Synopsis: The two time traavellers get bounced through time , and tumble into the Japanese Embassy in Honolulu, Hawaii, the day before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Tony and Robert land in time , just at the Japanese Ambassador's office on Saturday December 6, 1941, One day ahead of the famous Attack on Pearl Harbor [Wikipedia] [1].

During this episod Tony remembers what was happened at that time, since he actually was living in Hawaii at the time of the invasion. Him and Robert some how landed at the Japanese Embassy, just as the Ambassador was burning the files, and preparing to make a hasty exit of of the island.

Due to the interruption of the two strangers, the ambassador orders the two to be stopped, and held. They are captured and driven to a Japanese Import warehouse. There they are interrogated, and are able to ''fortell" the future.

WIth the knowledge that Tony nd Robert know about the plans of the Imperial Navy, the Ambasador tries , but is unable to figure out how they know of the events.

They are given 'truth syrum' through an IV injection, and are further interrogated at the Warehouse.

Following some time, Tony and Robert are able to foil their captors , and escape from the Warehouse, and run toward Tony's boyhoood friend's home, where Tony and Robert try to explain what they know to Tony's father, who worked in the Military on the Navl Base at Pearl Harbor that very Saturday evening.

Believing two stranges who walked into their house, the Lieutennant goes to the Communication Building to get word of an impending attack, back to the mainlnd.

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