The Adventures of Jason Gullivar-is a fictional character in the -who crashland his star ship upon the Dyson Sphere,known as Terra-Prime.


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I created these two characters,then known as ,one fasioned after a composite John Carter/Carson Napier type,back in the 1970's-as a sort of tribute to the legendary Edgar Rice Burroughs heroes.Later,I added some other heroes,one a black companion,then known as Jason Greystokes,Later on Carter Tauron,became another character-a western space hero-teamed up with an armored warrior,known as Goliath Khann,[Those two were a sort of space opera version of the Lone Ranger and Tonto]-so things had to change.Carter Tauron became known as Jason Gullivar-as I still wanted to use the other name for the other character and thought of him as such.Jason Greystokes thus became another character as well.Greystokes over the years,transforced into another character -a Tarzan type,known as Ulyseas Greystone.I think by now,even Dark Horse had teamed up both John Carter and Carson Napier with Tarzan on various adventures. Thus became my interest to created a simular concept as the ERB team ups.but on a more perminate basis.And this,dear reader is my results. Venture now,with Jason Gullivar -swordsman/Terran Federation Ranger.crashlanded on a savage world and Ulyseas Greystone-Thuvian Highlander-raised on this world,teamed up with their girlfreinds,to travel this hostile semi-pre-historic.semi-medievil civilization,confrontred by perils and thrills undreamed of.

Joseph Gilbert Thompson. onward upward,maveric comics,inc,studios, MAVERICCOMICSINCSTUDIOS@...

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