The Great Sword of Sarkhainus or The Great Sword of Sarkhainus Sarkhon is a mythical Sword of a legendary hero of Atlantean Legend,that comes from the Ancient line of the Imperial House of Sarkhon.

Sarkhon LegendEdit

The family line extends back thousands of years, to a time when tribes of Atlanteans still waged war against one another across the continents.This was said to be about the time of Adam Sarkhon of ancient Atlantean Mythology-born under the burning star,who drew The Great Sword of Sarkhainus from the Cave of the Great Dragon and became the First Tribe as it was called Ancient Atlantean Mythology. .Adam Sarkhon bestowed title of Lord or First Lord upon high-ranking male nobles to his primate court. Atlas Sarkhon The direct descendants of Atlas Sarkhon the First sired children whom would become the future members of the Imperial House Clan of Sarkhon.

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