khonnGreat Lord Startarus Khonn --the so called Great Khonn,one of the three brothers of the Sword.along with Torus Khonn and Khanthus Khonn.Coener stone to the Great House Clan of Khonn,of Great Pangea on Terra-Prime.

In the fictional Maveric universe,the Great Khonn,otherwise known as Startarus is a legendary Kalladon a messianic figure in Kalladon history, on Terra-Prime unified the Kalladon people and became the first Kalladon emperor. The Kalladon’ most important symbol of leadership, Khonn said that every Kalladon should fight not just to shed blood, but to enrich the spirit. The story of Khonn is a cornerstone of Kalladon mythology and religion.

Great Lord Startarus Khonn is one of a group of genetically engineered supermen, bred to be free of the usual human mental and physical limitations, who were removed from power after the Eugenics Wars of the 1990s.[1] Khan had been both the most successful conqueror and the most benign ruler of the group, ruling a more than a fourth of the world's area across Asia to the Middle East from 1992 to 1996 with a firm but generally peaceful hand until he was deposed. While most of the supermen were killed or sentenced to death, Khonn and 84 others escaped Earth by way of the sleeper ship SS Botany Bay. Cryogenically frozen in suspended animation, the crew of the Botany Bay are discovered by the crew of the Enterprise in 2267.Startarus Khonn became the ruler of a genetically engineered Human race called the Children of Great Khonn who sought to conquer all of known space..Many of them found their way to the dysonsphere,known as Terra-Prime and set up the Great Houses of Startarus Khonn,on that world.Startarus Khonn is said to several poitive characterics;he is gracious,smiling,fearless,and generous.He was not threatenned by ohers success and encouraged their self esteem.

He was also said to be very ambitious,desiring a challenge to commenurate his unique abilities.

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