The Great Celestrial,are a fiction Atlantean race,that originally came a far Eastern series of Oriental based kingdoms upon Ancient Atlantis.

Tengri Ülgen

Celestial Lord ''''''Shankhi''' Tengri Khann'''"Lord of the spirits", or "Lord of the sky"Lord On High", "Highest Lord", "the God above", "the Supreme God"

Raijin Khann Ulgen god of thunder and lightning Thunder god

Kaminari-sama Khann: kaminari (雷, thunder) a
Raiden-sama: rai (雷, thunder), den (電, lightning

Narukami: naru (鳴, thundering/rolling) and kami (神, god)
or RyōjinOtohime
Toyotama-hime (Princess Toyotama), the daughter of the sea god, Ryūjin.

Mizu no Kamisama, Mizugami, or Suijinsama

Jurōjin Edit

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In Japan, Jurōjin (寿老人), also known as Gama, is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune or Shichi-fuku-jin, according to Taoist beliefs. He is the God of longevity.

He walks with a staff and a fan. He is depicted as an old man with a long white beard and often a very tall bald head, with a scroll tied to his staff, on which is written the lifespan of all living things. The deer, a symbol of longevity, usually (but not always) accompanies him as a messenger, as do other long-lived animals such as the crane and the tortoise. Jurōjin is often identified with Fukurokuju. The two are said to inhabit the same body.


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