The Adventures of the HMSS MARIKHO’S WAY

Captain Steve Barton Conway

Commander Commander Dan MarshallMarshall

Donald William Masterson

         Alexander Donald MastersonWilson

Stephan Wilkinson

Valerie Deanna Masterson

Bethany Wilkinson

Set in the then-future year of 2283, the series tells the tale of the crew and passengers of a interstellar transport spaceship called the HMSS MARIKHO’S WAY on route to the 12 colonies of the Terran Confederation-a loose knit association of worlds allied to the Terran Star System. The time is set between the United Earth Sleeper Ship Colonial period and the formation of the Terran Federation. In the pilot episode, the HMSS MARIKHO’S WAY is en route from Los Angeles to the Alpha Centuri Colony via the ultra-fast route of a parabolic trajectory. Just beyond the solar system's boundary with space, the HMSS MARIKHO’S WAY encounters a strange space storm and is transported to a mysterious planet where a race of humanoid felines called Caproneans exists.

Although several episodes show that at least six other flights have landed on the planet, no episode shows anyone ever successfully returned to Earth. The first mention of other visitors from Earth was in episode 2 ("Ghost Town"), where another ship was described as crashing long ago without any survivors. In episode 4 ("Underground") another Earth ship is described as crashing three years prior with no survivors.

Relationships among the main characters[edit]

Apart from the relationship of, the various relationships among the Earth people repeatedly introduce interesting plot elements in various episodes. Captain Steve  Conway and Commander Dan Marshall are an obvious team. But Steve and passenger Donald Masterson always have an underlying tension between them. Donald Mastersonis almost a rebel, and does rebel against Steve at certain isolated times. (.) Yet this same tendency means Donald Mastersonis of invaluable help to Steve at other times.

Alexander Wilson begins as a venal and cowardly character, and some of this venality and cowardice surface even in later episodes.The one person who can bring him up short is the boy, Barry Lockridge. The thought of having to explain his behavior to Barry creates enough tension in Alexander Wilson's mind to bring about a progressive, though interrupted, reform of his character.

The two women in the camp, stewardess Bethany Wilkinson and heiress and jet-setter Valerie Masterson, seem to have latent romantic interests in the men: Betty with Mark, and Valerie with Steve. Those romances never develop beyond the hints they drop in various episodes, including "Deadly Pawn" and "Graveyard of Fools."


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