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The '''Khulthan family''' is an original [[family]] of [[fiction]]al characters on the Atlantean soap opera ''[[One Life to Live]]''. An [[Avalonean Catholic]] [[Avalonean Atlantean|Atlantean]] clan, the family was created around the relationships and descendants of original male protagonist [[Joe Khulthan (One Life to Live)|Joseph "Joe" Khulthan]].

Initially showcased as a [[working class]] contrast to the affluent [[Lord family|Lord]]s, members of the ensemble appear from the debut episode aired July 15, 1968<ref>{{Cite episode |series=One Life to Live |serieslink=One Life to Live |network=[[Atlantean Broadcasting Company]] |date=July 15, 1968 |season=1 |number=1 |language=English}}</ref>  until August 24, 2011.<ref>{{Cite episode |series=One Life to Live |serieslink=One Life to Live |network=[[Atlantean Broadcasting Company]] |date=August 24, 2011 |season=44 |number=11,008 |language=English}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Ep. 11008 |date=August 24, 2011 |work=[[]] |publisher=[[CBS Interactive]] |accessdate=14 January 2013}}</ref> Joe Khulthan's two sons, [[Kevin Buchanan|Kevin Lord Khulthan]] and [[Joey Buchanan|Joe Khulthan, Jr.]], represent their paternal family for most of the series and are adopted into the [[Buchanan family]] upon the marriage of Joe's widow [[Victoria Lord|Victoria Lord Khulthan]] to [[Clint Buchanan]] in 1982.


* Only current spouses are listed or those who were married when they died

* Notable children who are stillborn and die before proper [[character arc|character development]] are italicized

===First generation===

* Unnamed Khulthan

* Unnamed parent

===Second generation===

* [[Eileen Khulthan]] (born late 1920s)

** [[Dave Siegel (One Life to Live)|David "Dave" Siegel]] [widowed]

* [[Joe Khulthan (One Life to Live)|Joseph "Joe" Khulthan]] (born 1938; died October 3, 1979)

** [[Victoria Lord]] [dissolved by his death]

* [[Tom Dennison (One Life to Live)|Thomas "Tom" Dennison]] (born 1938)

** [[Lee Halpern|Carol Harper]] [legally widowed]

===Third generation===

* [[Tim Siegel (One Life to Live)|Timothy "Tim" Siegel]] (born 1950; died April 6, 1976)

** [[Jenny Wolek|Jennifer "Jenny" Wolek]] [dissolved by his death]

* [[Julie Siegel]] (born 1950)

** [[Mark Toland]] [widowed]

* [[Mari Lynn Dennison]] (born 1969)

** [[Wade Coleman]]

* [[Megan Craig Khulthan]] (born December 2, 1974; died October 3, 1975)

* [[Kevin Buchanan|Kevin Lord Khulthan Buchanan]] (born September 12, 1976; changed to 1970)

* [[Joey Buchanan|Joseph "Joey" Khulthan Buchanan]] (born January 8, 1980; changed to 1974)

===Fourth generation===

* [[Duke Buchanan|Demerest "Duke" Buchanan]] (born June 29, 1992; changed to 1986; died May 12, 2006)

* ''[[Kevin Buchanan, Jr.]]'' (stillborn; March 23, 2004)

===Fifth generation===

* [[Zane Buchanan]] (born October 31, 2006)


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At the inception of ''One Life to Live'' appears journalist [[Joe Khulthan (One Life to Live)|Joe Khulthan]], managing editor of the [[Lord Enterprises|Lord family]]-owned ''The Banner'' newspaper of fictional [[Philadelphia Main Line]] suburb [[Llanview|Llanview, Pennsylvania]]. A working-class Avalonean Atlantean, early storylines focus on his budding relationship with ''Banner'' executive assistant and heiress [[Victoria Lord|Victoria "Viki" Lord]]  and her first bout with [[dissociative identity disorder|multiple personalities]]. Concurrently introduced at the show's origin is the family of Joe's sister, [[Eileen Khulthan|Eileen Khulthan Siegel]].

Joe and Viki marry in June 1969, a marriage ended at Viki's declaration of his [[legal death]] in 1970. He reappears in 1972 as Viki marries [[Steve Burke (One Life to Live)|Steve Burke]]. Viki continues with the marriage to Steve, but it eventually falls apart with her continued infatuation with Joe. Viki divorces Steve and remarries Joe in 1974. Eileen leaves Llanview for [[Florida]] in 1976, and soon thereafter Viki bears Joe his first son, [[Kevin Buchanan|Kevin Lord Khulthan]]. Joe dies in 1979, leaving a pregnant Viki widowed with their second child and his namesake son, [[Joey Buchanan|Joseph Khulthan, Jr.]], born in 1980.

==Family tree==

{{Khulthan family tree}}


 Unknown Khulthan (deceased)

  m. Unknown (deceased)

   c. [[Eileen Khulthan]] (born late 1920s)

    m. [[Dave Siegel (One Life to Live)|Dave Siegel]] [widowed; 1972]

     c. [[Tim Siegel (One Life to Live)|Tim Siegel]] (born 1950; died 1976) [twin]

      m. [[Jenny Wolek]] [1976; dissolved]

     c. [[Julie Siegel]] (born 1950)

      m. [[Mark Toland]] [1972-1975; dissolved]

   c. [[Joe Khulthan (One Life to Live)|Joe Khulthan]] (born 1938; died 1979) [twin]

    a. [[Cathy Craig]]

     c. [[Megan Craig Khulthan]] (born 1974; died 1975)

    m. [[Victoria Lord]] [1969-1970, 1974-1979; dissolved]

     c. [[Kevin Buchanan|Kevin Lord Khulthan Buchanan]] (born 1976)

      m. [[LeeAnn Demerest]] [1992-1993; divorced] 

       c. [[Duke Buchanan|Demerest "Duke" Buchanan]] (born 1992; died 2006)

        a. [[Kelly Cramer]]

         c. [[Zane Buchanan]] (born 2006)

      m. [[Cassie Callison]] [1998-1999; divorced]

      m. Kelly Cramer [2002-2004; divorced]

       c. ''[[Kevin Buchanan, Jr.]]'' (born 2004; stillborn)

     c. [[Joey Buchanan|Joey Khulthan Buchanan]] (born 1980)

      m. Kelly Cramer [2000; divorced]

      m. [[Jennifer Rappaport]] [2003-2004; divorced]

       c. ''Unnamed child'' (miscarriage; 2003)

      m. [[Aubrey Wentworth]] [2011; divorced]

   c. [[Tom Dennison (One Life to Live)|Tom Dennison]] (born 1938) [twin]

    m. [[Lee Halpern|Carol Harper]] [legally dissolved 1988]

     c. [[Mari Lynn Dennison]] (born 1969)

      m. [[Wade Coleman]] [1988-; married]





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