The Okharah or Okhairhanns  –the true Yellow Skinned-the Children of the Celestrials,are small,slant eyed,humanoids.They are called  the Children of the Celestrials,because some believe that they are the Lost Colony of the Celetrial,fled into another time in space,after one of the Titan Gods Wars.

Many Okhararhanns, believe in the unbelievibly fantastic places of origin,partially due their multi racial origins.Part Celestrial-who are the so called Elder or Eternal Oriental Super beings,part Shaintainean-,part Drakhonean dark,cunning,ashiadics and part  Delkhonean. Okhararhanns are very much into science and scientific methodes.Their favorite saying often is Very scientific.Very good.Teaching and learning is held high in their culture.

The Okharhanns 'meant to educate themselves and their in a “scientific” way, one that will help place the Okharhann culture among the top ten educated countries of the modern world of Terra-Prime and other places around the multiverse..But they are also very mysterious.Indirect.Often their answers are confusing and indirect.The Okhararhanns craves truth, but how can he learn the truth when different cultures say different things? To conquore this,they will answer is strange indirect and often confusing answers or questions.eccentric Asian

Okhararhanns High Class dress in very silk clothing,white,black,blue or red.Colors of honor and good luck,usually drawn with golden or silver sash.The coats or vest are trimmed elaborate golden curves and swirls.They often wear golden or silver earings. Okhanrhann Martial Arts


A master of Shinanzoo, the original (Sun Source) and most deadly of all assassin's arts, Shinanzoo Master can dodge bullets ,knives,spears,energy bolts and such (by spotting subtle signs telling him when the shooter is about to fire, and then predicting the trajectory), perform incredible feats of acrobatics, and has the ability to control his entire body to negate the need for sleep or food if so required. The are capable of killing or incapacitating people with the slightest touch, and can throw objects with marksmans' accuracy and missile like force. A Shinanzoo Master can run on sand without leaving a trace, and even run on semi-liquid surfaces (e.g. wet cement) without sinking in.Edit

SINANJU SHIN DO close combat martial art is generaly developed martial arts style for real self-defense and milit==Early life==Edit

Chairenn KHARR was born in Korobe, Japan, the son of part time wizard ,noted children's book author and illustrator Yashimara Kharr. His parents moved to the when he was a small child. He joined them there after [[], in 1949, joining the military in the 1950s. He became a naturalized American citizen in 1956.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.

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