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. The Plate Dwellers ,also known as Underworlders or Underdwellers are humanoid beings whose genome has been altered by the Trongoroth.The Underworlders,dress in Old Surplus Time Stalker Jumpsuites,modified with all sorts of begged,barrowed,brought and stolen items.Skull cap searh light fixed a headband over their forhead,like ancient physicians used to in old days.The Platedwellers face was a series of tattooed scars,to show designation of clan and level of achievement. The live in the underground of all the plate of Terra Prime and perform maintenance tasks that the Sidairian refuse to do in light of the Guild Treaty. They also repair damage caused by roaming rogue Metrone spiders,who burrow into darken sub shuttle tunnels and passageway to live and next a new offspring.

Platedweller SocietyEdit

Platedwellers live outside the usual inhabitants of a dysonsphere. strange custums of the Platedwellers,who used ancient Sidairean Builders markings,to track the whereabout of each section.These odd un-derdwelling peoples,used glowing poles to light and read these markings,like surface dwelling hunter could track prey.Platedwellers used illumi-nated Sidairean ruines to mark places,as upper-worlders used street signs to know which way was what and where this place was where.The Lord of Lions keen ears could detect a low,weiring hum,aswell as the group approached certain sec-tions.‘’Guider.’’Prince Toreus spoke.’‘’Warrior Prince,Platedweller Tracking 

bo-rifle or bo staffe rifles,were kind of uqniue  to Chakhundi society-was a  weapon used exclusively by the Lasan Honor Guard. Bo-rifles had a long tradition in the Lasat culture-a powerful hand weapon that also be used a kind of rifle,but could uickly transformed into fighting staff,by a small stud,that triggered two pole like staves to extrend from either end-one in the front,similar to TyRhainean Stun Stave tip,that could also used illuminate or light ones path and other opposite,that carried an electromagnetic plasma pulse emitter. Since  bo-rifles were rarely seen anywhere outside of Chukhund or platedweller society.The Chunkhund traders ,who lived upon dyson-spheres began to trade or sell Chakhundi bo staves to the platedwellers and soon adapted to suite their needs as lighting poles and spray staves.The Platedwellers  also equipt their illumina-tion/stud staffs with a kind of spray painting tool-similar to artist airbrush spray guns,to paint new markings all about the tunnel system.

1 ==The Underdwellers== [1]EditEdit

  • The Underdwellers who still live within the tunnels, have over decades sprayed all sort of ruin like graffiti symbols all over certain parts of the tunnel system, as either a guide to their own Pirate Guild to read or a warning system for other Tunnel Pirate Clans to read and stay away from their territory. These , like many pirates have own Code of Conduction, Condition of Piracy and so for the. Many Pirates are made up anyone, whom fled to the Underground or neither world of Terra Prime. Some clans can be made up of Terran Species, such as standard , , , or . Some are even made up of deserters, or refugees.
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