopping power of the older 80mm railguns verses that of the VPC. Not only was the VPC able to stop more missiles and destroy more fighters then the railgun, it also doesn't use up any ammo and that extra space can now go towards more important systems. The new Hurricane-Type 100mm VPC is the most powerful VPC every made do date, and can fire just as fast as the older railgun did. It uses powerful tracking systems to calculate the enemies position and where they are going to be. CIWS are controlled by the ships on board AI, but can be manned if the AI is not able to handle the point defenses or if it is disabled. Commonly, it is a dual barrel design, but tri and quad barrels are also in use on stations.

Blizzard-Type Missile Interceptor Battery:

The Blizzard-Type is a new anti-fighter/anti-missile interceptor system designed to track incoming fighters, small craft, and missiles. Once in range, it will fire longbow-type missiles to intercept and destroy its target(s). The Blizzard is also controlled via the ships or stations AI, they can also be manned by gunner crews. The Blizzard system has its own LIDAR dish and shares that info with the other emplacments around it. The Blizzard unit carries 21 longbow missiles.

Electronic Counter-Measures (ECMs):

Electronic Counter-Measures or ECM are devices that are used on board warships and stations to disrupt enemy missile guidance, targeting equippent and sensors. These units can be swtiched to whatever setting is needed at any time, and most ships have at least two generators (one for offensive, and one for defensive tactics). Before, the Terran Federation mostly used these ECMs for defensive purposes but now they can be used for offensive purposes as well.

Type-8 ECM Unit:

The Type-8 ECM is a device that is installed on warships and stations, once activated it can defend the ship against enemy missile lock-ons, blind enemy sensors, disrupt enemy sensors with false readings. Normanlly a ship will carry between 2 to 6 units, two units are always on during a battle, one operates inthe defensive mode, while the other operates in the offensive mode.

Transporter Inhibitor MK.VII:

The Transporter Inhibitor is a piece of technology that disrupts transport locks on people inside ships, stations and buildings and protects them from getting transported away. This also denies enemies to transport over to ships, stations or buildings. Small units are placed on every deck, level or floor and do not require that much power to run. At least half of the units need to be taking offline in order to transport to that deck or level.

AI Counter-Measures:

With Terran Federation computer systems becoming more and more advance, a defense was needed to stop any enemy from hacking into their cores and taking over the ship or taking vital information. The first line of defense for the AI is a series of high level encrypted firewalls. These are activated once the system detects that it is being hacked or is the internal alarm is set. The number of firewalls is around 30-35, the excat number is set at random each time the system is activated. The next layer of defense is the AI it self, new Terran AIs are now smarter and can control their own virtural space. The AI is loaded with counter-measures and anti-hacking software to combat another AI or virus that enters the system. At this stage, all computers on the ship are locked out from the main computer. Not even the Captain of the vessel can overrid the system to restore control. The last measure is a simple, but effect means on ensuring the safetly of Terran Federation information and lifes. The AI core is wiped clean of all data, a backup of the data is stored in a secondary core that is not connected to the ship at all, and can not be hacked into. If by chance that the secondary core is hacked into as well, the ships auto-destrut is activated and can not be aborted. This is the last defense and hopefully will notbe used. All Commanding officers are briefed about these safeguards.



ME8000 Series Hyper Matter/Anti-Matter Reactor:

The ME8000 is a new series of matter/anti-matter reactors. These new reactors have enhanced converation rates and high power outputs then the last M/AM reactors used. This extra power is needed to power all the new systems and weapons that are now found on Terran warships and stations, like new weapons, shields, AI, and jump drive. The ME8000 series use up less fuel the before and can generate five times more power then the older reactors. Weapons can now charge twice as fast, and shields will last longer in battle. Also, engine output will be slightly higher, allowing better speed. Just like the older reactors, these ones can be ejected into space if a overload is to occur or if it is too badly damaged.

Galaxy-VII Enhanced Plasma/Fusion Reactor:

The Galaxy-VII is a new version of the type six fusion reactors used on Terran Federation warships and stations. These new reactors will give out more power, and have been enhanced by plasma injectors to give a 20% power boost. Fusion reactors help to power the ships vital systems like life-support, AI, weapons, and sensors. Most ships have at least two reactors and are backups in case the M/AM reactor is not able to provide the power needed to run the ship.

ME3000 Series Ion Energizer:

The ME3000 Series Ion Energizer is a small power generator designed to power small craft like shuttles and fighters. These energizers are replacing all of the older solar energizers as they are now obsolete. These new units can power all systems used on all small craft, from sublight, life-support to weapons and now shields. These generators vary in size, and some craft will need more then one to operate.

Fusion Battery Cell:

A Fusion Battery Cell is a small Solar Battery that is hooked up to solar arrays, this of course does not provide as much power as an Energizer and is mostly used as a backup power supply for fighters an shuttles. It can provide a fighter enough power to keep its ARS (Air-Recycle System) up and running for 24 hours. It also depends on how many batteries are equipped on the craft, more batteries more power.


TITAN-I Mass Fusion Driver:

The TITAN-I Series Fusion Driver is a capital ship drive system designed for large warships and vessels. Using power from a ships fusion reactors, Fusion Drivers channel that power into usable energy via expelling it through external vents. The expelling of the energy creates thrust and can move a ship through space.

ARGO-III Fusion Driver:

The ARGO-III Series Fusion Driver is a smaller version of the TITAN-I Driver, and is commonly used on smaller warships and vessels as a means of backup propulsion or main propulsion.

TALON 600 Series Hyper-Pulse Driver:

The TALON 600 Series Hyper-Pulse Driver is a new form of small craft sublight and atmospheric engine. These new engines provide thrust for fighters and other small craft via rapid release of pulse energy from the engine emitters. This rapid release creates the thrust needed, it is also a very fast drive and will give fighters an extra boost to out run enemy fighters in combat. This drive works in both vacuum and in atmosphere.

Repulser Drive Unit:

The Repulser Drive Unit is another means of allowing craft to take off and land on a planet. Repulser Drives use a strong Magnetic field to negate the affects of a planetary gravity well, this allows the craft to lift off without needing high amounts of thrust and power.

Micro Ion Thruster:

The Micro Ion Thruster is a small variant of the MAYA Series Ion Driver, they were designed for the Warhammer project as a backup drive unit.

RCS Thruster:

RCS or Reaction Control System is a series of small Hyper Pulse Thrusters that are used to control the pitch and yaw of a vessel, craft or fighter. They are not powerful enough to fully move a large ship, but can change the direction of it. RCS's is something that all space craft need to maneuver in zero gravity. On fighters RCS's give the craft its mobility in dogfighters and allow it to be agility.


Hyperlight Jump Drive Mk.V:

The Hyperlight Jump Drive is the main means of Faster then Light travel for the Terran Federation. Compared to other nations FTL's, the Hyperlight is no where as advance but it gets the job done. Sometimes referred to as a Hyperspace Generator or Jump Drive, the Hyperlight Jump Drive is a large energy converter that converts energy stored in capacitors and turns it into a quantum field that surrounds a ship, this field "moves" the ship into hyperspace without tearing a hole in subspace. Though it is a bit slower then other methods, the Terran Federation can jump from one system to the next in about 4 hours depending on the distance. The Hyperlight is limited to jumps within the Galaxy limit and can not be used to travel to another galaxy.

Hyperlight Micro Jump Drive Mk.I:

The Hyperlight Micro Jump Drive is a smaller version of the Capital ship unit, this smaller unit was designed for the Warhammer Project as part of a test to see if small craft can use Faster then Light travel. This drive is limited by the crafts power, and can jump within 5 light years. Anything beyond that is out of range.




The D-001 Anti-Aircraft is a small deployable weapon system designed to track and intercept fast aircraft and gunships. It has a fast tracking sensor array that can track high speed aircraft, and slower gunships and transports. It is armed with two 60mm Vulcan Pulse AAA Cannons, these cannons can punch right through aircraft armor and can even be configured for flak firing for greater coverage. The D-001 can be controlled from the on board computer or a remote station.



The D-002 Anti-Personnel Battery is another Deployable Drone Weapon System designed to handle ground troops and light vehicles. It is mostly used for protecting base camps and other tactical locations. Using similar technology as in the D-001 AA Battery, the D-002 AP Battery doesn't need as advance software to track moving targets as troops and vehicles move much slower then aircraft. It is armed with a single 35mm Auto Cannon, it can fire up to 400 rounds per minute and tear apart ground troops in seconds. It fires the standard Armor Piercing rounds that most Terran weaponry fire and has light titanium armor plating for protection. These batteries are often placed in pairs or sets of four for better coverage and stopping power. It has an optimal range of around 850 meters.



The D-003 Anti-Armor Battery is another Drone Weapon System designed to handle ground vehicles like tanks or Mechs. The D-003 is built almost the same way as a D-002 AP Battery and has the same targeting computer installed in it. Armed this time with a powerful 8 barrel Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher System, this emplacement and turn a battle tank into a smoking pile of debris in a few shots. It has enough room inside the ammo storage for 24 High Explosive Grenades or 24 Napalm Grenades. It has thicker armor then the others so it can handle a few more hits, and is placed in groups of three with AA and AP batteries nearby. The D-003 can fire all its grenade in under one minute and can reload in 20 seconds.



The D-004 Artillery Battery is an automated long range gun system designed by the same team that made the other Deployable Batteries. Featuring a long range targeting system and trajectory sensors, the D-004 can hit targets up to 16 kilometers away and send continuous bombardments of explosive shells. Armed with a deadly 50mm Long Range Gauss Cannon, the D-004 can carry a number of high explosive rounds or armor piercing shells. Its ammo tank can hold 20 shells, and it can fire them at 10 shells per minute. It is lightly armored to withstand hand weapon fire, but can be taken out by heavier weapons like rockets or tank cannons.



The D-005 Missile Battery is the last in the Drone Weapon System, it was designed as a long range bombardment weapon with the ability to launch multiple missiles and take out large groups of enemy targets or to strike at an enemy base to weaken their defenses. Using advance tracking sensors, each missile can be locked onto a different target or all to one target. Armed with 18 Longbow missiles, the D-005 can cause heavy damage to vehicles, buildings and anything else that gets in their way. The D-005 has to be air dropped into position and then set up. It can also be manually fired via a small console on the back. The D-005 has little armor and their for is much lighter without missiles, and marines can simple carry it back to a reloading station or base once it has been fired.

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Wolverine-Mk.I Assault Mech:


The Wolverine is a light Assault Mech unit designed to be a mobile infantry assault platform. Standing at just over 8 feet high, the Wolverine is mostly used to help support marines in combat. It is armed with two 60mm Vulcan Pulse Cannons that will ripped right through infantry and light vehicles. It has light trinium armor plating which will protect it from all small arms fire and heavier weapons like missiles for a short while.

Raider-Mk.I Assault Mech: (General Arks Personal Mech)


The Raider is a Heavy assault unit that is best used to take out large numbers of enemy troops, vehicles and other mechs on a battlefield. Its armaments include two Gauss Cannons Mk.IV, two Longbow Tactical Missiles Mk.XIV (one located on each shoulder), and four Vulcan Pulse Cannon Mk.XI located near the cockpit. The armor is heavy almost as good as a capital ships armor which makes it slightly slower mech than most standard but can take one hell of a beating. The Raider was only made for General Ark and to this date no more are on order for the Marine Core.

Goliath-I Battle Mech:


The Goliath is a medium battle mech unit designed as a tank suppressor in the field. Manned by one pilot or marine, the Goliath is faster and smaller then the Raider Mech. It is armed with two 85mm Gatling Cannons to take on tanks and other armored vehicles. It also has a smaller 50mm Vulcan Pulse Cannons for Infantry support and two longbow missile racks on the back for air support. The Goliath features medium Trinium armor plating for defense from heavy weapons fire.

Knight-I Battle Mech:


The Knight is another Battle Mech that is designed to be the Terran Federations main battle unit on the field. This mech is slightly slower then the Goliath but has better weaponry and armor so it can deal with bigger threats. It is manned by two marines or pilots. It is armed with a 85mm Gatling Cannon for anti-armor and anti-infantry, a 60mm Vulcan Pulse Cannon for added anti-armor support and a single Longbow missile pod for attacking bases. It has medium trinium armor for defense.

Titan-Mk.I Artillery Mech:


The Titan is a heavy artillery and anti-tank Mech designed to take out large vehicles like tanks or bunkers and do that all from a long range to avoid counter attack. The Titan is slow at moving, but its main cannon can punch a clean hole through some of the strongest armor known. Its main weapon is a 220mm Rail Cannon, similar to that used on warships but much smaller. The Rail cannon can fire depleted fusion shells, high explosive shells or a standard kinetic round. For secondary weapons, the Titan carries two anti-air Vulcan Pulse Cannons and a single Vulcan Pulse cannon to deal with ground troops and fast vehicles. The armor on the Titan is very strong, it can withstand multiple missile and heavy weapon attacks before breaking. It can also absorb a moderate amount of energy weapon fire from tanks and aerial craft. A crew of two operate and drive the Titan, one is the driver while the other handles the weapon and targeting systems.

Thor-Mk.II Siege Mech:


The Thor-Mk.II is an upgrade of the Mk.I Siege Mech, the Mk.II has improved armor and targeting systems as well as added AA defenses. The Thor is a heavy base bombardment mech, designed to take out and destroy enemy bases or large groups of slow moving vehicles. Armed with the most heaviest weaponry every placed on a ground vehicle, the Thor has two twin 240mm Rail Cannons on each arm. Four large Mortar cannons on the top that launch both standard explosive shells or napalm shells. Four smaller Mortar Cannons that support the larger ones with just smaller shells. Two 80mm Vulcan Pulse cannons to deal with vehicles and tanks, and two AA Vulcan Pulse cannons on the top to protect the mech from aerial attacks. The armor on the Thor is very heavy, and makes the mech slow on the ground. The armor is almost as strong as Warship hull plating and can protect it from both projectile and energy based weaponry. The Thor is operated by four marines or pilots, one drive, one main weapon officer, one secondary weapon officer and one support crew member.


Bahamut-I Fortress Defender Tank:


The Bahamut is a new type of heavy tank designed to be a support tank for the Mobile Fortress. The Bahamut comes heavily armed to deal with tanks, mechs and anything else that might threaten the Mobile Fortress. It is armed with a heavy missile turret, it carries 9 Longbow missiles. It also has 4 70mm Vulcan Pulse Cannons for main defense and 8 30mm Vulcan Pulse Cannons for anti-personnel defense. It also has 4 Mortar cannons for medium range bombardment. It has heavy trinium armor to withstand heavy attacks from other vehicles and weapons. The tank is crewed by 6, one driver, two main gunners, 2 secondary gunners and one engineer.

Hydra-I Siege Tank:



The Hydra is a Siege tank, similar to that of the Thor Siege mech. The Hydra is designed to take out enemy vehicles and bases before the enemy can respond. The Hydra has two modes, a tank mode and a artillery cannon mode or siege mode. In tank mode, the main cannon is compacted and has a shorter range. In siege mode, the cannon switches to a long range artillery weapon and the tank can not move in siege mode. The main weapon in tank mode is a dual barrel 170mm Gauss Cannon, and in Siege mode it is a 190mm Mortar Cannon. The cannon is the tanks only weapon, but it does have heavy armor and small ports in the armor to allow crews to fire weapons out. The tank is crewed by three marines, one driver, one gunner and one support crew member. The Hydra is the slowest of all the tanks, moving at only 35 KPH.

Mammoth-XII Heavy Attack Tank:


The Mammoth Mk.XII is an updated Attack Tank that is used as the main tank in the Marine Core. This beast comes in armed with two 150mm Gauss Cannons that can own anything on the battlefield. These cannons fire a large explosive shell that can tear tanks, vehicles, small buildings and infantry to pieces and its armor skin can hold off several tanks at once. The Mammoth is operated by three Marines, one driver, one gunner and one loader.

Salamander-I Heavy Attack Tank:


The Salamander is another type of Heavy Attack Tank designed to support the Mammoth and Bahamut tanks. The Salamander is heavily armored against missile and rocket attacks. It is armed with a single 150mm Gauss Cannon and a 50mm Vulcan Pulse Cannon that can be operated by a gunner or the driver. It has heavy Trinium armor which can protect it from other heavy weapons and energy weapon fire. It is crewed by one driver, one main gunner, and one secondary gunner. Also four marines can be seated on the thread covers and use their weapons to aid.

Predator-I Heavy Assault Tank:


The Predator is a Heavy Assault Tank designed to support the larger tanks in combat and still be able to operate alone. The Predator follows similar designs as the Mammoth and is considered a lighter variant of the Mammoth. Armed with a 130mm Gauss Cannon and two Longbow missile launchers, the Predator can attack targets both close and afar. It has moderate armor to hold off most anti-vehicle weaponry. It is operated by two marines, one driver and one gunner.

Helix-I Light Assault Tank:


The Helix is a Light Assault Tank that is a support tank for the Marine Core. The Helix is much more mobile then the other heavier tanks, moving at 55 KPH the Helix often are used for hit and run raids on enemy bases and positions. It is armed with a single 120mm Gauss Cannon and a small personnel operated Machine gun. The armor plating is lighter then on the Mammoth tank but can still take a few rounds before it is taken out. It is operated by two marines, one driver/main gunner and one loader/machine gunner.

Crimson-I Heavy Battle Tank:


The Crimson is a heavy battle tank designed for heavy armor support and base defense. The Crimson can move at a top speed of 62 KPH, which makes it ideal for chasing down enemy recon vehicles. It is armed with a single 110mm Gauss Cannon with a coaxial gun turret underneath. The tank is protected by a light layer of trinium armor, also the treads have an extra layer as they are exposed more. The Crimson is piloted by two marines.

Black Cat-I Light Battle Tank:


The Black Cat is a light Battle Tank in the Marine Core, it is used mostly for Infantry support and base defense. The Black Cat is a light tank, and there fore is very fast. It can travel up to 70 KPH at top speed, and is the fastest tank in the Core. It is armed with a single 100mm Gauss Cannon and a top mounted Vulcan Pulse Cannon. It has light titanium plating to ward off enemy fire. It is manned by one marine.

Albatross-I Anti-Air Gun Tank:


The Albatross is designed to better combat aerial threats like fighters or gunships that may be a problem for ground forces. Since most of the Terran Federation vehicles to not have a strong anti-air weapon, the Albatross was developed with that role in mind. It can reach speeds up to 40 KPH and must be stopped to fire its weapon. It is armed with a Quad 100mm Vulcan Pulse Flak Cannon. The Albatross has medium armor as it has no weapons to deal with ground threats and it also has a strong tracking system for the gun. It is operated by two marines.


Banshee-I Attack Gunship:


The Banshee is a tri bladed vertical take off and landing attack platform. After the battle at Vangar Prime, the marine core needed something that would boost their air and ground defense that would also be fast and double as a transport. The Banshee was the answer and went into development as a missile gunship. It is armed with two longbow missile pods on the front for both ground and air attacks, a twin 50mm Vulcan Pulse cannon that is for ground attacks and a 40mm Vulcan Pulse Cannon for rear defense. The Banshee has medium Trinium u armor for defense as well as flares to ward off missiles. It is piloted by two pilots, one driver, one gunner. The hold in the back can carry up to 6 marines (depending on armor and weapons.)

Cobra-II Tactical Gunship:


The Cobra is a high speed aerial gunship designed to give marines on the ground added air support. The Cobra is lightly then the Banshee, making it very fast in the skies. It is armed with a single 70mm Gatling cannon for anti-infantry support and two rocket pods for ground strikes. The Cobra is piloted by one person and has light titanium armor for protection. It also has a flare launcher to ward off enemy missiles.

Falcon-II Low Altitude Aerial Interceptor (LAAI):


The Falcon is a low altitude aerial fighter that is designed to operate from ground bases and protect Terran Federation air space. These fighters are designed to operate only in the air and have an altitude restriction of 7000 feet. The Falcon is armed with two 50mm Vulcan Pulse Cannons and 6 hardpoints for missiles and bombs. It has light titanium composite armor and a flare launcher for defense. It is piloted by two crew members, one pilot and one gunner/bomber.

Hammerhead-I VTOL Gunship:


The Hammerhead is a Vertical Take Off and Landing gunship designed for light air defense and ground support. Piloted by one, this gunship is armed with two 40mm Vulcan Pulse Cannons, and two missile pods for light striking power. It has light trinium armor to defend itself against light weapons fire. It also has flares to ward off missiles and other guidance controlled weapons. It can hold two marines, one on each side.

Stingray Class Sea Command Carrier:


The Stingray Class is a sea carrier that acts as a command ship as well. It can hold a number of aerial fighters and gunships in its hold. At 84 meters long, this small carrier is crewed by over 100 naval officers 200 marines. Its powered by a single plasma/fusion reactor and has four Sea Jet impellers in the back for forward and reverse movement. Three thrusters on placed on the bow that can turn the ship quickly. It is armed with 6 undersea torpedo tubes, 4 240mm Gauss Cannons, and 8 60mm Vulcan Pulse Cannons for anti-aircraft defense. Its hull is a heavy trinium armor with a thin layer of Spartan-A Ablative Armor at key areas.

Shark Class Sea Multi-Role Cruiser:


The Shark Class is a multi-role sea cruiser, designed to operate on the surface and underwater as a strike submarine. In cruiser mode, the Shark class is a fast battleship, armed with a dual 200mm Gauss Cannon on the bow, four torpedo turrets, 2 longbow missile launchers and 4 60mm Vulcan Pulse Cannons. In submarine mode, the deck guns retract under the armor and along the sides are 4 torpedo tubes on the bow and 2 tubes in the back. The Shark Class is manned by 63 naval officers and 80 marines. It has medium Trinium armor with a layer of Ablative armor. There are two unloading ramps on the front, the Shark can beach itself and lower these ramps which marines and disembark.

Dolphin Class Amphibious Assault Transport:


The Dolphin is a high speed amphibious sea and land transport craft. Designed to get marines from carriers and bases across the water and onto land or enemy sea vessel. It can carry up to 44 marines and is operated by 6 naval personnel. The Dolphin can also travel underwater for a short period of time to make a stealth approach to a beachhead or enemy craft. It is armed with a single 80mm Vulcan Pulse Cannon to ward off small craft and a rocket pod to hit ground targets. It has light trinium armor.


ODP-002 Heavy Drop Pod:


The ODP-002 is a heavy drop pod designed to carry a full team of marines inside and launch from an orbiting ship or station to a planet. These pods are designed to withstand the heavy stress of re-entry. There is also a larger version of this same pod that can carry a tank or vehicle plus a squad of marines. It has heavy armor on the bottom and sides to withstand the re-entry and landing, but it has no weapons or shields.

ODP-003 Light Drop Pod:


The ODP-003 is a light single person orbital drop pod designed for a single marine. These are mostly used on the Hannibal class to stealthy drop marines into a combat zone without being seen.

Maian-I Mobile Command Vehicle:


The Maian is a Mobile Command Vehicle designed to act as a mobile base for marines while on hostile planets or non-Federation planets. Inside there are LIDAR stations, GPS trackers and communication links to marines, air forces and ships in space. The MCV is only armed with a single mounted machine gun and must be escorted by light tanks or marines.

Trojan-I Armored Personnel Carrier:


The Trojan is a light APC designed to carry around Marines and bring them safely to their destination or bring wounded back to base in a battlefield. The Trojan can carry 8 marines in full gear in the back, and is operated by one driver. It is armed with a light Vulcan Pulse Cannon and a RPG launcher. The APC has medium trinium plating to withstand most attacks made against it. It is a fast vehicle, moving at 64 KPH.

Mako-I Extreme Environment Vehicle:


The Mako is a vehicle designed to operate only in Zero-g/vacuum environments like moons or asteroids. This fast, and small APC can fit 4 fully loaded marines plus two in the front compartment. The vehicle has its only air supply for 4 days worth and has a CO2 scrubber to keep the O2 free from CO2. The Mako is quick, having a top speed of 88 KPH. It has micro thrusters on the bottom and top so it can be dropped from low orbit and land and remain on the ground. It is armed with a 70mm Gauss Cannon and a 20mm Vulcan Pulse Cannon underneath.

LANDRAM-I Snow Transport:


The LANDRAM is a snow transport vehicle designed to operate on surfaces that most other vehicles can operate on like snow and ice. It only has a 40mm Vulcan Pulse Cannon for defense and light armor. It can carry 6 marines in the back and is operated a single driver.

Rover-I Light Assault Vehicle (LAV)


The Rover is a light assault vehicle designed to replace Paladin and as a support vehicle to the Armadillo. It can hold three people, one driver, one passenger and one gunner. It has a rear mounted 60mm Gatling cannon on a rotatory turret and can be used as both ground and air defense. It has medium Trinium plating to protect against medium and light weapons.

Armadillo-I Combat Jeep:


The Armadillo is a Combat Jeep used mostly for Reconnaissance and Infantry support/transportation. This vehicle can fit four in the cab and three more on the back. It has a light machine gun mounted to be used in defense. The Armadillo has light armor and is very fast and it is often used as a light attack vehicle.

Husky-I Quad Recon Vehicle (QRV):


The Husky is an all terrain vehicle that was developed for a single person scout team. The Husky is very fast and can get through areas that are muddy and rocky, places that bigger vehicles can not get through. Also, because it is small it makes for a good sniper vehicle as snipers operate alone and this Quad can get them out of a danger zone fast. It doesn't have any armaments, other then what the rider brings for weapons and have little armor. It does have two cases to hold ammo, supplies and medical kits in.


The Fist of Khan Mobile Fortress:


The Fist of Khan is a massive Mobile Fortress for General Khan and her Vangar Troops. The Fist is the first Mobile Fortress to ever be constructed, and blends both Vangar and Terran technology into it. Not only is it a very powerful weapon and command platform, it is also a test bed for new Vangar/Terran technologies. Because the Fist is a massive vehicle, at over 60 meters tall, this Fortress can carry 5 large, 10 medium, 15 small vehicles and 2 ports for dropship landing. It also has 6 ports for a fighter squadron or gunships. Due to its large size, a special Frigate was designed to act as a carrier for the Fist and orbital base. It is well armed, to handle anything that tries to attack it. From Heavy Particle weapons to small AA and AP emplacements, the Fist can cover both the ground and air. The Fist is crewed by 150 Vangar and Terran personnel and it can carry well over 1500 troops.


Main Cannon: Mass Plasma Beam Cannon

Secondary Cannons: x2 800mm Kinetic Energy Cannons, x4 500mm Kinetic Energy Cannons, x2 30 Terra-Watt Plasma Assault Cannons

Other Cannons: x42 10 Terra-Watt Plasma Assault Cannons, x40 Hurricane-Type 100mm Vulcan Pulse AAA Batteries, 20 Blizzard-Type Missile Interceptor Batteries, x40 Point Defense Lasers

There are also a number of armored points around the Fist that Deployable weapons or gunners and be stationed to give even more defense and firepower. (16 on the front, 18 on the Back, 24 on each side)


Shields: Mk.I Polaron Particle Energy Shields Armor: 4 Meters SPARTAN-A Type Ablative Multi-Layered Armor Hull: 1 Meter Trinium Multi-Grade Plating Drones: 140 Mk.I Combat Interceptor Drones (CIDs) Counter-Measures: Type-8 ECM Units





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SPECTRE-I Light Tactical Armor:


The Spectre-I is a light tactical armor suit for marines in the Core. It offers the marine superior manoeuvrability over any other type of armor, but it lacks heavy padding and metal plates. The Spectre is often used in urban combat, where bulky armor isn't wise to use or on recon teams and need to be quick on their feet. It has a single layer of high tension Poly-carbon plate for the chest and back armor, with heavy Kevlar pads on the shoulders and legs. The Helmet is a light weight Grade-A dura-steel and so are the boots and knee guards. Features include tactical sensor with real time updates and a GPS locater system.

LIBERATOR-II Light Assault Armor:


The Liberator-II is a light assault armor deigned mostly for naval security personnel. It has been used in the marine core as a light combat armor for marines that want high manoeuvrability, but also to have a higher amount of protection them from the Spectre-I armor. It has heavier dura-steel fused with Grade-C trinium plating for the chest, back and shoulder armor. For the boots and arm guards it has a dual layer of dura-steel and Kevlar padding. The inner suit has a light padding of Kevlar to help stop small arms fire. The heavier armor can withstand heavier weapons like sniper rifles and automatic weapons fire. It includes a tactical helmet with field ops software and built in communication. It also has a low level cooling system built into the suits inner layer.

KELLER-I Light Battle Armor:



GLADIATOR-I Medium Tactical Armor:


The Gladiator-I is a medium tactical armor designed to be used in hazardous environments. It is a fully in closed armor system with breather unit and 6 hours of air inside a small O2 tank on the back. The armor is a medium plate of dura-steel and Kevlar padding underneath, this gives the armor a much higher stopping rate for most known projectiles. The top layer of the armor is coated in a special energy resistance liquid that will reduce particle weapon damage by 15%. The armor is also light enough to allow for good mobility while on the battlefield. The Gladiator is equipped with a tactical helmet with Field Ops and GPS systems, and a tactical light on the side. The Gladiator will be come the standard armor for most Marines in the Terran Federation as it is one of the most balanced pieces of Tactical armor.

GUARDIAN-I Medium Assault Armor


The Guardian-I is a medium assault armor that was designed for a new program within the Marine core. ODST's or Orbital Drop Shock Troops. Slightly based off the Gladiator-I armor, the Guardian-I is a bit more heavier and has an extra layer of titanium plating to help with energy weapon resistance. The Guardian isn't fully in closed like the Gladiator but does have a breather unit and an O2 tank with up to 3 hours of air. The Guardian is widely used by Marine forces on board warships or fighting in intense fights and still don't want to be weighed down by heavy, bulky armor.

VANGAR-I Medium Battle Armor:



SCORPION-III Heavy Tactical Armor:


The Scorpion-II is an upgraded Spacer Armor that has been redesigned into a Heavy Tactical Armor for the Core. It will still be used by Marines on board warships and stations, and used in zero-g or vacuum situations. However it can now be used as normal heavy armor. The Scorpion-II has Grade-B Trinium plating were a special energy resistant layer to help reduce damage done by energy weapons. Also it has a life-support system and enough O2 to last 8 hours. The boots and gloves have mag-locks to keep weapons and the marine from floating away while in zero-g. The helmet has the standard Field Ops and Tactical software and a com-link, plus a dual head light.

ONYX-I Heavy Assault Armor:


The Onyx-I is a Heavy Assault Type Armor, designed to be used in heavy fighting as a mobile armored marine. The armor is about as strong as Tank armor and has a jet pack on the back for extra manoeuvrability. It is a fully in closed Armor system with O2 supply that will last 10 hours and has a backup tank for an extra 4 hours. It is sometimes referred to as a mini-mech or Power Armor by the marines. It has a special Canister rifle that comes with the armor and 6 clips of 50 rounds each.

HALO-I Heavy Battle Armor:



SHADOW-IIA Covert Ops Armor:


The Shadow-IIA is the male variant of the Shadow-II Covert Ops Stealth armor. The Mark IIA features a new active-camouflage system, this system will make the user invisible to the naked eye and reduce thermal readings. But it will not make the marine completely invisible, as higher powered Thermal scanners could detect the lower levels of heat. The active-camouflage system can stay online for 15 minutes, but will wear down if the user's body moves around too much as it will put stress on the AC unit. The Mark IIA too also has a better Cooling system to help hide the user's heat readings while in stealth. The armor is made up of light padding and very light dura-steel plates for sensitive areas. The head gear has a full night vision unit and tactical field view with a x6 zoom.

SHADOW-IIB Covert Ops Armor:


The Shadow-IIB is the female variant of the Covert Ops Stealth armor. The reason for having a Male and Female version of this type of armor is because of the AC unit. The armor needs to be very tight on the body so there is little room for AC unit to miss when it activates. The Mark IIB also features an open face design, but with a pull over tactical goggles and a special mirror that reflects the AC unit to cover the head of the user. Other then that, it is the same as the Mark IIA

SHREDDER-I Assault Tactical Armor


GENERAL-IV Custom Tactical Armor:


The General-IV Tactical Armor is a light armor suit that is used for prolonged battles or if the enemy is using energy type weapons. Has capability to sustain in airless environments up to twelve hours. For armor it has same two layers for the inner lining, the outer part is made up of a lightweight energy resistant metal that reflects energy based hand weapons, the metal is also strong enough to stop most known projectile rounds as well, while the inner part is made of hardened metal with soft gelatinous padding on the inside for the wearer to be comfortable as well as cushion a blow from a projectile. As this is a lighter type of armor, it is also the only one of its kind and is owned and used by General Newland himself. The helmet has a small camera, Internal comms, Thermal Capabilities, target acquisition (up to 20 different targets), which includes the ability to zoom in on targets, as well as, a 50m radius motion detector of human size and up.

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PD-22 9mm Pistol:


The PD-22 is now the standard sidearm for marines in the battlefield. Designed by Pistol Defense, the PD-22 is a light weight semi-automatic pistol that fire standard 9mm bullets. The PD-22 has a clip size of just 10 rounds, and comes with a quick release for fast reloads. The pistol has a light recoil when fired. Optimal range for the PD-22 is around 400 meters, high if the person using the weapon is a high skilled marksmen.


   * Tactical Light
   * Laser Sight
   * Silencer
   * x4 Reflex Scope

PD-23E Magnum:


The PD-23E Magnum is a powerful pistol designed for both Naval and Marine usage. Naval security personnel often use a PD-23E as it can be effective during enemy boarding actions. The PD-23E fires a heavier .50 caliber round that can punch through lighter armors and thin walls. The Magnum is semi-automatic and has a moderate recoil on it, but the stopping power is very high. It can hold 8 rounds in a cylinder casing that can be switched out quickly.


   * Tactical Light
   * Laser Sight

PD-24 9mm Compact Pistol:


The PD-24 is a Compact pistol used by mostly covert ops agents and Presidential security guards. It is also sometimes used by high ranking officers like Admirals or Generals as a field sidearm. The PD-24 fires the standard 9mm round and is light weight, it also has light recoil when fired. It is semi-automatic with a lower range then the PD-22, its optimal range is just under 350 meters. Its clip can hold up to 8 rounds and features a quick release for easy and fast reloads. It also comes equipped standard with a laser sighting system built in.


   * Silencer

Twin Vangar Guns, Eliza and Cassandra (General Cassandra Khan Custom guns)


The Twin Vangar guns (better know by its initials TVG or by the names engraved on its cannons Cassandra and Eliza) are a pair of specially designed guns created for General Khan of the Vangar Republic (the late father of Cassandra Khan, now General of the Terran Federation) they are unique since there where never mass produced and no other pair was made, this powerful plasma guns are capable of rapid fire sending deadly bolts against the enemy at lighting speed, capable of burning skin, bone, flesh and melting light to medium armor with ease, it also has a slug shoot mode in which the weapons release a super charged bolt of plasma that can melt even the highest density body armors and explode upon contact producing even more damage

PD-25 9mm Auto Pistol:


PD-26S Magnum:


PD-21 9mm Compact Pistol:



MC-104 Machine Pistol:


The MC-104 is a small machine pistol that is used for close quarters fighting. From Magus Corporal Firearms new line of Sub-Machine guns, the MC-104 has a fast rate of fire but low accuracy and also a high recoil when set to full auto. The weapon has two fire modes, 3-round burst and full automatic. The MC-104 fires the standard 9mm pistol round, this gives the weapon moderate stopping power. The MC-104 features a box ammo cartridge that fits on the top of the weapon, it can hold 20 rounds. Its optimal range if around 235 meters and has a built in x4 Reflex scope.

Add Ons:

   * Tactical Light
   * Laser Sight
   * Recoil Stock
   * Silencer

MC-105 Machine Pistol:


MC-110 Sub-Machine Gun:


The MC-110 Sub-Machine Gun is the replacement for the MC-99, and primary weapon of choice for urban close quarters combat by Marines and Naval security forces. It is light weight and easy to handle which makes it feel more like a pistol then Sub-Machine gun. It fires the larger 10mm AP round, which makes it perfect for taking out enemies in body armor. The MC-110 has a high rate of fire, and that means higher recoil but it comes equipped with a Stock that helps prevent that. Also the weapon has three fire modes, single shot, burst fire, and full auto. The standard mode is burst fire which fires a burst of three rounds, single fire is perfect for conserving ammo or making shots count. Full auto is rarely used, but is good for suppressive tactics. Its magazine holds up to 32 rounds, and has the quick release system. It also has built in a x6 Reflex Scope and Tactical Light.

Add Ons:

   * Laser Sight
   * Silencer

MC-108 Sub-Machine Gun:


MC-112D Personal Defense Weapon (PDW):


The MC-112D is a Personal Defense Weapon made by Magus Corporal Firearms as a one man defensive weapon. It supports moderate accuracy and high rate of fire, but has high recoil and short range. To combat range, a x8 Rifle scope is mounted to the weapon as standard equipment. Recoil is reduced by the longer stock mounted on the butt of the weapon. It also has a Tactical Light built in for black outs onboard warships or night operations. The MC-112D has a side mounted clip that holds 30 rounds, but is takes slightly more time to reload due to the position of the clip. Also the MC-112D is more prone to jamming during full auto, so marines tend to use on the burst fire mode. The MC-112D has an optimal range of only 230 meters, but with the scope can reach up to 280 meters.

Add Ons:

   * Laser Sight
   * Silencer

MC-106C Personal Defense Weapon:



DAV-3 Riot Shotgun:


The DAV-3 Riot Shotgun is a single handed light combat shotgun, first designed for police forces it has been also designed now for military use. The DAV-3 was designed to be used in close quarters like in buildings and ships/stations. It is often used by Naval security forces because of its ability to to be used one handed. Its fires a 12 gauge shell that can cause heavy damage to a human with no body armor. It has a clip system that allows it to carry 14 shells at once and is quick to reload.

Add Ons:

   * Tactical Light

DAV-7 Pump Action Shotgun:


The DAV-7 is the standard pump action shotgun that can deliver a one shot one kill. The DAV-7 is a two handed weapon, due to its heavy duty design and weight of the weapon. It is a pump action weapon, so every time it is fired, it needs to be pumped to reload a shell. It fires the same 12 gauge shell as the DAV-3, and can also fire a 12 gauge explosive round. The weapon can hold 8 rounds inside its chamber.

Add Ons:

   * Tactical Light

DAV-9 Automatic Shotgun:


The DAV-9 is the first automatic combat shotgun to enter service in the Terran Federation. Though many civilian and law enforcement models are around, the Marine core wanted one that would survive years of hard war conditions. Making it automatic makes it easier to use and faster to fire, but it can wear down much faster and even jam up during use if the user isn't careful. It fires the 12 gauge slug and the 12 gauge explosive shell. The DAV-9 has a canister on the bottom which holds about 12 rounds. The DAV-9 has shown positive marks in urban combat and ship board fighting.

Add Ons:

   * None


AVR-45 Battle Rifle:


The AVR-45 is a battle rifle that is much more combat that the last battle rifle made for the Marine core. This more compact design makes it lighter and easier to handle in combat. The AVR-45 is now the standard marine weapon of choice for all marines in the service. Firing a 12mm round, the AVR-45 can fire both standard 12mm and the Armor piercing 12mm round. Its clip can hold 30 rounds of both ammunition type and has an optimal range of 400 meters. It comes equipped with a x4 Reflex Scope.

Add Ons:

   * Tactical Light
   * Laser Sights
   * x6 Rifle Scope (Replaces the x4 Reflex Scope)
   * Silencer

AVR-44 Battle Rifle:


AVR-47A Assault Rifle:


The AVR-47A is a Federation assault rifle, designed for heavy ground assaults. The AVR-47 was partly designed from the older M-80 Battle rifle, and is in some ways a variant of it. Firing a 12mm round, the AVR-47A is a powerful infantry stopper and can take out armored troops with 12mm Armor-Piercing rounds. It has a small clip size then normal rifles, only 26 rounds in a clip. The weapon also has two firing modes, single fire and full auto, single fire is good for longer range attacks. The AVR-47A has an optimal firing range of 425 meters, higher went using the high powered x8 rifle scope mounted on top. The rifle also has equipped a rifle stock for better handling during full auto fire.

Add Ons:

   * Tactical Light
   * Laser Sights
   * 40 round clip (to be used as a Light Machine gun)
   * Silencer

AVR-50 Assault Rifle:


AVR-49 Carbine:


The AVR-49 us a carbine rifle, meaning that it is light battle rifle but has lower stopper power. The AVR-49 was designed by Advance V Rifles, the main manufacturer for assault type rifles and was intended to be used for Naval Security personnel but has found its way into the marine core. This lighter weapon was to be used in tight rooms, and urban combat were carrying bulky weapons wasn't an option. The AVR-49 fires a small 10mm round, and can fire the AP round as well. It has an optimal range of 420 meters, making it the second in the range category. It can carry 32 rounds in one clip, and has single fire, burst fire, and full auto for firing modes. The AVR-49 comes equipped with a x4 Reflex Scope and Tactical light.

Add Ons:

   * Laser Sights
   * x6 Rifle Scope (Replaces the x4 Reflex Scope)
   * Silencer
   * G-80 40mm Grenade Launcher

AVR-48K Carbine:



MC-105 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW):


The MC-105 is a portable machine gun designed for heavy gunners that need to throw down suppression fire or clear out a room filled with enemies. The MC-105 features a sturdy design, and the ability to be used as a mounted turret on vehicles or portable for a single quad member. The weapon has an optimal range of only 200 meters and isn't very accurate in full fire mode. Firing a 10mm round, the MC-105 has a large clip that can hold 100 rounds and is easy to reload on the move. It has a x2 Reflex Sight on the frame for pinpointing targets.

Add Ons:

   * None

MC-107 Heavy Machine Gun:


The MC-107 is a heavier machine gun which has a more compact design but holds twice the ammo then the MC-105. The MC-107 also fires a 10mm AP around, which means that it can be used to take down armored troops and even light vehicles. It has the same optimal firing range then the MC-105 at only 200 meters. It also features a fixed x2 Reflex sight and a turret mount so a marine can use the cover as a turret stand and allow for easier fire and more control over recoil. The MC-107 has a twin canister clip system and has 100 rounds per can, making the total rounds at 200.

Add Ons:

   * None

MC-110EX Minigun


FT-01R Flamer:


XMB-1T Railgun:


XMB-2H Railgun:


MCX-10 High Yield Plasma Beam Cannon:


RGL-144B Twin Launch Rocket Launcher:


The RGL-144B is the Terran Federation's main answer for marine forces to take out armor units, bunkers or large squads of troops. A full rocket launcher system, the RGL-144B has a twin tube design and a fire and forget software program installed. Using the FaF program allows a marine to lock onto a target and fire off one or both missiles at it, the rockets then home in without any control from the marine. It uses laser guidance and GPS from orbiting warships or aerial vehicles to pinpoint its target. The rockets used are a type-V high explosive missile that can tear into heavy armor on tanks and walkers. The RGL-144B has a optimal firing range of 2000 meters.

Add Ons:

   * None

MSLP-09 Heavy Missile Pod:



SIR-120R Tactical Rifle:


The SIR-120R is a tactical rifle, and is part of the sniper rifle family. The SIR-120R features a light frame and and easy handling both in the field and for maintenance. Firing a powerful 14mm round that can have either an Armor-Piercing or Explosive tips for added damage and penetration. The clip can hold 10 rounds of both ammo types and is easy to reload on the fly. The SIR-120R comes standard with an integrated silencer, and 20x power scope with night vision and thermals. The SIR-120R has an optimal range of 1500 meters.

Add Ons:

   * None

SIR-130B Recon Rifle:


The SIR-130B is a recon sniper rifle special made for scouts and covert ops marines. Its slightly shorter then the SIR-120R, it has a better stock for easier recoil control. It fires a 14mm Armor-piercing round which makes it a deadly rifle in the hands of an expert marksmen. The clip can hold 8 rounds and features a quick release for fast reloads. It comes equipped with a 20x rifle scope and laser sights. The SIR-130B has an optimal range of 1700 meters.

Add Ons:

   * Silencer
   * 20x Tactical scope (Night Vision and Thermals)
   * 12 round ammo clip

SIR-150 Sniper Rifle:


The SIR-150 sniper rifle is the most powerful rifle in the Terran Federation, and isn't widely manufactured. Its only given to highly trained snipers in the Core. The SIR-150 features an advance tactical sighting system that can be switched to night vision, thermal and 40x optical zoom. It fires a large 16mm round that can hit targets inside armored objects like tanks or bunkers easier. It has a 4 round clip, this is due to the bullets large size. The SIR-150 also has an optimal range of 2500 meters, making it one of the longest ranged weapons.

Add Ons:

   * Improved Tactical Sight System (with new X-ray sensor for looking through light armor and walls.)


Standard Issue Marine Combat Knife:


The Combat Knife is part of the standard marine core weapon load out for any marine. Featuring a strong poly-carbon grip and a light weight titanium blade, the Combat knife is a perfect hand to hand combat weapon.

F-10 Frag Grenade:


The F-10 is a standard issue fragmentation grenade, designed to clear rooms or thin down enemy lines. It has timer settings for 5, 10, 15 and 20 second fuses and works like all recent grenades in human history by a simple pull of the pin and lobbing it.

F-11 Smoke Grenade:


The F-11 is a smoke cover grenade and is used to make cover in open areas or to clear out a room using non-lethal force. It has a timer for 5 and 10 seconds and has enough smoke inside for 30 seconds worth. The smoke is non-toxic and comes would a dark grey or can be mixed with color agents to be used as signal smoke.

F-9X EMP Grenade:


The F-9X is an electro-magnetic pulse grenade that is widely used to disable vehicles or anything with a power source. It can be set to go off as soon as it hits a solid object or after a timer fuse of 10, or 20 seconds goes by. The area of affect is under 10 meters

C-4 Explosive Charge:


The C-4 charge is an explosive breaching charge used to clear doors or walls, or destroy an important target. One of these is strong enough to tear apart a standard titanium door, and several can do even more damage to buildings or armored targets.

M-5 Anti-Personnel Mine:


The M-5 Anti-Personnel mine is a proximity mine that can be set up as traps for enemy troops or are sometimes used as a light breaching charge when C-4 is too powerful. It has a sensor that will go off if someone enters with in 1 meter of the device.

M-7 Anti-Tank Mine:


The M-7 anti-tank mine is a pressure mine used to help clear out vehicles like tanks or APC's and rockets or missiles won't work. The M-7 is placed under the target or on the ground and goes off when enough pressure is applied or can be remotely detonated. The mine will send fragments into the vehicle from the underside where their is less armor, destroying vital components and injuring the men inside or killing them.

G-2 Portable Scanner Unit:


The G-2 portable scanner is a mobile sensor unit for marines to use, it relies target and other data down from an orbiting ship, station or fightercraft. It can detect metal readings from tanks and vehicles or can be tuned to find heat readings from people. It has an effective range of only 9000 meters.

G-3X Portable Sensor Jammer Unit:


The G-3X is a portable sensor jammer device, similar to those used on stealth fighters and other larger craft. Designed to send out a field that will disrupt all known sensors and scanner detection gear. It has been fitted into a backpack style device which houses the Sensor jammer, a small computer to calibrate the device and a power cell that has two hours worth of energy for the device. Since the G-3X disrupts all known sensor technology, this includes Terran sensors and the G-2 portable scanner. The casing of the G-3X is covered in a thermal masking gel, as the device can create heat from operation. Right now, only a few are being produced and will need to have testing in the field before more a made.

RS-1 Deployable Shield:


RS-2 Mobile Shield:



Support Craft Page


ORBITAL DROP POD: An Orbital Drop Pod or OPD is a quick transit vehicle for a special forces unit known as the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers or ODST. It can be launched from any craft with a hanger bay. They are meant to drop in marines into hot spots without risking larger dropships. They can carry up to 8 ODST in full combat gear, and are not designed as a return vehicle.

DROPSHIP: A Dropship is a type of craft that carries marines and or vehicles to a landing size on planets for combat operations or boarding actions. The Terran Federation uses a heavy dropship to bring troops and vehicles from orbiting warships to planet surfaces. A second smaller craft is used to transport a smaller number of marines that was designed for boarding actions and special operation missions.

SHUTTLECRAFT: Shuttlecraft are personnel transport craft mostly used for short range transport of personnel from a station to ship or ship to ship or ship to ground. The Federation has two types of Shuttlecraft in service. The Atlantis Class is a large personnel furry craft designed to transport officers and crew from ships to stations and vice versa. The Jade Class is a light military multi-role craft mostly used for transporting high ranking officers like Admirals or Generals and ambassadors. They can also be used as AWACS or ECM craft.


BOMBER: Bombers are new types of heavy fighters used by the Federation to help handle with escort craft and space stations. Only one type of bomber is made for the Federation and that is the Warhammer Type. Bombers are slow, heavily armed and armored craft that carry deadly payloads to take out enemy escorts like frigates or destroyers. In large enough groups and disable heavier warships.

STARFIGHTER: Starfighters are designed to be space borne interceptors, that means they operate in space only and can not transit into atmospheric flight. Starfighters are often deployed to star bases and deep space patrol vessels where Atmospheric flight is not needed as much. Using micro thrusters and RCS's Starfighters can maneuver easily in space as a Aero fighter can in Atmosphere.

AEROFIGHTER: Aerofighters are a new type of fighter craft, after the success of the Lightning Type and its ability to enter atmosphere the Federation wanted to design more of these Aerofighters. Several more were placed in production and now are placed on board most warships in the fleet. Aerofighters can operate in both space and atmosphere but are designed to work best in Atmo



Capital Ship Page

DREADNOUGHT: Terran Federation Dreadnoughts are big and tough warships. Scaling in over 13 kilometers long, the Orion Class is the currently Dreadnought in the Navy. Well armed to handle any fight and can carry enough fighters and support craft to land troops on planets or engage swarms of enemy fighters. Dreadnoughts cost a lot to build and are a rare sight on the battlefield.

Current Dreadnoughts: 4 Under Construction: 2 Number Planned: 50

BATTLESHIP: Battleships are designed with one thing in mind, to destroy the enemy. The new Victory Class handles this role well with its many types of weapons and heavy defenses. The Victory class doesn't carry fighters, this helps to increase weapon load out and power requirements. Battleships do carry a small number of support craft to aid in boarding operations or planetary attacks. Battleships are often seen as Command ships in fleets or Task Forces.

Current Battleships: 6 Under Construction: 2 Number Planned: 50

BATTLECRUISER: Battlecruisers are battleship/carrier hybrid vessels that do both roles very well. The current Battlecruiser is the Triton Class and was the first second generation warship out of the construction yards. Armed well enough to handle enemy fleets and carrying enough fighters and support to wage a good size ground war. The decision was made to combine battleships and carriers after it was costing to much to construct a ship that was just a carrier and a ship that was just a battleship. So the Battlecruiser was born and will serve the Federation for many years.

Current Battlecruisers: 12 Under Construction: 6 Number Planned: 100

CRUISER: Cruisers are multi-role vessels like the Battlecruiser and Dreadnought but in a much more compact vessel. Half the size of the Triton, the Icarus Class Cruiser is made for deep space patrols and combat duties. Well armed and defended, Icarus Classes are the main ship for the Terran Federation and will be produced in large numbers.

Current Cruisers: 40 Under Construction: 40 Number Planned: 300

DESTROYER: Destroyers are mid-sized fleet support ships, they offer defense from fighters, and smaller threats that the larger ships might need help against. There are two classes of Destroyers made for the Terran Federation. The Dauntless Class is made for fleet defense and light ship engagements. The Aries Class was made for anti-fighter defense and patrol duties. Destroyers offer better speed and mobility then larger ships and can still carry a decent number of fighter craft.

Current Destroyers: 60 Dauntless Classes 62 Aries Classes Under Construction: 10 Dauntless Classes 10 Aries Classes Number Planned: 620 Dauntless Classes 650 Aries Classes

FRIGATE: Frigates are light defense vessels made for escort duty and support ships for larger fleets. They are armed lightly to deal with pirates or raiders. There are two Classes of Frigates in the Terran Federation. The Hood Class is a missile frigate and light escort vessel. The Tempest Class is a light escort duty vessel that is designed to support larger ships during engagements. Frigates are fast and nimble vessels, able to catch up with enemy fleets faster. Frigates also made good anti-fighter interceptors as they are mostly armed to deal with fighters or lightly warships.

Current Frigates: 70 Hood Classes 70 Tempest Classes Under Construction: 30 Hood Classes 30 Tempest Classes Number Planned: 1200 Hood Classes 1400 Tempest Classes


Special Vessels Page

DIPLOMATIC HEAVY CRUISER: As part of the new Diplomatic Corps of the Federation, a new Class of ship was developed to be used by them. A Heavy Cruiser that could be configured for a wide array of roles and duties. Such duties include deep space exploration, scientific research and Diplomatic roles. The Caduceus Class is such vessel, a bit larger then the Icarus the Caduceus Class follows a similar design to that of the older Hyperion Battleship. Though lightly armed for defense only, the Caduceus can be refitted to be a warship if needed. If does hanger space for fighters and support craft, but normally this is converted into labs and guest quarters. The Caduceus is also being used as a Colony ship and civilian transport vessel.

Current Heavy Cruisers: 20 Under Construction: 0 Number Planned: 20

COMMAND FRIGATE: After designing the Mobile Fortress known as the Fist of Khan, a new Class of vessel needed to be built in order to carry this Behemoth around the Galaxy. The Legacy Class is a small Frigate Class vessel that has been built with a very large single hanger pod on the bottom. Used only to carry the Fist around, it has light armaments to defend herself from hostiles.

Current Command Frigates: 1 Under Construction: 0 Number Planned: 1

STEALTH CORVETTE: With the expansion of the Federation, and newly formed Federation Naval Intelligence, the Federation needed a ship that could be used to keep tabs on their enemies. Stealth technology is something new that the Terran's have developed over the years. The Phantom Class is a small Corvette Type vessel that is fast and very maneuverable then any other ship in the Federation. Though it is poorly armed and defended, the Phantom was built with combat not in mind. It has been fitted with a number of systems to keep her under the Radar as it is used to spy on enemy nations, and watch the border.

Current Stealth Corvettes: 14 Under Construction: 0 Number Planned: 14


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