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Simon Templar Simon Templar, popular by the name of the Saint, is a British fictional central character which appears as the series in the books published by Leslie Charteris in the years between 1928 and 1963. The nick name Saint has gotten the connotation from two name initials S from Saint and T from Templar. He is also known by many other names, the popular ones include, Sebastian Tombs" or "Sugarman Treacle". The character is quite famous, and played significant roles in the motion pictures, radio dramas, comic strips, comic books and three television series.

Saint is known for his heroic adventures and intuitive investigative art. He has played an instrumental role in solving critical murder and other cases of adultery. Saint has a unique style of solving the crime cases. His very disposition is humorous; in fact, it’d be great to find him as boyish looking and kiddish in actions. He is also popular as at all the crime scenes he puts the “Calling Card” semblance in the form of stick-figure of a man with a halo, and the logo!

He is the character similar to the Robin Hood Type, and his prime targets include corrupt politicians, smugglers, burglars, anti-patriotic and many more. To be more open and adjective in defining Saint, it’d not be wrong to call him as the Robin Hood of the Modern Times. Saint has its own ways of solving the crime and his demeanors seem to appear more logical to him than to others. Hardly any one passes through his introspective and sharp vision. He seems to be humorous, but at other times, he also looks quite focused about the whole incidence of crime and the criminals.

Saint has in-depth knowledge about the crime and the criminals, as once he was a criminal, and more specifically a burglar. It is this very experience that made him more knowledgeable about the crime, the ways of doing crime, and above all what plots can be created by the criminal to do the crime. His nick name “Saint” is truly ungodly especially, if we take the initial references of his crime. Again, we come to know that his origin is little known to the audience, and the people who study him. There are just allusions to his origin, but no concrete evidence is available about his birth and other antecedents.

Elsewhere in the books and novels, you find some good references where "ten percent collection fee" is collected by Saint from the victims to cover his professional and personal expenses.

The remainder of the collection is either returned to the owner, or distributed to charity, or dispensed among the Templar's colle LOG IN · JOIN SPOTLIGHT DEMYSTIFIED QUIZZES GALLERIES LISTS ON THIS DAY BIOGRAPHIES What are you looking for? Search Search Britannica Articles and Images...


BROWSE POPULAR TOPICS: Julius Caesar Russia Iroquois Confederacy History of the motion picture Benjamin Franklin Enhance your search results page with Britannica’s FREE Chrome extension. INSTALL NOW – FACTS MATTER. chrome store logo The Saint FICTIONAL CHARACTER WRITTEN BY: The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica See Article History Alternative Title: Simon Templar The Saint, byname of Simon Templar, fictional English gentleman-adventurer who was the protagonist of short stories and mystery novels by Leslie Charteris.

A good-natured, gallant figure, Templar defies social convention and lives outside the law, and yet he emerges untarnished from his shadowy adventures. Meet the Tiger (1928; also published as The Saint Meets the Tiger) was the first Saint novel by Charteris. Among many story collections and novels are Knight Templar (1930), The Saint in New York (1935), The Saint Returns (1969), and The Saint in Pursuit (1971). Until 1940, the stories were set in Britain; after World War II, they were set in the United States.

Actor George Sanders portrayed the Saint in The Saint Strikes Back (1939) and four later films. Other actors known for the role include Vincent Price (1940s radio dramatizations), Roger Moore (in a 1960s television series), Ian Ogilvy (TV series, 1978), Simon Dutton (several TV movies in the 1980s), and Val Kilmer (movie, 1997).

LEARN MORE in these related Britannica articles: Leslie Charteris …mystery-adventure novels and creator of Simon Templar, better known as “the Saint” and sometimes called the “Robin Hood of modern crime.” From 1928 some 50 novels and collections of stories about “the Saint” were published; translations existed in at least 15 languages.…

Baxter, Anne; Davis, Bette; Monroe, Marilyn; Sanders, George; All About Eve

George Sanders George Sanders, Russian-born British actor who specialized in portraying elegant yet dissolute characters and was most noted for his roles as villains.…

The Masque of the Red Death

Vincent Price Vincent Price, American actor usually noted for his brilliant performances in horror films.… Leslie Charteris Leslie Charteris, author of highly popular mystery-adventure novels and creator of Simon Templar, better known as “the Saint” and sometimes called the “Robin Hood of modern crime.” From 1928 some 50 novels and collections of stories about “the Saint” were published; translations existed in at least… MORE ABOUT The Saint 1 REFERENCE FOUND IN BRITANNICA ARTICLES Assorted References works of Charteris In Leslie Charteris

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Simon TemplarEdit

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The Saint character SaintLogo.png The sign of The Saint First appearance Meet the Tiger Created by Leslie Charteris Portrayed by Louis Hayward George Sanders Vincent Price Roger Moore Ian Ogilvy Simon Dutton Val Kilmer Tom Conway Edgar Barrier Brian Aherne Hugh Sinclair Adam Rayner others Information Gender Male Occupation Thief, amateur detective, occasional police agent Nationality British Simon Templar is a fictional character known as The Saint. He is featured in a series of books by Leslie Charteris published between 1928 and 1963. After that date, other authors collaborated with Charteris on books until 1983; two additional works produced without Charteris's participation were published in 1997. The character has also been portrayed in motion pictures, radio dramas, comic strips, comic books and three television series.

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Simon Templar is a Robin Hood-like criminal known as The Saint – plausibly from his initials, but the exact reason for his nickname is unknown (although the reader is told that he was given it at the age of nineteen). Templar has aliases, often using the initials S.T. such as "Sebastian Tombs" or "Sugarman Treacle". Blessed with boyish humour, he makes humorous and off-putting remarks and leaves a "calling card" at his "crimes," a stick figure of a man with a halo over his head. This is used as the logo of the books, the movies, and the 1960s TV series. He is described as "buccaneer in the suits of Savile Row, amused, cool, debonair, with hell-for-leather blue eyes and a saintly smile".[1]

His origin remains a mystery; he is explicitly British, but in early books (e.g. Meet the Tiger) there are references which suggest that he had spent some time in the United States battling prohibition bad guys. Presumably, his acquaintance with Bronx sidekick Hoppy Uniatz dates from this period. In the books, his income is derived from the pockets of the "ungodly" (as he terms those who live by a lesser moral code than his own), whom he is given to "socking on the boko." There are references to a "ten percent collection fee" to cover expenses when he extracts large sums from victims, the remainder being returned to the owners, given to charity, shared among Templar's colleagues, or some combination of those possibilities.

Templar's targets include corrupt politicians, warmongers, and other low life. "He claims he's a Robin Hood," bleats one victim, "but to me he's just a robber and a hood."[2] Robin Hood appears to be one inspiration for the character; Templar stories were often promoted as featuring "The Robin Hood of modern crime," and this phrase to describe Templar appears in several stories. A term used by Templar to describe his acquisitions is "boodle," a term also applied to the short story collection.

The Saint has a dark side, as he is willing to ruin the lives of the "ungodly," and even kill them, if he feels that more innocent lives can be saved. In the early books, Templar refers to this as murder, although he considers his actions justified and righteous, a view usually shared by partners and colleagues. Several adventures centre on his intention to kill. (For example, "Arizona" in The Saint Goes West has Templar planning to kill a Nazi scientist.)

During the 1920s and early 1930s, The Saint is fighting European arms dealers, drug runners, and white slavers while based in his London home. His battles with Rayt Marius mirror the 'four rounds with Carl Petersen' of Hugh "Bull-dog" Drummond. During the first half of the 1940s, Charteris cast Templar as a willing operative of the American government, fighting Nazi interests in the United States during World War II.

Beginning with the "Arizona" novella, Templar is fighting his own war against Germany. The Saint Steps In reveals that Templar is operating on behalf of a mysterious American government official known as Hamilton who appears again in the next WWII-era Saint book, The Saint on Guard, and Templar is shown continuing to act as a secret agent for Hamilton in the first post-war novel, The Saint Sees it Through. The later books move from confidence games, murder mysteries, and wartime espionage, and place Templar as a global adventurer.

According to Saint historian Burl Barer, Charteris made the decision to remove Templar from his usual confidence-game trappings, not to mention his usual co-stars Holm, Uniatz, Orace and Teal, as they were all inappropriate for the post-war stories he was writing.[3]

Although The Saint functions as an ordinary detective in some stories, others depict ingenious plots to get even with vanity publishers and other rip-off artists, greedy bosses who exploit their workers, con men, etc.

The Saint has many partners, though none last throughout the series. For the first half until the late 1940s, the most recurrent is Patricia Holm, his girlfriend, who was introduced in the first story, the 1928 novel Meet the Tiger, in which she shows herself a capable adventurer. Holm appeared erratically throughout the series, sometimes disappearing for books at a time. Templar and Holm lived together in a time when common-law relationships were uncommon and, in some areas, illegal.

They have an easy, non-binding relationship, as Templar is shown flirting with other women from time to time. However, his heart remains true to Holm in the early books, culminating in his considering marriage in the novella The Melancholy Journey of Mr. Teal, only to have Holm say she had no interest in marrying. Holm disappeared in the late 1940s, and according to Barer's history of The Saint, Charteris refused to allow Templar a steady girlfriend, or Holm to return. (However, according to the Saintly Bible website, Charteris did write a film story that would have seen Templar encountering a son he had had with Holm.) Holm's final appearance as a character was in the short stories "Iris," "Lida," and "Luella," contained within the 1948 collection Saint Errant; the next direct reference to her does not appear in print until the 1983 novel Salvage for the Saint.

Another recurring character, Scotland Yard Inspector Claud Eustace Teal, could be found attempting to put The Saint behind bars, although in some books they work in partnership. In The Saint in New York, Teal's American counterpart, NYPD Inspector John Henry Fernack, was introduced, and he would become, like Teal, an Inspector Lestrade-like foil and pseudo-nemesis in a number of books, notably the American-based World War II novels of the 1940s.

Many Saint novels were reprinted in new editions in the 1960s to capitalise on the popular television series, starring Roger Moore. The Saint had a band of compatriots, including Roger Conway, Norman Kent, Archie Sheridan, Richard "Dicky" Tremayne (a name that appeared in the 1990s TV series, Twin Peaks), Peter Quentin, Monty Hayward, and his ex-military valet, Orace.

In later stories, the dim-witted and constantly soused but reliable American thug Hoppy Uniatz was at Templar's side. Of The Saint's companions, only Norman Kent was killed during an adventure (he sacrifices himself to save Templar in the novel The Last Hero); the other males are presumed to have settled down and married (two to former female criminals: Dicky Tremayne to "Straight Audrey" Perowne and Peter Quentin to Kathleen "The Mug" Allfield; Archie Sheridan is mentioned to have married in "The Lawless Lady" in Enter the Saint, presumably to Lilla McAndrew after the events of the story "The Wonderful War" in Featuring the Saint).

Charteris gave Templar interests and quirks as the series went on. Early talents as an amateur poet and songwriter were displayed, often to taunt villains, though the novella The Inland Revenue established that poetry was also a hobby. That story revealed that Templar wrote an adventure novel featuring a South American hero not far removed from The Saint himself.

Templar also on occasion would break the fourth wall in an almost metafictional sense, making references to being part of a story and mentioning in one early story how he cannot be killed so early on; the 1960s television series would also have Templar address viewers. Charteris in his narrative also frequently breaks the fourth wall by making references to the "chronicler" of The Saint's adventures and directly addressing the reader and in one instance (the story "The Sizzling Saboteur" in The Saint on Guard) inserts his own name. Furthermore, in the 1955 story "The Unkind Philanthropist," published in the collection The Saint on the Spanish Main, Templar states outright that (in his fictional universe) his adventures are indeed written about by a man named Leslie Charteris.he Saint At times, he makes use of the possibilities to get the income. Though there’s no account of him being a lavish spender, but yes he is spendthrift to some extent.

As per the Saint’s philosophy, he is quite adamant about ruining the lives of those who are “Ungodly” according to him.

He sincerely believes that if he can kill the “Ungodly,” he can save the lives of innocent people. 50min | Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series (1962–1969) Episode Guide 118 episodes

The Saint Poster

Simon Templar, a wealthy adventurer known as The Saint, travels around the world in his white Volvo P1800S. Stars: Roger Moore, Ivor Dean, Leslie Crawford | See full cast & crew » Reviews 22 user | 16 critic

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S2.E24 Sophia

While on holiday in a Greek village, Simon must settle accounts with a crook who is threatening the peace of local inhabitants.

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S2.E9 The King of the Beggars

In Rome, Simon discovers a protection racket targeting the local beggars who must relinquish part of their alms to a person known as the king of the beggars.

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S4.E2 The Abductors

Shortly after meeting the Saint in a Paris night club and informing him that he is being followed, Brian Quell is kidnapped by a gang led by a man called Jones in an attempt to lure Brian's brother, ...

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Two worlds collide when the titled Englishman, Lord Brett Sinclair, and the Bronx-raised, self-made American Danny Wilde, reluctantly join forces to right wrongs, and to protect the innocent.

Stars: Tony Curtis, Roger Moore, Laurence Naismith Edit Cast Series cast summary: Roger Moore Roger Moore ... Simon Templar 118 episodes, 1962-1969 See full cast » Edit Storyline The Saint is a modern day Robin Hood of sorts. He steals from rich criminals (gangsters and the like) and keeps the loot for himself. And he usually manages to get the rich criminals put behind bars after he's stolen their goods. Of course, Chief Inspector Claude Eustace Teal regards him as a common thief, regardless of who he steals from, so the Saint must always stay one step ahead of the doggedly persistent Inspector Teal. Fortnately, his wit, charm, and savoir faire make this a fairly easy task, and the series chronicles his various exploits. Written by Afterburner <>

Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: the saint | 1960s | master of disguise | gentleman thief | mission | See All (9) » Taglines: When sinners strike, call on THE SAINT! See more » Genres: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller Certificate: See all certifications » Parents Guide: View content advisory » Edit Details Official Sites: The Saintly Bible Country: UK Language: English Release Date: 21 May 1967 (USA) See more » Also Known As: Simon Templar See more » Filming Locations: Associated British Elstree Studios, Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England, UK See more » Company Credits Production Co: Bamore, Incorporated Television Company (ITC), New World Productions See more » Show more on IMDbPro » Technical Specs Runtime: 50 min (118 episodes) Sound Mix: Mono (RCA Sound Recording) Color: Black and White (season 1-4)| Color (season 5 and 6) Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1 See full technical specs » Edit Did You Know? Trivia During the writing of his manuscripts, Leslie Charteris constantly designated Simon Templar by his initials (S.T.) in order to save time. That's how the idea came up to give him the nickname "the Saint". See more » Connections Referenced in Mystery Science Theater 3000: Parts: The Clonus Horror (1997) See more » Soundtracks Out to Get You by Chris Andrews See more » Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ is empty. Add the first question. User Reviews Roger Moore is Simon Templar 29 September 2004 | by jim_altman – See all my reviews As a devoted 1960's Anglophile, I have been delighted by the re-release of Britain's best adventure series, The Saint, starring Roger Moore. Looking back on the series after all these years, I find it superior to similar ITC entries such as The Avengers, Secret Agent, or The Prisoner because of its realism and intelligence. The mixture of stock travelogue footage and cheesy ITC sets and backdrops works because of the believabilty of Roger Moore as the principal protagonist, Simon Templar. The big-hearted, flamboyant actor is every bit the character he portrays and more. The authenticity of the performance is what still appeals after 42 years. The props and the hairstyles may be dated and the set pieces might never make muster in today's productions, but when Moore is on screen it doesn't matter. I can't wait to acquire the 63'-64'episodes.

Publishing historyEdit

A novella published in The American Magazine in May 1947, "The King of the Beggars" was collected in Call for the Saint (1948) The origins of The Saint can be found in early works by Charteris, some of which predated the first Saint novel, 1928's Meet the Tiger, or were written after it but before Charteris committed to writing a Saint series. Burl Barer reveals that an obscure early work, Daredevil, not only featured a heroic lead who shared "Saintly" traits (down to driving the same brand of automobile) but also shared his adventures with Inspector Claud Eustace Teal—a character later a regular in Saint books. Barer writes that several early Saint stories were rewritten from non-Saint stories, including the novel She Was a Lady, which appeared in magazine form featuring a different lead character.

Charteris utilized three formats for delivering his stories. Besides full-length novels, he wrote novellas for the most part published in magazines and later in volumes of two or three stories. He also wrote short stories featuring the character, again mostly for magazines and later compiled into omnibus editions. In later years these short stories carried a common theme, such as the women Templar meets or exotic places he visits. With the exception of Meet the Tiger, chapter titles of Templar novels usually contain a descriptive phrase describing the events of the chapter; for example, Chapter Four of Knight Templar is titled "How Simon Templar dozed in the Green Park and discovered a new use for toothpaste".

Although Charteris's novels and novellas had more conventional thriller plots than his confidence game short stories, both novels and stories are admired. As in the past, the appeal lies in the vitality of the character, a hero who can go into a brawl and come out with his hair combed and who, faced with death, lights a cigarette and taunts his enemy with the signature phrase "As the actress said to the bishop ..."

The period of the books begins in the 1920s and moves to the 1970s as the 50 books progress (the character being seemingly ageless). In early books most activities are illegal, although directed at villains. In later books, this becomes less so. In books written during World War II, The Saint was recruited by the government to help track spies and similar undercover work.[4] Later he became a cold warrior fighting Communism. The quality of writing also changes; early books have a freshness which becomes replaced by cynicism in later works. A few Saint stories crossed into science fiction and fantasy, "The Man Who Liked Ants" and the early novel The Last Hero being examples; one Saint short story, "The Darker Drink", was even published in the October 1952 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.[5] When early Saint books were republished in the 1960s to the 1980s, it was not uncommon to see freshly written introductions by Charteris apologizing for the out-of-date tone; according to a Charteris "apology" in a 1969 paperback of Featuring the Saint, he attempted to update some earlier stories when they were reprinted but gave up and let them sit as period pieces. The 1963 edition of the short story collection The Happy Highwayman contains examples of abandoned revisions; in one story published in the 1930s ("The Star Producers"), references to actors of the 1930s were replaced for 1963 with names of current movie stars; another 1930s-era story, "The Man Who Was Lucky", added references to atomic power.

Charteris started retiring from writing books following 1963's The Saint in the Sun. The next book to carry Charteris's name, 1964's Vendetta for the Saint, was written by science fiction author Harry Harrison, who had worked on the Saint comic strip, after which Charteris edited and revised the manuscript. Between 1964 and 1983, another 14 Saint books would be published, credited to Charteris but written by others. In his introduction to the first, The Saint on TV, Charteris called these volumes a team effort in which he oversaw selection of stories, initially adaptations of scripts written for the 1962–1969 TV series The Saint, and with Fleming Lee writing the adaptations (other authors took over from Lee). Charteris and Lee collaborated on two Saint novels in the 1970s, The Saint in Pursuit (based on a story by Charteris for the Saint comic strip) and The Saint and the People Importers. The "team" writers were usually credited on the title page, if not the cover. One later volume, Catch the Saint, was an experiment in returning The Saint to his period, prior to World War II (as opposed to recent Saint books set in the present day). Several later volumes also adapted scripts from the 1970s revival TV series Return of the Saint.

The last Saint volume in the line of books starting with Meet the Tiger in 1928 was Salvage for the Saint, published in 1983. According to the Saintly Bible website, every Saint book published between 1928 and 1983 saw the first edition issued by Hodder & Stoughton in the United Kingdom (a company that originally published only religious books) and The Crime Club (an imprint of Doubleday that specialized in mystery and detective fiction) in the United States. For the first 20 years, the books were first published in Britain, with the United States edition following up to a year later. By the late 1940s to early 1950s, this situation had been reversed. In one case—The Saint to the Rescue—a British edition did not appear until nearly two years after the American one.

French language books published over 30 years included translated volumes of Charteris originals as well as novelisations of radio scripts from the English-language radio series and comic strip adaptations. Many of these books credited to Charteris were written by others, including Madeleine Michel-Tyl.[6]

Charteris died in 1993. Two additional Saint novels appeared around the time of the 1997 film starring Val Kilmer: a novelisation of the film (which had little connection to the Charteris stories) and Capture the Saint, a more faithful work published by The Saint Club and originated by Charteris in 1936. Both books were written by Burl Barer, who in the early 1990s published a history of the character in books, radio, and television.

Charteris wrote 14 novels between 1928 and 1971 (the last two co-written), 34 novellas, and 95 short stories featuring Simon Templar. Between 1963 and 1997, an additional seven novels and fourteen novellas were written by others.

In 2014, all the Saint books from Enter the Saint to Salvage for the Saint (but not Meet the Tiger nor Burl Barer's Capture the Saint) were republished in both the United Kingdom and United States.

On radioEdit

Several radio drama series were produced in North America, Ireland, and Britain. The earliest was for Radio Éireann's Radio Athlone in 1940 and starred Terence De Marney. Both NBC and CBS produced Saint series during 1945, starring Edgar Barrier and Brian Aherne. Many early shows were adaptations of published stories, although Charteris wrote several storylines for the series which were novelised as short stories and novellas.

The longest-running radio incarnation was Vincent Price, who played the character in a series between 1947 and 1951 on three networks: CBS, Mutual and NBC. Like The Whistler, the program had an opening whistle theme with footsteps; some sources say the whistling theme for The Saint was created by Leslie Charteris, while others credit RKO composer Roy Webb. Price left in May 1951, to be replaced by Tom Conway, who played the role for several more months; his brother, George Sanders, had played Templar on film. For more about The Saint on American radio, see The Saint (radio program).

The next English-language radio series aired on Springbok Radio in South Africa between 1953 and 1957. These were fresh adaptations of the original stories and starred Tom Meehan. Around 1965 to 1966 the South African version of Lux Radio Theatre produced a single dramatization of The Saint. The English service of South Africa produced another series radio adventures for six months in 1970–1971. The most recent English-language incarnation was a series of three one-hour-long radio plays on BBC Radio 4 in 1995, all adapted from Charteris novels: Saint Overboard, The Saint Closes The Case and The Saint Plays With Fire, starring Paul Rhys as Templar.

In film and on televisionEdit

Not long after creating The Saint, Charteris began a long association with Hollywood as a screenwriter. He was successful in getting a major studio, RKO Radio Pictures, interested in a film based on one of his works. The first, The Saint in New York in 1938, based on the 1935 novel of the same name, starred Louis Hayward as Templar and Jonathan Hale as Inspector Henry Farnack, the American counterpart of Mr Teal.

The film was a success and seven more films followed in quick succession. George Sanders took over the lead role from Hayward and did it for five of those films, while Hugh Sinclair portrayed Templar in the two last. Several of the films were original stories, sometimes based upon outlines by Charteris while others were based loosely on original novels or novellas.

In 1953, British Hammer Film Productions produced The Saint's Return (known as "The Saint's Girl Friday" in the United States), for which Hayward returned to the role. This was followed by an unsuccessful French production in 1960.

Roger Moore as The SaintEdit


In the 1960s Roger Moore revived the role in a long-running television series The Saint. According to the book Spy Television by Wesley Britton, the first actor offered the role was Patrick McGoohan of Danger Man and The Prisoner. The series ran from 1962 to 1969, and Moore remains the actor most closely identified with the character.

Since Moore, other actors played him in later series, notably Return of the Saint (1978–1979) starring Ian Ogilvy; the series ran for one season, although it was picked up by the CBS network. In the mid-1980s, the National Enquirer and other newspapers reported that Moore was planning to produce a movie based on The Saint with Pierce Brosnan as Templar, but it was never made. (Ironically Brosnan almost became Moore's immediate successor as James Bond.) A television pilot for a series to be called The Saint in Manhattan, starring Australian actor Andrew Clarke, was shown on CBS in 1987 as part of the CBS Summer Playhouse; this pilot was produced by Donald L. Taffner, but it never progressed beyond the pilot stage. Inspector John Fernack of the NYPD, played by Kevin Tighe, made his first film appearance since the 1940s in that production, while Templar (sporting a moustache) got about in a black Lamborghini bearing the ST1 licence plate. In 1989, six movies were made by Taffner starring Simon Dutton. These were syndicated in the United States as part of a series of films titled Mystery Wheel of Adventure, while in the United Kingdom they were shown as a series on ITV.

In 1991, as detailed by Burl Barer in his 1992 history of The Saint, plans were announced for a series of motion pictures. Ultimately, however, no such franchise appeared.

A feature film, titled The Saint, starred Val Kilmer. It was produced and released in 1997, but it diverged far from the Charteris books, although it did revive Templar's use of aliases. Kilmer's Saint is unable to defeat a Russian gangster in hand-to-hand combat and is forced to flee; this would have been unthinkable in a Charteris tale. Whereas the original Saint resorted to aliases that had the initials S.T., Kilmer's character used Christian saints, regardless of initials. This Saint refrained from killing, and even the main villains live to stand trial, whereas Charteris's version had no qualms about taking another life. Kilmer's Saint is presented as a master of disguise, but Charteris's version hardly used the sophisticated ones shown in this film. The film mirrored aspects of Charteris's own life, notably his origins in the Far East, though not in an orphanage as the film portrayed. Sir Roger Moore features throughout in cameo as the BBC Newsreader heard in Simon Templar's Volvo.

Since the Kilmer film, there have been several failed attempts at producing pilots for potential new Saint television series:

On March 13, 2007, TNT said it was developing a one-hour series. The series (for which no broadcast date was announced) was to be executive produced by William J. MacDonald and produced by Jorge Zamacona.[7][8] James Purefoy was announced as the new Simon Templar.[9][10] Production of the pilot, which was to have been directed by Barry Levinson, did not go ahead.[11] Another attempt at production was planned for 2009 with Scottish actor Dougray Scott starring as Simon Templar. Roger Moore announced on his website that he would be appearing in the new production, which was being produced by his son, Geoffrey Moore, in a small role.[12]

It was announced in December 2012 that a third attempt would be made to produce a pilot for a potential TV series. This time, English actor Adam Rayner was cast as Simon Templar and American actress Eliza Dushku as Patricia Holm (a character from the novels never before portrayed on television and only once in the films), with Roger Moore producing.[13] Unlike the prior attempts, production of the Rayner pilot did commence in December 2012 and continued into early 2013, with Moore and Ogilvy making cameo appearances, according to a cast list posted on the official Leslie Charteris website[14] and subsequently confirmed in the trailer that was released.[15] The pilot was not picked up for a series and was broadcast as the TV movie The Saint on 11 July 2017.

Films Since 1938, numerous films have been produced in the United States, France and Australia based to varying degrees upon The Saint. A few were based, usually loosely, upon Charteris's stories, but most were original.

This is a list of the films featuring Simon Templar and of the actors who played The Saint:

The Saint in New York (1938 – Louis Hayward) The Saint Strikes Back (1939 – George Sanders) The Saint in London (1939 – Sanders) The Saint's Double Trouble (1940 – Sanders) The Saint Takes Over (1940 – Sanders) The Saint in Palm Springs (1941 – Sanders) The Saint's Vacation (1941 – Hugh Sinclair) The Saint Meets the Tiger (produced in 1941, released in 1943 – Sinclair) The Saint's Return (1953 – Hayward) - aka The Saint's Girl Friday Le Saint mène la danse (1960 – Félix Marten) Le Saint prend l'affût (1966 – Jean Marais) The Fiction Makers (1968 – Roger Moore) – edited from episodes of The Saint Vendetta for the Saint (1969 – Moore) – edited from episodes of The Saint The Saint (1997 – Val Kilmer) In the 1930s, RKO purchased the rights to produce a film adaptation of Saint Overboard, but no such movie was ever produced.

Television moviesEdit

The Saint and the Brave Goose (1979 made for TV – Ian Ogilvy) – edited from episodes of Return of the Saint The Saint in Manhattan (1987 made for TV – Andrew Clarke) The Saint – six 100-minute TV films, all starring Simon Dutton. Made for London Weekend Television (LWT) in the United Kingdom, it was postponed due to poor ratings, but went out as part of The Mystery Wheel of Adventure in the United States: The Saint: Wrong Number (21 July 1990, postponed from 14 July 1990 - Simon Dutton) The Saint: The Software Murders (4 August 1990 - Dutton) The Saint: The Brazilian Connection (2 September 1989 - Dutton) The Saint: The Blue Dulac (9 September 1989 - Dutton) The Saint: The Big Bang (28 July 1990 - Dutton) Fear in Fun Park, a.k.a. The Saint in Australia (14 July 1990, postponed from 16 September 1989 & 7 July 1990 - Dutton) The Saint (2017 made for TV – Adam Rayner) Television series This list only includes productions that became TV series, and does not include pilots. The Saint (1962–1969 – Roger Moore) Return of the Saint (1978–1979 – Ian Ogilvy) Note Three of the most recent actors to play Templar — Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy, and Simon Dutton — have been appointed vice presidents of "The Saint Club" that was founded by Leslie Charteris in 1936.

On the stage In the late 1940s Charteris and sometime Sherlock Holmes scriptwriter Denis Green wrote a stage play titled The Saint Misbehaves.[16] It was never publicly performed, as soon after writing it Charteris decided to focus on non-Saint work. For many years it was thought to be lost; however, two copies are known to exist in private hands, and correspondence relating to the play can be found in the Leslie Charteris Collection at Boston University.

In the comicsEdit

The Saint Lubberssaint10459.jpg Bob Lubbers' The Saint (4 October 1959) Author(s) Leslie Charteris Illustrator(s) Mike Roy (1948–1951) John Spranger (1951–1959) Bob Lubbers (1959–1960) Doug Wildey (1960–1961) Current status / schedule Concluded Daily & Sunday Launch date September 27, 1948 End date September 16, 1961 Syndicate(s) New York Herald Tribune Syndicate Publisher(s) Avon Comics Genre(s) Adventure The Saint appeared in a long-running series starting as a daily comic strip 27 September 1948 with a Sunday added on 20 March the following year. The early strips were written by Leslie Charteris, who had previous experience writing comic strips, having replaced Dashiell Hammett as the writer of the Secret Agent X-9 strip. The original artist was Mike Roy. In 1951, when John Spranger replaced Roy as the artist, he altered The Saint's appearance by depicting him with a beard. Bob Lubbers illustrated The Saint in 1959 and 1960. The final two years of the strip were drawn by Doug Wildey before it came to an end on 16 September 1961.

Concurrent with the comic strip, Avon Comics published 12 issues of a The Saint comic book between 1947 and 1952 (some of these stories were reprinted in the 1980s). Some issues included uncredited short stories; an additional short story, "Danger No. 5", appeared as filler in issue 2 of the 1952 war comic Captain Steve Savage.[17]

The 1960s TV series is unusual in that it is one of the few major programs of its genre that was not adapted as a comic book in the United States.

In Sweden, The Saint had a long-running comic book published from 1966 to 1985 under the title Helgonet.[18] It originally reprinted the newspaper strip, but soon original stories were commissioned for Helgonet. These stories were also later reprinted in other European countries. Two of the main writers were Norman Worker and Donne Avenell; the latter also co-wrote the novels The Saint and the Templar Treasure and the novella collection Count on the Saint, while Worker contributed to the novella collection Catch the Saint.

A new American comic book series was launched by Moonstone in the summer of 2012, but it never went beyond a single promotional issue "zero".[19]

One of the final issues of The Saint Magazine from 1967 featured reprints of the Saint stories "The Export Trade" and "The Five Thousand Pound Kiss". In magazines The original Saint novellas first appeared in The Thriller (1929-1940), edited by Monty Hayden, a friend of the author, who was sometimes given a thinly disguised role in the early stories. Charteris also edited or oversaw several magazines that tied in with The Saint. The first of these were anthologies titled The Saint's Choice that ran for seven issues in 1945–46. A few years later Charteris launched The Saint Detective Magazine (later titled The Saint Mystery Magazine and The Saint Magazine), which ran for 141 issues between 1953 and 1967, with a separate British edition that ran just as long but published different material. In most issues Saint's Choice and the later magazines Charteris included at least one Saint story, usually previously published in one of his books but occasionally original. In several mid-1960s issues, however, he substituted Instead of the Saint, a series of essays on topics of interest to him. The rest of the material in the magazines consisted of novellas and short stories by other mystery writers of the day. An Australian edition was also published for a few years in the 1950s. In 1984 Charteris attempted to revive the Saint magazine, but it ran for only three issues.[20]

Leslie Charteris himself portrayed The Saint in a photo play in Life magazine: The Saint Goes West.

Book series Most Saint books were collections of novellas or short stories, some of which were published individually either in magazines or in smaller paperback form. Many of the books have also been published under different titles over the years; the titles used here are the more common ones for each book.

From 1964 to 1983, the Saint books were collaborative works; Charteris acted in an editorial capacity and received front cover author credit, while other authors wrote these stories and were credited inside the book. These collaborative authors are noted. (Sources: Barer and the editions themselves.)

Year First publication title (and author if not Charteris) Stories Alternative titles 1928 Meet the Tiger novel Meet - the Tiger! The Saint Meets the Tiger Scoundrels Ltd. Crooked Gold The Saint in Danger 1930 Enter the Saint "The Man Who was Clever" "The Policeman with Wings" "The Lawless Lady" (Some editions contain only two stories, in different combinations) none 1930 The Last Hero novel The Creeping Death Sudden Death The Saint Closes the Case The Saint and the Last Hero 1930 Knight Templar novel The Avenging Saint 1931 Featuring the Saint (originally published UK only) "The Logical Adventure" "The Wonderful War" "The Man Who Could Not Die" none 1931 Alias the Saint (originally published UK only) "Story of a Dead Man" "The Impossible Crime" "The National Debt" Avon paperback contains only "The National Debt" and "The Man Who Could Not Die" from the previous book. none 1931 Wanted for Murder (US only) America-only edition combining Featuring the Saint and Alias the Saint (only US edition of these books until the 1960s) Avon paperback has only "The Story of a Dead Man" and "The Impossible Crime" from the previous book. Paging the Saint 1931 She Was a Lady novel The Saint Meets His Match Angels of Doom 1932 The Holy Terror "The Inland Revenue" "The Million Pound Day" "The Melancholy Journey of Mr. Teal" The Saint Vs. Scotland Yard 1932 Getaway novel The Saint's Getaway Property of the Deceased Two Men from Munich 1933 Once More the Saint "The Gold Standard" "The Man from St. Louis" "The Death Penalty" The Saint and Mr. Teal 1933 The Brighter Buccaneer "The Brain Workers" "The Export Trade" "The Tough Egg" "The Bad Baron" "The Brass Buddha" "The Perfect Crime" "The Unpopular Landlord" "The New Swindle" "The Five Thousand Pound Kiss" "The Blind Spot" "The Unusual Ending" "The Unblemished Bootlegger" "The Appalling Politician" "The Owner's Handicap" "The Green Goods Man" none 1934 The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal "The Simon Templar Foundation" "The Higher Finance" "The Art of Alibi" The Saint in London The Saint in England 1934 Boodle "The Ingenious Colonel" "The Unfortunate Financier" "The Newdick Helicopter" "The Prince of Cherkessia" "The Treasure of Turk's Lane" "The Sleepless Knight" "The Uncritical Publisher" "The Noble Sportsman" "The Damsel in Distress" "The Loving Brothers" "The Tall Timber" "The Art Photographer" "The Man Who Liked Toys" "The Mixture as Before" (some editions omit the stories "The Uncritical Publisher" and "The Noble Sportsman") The Saint Intervenes 1934 The Saint Goes On "The High Fence" "The Elusive Ellshaw" "The Case of the Frightened Innkeeper" none 1935 The Saint in New York novel none 1936 Saint Overboard novel The Pirate Saint The Saint Overboard 1937 The Ace of Knaves "The Spanish War" "The Unlicensed Victuallers" "The Beauty Specialist" The Saint in Action 1937 Thieves' Picnic novel The Saint Bids Diamonds 1938 Prelude for War novel The Saint Plays with Fire The Saint and the Sinners 1938 Follow the Saint "The Miracle Tea Party" "The Invisible Millionaire" "The Affair of Hogsbotham" none 1939 The Happy Highwayman "The Man Who was Lucky" "The Smart Detective" "The Wicked Cousin" "The Well-Meaning Mayor" "The Benevolent Burglary" "The Star Producers" "The Charitable Countess" "The Mug's Game" "The Man Who Liked Ants" (some editions omit the stories "The Charitable Countess" and "The Mug's Game"; story order also varies between editions) none 1940 The Saint in Miami novel none 1942 The Saint Goes West "Arizona" "Palm Springs" "Hollywood" (Some editions omit "Arizona") none 1942 The Saint Steps In novel none 1944 The Saint on Guard "The Black Market" "The Sizzling Saboteur" (Some editions omit the second story, which is often published on its own) The Saint and the Sizzling Saboteur (single story reprint) 1946 The Saint Sees it Through novel none 1948 Call for the Saint "The King of the Beggars" "The Masked Angel" none 1948 Saint Errant "Judith: The Naughty Niece" "Iris: The Old Routine" "Lida: The Foolish Frail" "Jeannine: The Lovely Sinner" "Lucia: The Homecoming of Amadeo Urselli" "Teresa: The Uncertain Widow" "Luella: The Saint and the Double Badger" "Emily: The Doodlebug" "Dawn: The Darker Drink" none 1953 The Saint in Europe "Paris: The Covetous Headsman" "Amsterdam: The Angel's Eye" "The Rhine: The Rhine Maiden" "Tirol: The Golden Journey" "Lucerne: The Loaded Tourist" "Juan-les-Pins: The Spanish Cow" "Rome: The Latin Touch" none 1955 The Saint on the Spanish Main "Bimini: The Effete Angler" "Nassau: The Arrow of God" "Jamaica: The Black Commissar" "Puerto Rico: The Unkind Philanthropist" "Virgin Islands: The Old Treasure Story" "Haiti: The Questing Tycoon" (some editions contain only 4 stories) none 1956 The Saint Around the World "Bermuda: The Patient Playboy" "England: The Talented Husband" "France: The Reluctant Nudist" "Middle East: The Lovelorn Sheik" "Malaya: The Pluperfect Lady" "Vancouver: The Sporting Chance" none 1957 Thanks to the Saint "The Bunco Artists" "The Happy Suicide" "The Good Medicine" "The Unescapable Word" "The Perfect Sucker" "The Careful Terrorist" none 1958 Señor Saint "The Pearls of Peace" "The Revolution Racket" "The Romantic Matron" "The Golden Frog" none 1959 The Saint to the Rescue "The Ever-Loving Spouse" "The Fruitful Land" "The Percentage Player" "The Water Merchant" "The Gentle Ladies" "The Element of Doubt" none 1962 Trust the Saint "The Helpful Pirate" "The Bigger Game" "The Cleaner Cure" "The Intemperate Reformer" "The Uncured Ham" "The Convenient Monster" none 1963 The Saint in the Sun "Cannes: The Better Mousetrap" "St. Tropez: The Ugly Impresario" "England: The Prodigal Miser" "Nassau: The Fast Women" "Florida: The Jolly Undertaker" "Lucerne: The Russian Prisoner" "Provence: The Hopeless Heiress" none 1964 Vendetta for the Saint (Harry Harrison, Leslie Charteris) novel none 1968 The Saint on TV (Fleming Lee, John Kruse) "The Death Game" "The Power Artist" (novelisation of TV scripts) none 1968 The Saint Returns (Fleming Lee, John Kruse, D.R. Motton, Leigh Vance) "The Dizzy Daughter" "The Gadget Lovers" (novelisation of TV scripts) none 1968 The Saint and the Fiction Makers (Fleming Lee, John Kruse) novelisation of TV script none 1969 The Saint Abroad (Fleming Lee, Michael Pertwee) "The Art Collectors" "The Persistent Patriots" (novelisation of TV scripts) none 1970 The Saint in Pursuit (Fleming Lee, Leslie Charteris) novelization of comic strip none 1971 The Saint and the People Importers (Fleming Lee, Leslie Charteris) novelisation of TV script none 1975 Catch the Saint (Fleming Lee, Norman Worker) "The Masterpiece Merchant" "The Adoring Socialite" none 1976 The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace (Christopher Short) novel none 1977 Send for the Saint (Peter Bloxsom, John Kruse, Donald James) "The Midas Double" "The Pawn Gambit" none 1978 The Saint in Trouble (Graham Weaver, John Kruse, Terence Feely) "The Imprudent Professor" (Return of the Saint episode novelisation) "The Red Sabbath" none 1979 The Saint and the Templar Treasure (Graham Weaver, Donne Avenell) novel none 1980 Count on the Saint (Graham Weaver, Donne Avenell) "The Pastors' Problem" "The Unsaintly Santa" none 1983 Salvage for the Saint (Peter Bloxsom, John Kruse) novel (Return of the Saint episode novelisation) none 1997 The Saint (Burl Barer, Jonathan Hensleigh, Wesley Strick) film novelization none 1997 Capture the Saint (Burl Barer) novel none Omnibus editions Year First publication title Stories From 1939 The First Saint Omnibus The Man Who was Clever The Wonderful War The Story of a Dead Man The Unblemished Bootlegger The Appalling Politician The Million Pound Day The Death Penalty The Simon Templar Foundation The Unfortunate Financier The Sleepless Knight The High Fence The Unlicensed Victuallers The Affair of Hogsbotham Enter the Saint Featuring the Saint Alias the Saint The Brighter Buccaneer The Brighter Buccaneer The Holy Terror Once More the Saint The Misfortunes of Mr Teal Boodle Boodle The Saint Goes On The Ace of Knaves Follow the Saint 1952 The Second Saint Omnibus The Star Producers The Wicked Cousin The Man Who Liked Ants Palm Springs The Sizzling Saboteur The Masked Angel Judith Jeannine Teresa Dawn The Happy Highwayman The Happy Highwayman The Happy Highwayman The Saint Goes West The Saint On Guard Call For The Saint Saint Errant Saint Errant Saint Errant Saint Errant French adventures A number of Saint adventures were published in French over a 30-year period, many of which have yet to be published in English. Many of these stories were ghostwritten by Madeleine Michel-Tyl and credited to Charteris (who exercised some editorial control). The French books were generally novelisations of scripts from the radio series, or novels adapted from stories in the American Saint comic strip. One of the writers who worked on the French series, Fleming Lee, later wrote for the English-language books.[6]

Unpublished worksEdit

Burl Barer's history of The Saint identifies two manuscripts that to date have not been published. The first is a collaboration between Charteris and Fleming Lee called Bet on the Saint that was rejected by Doubleday, the American publishers of the Saint series. Charteris, Barer writes, chose not to submit it to his United Kingdom publishers, Hodder & Stoughton. The rejection of the manuscript by Doubleday meant that The Crime Club's long-standing right of first refusal on any new Saint works was now ended and the manuscript was then submitted to other United States publishers, without success. Barer also tells of a 1979 novel titled The Saint's Lady by a Scottish fan, Joy Martin, which had been written as a present for and as a tribute to Charteris. Charteris was impressed by the manuscript and attempted to get it published, but it too was ultimately rejected. The manuscript, which according to Barer is in the archives of Boston University, features the return of Patricia Holm.

According to the Saintly Bible website, at one time Leslie Charteris biographer Ian Dickerson was working on a manuscript (based upon a film story idea by Charteris) for a new novel titled Son of the Saint in which Templar shares an adventure with his son by Patricia Holm. The book has, to date, not been published.[21]

In popular cultureEdit

Pilot with The Saint icon In the 2003 BBC documentary series "Heroes and Weapons of World War II" titled "The Man Who Designed the Spitfire" (Episode 2) at approximately 18 minutes in the film an RAF pilot is seen at rest in his dispersal hut with a large 'The Saint' stick man logo on his flying gear (see image at right). He is perhaps showing some personal identification with Simon Templar's own war against Germany in the novella 'Arizona'.[22]

In 1980 English punk band Splodgenessabounds released a single "Simon Templer" (misspelling intentional). It reached number 7 in the UK charts. The song appears mocking of the TV character, concluding “I think Simon’s a bit of a bore/Ian Ogilvy and Podgy Moore.” [23]


Leslie Charteris. She Was a Lady. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1931, p. 26 The Sporting Chance in The Saint Around the World

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The Saintly Bible: large site about Leslie Charteris's creation (including news blog) Official site for Leslie Charteris The Saint Novels in French Listing of all English-language Saint radio programs [1] Public domain recordings of Saint radio episodes in MP3 format, starring Vincent Price. [hide] v t e The Saint, created by Leslie Charteris Characters Simon Templar Patricia Holm Claud Eustace Teal Books by Leslie Charteris Meet the Tiger (1928) Enter the Saint (1930) The Last Hero (1930) Knight Templar (1930) Featuring the Saint (UK only – 1931) Alias the Saint (UK only – 1931) Wanted for Murder (US only – 1931) She Was a Lady (1931) The Holy Terror (1932) Getaway (1932) Once More the Saint (1933) The Brighter Buccaneer (1933) The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal (1934) Boodle (1934) The Saint Goes On (1934) The Saint in New York (1935) Saint Overboard (1936) The Ace of Knaves (1937) Thieves' Picnic (1937) Prelude for War (1938) Follow the Saint (1938) The Happy Highwayman (1939) The Saint in Miami (1940) The Saint Goes West (1942) The Saint Steps In (1942) The Saint on Guard (1944) The Saint Sees it Through (1946) Call for the Saint (1948) Saint Errant (1948) The Saint in Europe (1953) The Saint on the Spanish Main (1955) The Saint Around the World (1956) Thanks to the Saint (1957) Señor Saint (1958) The Saint to the Rescue (1959) Trust the Saint (1962) The Saint in the Sun (1963) Collaborations

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Vendetta for the Saint (1964) The Saint on TV (1968) The Saint Returns (1968) The Saint and the Fiction Makers (1968) The Saint Abroad (1969) The Saint in Pursuit (1970) The Saint and the People Importers (1971) Catch the Saint (1975) The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace (1976) Send for the Saint (1977) The Saint in Trouble (1978) The Saint and the Templar Treasure (1979) Count on the Saint (1980) Salvage for the Saint (1983) Books by Burl Barer The Saint (film novelization) (1997) Capture the Saint (1997) Unpublished works The Saint's Second Front (1941) Bet on the Saint (1968) The Saint's Lady (1979) Cinema films The Saint in New York (1938) The Saint Strikes Back (1939) The Saint in London (1939) The Saint's Double Trouble (1940) The Saint Takes Over (1940) The Saint in Palm Springs (1941) The Saint's Vacation (1941) The Saint Meets the Tiger (1943) The Saint's Return (1953) Le Saint mène la danse (1960) Le Saint prend l'affût (1966) The Saint (1997) TV films The Fiction Makers (1968) Vendetta for the Saint (1969) The Saint and the Brave Goose (1983) The Saint in Manhattan (1987) Fear in Fun Park (1989) The Saint: The Blue Dulac (1989) The Saint: The Brazilian Connection (1989) The Saint: Wrong Number (1990) The Saint: The Software Murders (1990) The Saint: The Big Bang (1990) The Saint (2017) Radio and TV series The Saint (radio program) The Saint (TV series) episodes Return of the Saint "Vicious Circle" Related articles Daredevil (1929) (Teal's first appearance) S.W.O.R.D. (fictional organization) Hirondel (Templar's car) Wikipedia book Book Category Category Categories: Characters in British novels of the 20th centuryFictional characters introduced in 1928Fictional con artistsFictional detectivesFictional English peopleFictional gentleman thievesFictional vigilantesThe SaintSpy film charactersBritish novels adapted into filmsBritish novels adapted into playsNovels adapted into comicsNovels adapted into television programsNovels adapted into radio programsMale characters in literature Navigation menu Not logged inTalkContributionsCreate accountLog inArticleTalkReadEditView historySearch

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Catch the Saint - Book #47 of the Simon Templar 

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The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace - Book #48 of the Simon Templar 

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Send for the Saint - Book #49 of the Simon Templar 

Send for the Saint John Kruse From $3.79

The Saint in Trouble - Book #50 of the Simon Templar 

The Saint in Trouble Graham Weaver, Leslie Charteris From $4.11

The Saint and the Templar Treasure - Book #51 of the Simon Templar 

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Count on the Saint - Book #52 of the Simon Templar 

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The Saint Solves the Case Ian Dickerson Out of stock Home | Volvo/Cars | News/Rumors | TV | Film | Radio | Sources | Saint Club | Books | FAQ | Biography | Book Sales | Magazines | Want List | Mystery Library The Saint Works of Leslie Charteris and the Adventures of Simon Templar Saint logo The famous logo of The Saint; it has an almost magical nostalgia about it, bringing different emotions and responses from anyone who sees it. Most remember watching Roger Moore playing Simon Templar in the 1960s, as he drove his white Volvo P1800 across our television sets, while others recall George Sanders in a dusty 1940s theater catering to the RKO "B" crowd. Old-time radio fans can still hear the famous voice of Vincent Price broadcasting the adventures of The Saint over the airwaves on CBS and NBC, and yet a younger generation might see a vision of Ian Ogilvy wearing those 1970s fashions we love to hate, starring in The Return of the Saint. A few hearty fans might even conjure up Simon Dutton in his role as the famous Simon Templar in the 1980s. The 1990's featured a big budget Paramount film starring Val Kilmer in many disguises driving around a new Volvo C70 sports coupe. The more literary minded of us recall a series of books written by Leslie Charteris, dating back to the 1920s that was still being added to in the 1980s. Readers of pulp magazines have pleasant memories of The Saint Mystery Magazine, as well as other stories appearing in such magazines as Black Mask, Double Detective and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. The Saint also ventured into the comics section of our newspapers, battling alongside Dick Tracy and the other Sunday heroes. Simon Templar even had his own series of bubblegum cards, and with a TV series currently under option in the new millennium, one thing remains unchanged: Watch for the sign of The Saint, he will be back.

The Latest News About The Saint Saint Bookmarks Archive The Saint starring Adam Rayner now Available The Saint Returns to Paramount The Saint is Back in Print First Look at the new Saint: Promo Trailer Roger Moore joins growing Cast of #TheSaint Week One on Set of #TheSaint Adam Rayner is The Saint on TV in 2013 The Saint RKO Films on DVD Headlines by FeedBurner About Simon Templar, The Saint, and Leslie Charteris I have been trying to make a picture of a man. Changing, yes. Developing, I hope. Fantastic, improbable-perhaps. Quite worthless, quite irritating, if you feel that way. Or a slightly cockeyed ideal, if you feel differently. It doesn't matter so much, so long as you feel that you would recognise him if you met him tomorrow.

         --Leslie Charteris, describing Simon Templar alias The Saint, 1939

The Saint's Cars and other Vehicles The Volvo, Jaguar, Jensen, and BMW vehicles driven by The Saint

The white Volvo P1800 used in The Saint with Roger Moore The white Jaguar XJS used in The Return of the Saint with Ian Ogilvy The silver blue BMW R100RS Motorcycle also used in The Return of the Saint with Ian Ogilvy The black Lamborghini Countach that Andrew Clarke drove in The Saint in Manhattan The dark blue Jensen Interceptor used in The Saint with Simon Dutton The mythical Hirondel that The Saint drove in many of the books The Saint on TV, in Film, and on Radio Many actors have portrayed Leslie Charteris' literary creation, Simon Templar, alias The Saint on television, in the movies, and on old-time radio.

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Create New the Saint, the first novel in the series... that Leslie Charteris was willing to acknowledge.note 

The character of The Saint was created by Leslie Charteris in 1928 for a series of tales which ran until 1983, published as The Saint. The character's success in print — short stories, novellas and novels in roughly equal measure — led to many adaptations in other media. Our hero, Simon Templar, is significantly better known by his nickname "the Saint." The origins of his nom de guerre are uncertain, other than the coincidence of his initials, but it is certain that his heroic exploits fly in the face of a nefarious reputation. Like Raffles and Arsène Lupin before him, Simon is a thoroughgoing, unrepentant and in fact joyful criminal. The Saint is a past master at every way (that existed in his time) of illegally separating marks from their money. Police on multiple continents, including and especially Chief Inspector Claud Eustace Teal of Scotland Yard, have done their futile best to bring in the Saint — while at the same time owing some of their biggest arrests to the assistance of Simon Templar. This unusual relationship to law enforcement is because Simon's unique moral philosophy places him completely on the side of the, well, saints. His usual targets are referred to collectively, by him, as the "Ungodly". Some are obvious evildoers, including gangsters, murderers and, from roughly 1939-1945, the agents of the Axis. Others of the Ungodly, however, are known as such only to the Saint and his friends; these include corrupt politicians, crooked business men, and (before 1939) warmongering arms dealers. The fortunate Ungodly escape merely with vastly-reduced ill-gotten fortunes; the Saint donates a percentage of his score to charity, and the remainder to himself and his partners in crime. This obviously leads to comparisons, both favorable and otherwise, to Robin Hood. However, when his singular code of ethics demands it, Templar is willing to ruin the lives of the Ungodly or even kill them, justifying these admitted murders as necessary to defend the lives of the innocent. Initially, Templar was usually depicted as working with a number of other adventurous young men: right-hand-man Roger Conway, lady-killer Richard "Dicky" Tremayne, technical wizard Archie Sheridan, and doomed hero Norman Kent. Occasionally, the team included his Old Retainer Orace, though mainly in a background/support role. And, very often, Templar heavily relied on his true love, Patricia Holm, who was far more competent than the average heroine of her day. During this period, although the Saint could and did operate internationally, the series was strongly centered around Great Britain, and especially London — the closest thing the Saint has to a home town. By the mid-1930s, Conway, Tremayne, Sheridan, and Kent had left the field. Templar carried on with Patricia, Peter Quentin — who first appeared as a con victim whom Templar saves from a long prison term — and his most unusual associate, good old Hoppy Uniatz. Mr. Uniatz was a not-overly-bright but unswervingly loyal and courageous, not to mention handy with a Colt 1911 .45 semi-auto, veteran of the Prohibition-era NYC underworld. He was also (according to Charteris) the first Breakout Character in the series, to the point that as the series went on, Simon would appear with only Hoppy as support. The Saint also left the UK more often during this time, especially as his wartime exploits demanded. Roughly from the beginning of the 1950s, though, even Hoppy had moved on. The Saint was left, essentially, a lone wolf. His solo status also seemingly cut the final threads holding him to England; for the last 20 years of the series, Simon was a true globetrotter, and stories set in London Town became far more the exception than the rule. Beginning in the 1960s, Charteris occasionally updated stories for reprints, replacing outdated references to topical matters such as pop culture and politics with more modern examples. By the 1970s, he stopped doing that; as with Sherlock Holmes, to which series he directly referred, Charteris believed that part of the charm of the stories was their evocation of their time period. Charteris wrote all the stories and novels published between 1928 and 1963. From 1964 onwards other writers took over and continued writing stories (many of which adapted episodes of The Saint and Return Of The Saint from TV). These writers were usually credited inside the books, but Charteris received sole credit on the covers. The final Saint novel in the original run was published in 1983. The Saint provides examples of the following tropes: Ace Pilot: Simon's skill in the air is key to several adventures, notably The Newdick Helicopter and The Damsel in Distress, but it is put on full display in The Art of Alibi; in this story, Simon fights a dogfight and wins despite the fact that his plane is unarmed. Achievements in Ignorance: In The Newdick Helicopter, one of the Ungodly buys plans for a 'helicopter' (actually an autogyro) to use as bait for unwary small investors. When the Con Man assembles the helicopter, he discovers it cannot take off vertically as he expected it to. Assuming he had put it together wrong, he starts tinkering with it and ends up inventing a fully functioning helicopter. (Note that this story was published in 1933, several years before the first fully functioning helicopter was built.) The Alibi: Simon Templar is a past master of these; further, his associates learn well from him. In The Gold Standard, immediately upon the Saint's return to the UK from a trip abroad, a small but nasty specimen of the Ungodly is knocked out and robbed blind. The only clue is the Sign of the Saint, left behind by the perp. Unfortunately for the long-suffering enforcers of the Law, Simon is having a lengthy chat with Chief Inspector Teal in a provincial police station at the exact time the crime occurred. Of course, it was quick-thinking Patricia who took advantage of the opportunity — as noted above, she was far above average for the time. Allergic to Routine: The Saint. Pat also, but not quite as badly. All Just a Dream: The very offbeat story variously titled Dawn or The Darker Drink may have been this; or Simon may have temporarily been a Dream Walker in another's Dying Dream. By the end of the story, neither he nor we are sure. Ambiguously Brown: Charteris's own mixed English and Chinese ancestry may have implications for the frequent references to Simon's tanned complexion and thick, straight black hair. Arch-Enemy: Rayt Marius for a couple of books and a short story; he has the distinction of being the only villain to kill one of the Saint's gang. Badass Driver: His passengers disagree on which he is, but all who've seen him behind the wheel — especially of his beloved Hirondel — agree Simon Templar is either badass or barking mad. His remarkably accident-free record tends to indicate the former. Badass in a Nice Suit: Simon, in virtually every adventure. Banana Republic: The Wonderful War is the story of how The Saint (almost) singlehandedly liberates one of these. Batman Gambit: The Saint loves these with a holy love. A prime example is in The Man From St. Louis, where he manipulates a vicious wannabe-bigshot mook into disposing of a white slaver — and in such a way that Chief Inspector Teal immediately arrests said mook. Battle Butler: Orace attends Simon throughout most of the pre-World War II adventures; however, his combat abilities are mostly implied by references to his time in the service, and he never plays as prominent a role as, say, Alfred Pennyworth. Berserk Button: Do not hurt or threaten Pat; he will go into Unstoppable Rage even if he is badly wounded. In fact, do not hurt any woman in his presence. Period. He will undertake your systematic destruction and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it, and you can expect no mercy. The Big Rotten Apple: The Saint in New York is set in the immediate post-Prohibition era of NYC; all the corruption without even the fig leaf of resisting an unpopular law. Birds of a Feather: Pat and Simon Templar; Templar often comments that she's the only woman he's ever met who shares his lust for life and adventure. In The Saint in New York, Simon realizes that this was also true of Fay Edwards — a realization that comes too late. Blackmail Backfire: Type 2 in The Art Photographer, among others. Bookcase Passage: In The Affair of Hogsbotham, Simon's country house has a tiny room concealed behind a bookcase secret door. As one might expect from the Saint, though, the opening mechanism is far more complex than the usual pull-the-right-book trick. Britain Is Only London: Averted. Many of Simon's exploits take place in London, but he also has adventures across the isle, especially on the coasts. Calling Card: The familiar haloed stick figure was Simon's trademark, often sent before an adventure as a warning, during as an ominous reminder, and after as a signature to a completed work. Even after his identity is made public, Simon continues to use it; as Inspector Teal observes glumly, Scotland Yard knows it's his trademark, but the fact that everyone in England knows it too allows Simon to claim that some cheap crook was just copying it. In one of the stories in The Saint in London, one of the Ungodly finally tries a Frame-Up using the Sign of the Saint. Simon is only surprised that it's taken someone so long. He further muses that perhaps every other crook who thought of it was smart enough to realize that it would only attract his attention, and that it's far better to take their chances with Scotland Yard than with The Saint. Card Sharp: The Man Who Was Clever establishes the Saint's skill at this; surrounded by a gang of experienced hoods and despite the fact that their own Sharp has stacked the deck, he still deals himself a winning hand. (Simon does, however, prefer to play honestly; although he's never shown to be a Professional Gambler, he usually wins anyway because he's so good at reading other people.) Casual Danger Dialog: If there is any story in the Saint series that does not feature Templar doing this, it's not a Saint book. Catch-Phrase: "As the bishop said to the actress/as the actress said to the bishop," an Edwardian British predecessor to "that's what she said," was used by Simon in his very first adventure and for many years thereafter. Cement Shoes: Narrowly averted in The High Fence. The Big Bad has kidnapped the Saint with a clever use of Knockout Gas, and gotten all the info he needs using scopolamine; he has no reason to keep Simon alive. At that point, rather than act with the same efficiency he's shown throughout, he delegates the disposal to his career criminal henchman. Said henchman doesn't take the time to make actual cement shoes; he just ties the Saint to an iron weight and drops him in the Thames. Of course the Saint always has a final trick up his sleeve.... The Charmer: The Saint. Women (almost always) find him irresistible. Further, he would never take advantage of a woman and is always courteous and (barring the occasional female villain) polite towards them. Comic-Book Time: As Charteris himself notes in The First Saint Omnibus, Templar was aging at a practically normal rate in the first decade or so. His aging process began to slow as The Saint dealt with Those Wacky Nazis. Then, from the time Charteris retired from primary authorship in 1963 through the end of the series 20 years later, Simon showed his age almost exclusively by a much more world-weary attitude than his exuberant pre-war years. Condescending Compassion: Templar loves pretending this attitude around and in regards to the police. Con Man: A high percentage of the Saint's targets, particularly in the short stories, are con artists who prey on the innocent, the unwary, and the desperate; it is their misfortune to attract the attention of the master of the craft, Simon himself. Cool Car: Leslie Charteris didn't believe that any car in the real world was cool enough for Simon to drive, so he made up one. The Hirondel was the ultimate roadster of the 1930s; its cost alone, let alone its fantastic performance, put it in the supercar class of Ferrari and Aston Martin today. Automobile Quarterly devoted an issue to imaginings of this fictional classic, images of which can be found here. In one later story (Vendetta for the Saint), an Italian mechanic who has devoted himself to preserving a Bugatti Type 41 "Royale" (currently worth approximately $10 million) is impressed that Simon drove a Hirondel. It's that cool. Much as he loved the Hirondel, though, the Saint appreciated the artistry of Ettore Bugatti equally. This led to a comedic Felony Misdemeanor moment when Simon discovers and safely disposes of a bomb that the Ungodly planted in the Royale. He's less annoyed that they were trying to kill him than that they were willing to destroy such a work of art to do so. Cops Need the Vigilante: The Saint lends his brain to the bobbies more than once — notable examples include The Appalling Politician and The Man Who Liked Toys — but when The Man From St. Louis tries to transplant "Chicago Way" crime to London, Teal flatly tells Simon, "You can do things we can't do." For the rest of the story, Teal and Scotland Yard as a whole abandon their usual intense interest in The Saint's activities, and our hero takes full advantage. Corrupt Corporate Executive: Just in the pages of The First Saint Omnibus, the Saint encounters Messrs. Hugo Campard (stock manipulator turned oil tycoon), W. Titus Oates (shady financier and philatelist), Sir Melvin Flager (trucking magnate and slave-driving, safety-ignoring boss), and, worst of all, Grant Lasser (legitimate importer of wine & spirits; smuggler of those and other things; and torture-murderer). Distaste for scum who pretend respectability is something Simon seems to more than share with the general public — the difference being, the Saint can do something about it. Corrupt Politician: The Simon Templar Foundation'snote initial endowment of one million pounds (more than 65 million pounds or $87 million in 2017!) is extracted from a quintet of examples from His Majesty's Government. Considering what Simon hints that he's learned about them in Rayt Marius's journal, they got off easy: The Saint: I don't want you to miss the idea, your lordship.... This isn't just ordinary naughtiness. This is high treason. Costume Porn: Particularly in the early adventures, Charteris goes into loving detail about the Saint's bespoke wardrobe. Could Say It, But...: During one of the rare and wonderful times Chief Inspector Teal and The Saint are not only on the same side, but actually working together, Claud Eustace indulges in a great deal of this to help Simon bring down The Appalling Politician. It works, but not quite as Claud Eustace expects. Cultured Badass: Simon has a deserved reputation as a connoisseur of fine food and wine; as noted in several entries on this very page, his fashion sense is impeccable; he behaves flawlessly in the highest of high society (unless his plans require deliberate misbehavior); and he is a five-star kicker of hindquarters. Damsel out of Distress: Most of the novels and stories through World War II feature Templar's true love, Patricia Holm, as an active accomplice in his exploits. She's also noted to be a very good shot and is the person he trusts to drive the getaway car when the chase is particularly hot. Villains have been known to be more afraid of the icy steel in her voice and eyes than they are of Templar at first meeting (of course, it probably helps that she's usually the one pointing a gun in those instances). Decoy Damsel: Pat occasionally (for example, in The Gold Standard) does a heroic version of this, allowing herself to get captured to further some plan of Simon's. Diabolical Mastermind: Rayt Marius, war profiteer and utter blackguard, earns his status as Simon's arch-foe, even striking out at Simon one last time from beyond the grave in The Simon Templar Foundation. Did Not Get the Girl: Pat eventually vanishes from the chronicles; some writers after Charteris have explored the details. Direct Line to the Author: At the close of Knight Templar, Simon is writing down his latest adventure "for the benefit of an author bloke I know, who has sworn to make a blood-and-thunder classic of us one day." Charteris plays with the notion again (almost in a Literary Agent Hypothesis fashion) in his notes for The First Saint Omnibus. Dirty Communist: One of the Saint's wilder later adventures, The Saint in Pursuit, has this as one of the antagonists, the other being a SS veteran. Both are racing Simon and the daughter of an American OSS operative for untraceable bearer bonds in the amount of $60 million (almost $390 million in 2018!), said bonds originally funded with Nazi Gold. Dirty Cop: The High Fence reveals an example at the very end. Dirty Coward: Galbraith Stride, in The Death Penalty, and Ronald Nilder in The Man From St. Louis reveal themselves to be thoroughgoing dastards. It is an indication of how low Simon thinks they are that, although they are now chatting each other up in a super-tropical climate, the Saint doesn't personally dirty his hands on either of them. Dissonant Serenity: The more angry The Saint is, the calmer and more relaxed he seems and the more likely he will call villains by ironic endearments as he describes in calm and loving detail how he is going to destroy them. It's only worse if he drops the endearments... The Unlicensed Victuallers learn this most horribly. Doesn't Like Guns: In the early stories, Simon considers firearms noisy and barbarous, isn't particularly expert with them, and further admits as much on more than one occasion; around World War II, his attitude relaxes and his expertise rises, in both cases considerably. Enhanced Interrogation Techniques: The Saint himself almost never resorts to what used to be called "the third degree" (although Hoppy isn't nearly so squeamish), but his manner when threatening mayhem is so unnervingly saintly that it usually breaks the resistance of the Mook-du-jour. Occasionally, though, Simon has to get creative with his techniques; for example, both The Unblemished Bootlegger and The Sleepless Knight get sent on variations of the Fauxtastic Voyage that literally bring them to their knees. Ethical Slut: Pat and Templar have an open relationship, but Templar usually avoids doing much more than flirting with other women because (while they might be more beautiful, and witty or charming) they can't match up to Pat for intelligence and thirst for adventure. Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: Certainly all The Saint's marks would say this, especially when he pulls off his wide-eyed innocent look and his beatific smile that usually marks his being particularly mischievous. Flaw Exploitation: Often used by The Saint; in fact, Simon has even used the hobbies of the Ungodly against them, notably versus The Unfortunate Financier. It is attempted against him, of course, but it is the rare time that he doesn't have a contingency for someone trying to do this. Flowery Insults: Occasionally, when Templar is in a poetic mood and you are starting to annoy him or piss him off or he wants to annoy and piss you off. Framing the Guilty Party: Done masterfully by The Saint in The Death Penalty. Gentleman Adventurer: Even invokes this trope by name when describing himself. Gentleman Snarker: Templar and his original companions noted above: Conway, Tremayne, Sheridan and Kent. Peter Quentin and Monty Hayward were just as snarky, though not quite as upper-crust. Gentleman Thief: The Saint, obviously, though occasionally his conduct slips down into Lovable Rogue territory. Going by the Matchbook: Averted in The Saint and the Sizzling Saboteur. The police find the matchbook used to set fire to the victim. One of the officers thinks this might be the clue that breaks the case open, only for the lead detective to reach into his pocket and pull out a matchbook, saying that he has no idea where this particular bar is or how the matchbook came to be in his possession. Good Is Not Soft: The Saint's entire modus operandi is built on this trope. Go-to Alias: Sebastian Tombs; eventually, this alias becomes almost as well known as Simon's nom de guerre. The Great Escape: In The Case of the Frightened Innkeeper, Simon and Hoppy become embroiled in one of these — but not as escapees themselves. The Greatest Story Never Told: In The Million Pound Day, the Saint foils a diabolically clever counterfeiting scheme that would've unleashed the titular value of fake lira on the European market. No one but Simon himself, Pat, and a few highly-placed Italian officials will ever know, though, because news of the very attempt would cause a financial panic. This would devastate Europe's economy even worse than it had already been by The Great Depression, if such a thing were possible. (It should also be noted that this adventure took place several years before Italy broke away from the League of Nations and from a friendly relationship with the U.K.) Heel–Face Turn: It doesn't happen often — possibly because the Ungodly often meet the Saint just before they meet their Maker — but by the end of the story, The Sleepless Knight is a changed man. It may not be a coincidence that this is one of a very few stories in which the Saint makes not a penny of profit. Heroic Sacrifice: In The Last Hero, made by Norman Kent High-Heel–Face Turn: As one might expect, Simon often has this effect (for example, The Affair Of Hogsbotham). On the other hand, "Straight Audrey" Perowne and Kathleen "The Mug" Allfield are wooed to the side of the Saints by the charms, not of The Saint, but of Dicky Tremayne and Peter Quentin respectively. Hired to Hunt Yourself: The Simon Templar Foundation introduced Hoppy Uniatz to the series; in turn, Hoppy introduces "Pete 'de Blood' Orconi" to the enemies of said institution, who hire "Pete" and Hoppy to take out the Foundation's founder. Of course, "Pete" is Simon himself. Hoist by His Own Petard: Simon regularly arranges this; he directly references (though not exact-quotes) the Shakespeare line in The Art Photographer and again in The Careful Terrorist . I Call It "Vera": The Saint's twin throwing knives, Anna and Belle. Both Simon and Hoppy refer to Hoppy's trusty equalizer as "Betsy." I Owe You My Life: Downplayed with Peter Quentin in his origin story, The Unblemished Bootlegger. It's unlikely that the stretch in His Majesty's Gaol from which The Saint saves him would've been fatal, but as Simon himself notes, it certainly isn't healthy; and, without ever mentioning it again, Peter goes on to become a valuable member of Simon's team. Icy Blue Eyes: Pat's are noted to be this, generally contrasting Simon's innocent baby blues. Also notable character-wise because it symbolizes her tendency to come across as more even keel and less manic than Templar. She can, however, do the Innocent Blue Eyes too, just to freak Teal out. Simon has these when he's angry. Impersonating an Officer: Used more than once; for example, Simon in Knight Templar, and Peter Quentin in The Affair of Hogsbotham. Ironic Nickname: Lots, but Templar's nickname of "Angel Face" for the very ugly Rayt Marius is the foremost example of this trope. His enemies would say this applies to Simon himself. I Shall Taunt You: Templar doesn't have an off button when he's around the police or villains. All of his insults are very snarky and both for his own (and his comrades) amusement and to keep villains and policemen off their balance. In one adventure (The Policeman With Wings), he defeats a villain using only his mocking wit. Innocent Blue Eyes: The Saint has these and is very, very aware of it. He loves giving beatifically innocent looks at his most infuriating. Internal Deconstruction: The late short storyThe Spanish Cow deconstructs Simon's usual attitudes and behaviour. He comes close to seducing and stealing from an unattractive, middle-aged, nouveau riche woman, and only realises at the last minute that he is about to do something truly evil to another person just because she isn't sexy and cool. Just Like Robin Hood: In the very earliest stories, The Saint steals from criminals and gives all but 10% of it to charities (unless it can be determined where the ill-gotten gains were stolen or extorted from in the first place, in which case The Saint gives it all back to its rightful owners). As the series goes on, the percentage varies, but The Saint never wavers in his philosophy — in The Man From St. Louis, Simon even sends some of his boodle to a policeman who'd been shot by the eponymous bad guy. Several tales refer to the newspaper stories that explicitly dub him "the Robin Hood of Modern Crime." Kansas City Shuffle: Another thing The Saint loves with a holy love. The Prince of Cherkessia, for example, is warned of the exact day on which the Saint will — for a variety of good reasons — steal the crown that has just been made for him by London's finest jewelers. Chief Inspector Teal guards the Prince and his crown practically as well as England's own Crown Jewels, and yet the crown is still stolen — because Claud Eustace could never imagine that the "Prince" is actually The Saint in disguise, and has been all along. Knife Nut: Templar prefers knives to guns, and is an expert with them. He is particularly fond of, and adept at, throwing them. Knight In Shining Armour: In The Last Hero, one of the earlier Saint novels (1931), Simon Templar takes backstage to his gallant and tragic associate Norman Kent, who falls in love hopelessly with Templar's girlfriend Patricia Holm (who hardly notices him) and at the end of the book sacrifices his life to let Templar and his other comrades-in-arms escape the current villain and fight again another day. A book called Knights Errant of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries by Caroline Whitehead and George Mc Leod says it all: "Norman Kent is an archetypal knight-errant. Though formally a man of 20th Century England, he lives (and dies) by the Code of Chivalry. He loves totally his Lady, Patricia Holm - who, like Don Quixote's Dulcinea, is not aware of that love. He is totally loyal to his Liege Lord, Simon Templar. Like Sir Gawain in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", Norman Kent takes on the threats to his Lord. Not only physicial threats to life and limb, but also the sometimes inavoidable need to take dishourable acts which would have reflected badly on the reputation of King Arthur/Simon Templar is taken on, wholly and without reservation, by Sir Gawain/Norman Kent." The Last Title: The Last Hero, which does not refer to Simon himself, but rather to Norman Kent. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Occasionally Templar talks about a situation or his life being rather like an adventure novel, and that if it stays true to form something will or won't happen. For example, in The Million Pound Day, Simon notes that he cannot be killed before page 320. Locked Room Mystery: The Man Who Liked Toys was the center of one of these. Long-Running Book Series: 50 books published between 1928 and 1983, all written or overseen by Leslie Charteris. Mad Scientist: The Saint mostly dealt with mundane villains; however, in The Man Who Liked Ants, Simon is faced with a classic example of this trope, majoring in Evilutionary Biologist studies. The Mafia: In Vendetta for the Saint, Simon takes on the actual Sicilian Mafia. Mark of Shame: In the backstory of The Death Penalty, it's revealed that the Saint bestowed his Sign on both (facial) cheeks of Abdul Osman, in an especially agonizing manner. Mr. Osman is a combination of all the worst stereotypes associated with rotund, Middle Eastern chieftains. Further, he makes his money in human trafficking and illicit narcotics. In short, in the Saint's eyes, he was let off lightly. On that occasion. Master Actor: The Saint. He often appears as a wealthy, amiable and helium-headed aristocrat (see below) but, when circumstances demand it, can appear to be a down-at-heel lorry driver, a haughty but corrupt barrister, an American "button man," or even a Central American peasant with little more than a change of clothes. Mercy Lead: The Saint has come to the apartment of Tex Goldman, The Man From St. Louis, for a rare Vigilante Execution. Before he can make his move, though, he overhears part of a conversation between Tex and a woman Simon thinks is just the gangster's moll. When Simon does move, he gets the drop on both and tells Tex that he's there to kill both of them. Tex faces the Saint down, saying that whatever Simon thinks the lady's done, he's wrong. Tex goes on, though, to say he can take it for both of them — because they were just married that day. Simon is so touched, he not only lets the young woman go (he never intended to harm her anyway), he also lets Tex flee with her, and even gives them back some of the loot that he, Simon, has just lifted from Tex's safe. Moral Guardians: Few things that are not actual felonies raise Simon's ire more than these. One, Mr. Ebenezer Hogsbotham, sets off an adventure that Charteris himself, in The First Saint Omnibus, called "a story that in its own way would summarize them all". By the end of The Affair of Hogsbotham, though Mr. H. never appears in person, the Saint has given him a most satisfactory comeuppance, while also solving a bank robbery, arranging for the sudden decease of said robbers, and enriching himself and his associates to the tune of fifteen thousand pounds. Motor Mouth: The Saint will only stop talking when his Gentleman Thief activities absolutely demand it. When he's excited or has a Eureka Moment his mouth tries a desperate job of trying to keep up with his brain, resulting in fragments of the subject in particular, bits of plans on what he's going to do, and jokes all jumbled together coming out of his mouth at a mile a minute (think The Doctor at his most insensibly manic). Even the most brilliant of his associates, notably Pat, find it a strain to keep up with him at these moments. Mr. Fanservice: Templar, even when he's wearing all his clothes. Ms. Fanservice: Pat or whatever woman happens to be in the story is usually described in loving detail. Mysterious Past: In one of the later adventures, The Saint In Pursuit, an American intelligence officer awkwardly tries to draw Simon out by mentioning that he hasn't been completely briefed about Templar's background. Simon's answer: "Nobody has." Never Gets Drunk: Simon himself can hold his liquor handily (see, for example, The Art Photographer), but Hoppy Uniatz's ability to imbibe is a source of astonishment to all who know him, including and especially the Saint. In view of Hoppy's unusual personality, he is probably a type 2. On the other hand, Simon hypothesizes he simply does not drink enough, which given the descriptions of how much and what he drinks would make him Type 3. The Nicknamer: Templar hands out these like he's handing out candy to children. Not My Driver: Played with on a World Cup level. It's both lampshaded and avoided in The Story Of a Dead Man. It's expected and turned against the Ungodly in The Gold Standard. It's played straight by Simon himself or one of his associates in The Man From St. Louis and The Sleepless Knight. And it's even played straight against the Saint in The High Fence. (In Simon's defense, he was being carted off by a Scotland Yard detective in the last instance, so he wasn't quite on his guard.) Omniglot: Simon is shown to be fluent in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German in addition to his native English. While very impressive, the total number doesn't rise to the level of some of the examples of this trope. However, it should also be noted that for the Saint, his level of fluency is such that he can pass as a native in multiple dialects of these languages, as part of his Master Actor abilities. Only Sane Man: Victimized by a Con Man, Peter Quentin is looking at bankruptcy and a stretch in a British prison until The Saint intervenes. He becomes one of Simon's most trusted assistants, but his incredulous bemusement with the Saint's devil-may-care mad genius never changes. Nothing Up My Sleeve: Simon's favorite hiding place for Anna, though he also uses a calf sheath on occasion. The Pardon: In Knight Templar, the one time the bobbies had him dead to rights, all Detective-Inspector Carn can say to him is, "I think the King is waiting to speak to you." Simon had just prevented the bombing of a train carrying His Majesty and other members of the royal family. Percussive Pickpocket: Simon uses this to save a young man from a prison stretch in The Man Who Was Clever. His pickpocket skills also come in handy in The Gold Standard and The Man from St. Louis. Protagonist Title: Many of the books in the series have The Saint in the title ; as noted above, though, The Last Hero refers not to Simon but to Norman Kent. Further, two of the books enshrine Mr Teal in their titles, as befitting his high status in the series (see below). Psycho Sidekick: Hoppy Uniatz to the nth degree. Templar is no shrinking violet himself, yet several times the Saint gets the Ungodly to talk simply by threatening to leave them alone with good old Hoppy. Hoppy will do anything Simon asks, and further interprets everything through his unorthodox upbringing and previous profession. In The Case of the Frightened Innkeeper, Templar forgets this. Meaning only for Hoppy to escort some of the Ungodly from the Saint's presence, Simon carelessly says "Get rid of them;" Hoppy does. Quitting to Get Married: Gender-flipped: it is either directly stated or strongly implied that Conway, Tremayne, Sheridan, and Quentin left the adventuring life for marriage. In Peter's case, though, it doesn't quite stick. Real Men Cook: Simon usually prefers to eat out, but is quite capable of making a delicious meal entirely on his own. Rebellious Spirit: The Saint, full stop. Teal lampshades this now and again; he sarcastically suggests to his superiors that they should make it a law that British subjects must commit a crime at regular intervals. The Saint would be thus be a traditional saint for those times, just to be contrary, and they'd get a little peace from him. Said superiors are not amused. Regretful Traitor: The Saint in Miami, which is also notable for being Simon's first adventure in the USA and his first direct encounter with Those Wacky Nazis, uses one of these skillfully for both its inciting incident and its climax. Rich Idiot with No Day Job: Played with: The Saint's skill at pretending to be an Upper-Class Twit is one of his most effective tactics against the Ungodly. However, it's strongly implied that Simon was not born into wealth and privilege, and compared to some of the examples of this trope, he's practically impoverished. Safe Cracking: Simon's larcenous expertise includes this too; The Man From St. Louis has him open and empty a gangster's safe "offscreen" — i.e. so easily that Charteris doesn't bother to write the scene. Shotgun Wedding: In The Damsel in Distress, Simon is enlisted to help bring one of these about. An Italian financier in England seduces and abandons the beautiful daughter of a fellow countryman. In fairness, his business practices, when uncovered by Scotland Yard, force him to flee the UK at approximately the same time. Since this is just the type of Ungodly that usually attracts Simon's attention, he is more than happy to serve as the pilot in a scheme to illegally extract the cad from Italy and return him to England — gratis! In the end, Simon discovers that the "family" may not even be related, and is in fact a CaperCrew who is exacting precisely the same kind of financial justice that Simon himself would usually dispense. Naturally Simon relieves them of their ill-gotten gains, which he would not have done had they only been up front with him. Slumming It: In The Wonderful War, Simon pretends to be a Banana Republic peon — and even lets himself be arrested! — to bring about his master plan. Sharp-Dressed Man: In any situation where it is remotely reasonable, Simon is the very flower of fashion. However, it is noted repeatedly that he simply looks phenomenal in whatever he happens to be wearing by virtue of good looks and sheer personality. The Spymaster: Another legacy of World War II: during the war, Simon worked for an American intelligence officer known only as "Hamilton". Sword Cane: In the early stories, particularly in The Man Who Was Clever, Simon is shown to be a master with one; since in those days a cane was still appropriate for upper-class gentlemen, he was also "seldom without it." Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist: Chief Inspector Claude Eustace Teal; one of (perhaps) two policemen whom the Saint considers a truly Worthy Opponent, his ongoing entanglement with the Saint is a constant bright spot in the pre-WWII books. Simon loves very few things more than poking Teal both verbally and physically, in Teal's well-padded midsection. But when the chips are down, Simon speaks of him with both affection and respect. The Saint alternates helping Teal solve the good Inspector's toughest cases (other than those that Simon committed himself, that is), and leaving Teal grasping at thin air when he attempts to nail Simon for the Saint's crimes. Further, Teal is shown to be a more-than-competent detective (for example, in The Unusual Ending) in every respect; it's simply that, as The Lawless Lady put it, "Simon Templar was not common clay; and Teal, who was of the good red earth earthy, recognized this without resentment." Finally, he and Simon have each saved the other's life at least once, in The Story of a Dead Man and The High Fence respectively. A Taste of the Lash: The Dragon of The Million Pound Day uses a whip as his favorite instrument of torture. At the orders of The Big Bad, he tries to use it on a (for once) tightly and efficiently bound Saint. Unfortunately for both underling and mastermind, the first stroke of the whip sets off a rage rising to temporary insanity that allows Simon to break his bonds. Simon then goes on to prove that he himself can Whip It Good. Terms of Endangerment: Templar tends to use pet names or terms of endearment when talking to villains; the sweeter, the more inappropriate, and the more frequent the endearments get, the closer the villains are to doom. Themed Aliases: Simon's aliases often use the initials "S.T." The "The" Title: The series is called The Saint. This Bear Was Framed: In The Convenient Monster, a murderer kills his victim with a Polynesian club studded with shark teeth and attempts to place the blame on the Loch Ness Monster! This Is My Name on Foreign: In Salvage For The Saint, Charles Tatenor's real name is revealed to be Schwarzkopf. As literally translating his surname into English would have sounded ridiculous ('blackhead'), he went for something that sounded like blackhead in French (tête noire). Trademark Favorite Food: Teal is extremely fond of gum, especially Wrigley's. Simon thoughtfully provides a fresh pack when Teal lets him know in advance that he's on his way to the Saint's current domicile for another friendly chat. Hoppy Uniatz and Scotch whiskey. The Trickster: The Saint. Oh hallowed heavens, The Saint! Perhaps the most extreme example comes in The Million Pound Day. The main villain sends the Saint a thorny little surprise in a pair of gloves. Simon's usual caution saves him, fortunately. Then Simon purchases a trick matchbox from a toy & novelty shop, and uses it to return the gift to the main villain. Let's just say The Joker would've been proud. Underhanded Hero: Above and beyond his already-noted larcenous proficiencies, Simon Templar is a confidence artist on a level above even Professor Harold Hill or Gondorff and Hooker. More often than not, the Ungodly are eagerly thrusting their ill-gotten gains into the Saint's hands. Beyond that, Simon has even conned the Ungodly into killing each other or themselves (see, for example, The Careful Terrorist). Finally, if absolutely necessary, the Saint will not hesitate to do his dirty work himself (see immediate next item). Vigilante Execution: Templar rarely resorts to this; he generally prefers to let the Ungodly engineer their own dooms. However, rarely is not never, as certain of the Ungodly in The Unlicensed Victuallers and The Gold Standard, amongst others, learn to their great sorrow. Warrior Poet: Templar writes poetry in comic and satirical vein to entertain and amuse his compatriots and to annoy his enemies, then sometimes more serious stuff about justice and chivalry. He is also prone to, amidst jokes, philosophize on battle, honor, chivalry, love, how modern man has lost his thirst for adventure, and any numbers of those combined. What the Hell, Hero?: The only time Patricia calls Simon out on anything in real anger occurs in The Melancholy Journey of Mr. Teal. The good Chief Inspector has almost nailed the Saint, when Simon informs him that without Teal's knowledge, Simon has been depositing money into Teal's account, making it appear that the detective is a Dirty Cop. The world, and Teal's superiors at Scotland Yard in particular, will all too readily accept this as the real reason Teal's never caught the Saint. Teal proce

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The Saint (1962–1969) Full Cast & Crew Series Directed by Leslie Norman ... (21 episodes, 1964-1969) Roy Ward Baker ... (18 episodes, 1963-1968) Jeremy Summers ... (12 episodes, 1962-1966) John Gilling ... (10 episodes, 1962-1969) Roger Moore ... (9 episodes, 1964-1968) John Llewellyn Moxey ... (7 episodes, 1963-1968) Peter Yates ... (7 episodes, 1963-1965) Robert S. Baker ... (4 episodes, 1962-1964) Jim O'Connolly ... (4 episodes, 1967-1969) James Hill ... (3 episodes, 1963-1965) John Paddy Carstairs ... (2 episodes, 1962-1964) John Ainsworth ... (2 episodes, 1962) Michael Truman ... (2 episodes, 1962) Robert Tronson ... (2 episodes, 1965) Freddie Francis ... (2 episodes, 1967-1969) Robert Asher ... (2 episodes, 1967-1968) Ray Austin ... (2 episodes, 1968) Anthony Bushell ... (1 episode, 1962) David Greene ... (1 episode, 1962) John Krish ... (1 episode, 1963) Robert Lynn ... (1 episode, 1963) David Eady ... (1 episode, 1964) Pat Jackson ... (1 episode, 1964) Ernest Morris ... (1 episode, 1964) Gordon Flemyng ... (1 episode, 1966) Alvin Rakoff ... (1 episode, 1969) Series Writing Credits Leslie Charteris ... (118 episodes, 1962-1969) Harry W. Junkin ... (20 episodes, 1963-1969) Terry Nation ... (14 episodes, 1964-1968) John Kruse ... (13 episodes, 1963-1969) Michael Cramoy ... (5 episodes, 1965-1969) Leigh Vance ... (5 episodes, 1966-1967) Norman Borisoff ... (4 episodes, 1962-1964) Norman Hudis ... (4 episodes, 1964-1965) John Graeme ... (4 episodes, 1964) Gerald Kelsey ... (3 episodes, 1962) Dick Sharples ... (3 episodes, 1962) Paddy Manning O'Brine ... (3 episodes, 1964-1966) Paul Erickson ... (3 episodes, 1964) Brian Degas ... (3 episodes, 1965) Michael Winder ... (3 episodes, 1966-1968) Michael Pertwee ... (3 episodes, 1967) Donald James ... (3 episodes, 1968-1969) Lewis Davidson ... (2 episodes, 1962-1963) John Gilling ... (2 episodes, 1962-1963) Richard Harris ... (2 episodes, 1962) Robert Banks Stewart ... (2 episodes, 1963-1964) Larry Forrester ... (2 episodes, 1963-1964) Bill Strutton ... (2 episodes, 1963) John Stanton ... (2 episodes, 1966) Julian Bond ... (1 episode, 1962) John Roddick ... (1 episode, 1962) Jack Sanders ... (1 episode, 1962) Leonard Grahame ... (1 episode, 1963) Kenneth R. Hayles ... (1 episode, 1963) Ian Stuart Black ... (1 episode, 1964) Basil Dawson ... (1 episode, 1964) Marcus Demian ... (1 episode, 1964) Ian Kennedy Martin ... (1 episode, 1964) Ronald Duncan ... (1 episode, 1965) Jesse Lasky Jr. ... (1 episode, 1965) Pat Lasky ... (1 episode, 1965) Douglas Enefer ... (1 episode, 1966) Terence Feely ... (1 episode, 1966) Roy Russell ... (1 episode, 1966) Alfred Shaughnessy ... (1 episode, 1966) Anthony Squire ... (1 episode, 1966) Philip Broadley ... (1 episode, 1967) Scott Forbes ... (1 episode, 1967) Derek Ford ... (1 episode, 1967) Donald Ford ... (1 episode, 1967) Robert Holmes ... (1 episode, 1968) Joe Morheim ... (1 episode, 1968) A. Sanford Wolfe ... (1 episode, 1968) Ray Austin ... (uncredited) (1 episode, 1968) Roger Moore ... (uncredited) (unknown episodes) Series Cast Roger Moore Roger Moore ... Simon Templar 118 episodes, 1962-1969 Ivor Dean Ivor Dean ... Inspector Teal / ... 24 episodes, 1963-1969 Leslie Crawford Leslie Crawford ... Chauffer / ... 9 episodes, 1965-1969 Justine Lord Justine Lord ... Galaxy Rose / ... 7 episodes, 1963-1968 Ricardo Montez Ricardo Montez ... Carlos Segovia / ... 7 episodes, 1962-1969 Larry Taylor Larry Taylor ... Alicron / ... 7 episodes, 1963-1969 Terence Mountain Terence Mountain ... Gate Guard / ... 7 episodes, 1965-1967 Suzanne Lloyd Suzanne Lloyd ... Claudia Molinelli / ... 6 episodes, 1964-1968 Arnold Diamond Arnold Diamond ... Colonel Latignant 6 episodes, 1963-1966 Peter Brace Peter Brace ... Ballard's Henchman fighting with Templar / ... 6 episodes, 1962-1969 Sylvia Syms Sylvia Syms ... Amos Klein / ... 5 episodes, 1964-1968 David Bauer David Bauer ... Burt Northwade / ... 5 episodes, 1962-1967 Annette Andre Annette Andre ... Annette / ... 5 episodes, 1964-1968 George Pastell George Pastell ... Marco Ponti / ... 5 episodes, 1962-1969 Paul Stassino Paul Stassino ... Abdul Osman / ... 5 episodes, 1962-1969 Robert Cawdron Robert Cawdron ... Sergeant Luduc / ... 5 episodes, 1962-1967 Marie Burke Marie Burke ... Donna Maria / ... 5 episodes, 1962-1969 Charles Houston Charles Houston ... Al Vitale / ... 5 episodes, 1962-1969 Hal Galili Hal Galili ... Bartender / ... 5 episodes, 1964-1969 Ray Austin Ray Austin ... Arthur / ... 5 episodes, 1963-1967 Erica Rogers Erica Rogers ... April Mallory / ... 4 episodes, 1962-1965 Suzan Farmer Suzan Farmer ... Ann Clanraith / ... 4 episodes, 1962-1968 Eddie Byrne Eddie Byrne ... Lucky Joe Luckner / ... 4 episodes, 1962-1969 John Carson John Carson ... Astron / ... 4 episodes, 1962-1967 Norman Bird Norman Bird ... George Hackett / ... 4 episodes, 1963-1968 Alex Scott Alex Scott ... André Grillot / ... 4 episodes, 1963-1969 Godfrey Quigley Godfrey Quigley ... Ballard / ... 4 episodes, 1963-1968 Jean Marsh Jean Marsh ... Ann / ... 4 episodes, 1964-1968 Guy Deghy Guy Deghy ... Carl Eberhard / ... 4 episodes, 1962-1969 Paul Whitsun-Jones Paul Whitsun-Jones ... Domenick Naccaro / ... 4 episodes, 1962-1964 Marne Maitland Marne Maitland ... Borota / ... 4 episodes, 1963-1969 John Bennett John Bennett ... Ardossi / ... 4 episodes, 1964-1967 Ferdy Mayne Ferdy Mayne ... Landek / ... 4 episodes, 1963-1967 Warren Stanhope Warren Stanhope ... Arnie Garnett / ... 4 episodes, 1962-1968 Ed Bishop Ed Bishop ... Cy Imberline / ... 4 episodes, 1964-1966 John Serret John Serret ... Bank Manager / ... 4 episodes, 1963-1967 Neville Becker Neville Becker ... Lieutenant Prevost / ... 4 episodes, 1962-1966 Martin Wyldeck Martin Wyldeck ... Bates / ... 4 episodes, 1964-1968 Maggie Wright Maggie Wright ... Girl Receptionist / ... 4 episodes, 1964-1967 Shirley Eaton Shirley Eaton ... Adrienne Halberd / ... 4 episodes, 1962-1968 Jeanne Moody Jeanne Moody ... Liane Fennick / ... 4 episodes, 1963-1964 Gerard Heinz Gerard Heinz ... Hortal / ... 4 episodes, 1963-1966 Andreas Malandrinos Andreas Malandrinos ... Gonzales / ... 4 episodes, 1964-1967 Caron Gardner Caron Gardner ... Carol Henley / ... 4 episodes, 1962-1968 Frank Maher Frank Maher ... Kraft / ... 4 episodes, 1966-1968 Terence Plummer Terence Plummer ... Chinese Guard / ... 4 episodes, 1967-1969 Dawn Addams Dawn Addams ... Countess Audrey Morova / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1966 Ronald Radd Ronald Radd ... Byron Ufferlitz / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1969 Peter Dyneley Peter Dyneley ... Nat Grendel / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1967 Joseph Fürst Joseph Fürst ... Dr. Ernst Zellerman / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1966 Penelope Horner Penelope Horner ... Hanya / ... 3 episodes, 1965-1966 Anthony Bate Anthony Bate ... Christopher Waites / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1968 George Murcell George Murcell ... Vogler / ... 3 episodes, 1965-1967 Kate O'Mara Kate O'Mara ... Annabel II / ... 3 episodes, 1967-1968 Kenneth J. Warren Kenneth J. Warren ... Warlock / ... 3 episodes, 1968 Martin Benson Martin Benson ... Inspector Yolu / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1967 Robert Hutton Robert Hutton ... Brett Sunley / ... 3 episodes, 1965-1968 Bill Nagy Bill Nagy ... David Stern / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1964 Warren Mitchell Warren Mitchell ... Marco Di Cesari / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1963 Walter Brown Walter Brown ... 'Doc' Spangler / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1965 Imogen Hassall Imogen Hassall ... Malia / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1968 Reg Lye Reg Lye ... Captain Bill Williams / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1965 Tony Wright Tony Wright ... John Herrick / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1968 George Pravda George Pravda ... Clinton Uckrose / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1966 Peter Illing Peter Illing ... Captain Garcia / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1966 Jerry Stovin Jerry Stovin ... Bob Kendricks / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1965 Michael Wynne Michael Wynne ... Franco de Cesarie / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1966 Anthony Newlands Anthony Newlands ... Father Bellini / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1969 Burt Kwouk Burt Kwouk ... Col. Wing / ... 3 episodes, 1965-1968 Fulton Mackay Fulton Mackay ... James Euston / ... 3 episodes, 1966-1969 Ronald Leigh-Hunt Ronald Leigh-Hunt ... Herbert Wexall / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1968 Jack Gwillim Jack Gwillim ... Major Carter / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1966 Stanley Meadows Stanley Meadows ... Bob Stryker / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1966 Jeremy Burnham Jeremy Burnham ... Flight Lieutenant Wills / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1966 John McLaren John McLaren ... Brinkley / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1965 Ronald Ibbs Ronald Ibbs ... Prof. Ernest Quell / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1965 Patrick Westwood Patrick Westwood ... Major Hussein / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1966 Nicholas Stuart Nicholas Stuart ... Atherton Lee / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1965 Sandor Elès Sandor Elès ... Andre / ... 3 episodes, 1965-1968 Alec Mango Alec Mango ... Abdul Aziz / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1964 Michael Robbins Michael Robbins ... Harry / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1968 John Tate John Tate ... Assayer / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1968 Raymond Adamson Raymond Adamson ... Guard at Villa / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1966 Norman Florence Norman Florence ... Carlo Visconti / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1966 Bruce Boa Bruce Boa ... Jack Williams / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1968 Peter Madden Peter Madden ... Lo Zio / ... 3 episodes, 1966-1969 Tony Wager Tony Wager ... Calder / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1966 Peter Elliott Peter Elliott ... Kwan Li / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1966 Mary Jones Mary Jones ... Mrs. Evans / ... 3 episodes, 1965-1966 John Forbes-Robertson John Forbes-Robertson ... Claude / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1966 Salmaan Peerzada Salmaan Peerzada ... Ahmed / ... 3 episodes, 1966-1969 Anne Sharp Anne Sharp ... Janet Blaise / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1964 John Bloomfield John Bloomfield ... Court Clerk / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1964 Terry Yorke Terry Yorke ... Jim / ... 3 episodes, 1965-1967 Thomas Baptiste Thomas Baptiste ... Grant / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1967 Frank Olegario Frank Olegario ... Bartender / ... 3 episodes, 1962-1964 Fredric Abbott Fredric Abbott ... Corbett / ... 3 episodes, 1963-1968 Steven Berkoff Steven Berkoff ... Bertoli / ... 3 episodes, 1969 Romo Gorrara Romo Gorrara ... Chinese Guard / ... 3 episodes, 1966-1967 Doris Graham Doris Graham ... Dancer at Capt. Kidd's Club / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1967 John Barrie John Barrie ... Coleman / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1966 Barbara Murray Barbara Murray ... Denise Dumont / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Ann Bell Ann Bell ... Marjorie North / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1967 Jane Merrow Jane Merrow ... Lois Norroy / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Peter Wyngarde Peter Wyngarde ... Tiberio Magadino / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1967 Ian Hendry Ian Hendry ... Alessandro Destamio 2 episodes, 1969 Nigel Davenport Nigel Davenport ... Aldo Petri / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1965 Oliver Reed Oliver Reed ... Aristides Koralis / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Renee Houston Renee Houston ... Ida Warshed / ... 2 episodes, 1964 Katherine Woodville Katherine Woodville ... Barbara Astral / ... 2 episodes, 1964 Jan Holden Jan Holden ... Cynthia Quillin / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1967 Lois Maxwell Lois Maxwell ... Beth Parish / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1967 Patricia Donahue Patricia Donahue ... Arlene Bland / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1967 Elspeth March Elspeth March ... Lucy Wexall / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Yolande Turner Yolande Turner ... Juliette Grillot / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1967 Eric Pohlmann Eric Pohlmann ... Carlos Xavier / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Sue Lloyd Sue Lloyd ... Luella / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1967 Noel Purcell Noel Purcell ... Brendan Cullin / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Fabia Drake Fabia Drake ... Aunt Hattie / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Jacqueline Ellis Jacqueline Ellis ... Alice Nestor / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Ann Gillis Ann Gillis ... Beryl Carrington / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Jennie Linden Jennie Linden ... Diane Holbrook / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Alan MacNaughtan Alan MacNaughtan ... Charlie Lewis / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Rosemary Dexter Rosemary Dexter ... Gina Destamio 2 episodes, 1969 Campbell Singer Campbell Singer ... Insp. Claude Teal / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1967 Eunice Gayson Eunice Gayson ... Christine Graner / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1965 Julian Glover Julian Glover ... Hilloram / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1968 Wanda Ventham Wanda Ventham ... Laura Stride / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Richard Wyler Richard Wyler ... Allessandro Naccaro / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 William Sylvester William Sylvester ... Foots Fortunati / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Percy Herbert Percy Herbert ... Hoppy / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1965 Alan Gifford Alan Gifford ... Inspector Fernack 2 episodes, 1962 Suzanne Neve Suzanne Neve ... Julia Jeffroll / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1965 Alfred Burke Alfred Burke ... Harry Shannet / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Neil McCallum Neil McCallum ... Ed Jopley / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Peter Bowles Peter Bowles ... Maurice Kerr / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1967 Victor Beaumont Victor Beaumont ... Dr. Schreiber / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Maurice Good Maurice Good ... Brine / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1968 Glynn Edwards Glynn Edwards ... Igor / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Aimi MacDonald Aimi MacDonald ... Lily 2 episodes, 1969 George A. Cooper George A. Cooper ... Harold Laker / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1969 John Robinson John Robinson ... Jason Douglas / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1968 Francis Matthews Francis Matthews ... Andre / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1967 James Maxwell James Maxwell ... Jock Ingram / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1967 Gary Cockrell Gary Cockrell ... Bill Fulton / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1963 John Ronane John Ronane ... Justin Pritchard / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1969 Philip Latham Philip Latham ... Arthur Ellshaw / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Moultrie Kelsall Moultrie Kelsall ... Calvin Gray / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Anthony Nicholls Anthony Nicholls ... George Marsh / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 T.P. McKenna T.P. McKenna ... Malone / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1968 Derek Newark Derek Newark ... Carl / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Philip Locke Philip Locke ... Frug 2 episodes, 1968 Tommy Duggan Tommy Duggan ... Kovicek / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 John Bluthal John Bluthal ... Guido Naccaro / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Jean St. Clair Jean St. Clair ... Madame Calliope / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 David Graham David Graham ... Ahmed / ... 2 episodes, 1964 Meredith Edwards Meredith Edwards ... Emrys Pugh / ... 2 episodes, 1965 Stella Bonheur Stella Bonheur ... Aunt Joan West / ... 2 episodes, 1962 Michael Peake Michael Peake ... Friste / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1965 Jane Asher Jane Asher ... Ellen Chase / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Basil Dignam Basil Dignam ... Commander Richardson / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Manning Wilson Manning Wilson ... Inspector Quercy 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Maurice Kaufmann Maurice Kaufmann ... George Fowler / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Anthony Booth Anthony Booth ... Hans / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland ... Jim McCleery / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Jeremy Young Jeremy Young ... Gregorio / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1969 Tom Clegg Tom Clegg ... Monk 2 episodes, 1968 Michael Rittermann Michael Rittermann ... Hotel Manager / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Harry Towb Harry Towb ... Johnny Anworth / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Barry Keegan Barry Keegan ... Bosun / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Alexander Davion Alexander Davion ... Miguel Artigas / ... 2 episodes, 1963 Geoffrey Bayldon Geoffrey Bayldon ... Marcel Legrand / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1967 Michael Godfrey Michael Godfrey ... Delgado / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Pamela Conway Pamela Conway ... Carla Lawrence / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1968 Alexandra Bastedo Alexandra Bastedo ... Joan Vendel / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1967 Redmond Phillips Redmond Phillips ... Nilder / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Victor Maddern Victor Maddern ... Enrico Montesino / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Kevin Scott Kevin Scott ... Des / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Carol Cleveland Carol Cleveland ... Gloria Mancini / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1965 Patrick Troughton Patrick Troughton ... Insp. Gambetti / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Neil McCarthy Neil McCarthy ... Alec Hunter / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Martin Miller Martin Miller ... Jerome / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Nicholas Donnelly Nicholas Donnelly ... Ivan / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1967 Leo Leyden Leo Leyden ... Blaney / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Terence Rigby Terence Rigby ... Charlie Mason / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1968 Nicholas Smith Nicholas Smith ... Bishop 2 episodes, 1968 Edward Evans Edward Evans ... Fillipo Ravenna / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1969 Roger Delgado Roger Delgado ... Captain Rodriguez / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1966 William Dexter William Dexter ... Gabriel Linnet / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1965 Robert MacLeod Robert MacLeod ... Hal Sinfield / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1965 Noel Trevarthen Noel Trevarthen ... Jack Bryant / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Carl Duering Carl Duering ... Kruger / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Christopher Carlos Christopher Carlos ... Inspector / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1967 Barry Shawzin Barry Shawzin ... Nick Nigkoma / ... 2 episodes, 1965 John Collin John Collin ... Cable / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Robert Ayres Robert Ayres ... Clinton / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1966 John Hollis John Hollis ... Maximillian Tordoff / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1967 Mike Pratt Mike Pratt ... Alex Morgan / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1967 Richard Shaw Richard Shaw ... Gunter / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1967 Joby Blanshard Joby Blanshard ... Ernesto / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Peter Jeffrey Peter Jeffrey ... Gregory Marring / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Nosher Powell Nosher Powell ... Benson / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1967 Simon Lack Simon Lack ... Craddock / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1968 Robert Crewdson Robert Crewdson ... Colonel Zaglia / ... 2 episodes, 1966 Henry Lincoln Henry Lincoln ... Kemal / ... 2 episodes, 1967 Roy Hanlon Roy Hanlon ... Nero Jones 2 episodes, 1968 David Cargill David Cargill ... Eddie Margoles / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1968 John Dearth John Dearth ... Inspector Coudot / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1964 John Gabriel John Gabriel ... Franklin / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1965 Barry Linehan Barry Linehan ... Max / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1965 Robert Brown Robert Brown ... Atkins / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Richard Owens Richard Owens ... Cody / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Howard Douglas Howard Douglas ... Ticket Collector / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Philo Hauser Philo Hauser ... Hans / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1967 John G. Heller John G. Heller ... Jacques Boucher / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Ray Lonnen Ray Lonnen ... Corporal Buller / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1968 Hedger Wallace Hedger Wallace ... Geoffrey Bane / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1969 Kenneth Gardnier Kenneth Gardnier ... John Chatto / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Sarah Brackett Sarah Brackett ... Nurse / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Leon Cortez Leon Cortez ... Birdie / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1968 Wolfe Morris Wolfe Morris ... Dr. Lopez / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Alan Curtis Alan Curtis ... Col. Emilio Vargas / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 David Jackson David Jackson ... Chico / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Laurence Herder Laurence Herder ... Alexi / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Bryan Marshall Bryan Marshall ... Constable Burns / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1968 Hazel Hughes Hazel Hughes ... Mrs. Stewart / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Louis Raynor Louis Raynor ... Pablo / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Tim Barrett Tim Barrett ... Lee Leonard / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1967 Katherine Schofield Katherine Schofield ... Gretl / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1967 Peter Kristof Peter Kristof ... Giorgio 2 episodes, 1969 Steven Scott Steven Scott ... Frascatto / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1966 Roy Patrick Roy Patrick ... Big Tom / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1965 Raymond Ray Raymond Ray ... Butler / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Andre Boulay Andre Boulay ... Garner / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1963 John Kelland John Kelland ... Gilbert / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1963 Tony Beckley Tony Beckley ... Barry Aldon / ... 2 episodes, 1963 Peter Diamond Peter Diamond ... Louis Peyrac / ... 2 episodes, 1964 Michael Wolf Michael Wolf ... Barman / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Graham Armitage Graham Armitage ... Carson 2 episodes, 1968 Ronald Wilson Ronald Wilson ... Desk Clerk / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1963 Nicholas Pennell Nicholas Pennell ... Intelligent Undergraduate / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Meadows White Meadows White ... Harry Blundel / ... 2 episodes, 1963 Michael Anthony Michael Anthony ... Duval / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1967 Clive Cazes Clive Cazes ... Esteban / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Gordon Sterne Gordon Sterne ... Fritz Kapel / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 David Garfield David Garfield ... First Local / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1968 Steve Plytas Steve Plytas ... Cirano / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1969 David Kelsey David Kelsey ... Dennis / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1969 Iain Blair Iain Blair ... Chuck Spendleton / ... 2 episodes, 1968-1969 Anthony Blackshaw Anthony Blackshaw ... Morgan / ... 2 episodes, 1968 Eileen Way Eileen Way ... The Maid 2 episodes, 1969 William Buck William Buck ... Clerk / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1966 Michael Graham Michael Graham ... First Reporter / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1967 Edwin Brown Edwin Brown ... Van Driver / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1968 Gertan Klauber Gertan Klauber ... Renato / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1969 André Maranne André Maranne ... Louis / ... 2 episodes, 1963 Harry Littlewood Harry Littlewood ... Postman / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1969 Alan Haywood Alan Haywood ... Sergeant Knox / ... 2 episodes, 1967 Geoffrey Lumsden Geoffrey Lumsden ... Coroner / ... 2 episodes, 1968-1969 Peter Lawrence Peter Lawrence ... Bartender / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1968 George Little George Little ... Guard / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Derek Sydney Derek Sydney ... Maitre 'D' / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1969 Hugh Morton Hugh Morton ... Attendant / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1969 Walter Randall Walter Randall ... Head Waiter / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Leslie Anderson Leslie Anderson ... Porter / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Michael Pemberton Michael Pemberton ... Egan (Footman) / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Eric Mason Eric Mason ... Hal / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1968 Charlotte Selwyn Charlotte Selwyn ... Dolly Girl / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Richard Franklin Richard Franklin ... 2nd Guard / ... 2 episodes, 1968 Vicky Hughes Vicky Hughes ... Maria / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1967 Brian Harrison Brian Harrison ... Police Doctor / ... 2 episodes, 1967-1968 Jeanne Roland Jeanne Roland ... Dumont's Secretary / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Donald Pickering Donald Pickering ... Hans / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 David Healy David Healy ... Hal Ward / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1967 Michael Beint Michael Beint ... Councillor / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1966 John Woodnutt John Woodnutt ... Head Porter / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Jessie Robins Jessie Robins ... Hotelier / ... 2 episodes, 1963 Rosemary Donnelly Rosemary Donnelly ... Arlene McCleery (Photo Only) / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1969 Nicholas Courtney Nicholas Courtney ... Alain / ... 2 episodes, 1965 Hugh Futcher Hugh Futcher ... Delivery Boy / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1965 Frank Sieman Frank Sieman ... Charles / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Peter Perkins Peter Perkins ... Arab / ... 2 episodes, 1964 George Roubicek George Roubicek ... Carter / ... 2 episodes, 1966-1967 Alan Browning Alan Browning ... Cafe Proprietor / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Roy Stephens Roy Stephens ... PFC Kirk / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Kevin Brennan Kevin Brennan ... Jack Gill / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Max Faulkner Max Faulkner ... Desk Clerk / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Brian Coburn Brian Coburn ... Dickie / ... 2 episodes, 1965-1968 John Sullivan John Sullivan ... Harry / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1963 Keith Smith Keith Smith ... Latignant's Assistant / ... 2 episodes, 1965 Tony Arpino Tony Arpino ... Greek Villager / ... 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Andre Charisse Andre Charisse ... First Gendarme / ... 2 episodes, 1963-1966 Barbara Bates Barbara Bates ... Helen Ravenna 1 episode, 1962 Derek Farr Derek Farr ... John Clarron 1 episode, 1962 Alexander Knox Alexander Knox ... Governor Hudson Inverest 1 episode, 1962 David Kossoff David Kossoff ... Herman Uberlasch 1 episode, 1962 Dina Paisner Dina Paisner ... Consuelo 1 episode, 1962 Barbara Shelley Barbara Shelley ... Valerie North 1 episode, 1962 Maxine Audley Maxine Audley ... Dolores Marcello 1 episode, 1963 Katharine Blake Katharine Blake ... Rosemary Chase 1 episode, 1963 Angela Browne Angela Browne ... Anne Ripwell 1 episode, 1963 Julie Christie Julie Christie ... Judith Northwade 1 episode, 1963 Samantha Eggar Samantha Eggar ... Claire Avery 1 episode, 1963 Mary Merrall Mary Merrall ... Sophie Yarmouth 1 episode, 1963 Lana Morris Lana Morris ... Teresa Alvarez 1 episode, 1963 Derren Nesbitt Derren Nesbitt ... Netchideff 1 episode, 1963 Leslie Sands Leslie Sands ... Sam Purdell 1 episode, 1963 Douglas Wilmer Douglas Wilmer ... Alan Uttershaw 1 episode, 1963 Charles Farrell Charles Farrell ... Elmer Quire 1 episode, 1964 David Hedison David Hedison ... Bill Harvey 1 episode, 1964 Barry Jones Barry Jones ... Otis Q. Fennick 1 episode, 1964 Geoffrey Keen Geoffrey Keen ... Hobart Quennel 1 episode, 1964 Avice Landone Avice Landone ... Florence Warshed 1 episode, 1964 Margit Saad Margit Saad ... Lili Klausner 1 episode, 1964 Ingrid Schoeller Ingrid Schoeller ... Mathilde Baum 1 episode, 1964 James Villiers James Villiers ... Inspector Pryor 1 episode, 1964 Patrick Allen Patrick Allen ... Miles Hallin 1 episode, 1965 Dudley Foster Dudley Foster ... Jones 1 episode, 1965 Michael Gwynn Michael Gwynn ... Martin Jeffroll 1 episode, 1965 Dick Haymes Dick Haymes ... Maj. John Dunstan 1 episode, 1965 Jack Hedley Jack Hedley ... Duncan Rawl 1 episode, 1965 Cec Linder Cec Linder ... Waldo Oddington 1 episode, 1965 André Morell André Morell ... Bernhard Raxel 1 episode, 1965 Gary Raymond Gary Raymond ... Gilberto Arroyo 1 episode, 1965 Brian Worth Brian Worth ... Peter Corrio 1 episode, 1965 William Gaunt William Gaunt ... Flight Lieutenant Mike Gregory 1 episode, 1966 John Gregson John Gregson ... Colonel Roberts 1 episode, 1966 Ronald Hines Ronald Hines ... Redman 1 episode, 1966 Barry Morse Barry Morse ... Victor Lawrence 1 episode, 1966 Erika Remberg Erika Remberg ... Eva 1 episode, 1966 June Ritchie June Ritchie ... Mildred 1 episode, 1966 Alexandra Stewart Alexandra Stewart ... Natalie Sheridan 1 episode, 1966 Angela Douglas Angela Douglas ... Jenny Turner 1 episode, 1967 Pauline Munro Pauline Munro ... Cassie 1 episode, 1967 Cecil Parker Cecil Parker ... Lord Gillingham 1 episode, 1967 Mary Peach Mary Peach ... Smolenko 1 episode, 1967 Toby Robins Toby Robins ... Joanne Dell 1 episode, 1967 Edward Woodward Edward Woodward ... Jack Liskard 1 episode, 1967 Grégoire Aslan Grégoire Aslan ... Eugene Patroclos 1 episode, 1968 Tony Britton Tony Britton ... Jonathan Roper 1 episode, 1968 Neil Hallett Neil Hallett ... Bonner 1 episode, 1968 Andrew Keir Andrew Keir ... Gilbert Kirby 1 episode, 1968 John Turner John Turner ... Cord Thrandel 1 episode, 1968 Anna Carteret Anna Carteret ... Diane Huntley 1 episode, 1969 Stuart Damon Stuart Damon ... Rod Huston 1 episode, 1969 Clifford Evans Clifford Evans ... Keith Longman 1 episode, 1969 Patricia Haines Patricia Haines ... Kay Collingwood 1 episode, 1969 Eugene Deckers Eugene Deckers ... Inspector Quercy 1 episode, 1962 Delphi Lawrence Delphi Lawrence ... Cora 1 episode, 1962 Doris Nolan Doris Nolan ... Maude Inverest 1 episode, 1962 Michael Goodliffe Michael Goodliffe ... Dr. Howard Quintus 1 episode, 1963 Mary Kenton Mary Kenton ... Alice Purdell 1 episode, 1963 Kenneth MacKintosh Kenneth MacKintosh ... Mike Sentinal 1 episode, 1963 Glyn Owen Glyn Owen ... Superintendant Kinglake 1 episode, 1963 Wensley Pithey Wensley Pithey ... Insp. Claude Teal 1 episode, 1963 Richard Vernon Richard Vernon ... Sir John Ripwell 1 episode, 1963 Ray Barrett Ray Barrett ... Willie Kinsall 1 episode, 1964 John Baskcomb John Baskcomb ... Lewis Enstone 1 episode, 1964 Jacqueline Chan Jacqueline Chan ... Madam Chen 1 episode, 1964 Brewster Mason Brewster Mason ... Galbraith Stride 1 episode, 1964 Patricia Michon Patricia Michon ... Dolores Gamma 1 episode, 1964 Nanette Newman Nanette Newman ... Geraldine McLeod 1 episode, 1964 Robert Nichols Robert Nichols ... Sgt. Robert Pargo 1 episode, 1964 Nyree Dawn Porter Nyree Dawn Porter ... Patsy Butler 1 episode, 1964 Anthony Quayle Anthony Quayle ... Lord Thornton Yearley 1 episode, 1964 Jennifer Wright Jennifer Wright ... Janet Waites 1 episode, 1964 Peter Copley Peter Copley ... Don Morland 1 episode, 1965 Anne Lawson Anne Lawson ... Janice Dixon 1 episode, 1965 Sarah Lawson Sarah Lawson ... Betty Tregarth 1 episode, 1965 Hugh McDermott Hugh McDermott ... Prof. Humphrey Nestor 1 episode, 1965 John Stone John Stone ... Ted Orping 1 episode, 1965 Robert Urquhart Robert Urquhart ... Brian Quell 1 episode, 1965 Viviane Ventura Viviane Ventura ... Consuela Flores 1 episode, 1965 Francesca Annis Francesca Annis ... Maria 1 episode, 1966 Fiona Lewis Fiona Lewis ... Diana Gregory 1 episode, 1966 Niall MacGinnis Niall MacGinnis ... Colonel Probst 1 episode, 1966 Paul Maxwell Paul Maxwell ... Kolben 1 episode, 1966 Laurence Payne Laurence Payne ... Noel Bastion 1 episode, 1966 Liam Redmond Liam Redmond ... Tom Upwater 1 episode, 1966 Madge Ryan Madge Ryan ... Bertha Noversham 1 episode, 1966 Georgia Brown Georgia Brown ... Diya 1 episode, 1967 Ann Lynn Ann Lynn ... Marie Spring 1 episode, 1967 Anton Rodgers Anton Rodgers ... Pierre 1 episode, 1967 Jan Waters Jan Waters ... Mary 1 episode, 1967 Lyn Ashley Lyn Ashley ... Jean Lane 1 episode, 1968 Paul Daneman Paul Daneman ... Dr. Ormsby 1 episode, 1968 Robert Hardy Robert Hardy ... Walter Faber 1 episode, 1968 Caroline Mortimer Caroline Mortimer ... Kate Barnaby 1 episode, 1968 Judee Morton Judee Morton ... Jenny Kersh 1 episode, 1968 Susan Travers Susan Travers ... Laura 1 episode, 1968 Jayne Sofiano Jayne Sofiano ... Stella Longman 1 episode, 1969 Honor Blackman Honor Blackman ... Pauline Stone 1 episode, 1962 Bob Kanter Bob Kanter ... Brad Ryan 1 episode, 1962 Patrick McAlinney Patrick McAlinney ... Patsy O'Kevin 1 episode, 1962 Patricia Roc Patricia Roc ... Madge Clarron 1 episode, 1962 Margaret Vines Margaret Vines ... Agnes Yarrow 1 episode, 1962 Rachel Gurney Rachel Gurney ... Delphine Chambers 1 episode, 1963 Margo Johns Margo Johns ... Ellen Northwade 1 episode, 1963 Marion Mathie Marion Mathie ... Sheila Sentinal 1 episode, 1963 Ellen McIntosh Ellen McIntosh ... Flory Ellshaw 1 episode, 1963 Yvonne Romain Yvonne Romain ... Theresa Mantania 1 episode, 1963 Nigel Stock Nigel Stock ... Jim Chase 1 episode, 1963 Peter Arne Peter Arne ... Pablo Enriquez 1 episode, 1964 Ed Devereaux Ed Devereaux ... Wally Kinsall 1 episode, 1964 Barbara Mullen Barbara Mullen ... Violet Warshed 1 episode, 1964 Conrad Phillips Conrad Phillips ... Doctor Sandberg 1 episode, 1964 Christopher Rhodes Christopher Rhodes ... Bernabe 1 episode, 1964 Dudley Sutton Dudley Sutton ... Eddy Black 1 episode, 1964 Peter Vaughan Peter Vaughan ... Walter Devan 1 episode, 1964 Edward de Souza Edward de Souza ... Beau Ellington 1 episode, 1965 Henry Gilbert Henry Gilbert ... Tex Goldman 1 episode, 1965 Maurice Hedley Maurice Hedley ... Ivor North 1 episode, 1965 William Lucas William Lucas ... Crantor 1 episode, 1965 Nancy Nevinson Nancy Nevinson ... Dona Luisa Arroyo 1 episode, 1965 Robin Phillips Robin Phillips ... Nigel Perry 1 episode, 1965 Stephanie Randall Stephanie Randall ... Julia Harrison 1 episode, 1965 Alan Tilvern Alan Tilvern ... Captain Quintana 1 episode, 1965 Elizabeth Weaver Elizabeth Weaver ... Eileen Ballinger 1 episode, 1965 Julia Arnall Julia Arnall ... Ingrid 1 episode, 1966 Ronnie Barker Ronnie Barker ... Alphonse 1 episode, 1966 Caroline Blakiston Caroline Blakiston ... Eleanor Bastion 1 episode, 1966 Shay Gorman Shay Gorman ... Mullins 1 episode, 1966 Nora Nicholson Nora Nicholson ... Hortense 1 episode, 1966 Quinn O'Hara Quinn O'Hara ... Cathy Allardyce 1 episode, 1966 Vladek Sheybal Vladek Sheybal ... Nikita Roskin 1 episode, 1966 Derek Bond Derek Bond ... Fellows 1 episode, 1967 Allan Cuthbertson Allan Cuthbertson ... Col. Hannerly 1 episode, 1967 Philip Madoc Philip Madoc ... Alzon 1 episode, 1967 Judy Parfitt Judy Parfitt ... Anne Liskard 1 episode, 1967 Nadja Regin Nadja Regin ... Lucille Legrand 1 episode, 1967 Michael Ripper Michael Ripper ... Sukan 1 episode, 1967 John Barcroft John Barcroft ... Dinny Haigh 1 episode, 1968 Denise Buckley Denise Buckley ... Annabel I 1 episode, 1968 Mark Burns Mark Burns ... Elliott Stratton 1 episode, 1968 Gabrielle Drake Gabrielle Drake ... Diana 1 episode, 1968 Mervyn Johns Mervyn Johns ... Dr. Davis 1 episode, 1968 Gary Miller Gary Miller ... Slater 1 episode, 1968 Isla Blair Isla Blair ... Janine Flambeau 1 episode, 1969 Veronica Carlson Veronica Carlson ... Vanessa Longman 1 episode, 1969 Anne De Vigier Anne De Vigier ... Josephine 1 episode, 1969 James Kerry James Kerry ... George Hapgood 1 episode, 1969 Joseph Cuby Joseph Cuby ... Alfredo Ravenna 1 episode, 1962 Vera Day Vera Day ... Jane Mayo 1 episode, 1962 Robin Hughes Robin Hughes ... Harry Tiltman 1 episode, 1962 Esmond Knight Esmond Knight ... Antoine Louvois 1 episode, 1962 George Roderick George Roderick ... Mario 1 episode, 1962 John Bailey John Bailey ... Jean Bougrenet 1 episode, 1963 Johnny Briggs Johnny Briggs ... Johnny Desmond 1 episode, 1963 Louise Collins Louise Collins ... Joyce Eade 1 episode, 1963 Lawrence Dane Lawrence Dane ... El Rojo 1 episode, 1963 Vanda Godsell Vanda Godsell ... Tina Ourley 1 episode, 1963 Cyril Luckham Cyril Luckham ... Jack Hardy 1 episode, 1963 Mandy Miller Mandy Miller ... Molly Hackett 1 episode, 1963 Margaretta Scott Margaretta Scott ... Lady Gwen Sangore 1 episode, 1963 Monica Stevenson Monica Stevenson ... Peggy Warden 1 episode, 1963 Reginald Beckwith Reginald Beckwith ... Enderby 1 episode, 1964 Paul Carpenter Paul Carpenter ... Brent Kingman 1 episode, 1964 Paul Curran Paul Curran ... Bruno Walmar 1 episode, 1964 Scot Finch Scot Finch ... Toby Halidom 1 episode, 1964 Walter Gotell Walter Gotell ... Hans Lasser 1 episode, 1964 Michael Gough Michael Gough ... Colin Phillips 1 episode, 1964 Harold Kasket Harold Kasket ... Guiseppe Rolfieri 1 episode, 1964 Peter Kriss Peter Kriss ... Nico 1 episode, 1964 Philip O'Flynn Philip O'Flynn ... Alfred Powls 1 episode, 1964 John Paul John Paul ... John Hammel 1 episode, 1964 Aidan Turner Aidan Turner ... Matt Joyson 1 episode, 1964 Jean Aubrey Jean Aubrey ... Connie Grady 1 episode, 1965 Annette Carell Annette Carell ... Katerina 1 episode, 1965 Robert Dean Robert Dean ... Professor Soren 1 episode, 1965 Sonia Fox Sonia Fox ... Nadine 1 episode, 1965 Geoffrey Frederick Geoffrey Frederick ... Major Rowney 1 episode, 1965 Jennifer Jayne Jennifer Jayne ... Olga Geraldi 1 episode, 1965 Howard Marion-Crawford Howard Marion-Crawford ... Portmore 1 episode, 1965 Frank Wolff Frank Wolff ... Jim Reston 1 episode, 1965 Catherine Feller Catherine Feller ... Michele 1 episode, 1966 Gordon Gostelow Gordon Gostelow ... Metz 1 episode, 1966 Yootha Joyce Yootha Joyce ... Milanov 1 episode, 1966 Anneke Wills Anneke Wills ... Fran Roeding 1 episode, 1966 Tristram Jellinek Tristram Jellinek ... Finlay-Thorp-Jones 1 episode, 1967 Richard Leech Richard Leech ... Stewart 1 episode, 1967 Guy Rolfe Guy Rolfe ... David Bradley 1 episode, 1967 John Steiner John Steiner ... Grey Wyler 1 episode, 1967 Christopher Benjamin Christopher Benjamin ... Fish 1 episode, 1968 Blake Butler Blake Butler ... Bainter 1 episode, 1968 Gillian Lind Gillian Lind ... Mrs. Stratton 1 episode, 1968 Reginald Marsh Reginald Marsh ... Ed Brown 1 episode, 1968 Trevor Bannister Trevor Bannister ... Johnny Fox 1 episode, 1969 Finlay Currie Finlay Currie ... Don Pasquale 1 episode, 1969 Willoughby Goddard Willoughby Goddard ... Boris 1 episode, 1969 John Barrard John Barrard ... Carlos the Pedlar 1 episode, 1962 Sally Bazely Sally Bazely ... Jenny Hallam 1 episode, 1962 Donald Churchill Donald Churchill ... Dr. Sprague 1 episode, 1962 Anthony Dawson Anthony Dawson ... Floyd Vosper 1 episode, 1962 David Lawton David Lawton ... Guardia Civile 1 episode, 1962 Philip Needs Philip Needs ... Franco 1 episode, 1962 Ken Wayne Ken Wayne ... Gilroy 1 episode, 1962 Brandon Brady Brandon Brady ... Don Cleaver 1 episode, 1963 Geoffrey Denton Geoffrey Denton ... Sir Robert Sangore 1 episode, 1963 Angus Lennie Angus Lennie ... James Andrew MacTavish 1 episode, 1963 Jill Melford Jill Melford ... Irene Cromwell 1 episode, 1963 Victor Platt Victor Platt ... Charlie Lewis 1 episode, 1963 Larry Cross Larry Cross ... John Hamilton 1 episode, 1964 Garry Fulsham Garry Fulsham ... Victor Gamma 1 episode, 1964 Betty McDowall Betty McDowall ... Edna Kinsall 1 episode, 1964 Maxwell Shaw Maxwell Shaw ... Spencer Vallance 1 episode, 1964 John Wentworth John Wentworth ... Prof. Hamish Grant 1 episode, 1964 Ric Young Ric Young ... Lo Yung 1 episode, 1964 Jill Curzon Jill Curzon ... Maria Cavallini 1 episode, 1965 Alex McCrindle Alex McCrindle ... Fergus MacLish 1 episode, 1965 Leonard Sachs Leonard Sachs ... Deigo Ramirez 1 episode, 1965 Kevin Stoney Kevin Stoney ... Dr. Farrere 1 episode, 1965 Edward Underdown Edward Underdown ... Jack Laurie 1 episode, 1965 Joyce Blair Joyce Blair ... Goldilocks 1 episode, 1966 Edward Burnham Edward Burnham ... Eugene Drew 1 episode, 1966 Lisa Daniely Lisa Daniely ... Milo Gambodi 1 episode, 1966 Michael Forrest Michael Forrest ... Det. Vittorio Leale 1 episode, 1966 Bette Bourne Bette Bourne ... Perry 1 episode, 1967 Leon Greene Leon Greene ... Tig Jordan 1 episode, 1967 Bernard Horsfall Bernard Horsfall ... Bill Bast 1 episode, 1967 Milton Johns Milton Johns ... Vargas 1 episode, 1967 Ilona Rodgers Ilona Rodgers ... Mary 1 episode, 1967 Andre Van Gyseghem Andre Van Gyseghem ... Ahmed Bayer 1 episode, 1967 John Barron John Barron ... Neal Lammerton 1 episode, 1968 Stephanie Beacham Stephanie Beacham ... Penny 1 episode, 1968 Glyn Houston Glyn Houston ... Dylan Williams 1 episode, 1968 Freddie Jones Freddie Jones ... Martin Graves 1 episode, 1968 Robert Morris Robert Morris ... Max 1 episode, 1968 Petra Davies Petra Davies ... Mrs. White 1 episode, 1969 Valentine Palmer Valentine Palmer ... Ronald 1 episode, 1969 Roland Brand Roland Brand ... Dan Morrow 1 episode, 1962 Carole Gray Carole Gray ... Josie Clavel 1 episode, 1962 Anthony Jacobs Anthony Jacobs ... Enrico Vesper 1 episode, 1962 Norman Mitchell Norman Mitchell ... Mr. Smith 1 episode, 1962 Anita West Anita West ... Mary Hammond 1 episode, 1962 John Glyn-Jones John Glyn-Jones ... Vicar Basil Stone 1 episode, 1963 Cameron Hall Cameron Hall ... Alderman Greer 1 episode, 1963 Jemma Hyde Jemma Hyde ... Barbara Sinclair 1 episode, 1963 Ross Parker Ross Parker ... Sergeant Soustelle 1 episode, 1963 Philip Stone Philip Stone ... Inspector Carlton 1 episode, 1963 Jeanne Watts Jeanne Watts ... Mrs. Matson 1 episode, 1963 Harry Webster Harry Webster ... Beaver Johnson 1 episode, 1963 Timothy Bateson Timothy Bateson ... Charley Butterworth 1 episode, 1964 Dick Bentley Dick Bentley ... Charley O'Shea 1 episode, 1964 Michael Collins Michael Collins ... Borieff 1 episode, 1964 Alexis Kanner Alexis Kanner ... Alec Misner 1 episode, 1964 Rory MacDermot Rory MacDermot ... Clements 1 episode, 1964 Aubrey Morris Aubrey Morris ... Pebbles 1 episode, 1964 Rosemarie Reede Rosemarie Reede ... Claire Wheeler 1 episode, 1964 David Sumner David Sumner ... Dickie Tremaine 1 episode, 1964 Veronica Turleigh Veronica Turleigh ... Madame Dumont 1 episode, 1964 Viktor Viko Viktor Viko ... Inescue 1 episode, 1964 Russell Walters Russell Walters ... Kelly 1 episode, 1964 Adina Mandlová Adina Mandlová ... Helga 1 episode, 1965 Brian McDermott Brian McDermott ... Pierre Echard 1 episode, 1965 David Saire David Saire ... David Tregarth 1 episode, 1965 Kenjin Takari Kenjin Takari ... Angkor 1 episode, 1965 Inia Te Wiata Inia Te Wiata ... Loro 1 episode, 1965 Colette Dunne Colette Dunne ... Receptionist 1 episode, 1966 William Holmes William Holmes ... Angus McGraw 1 episode, 1966 Gary Hope Gary Hope ... Major Aboukir 1 episode, 1966 Alan Lake Alan Lake ... Jacob 1 episode, 1966 Richard Warner Richard Warner ... Don Battista 1 episode, 1966 Patrick Whyte Patrick Whyte ... Bernie Kovar 1 episode, 1966 John Bown John Bown ... Shard 1 episode, 1967 Tenniel Evans Tenniel Evans ... Brand 1 episode, 1967 Nicole Shelby Nicole Shelby ... Ayesha 1 episode, 1967 P.G. Stephens P.G. Stephens ... Paddy 1 episode, 1967 Gary Watson Gary Watson ... John Spring 1 episode, 1967 June Abbott June Abbott ... Girl in London Airport 1 episode, 1968 Geoffrey Chater Geoffrey Chater ... Carl Howard 1 episode, 1968 Kenneth Farrington Kenneth Farrington ... Ashford 1 episode, 1968 Paul Greenhalgh Paul Greenhalgh ... Tony Lanes 1 episode, 1968 Monica Grey Monica Grey ... Donna Sumrie 1 episode, 1968 John Savident John Savident ... Frank Lomax 1 episode, 1968 John D. Collins John D. Collins ... Chick 1 episode, 1969 William Wilde William Wilde ... Tom Stevens 1 episode, 1969 Josephine Brown Josephine Brown ... Madame Duras 1 episode, 1962 Ricardo Cortes Ricardo Cortes ... Guitarist 1 episode, 1962 Robert O'Neil Robert O'Neil ... Willis Burnham 1 episode, 1962 Nicholas Selby Nicholas Selby ... James Bailey 1 episode, 1962 Gordon Tanner Gordon Tanner ... Arthur Gresson 1 episode, 1962 Philip Bond Philip Bond ... Kenneth Ripwell 1 episode, 1963 Hamilton Dyce Hamilton Dyce ... Vladek Urivetsky 1 episode, 1963 Mark Eden Mark Eden ... Bertrand Tamblin 1 episode, 1963 Kenneth Henry Kenneth Henry ... Ironside 1 episode, 1963 Marie Makino Marie Makino ... Miss Emma 1 episode, 1963 Allan McClelland Allan McClelland ... Morgan Dean 1 episode, 1963 Michael Meacham Michael Meacham ... George Stanton 1 episode, 1963 Brian Oulton Brian Oulton ... Henry Matson 1 episode, 1963 Robert Arden Robert Arden ... Detective Williams 1 episode, 1964 James Belchamber James Belchamber ... Photographer 1 episode, 1964 Dawn Davis Dawn Davis ... Maria Gamma 1 episode, 1964 Christina Gregg Christina Gregg ... Kathleen Howard 1 episode, 1964 David Lodge David Lodge ... Harry Duggan 1 episode, 1964 Dyson Lovell Dyson Lovell ... Jim Fasson 1 episode, 1964 William Marlowe William Marlowe ... Smith 1 episode, 1964 Bruce Montague Bruce Montague ... Jacques 1 episode, 1964 Robert Raglan Robert Raglan ... Inspector Maxwell 1 episode, 1964 Victor Spinetti Victor Spinetti ... Commissionaire 1 episode, 1964 Grant Taylor Grant Taylor ... Pete Grove 1 episode, 1964 Donald Bisset Donald Bisset ... Simms 1 episode, 1965 Edward Cast Edward Cast ... Alexander Bellamy 1 episode, 1965 Tracy Connell Tracy Connell ... Tarno 1 episode, 1965 Richard Easton Richard Easton ... Chuck Powers 1 episode, 1965 Alvaro Fontana Alvaro Fontana ... Julio Medeiros 1 episode, 1965 John Kidd John Kidd ... Bateman 1 episode, 1965 Jeremy Longhurst Jeremy Longhurst ... George McGeorge 1 episode, 1965 Fred Sadoff Fred Sadoff ... Captain Williams 1 episode, 1965 Frederick Schiller Frederick Schiller ... Otto 1 episode, 1965 Anne Blake Anne Blake ... Mrs. Moncrieff 1 episode, 1966 Peter Halliday Peter Halliday ... Vargas 1 episode, 1966 Harry Landis Harry Landis ... Bloom 1 episode, 1966 Cyril Shaps Cyril Shaps ... Jonkheer 1 episode, 1966 Harvey Ashby Harvey Ashby ... Peter Quentin 1 episode, 1967 Valerie Bell Valerie Bell ... Thelma 1 episode, 1967 John J. Carney John J. Carney ... Clay 1 episode, 1967 Pamela Ann Davy Pamela Ann Davy ... Justine 1 episode, 1967 Vernon Dobtcheff Vernon Dobtcheff ... Vogel 1 episode, 1967 Howard Goorney Howard Goorney ... Mercier 1 episode, 1967 Patrick Holt Patrick Holt ... Herbert Wheeler 1 episode, 1967 Edward Brayshaw Edward Brayshaw ... Pietro 1 episode, 1968 Mark Dignam Mark Dignam ... Major Carter 1 episode, 1968 James Locker James Locker ... Dr. King 1 episode, 1968 Linda Marlowe Linda Marlowe ... Laura Carlton 1 episode, 1968 Michael Mellinger Michael Mellinger ... Hotel Clerk 1 episode, 1968 Talfryn Thomas Talfryn Thomas ... Owen Thomas 1 episode, 1968 Nick Zaran Nick Zaran ... Chaudri 1 episode, 1968 Hazel Coppen Hazel Coppen ... Mrs. Blondel 1 episode, 1969 Anthony Stamboulieh Anthony Stamboulieh ... Franco 1 episode, 1969 John Arnatt John Arnatt ... Major Fanshire 1 episode, 1962 Robert Easton Robert Easton ... Benson 1 episode, 1962 Irene Prador Irene Prador ... Signora Vespa 1 episode, 1962 Andrew Sachs Andrew Sachs ... Jacques 1 episode, 1962 Michael Spear Michael Spear ... Kaplan 1 episode, 1962 Gladys Taylor Gladys Taylor ... Housekeeper 1 episode, 1962 Bruno Barnabe Bruno Barnabe ... Inspector Manteolli 1 episode, 1963 Michael Bates Michael Bates ... Joe 1 episode, 1963 Charles Morgan Charles Morgan ... Inspector Welland 1 episode, 1963 David Morrell David Morrell ... Maxin 1 episode, 1963 Barbara Ogilvie Barbara Ogilvie ... Mrs. Rance 1 episode, 1963 Norman Pitt Norman Pitt ... Insp. Claude Teal 1 episode, 1963 Janet Brandes Janet Brandes ... Miss Grimshaw 1 episode, 1964 Madge Brindley Madge Brindley ... Landlady 1 episode, 1964 Alexandra Dane Alexandra Dane ... Mathilde 1 episode, 1964 Camilla Hasse Camilla Hasse ... Maria Naccaro 1 episode, 1964 Julian Holloway Julian Holloway ... Waiter 1 episode, 1964 Inigo Jackson Inigo Jackson ... Albert Costello 1 episode, 1964 Clare Kelly Clare Kelly ... Mary Anworth 1 episode, 1964 Anthony Morton Anthony Morton ... Portagee 1 episode, 1964 Shane Rimmer Shane Rimmer ... Major Smith 1 episode, 1964 Anthea Windham Anthea Windham ... Miss Williams 1 episode, 1964 Irvin Allen Irvin Allen ... Torpedo Smith 1 episode, 1965 James Copeland James Copeland ... Dr. Carey 1 episode, 1965 Dorothy Frere Dorothy Frere ... Hunter's Landlady 1 episode, 1965 Donald Hewlett Donald Hewlett ... Howard Mitchell 1 episode, 1965 Douglas Muir Douglas Muir ... Dr. Jerome 1 episode, 1965 John Rees John Rees ... Gale 1 episode, 1965 Mavis Villiers Mavis Villiers ... The Texas Mother 1 episode, 1965 Ernest Walder Ernest Walder ... Train Steward 1 episode, 1965 Nike Arrighi Nike Arrighi ... Serafino Zambini 1 episode, 1966 Michael Coles Michael Coles ... Hugo 1 episode, 1966 Gerry Duggan Gerry Duggan ... Mulloon 1 episode, 1966 John Garrie John Garrie ... Enrico 1 episode, 1966 Ewan Roberts Ewan Roberts ... Inspector Mackenzie 1 episode, 1966 Michael Bilton Michael Bilton ... Bolande 1 episode, 1967 Ray Brown Ray Brown ... Larry 1 episode, 1967 Stuart Cooper Stuart Cooper ... Joe Halston 1 episode, 1967 Wolf Frees Wolf Frees ... Anton 1 episode, 1967 Norman Jones Norman Jones ... Pete 1 episode, 1967 Douglas Livingstone Douglas Livingstone ... Watters 1 episode, 1967 Garfield Morgan Garfield Morgan ... Mundt 1 episode, 1967 Donald Morley Donald Morley ... Inspector Daws 1 episode, 1967 Patrick O'Connell Patrick O'Connell ... Rogers 1 episode, 1967 Jack Woolgar Jack Woolgar ... Charlie Hallowes 1 episode, 1967 Jane Bates Jane Bates ... Lila Prentice 1 episode, 1968 Francis De Wolff Francis De Wolff ... Capt. Flemming 1 episode, 1968 Ros Drinkwater Ros Drinkwater ... Inez 1 episode, 1968 Terence Edmond Terence Edmond ... Captain Yates 1 episode, 1968 Brenda Kempner Brenda Kempner ... Nurse 1 episode, 1968 Joan Newell Joan Newell ... Mrs. Reynolds 1 episode, 1968 Heather Seymour Heather Seymour ... Mary 1 episode, 1968 Barry Andrews Barry Andrews ... Tom 1 episode, 1969 Alan Rowe Alan Rowe ... Lafitre 1 episode, 1969 Tina Ruta Tina Ruta ... Opera Singer 1 episode, 1969 Reg Whitehead Reg Whitehead ... Microphone Man 1 episode, 1969 Clemence Bettany Clemence Bettany ... Chemist 1 episode, 1962 Graydon Gould Graydon Gould ... Stan Johnson 1 episode, 1962 Victor Rietti Victor Rietti ... Count Alzerno 1 episode, 1962 Carole Simpson Carole Simpson ... Maria 1 episode, 1962 Dorinda Stevens Dorinda Stevens ... Verna 1 episode, 1962 Jack Taylor Jack Taylor ... Frank 1 episode, 1962 Ronnie Corbett Ronnie Corbett ... Nicky 1 episode, 1963 Janet Davies Janet Davies ... Pearl 1 episode, 1963 John Dunbar John Dunbar ... Sergeant Graham 1 episode, 1963 William Greene William Greene ... Jim Wallace 1 episode, 1963 Arthur Hewlett Arthur Hewlett ... Gunsmith 1 episode, 1963 Nan Marriott-Watson Nan Marriott-Watson ... Mrs. Whicker 1 episode, 1963 Robert Sansom Robert Sansom ... The Coroner 1 episode, 1963 Charles Simon Charles Simon ... Gower 1 episode, 1963 Henri Vidon Henri Vidon ... Peter Davos 1 episode, 1963 Kenneth Benda Kenneth Benda ... Lord Henry Wentworth 1 episode, 1964 Graeme Bruce Graeme Bruce ... Policeman 1 episode, 1964 John Bryans John Bryans ... Mister Anthony 1 episode, 1964 Gwenda Ewen Gwenda Ewen ... Miss Wilson 1 episode, 1964 Peter Fontaine Peter Fontaine ... Hotel Clerk 1 episode, 1964 Arthur Gomez Arthur Gomez ... Dali 1 episode, 1964 Edward Jewesbury Edward Jewesbury ... Franklin 1 episode, 1964 Eve Lister Eve Lister ... Cynthia Deverest 1 episode, 1964 Henry McCarthy Henry McCarthy ... American Man 1 episode, 1964 Gwynneth Tighe Gwynneth Tighe ... Jennifer 1 episode, 1964 Dennis Blake Dennis Blake ... Miller 1 episode, 1965 Eliza Buckingham Eliza Buckingham ... Bank Clerk 1 episode, 1965 Timmy Gardner Timmy Gardner ... Second Sailor 1 episode, 1965 David Garth David Garth ... Monsieur Phillippe 1 episode, 1965 Doris Hare Doris Hare ... Mrs. Barlow 1 episode, 1965 Ernest Hare Ernest Hare ... English Man 1 episode, 1965 Faith Kent Faith Kent ... Mrs. Donaldson 1 episode, 1965 Kristopher Kum Kristopher Kum ... Harlun 1 episode, 1965 Russell Waters Russell Waters ... Thompson 1 episode, 1965 Betty Cardno Betty Cardno ... Mrs. Mulloon 1 episode, 1966 Aimée Delamain Aimée Delamain ... Lady Haverstock 1 episode, 1966 Alastair Hunter Alastair Hunter ... The Publican 1 episode, 1966 Robert Russell Robert Russell ... Guido 1 episode, 1966 Vicki Woolf Vicki Woolf ... Maggie 1 episode, 1966 Maurice Browning Maurice Browning ... Blagot 1 episode, 1967 Ray Chiarella Ray Chiarella ... Renzo 1 episode, 1967 Paul Darrow Paul Darrow ... Omar 1 episode, 1967 Patrick Durkin Patrick Durkin ... Porter 1 episode, 1967 Robert Gillespie Robert Gillespie ... Pierre 1 episode, 1967 Dora Graham Dora Graham ... Valerie and Veronica 1 episode, 1967 Rick Jones Rick Jones ... John Garton 1 episode, 1967 Bryan Kendrick Bryan Kendrick ... Bernard 1 episode, 1967 Bryan Mosley Bryan Mosley ... First Sleuth 1 episode, 1967 Peter Ashmore Peter Ashmore ... Finlay-Hugoson 1 episode, 1968 John Boxer John Boxer ... Sir John Mulliner 1 episode, 1968 Tony Caunter Tony Caunter ... Mason 1 episode, 1968 Dennis Chinnery Dennis Chinnery ... Carson 1 episode, 1968 Lila Kaye Lila Kaye ... Ma 1 episode, 1968 Olive Milbourne Olive Milbourne ... Mrs. Haggerty 1 episode, 1968 Geoffrey Morris Geoffrey Morris ... Second Man at Party 1 episode, 1968 Jacky Allouis Jacky Allouis ... Henriette 1 episode, 1969 Anthony Sheppard Anthony Sheppard ... Rally Official 1 episode, 1969 Natalie Benesh Natalie Benesh ... Matron 1 episode, 1962 Basil Howes Basil Howes ... Judge 1 episode, 1962 Anita Sharp-Bolster Anita Sharp-Bolster ... Ada Harmer 1 episode, 1962 George Sperdakos George Sperdakos ... Ricci 1 episode, 1962 Ian Ainsley Ian Ainsley ... Thompson 1 episode, 1963 Philip Anthony Philip Anthony ... Assistant Director 1 episode, 1963 Neal Arden Neal Arden ... Jean Deslauriers 1 episode, 1963 John Gill John Gill ... Dr. Jim Yates 1 episode, 1963 Miki Iveria Miki Iveria ... Maria 1 episode, 1963 Cesare Maranzana Cesare Maranzana ... Italian Policeman 1 episode, 1963 James Ottaway James Ottaway ... Dr. Cranston 1 episode, 1963 Geoffrey Palmer Geoffrey Palmer ... Pete Ferguson 1 episode, 1963 Joe Robinson Joe Robinson ... Austin 1 episode, 1963 John Standing John Standing ... Gendarme 1 episode, 1963 Brian Weske Brian Weske ... Cabbie 1 episode, 1963 April Wilding April Wilding ... Mary Hardy 1 episode, 1963 Dorothy Black Dorothy Black ... Lady Wentworth 1 episode, 1964 Joan Ingram Joan Ingram ... Mrs. Hendricks 1 episode, 1964 Jack Lambert Jack Lambert ... John McAndrew 1 episode, 1964 Michael Lynch Michael Lynch ... Rainer 1 episode, 1964 Donald Tandy Donald Tandy ... Detective Sergeant 1 episode, 1964 Moray Watson Moray Watson ... Ken Shield 1 episode, 1964 Neville Whiting Neville Whiting ... Wilson 1 episode, 1964 Cyril Chamberlain Cyril Chamberlain ... Flavel 1 episode, 1965 Michael Chow Michael Chow ... Rawach 1 episode, 1965 MacDonald Hobley MacDonald Hobley ... Radio Commentator 1 episode, 1965 Boscoe Holder Boscoe Holder ... Male Dancer 1 episode, 1965 George Lowdell George Lowdell ... Third Sailor 1 episode, 1965 Annie Ross Annie Ross ... Annie Ross 1 episode, 1965 Totti Truman Taylor Totti Truman Taylor ... English Woman 1 episode, 1965 Ron Welling Ron Welling ... Garage Mechanic 1 episode, 1965 Alexis Chesnakov Alexis Chesnakov ... Aristov 1 episode, 1966 Brown Derby Brown Derby ... The Pathologist 1 episode, 1966 Tony Doonan Tony Doonan ... Snooper 1 episode, 1966 Peter Ellis Peter Ellis ... Patrick 1 episode, 1966 Earl Green Earl Green ... Carlo 1 episode, 1966 Arthur Gross Arthur Gross ... Police Sgt. 1 episode, 1966 Marika Rivera Marika Rivera ... Concierge 1 episode, 1966 Maria Roza Maria Roza ... Consuela 1 episode, 1966 Norma West Norma West ... Receptionist 1 episode, 1966 John Woodvine John Woodvine ... Pilot 1 episode, 1966 Peter Birrel Peter Birrel ... Toni Amato 1 episode, 1967 Geoffrey Cheshire Geoffrey Cheshire ... Zoltan 1 episode, 1967 Anthony Dawes Anthony Dawes ... The Clerk 1 episode, 1967 Cliff Diggins Cliff Diggins ... Maurice 1 episode, 1967 Eric Dodson Eric Dodson ... Prosecuting Counsel 1 episode, 1967 Stephen Hubay Stephen Hubay ... Klaus 1 episode, 1967 Vilma Ann Leslie Vilma Ann Leslie ... Barmaid 1 episode, 1967 Victor Winding Victor Winding ... Braddock 1 episode, 1967 Rose Alba Rose Alba ... First Woman at Party 1 episode, 1968 Brian Badcoe Brian Badcoe ... Dr. Downray 1 episode, 1968 Douglas Ditta Douglas Ditta ... Highland Driver 1 episode, 1968 Jonathan Elsom Jonathan Elsom ... Andrew 1 episode, 1968 Joe Gibbons Joe Gibbons ... Pa 1 episode, 1968 Sheila Keith Sheila Keith ... Cynthia Ffouldes 1 episode, 1968 Maggie London Maggie London ... Julie 1 episode, 1968 Ron Pember Ron Pember ... Sam 1 episode, 1968 Clifford Earl Clifford Earl ... Rally Official 1 episode, 1969 Carol Friday Carol Friday ... Josette 1 episode, 1969 David Prowse David Prowse ... Tony 1 episode, 1969 James Vallon James Vallon ... James 1 episode, 1969 Jared Allen Jared Allen ... Telephone Repair Man 1 episode, 1962 John Gray John Gray ... Bellhop 1 episode, 1962 Charles Irwin Charles Irwin ... Eddie Harmer 1 episode, 1962 Dickie Owen Dickie Owen ... Cab Driver 1 episode, 1962 Loretta Parry Loretta Parry ... Angelina 1 episode, 1962 Barbara Roscoe Barbara Roscoe ... Air Hostess 1 episode, 1962 Alister Williamson Alister Williamson ... Dibs Brown 1 episode, 1962 Frank Atkinson Frank Atkinson ... Charley Dodds 1 episode, 1963 Virginia Clay Virginia Clay ... Nurse 1 episode, 1963 Gino Coia Gino Coia ... Italian Policeman 1 episode, 1963 Jackie Collins Jackie Collins ... April Quest 1 episode, 1963 Fred Ferris Fred Ferris ... Sergeant Lashbrook 1 episode, 1963 Frank Jarvis Frank Jarvis ... Johnny Maxwell 1 episode, 1963 Ian Parsons Ian Parsons ... Henri 1 episode, 1963 Evan Thomas Evan Thomas ... Dr. Beamish 1 episode, 1963 Robert Bruce Robert Bruce ... Detective Inspector Malloy 1 episode, 1964 Jimmy Gardner Jimmy Gardner ... Marine Mechanic 1 episode, 1964 Reginald Jessup Reginald Jessup ... Francisco 1 episode, 1964 Kaplan Kaye Kaplan Kaye ... Chico 1 episode, 1964 Suzanna Leigh Suzanna Leigh ... Lilla McAndrew 1 episode, 1964 Olive Lucius Olive Lucius ... Chic Woman 1 episode, 1964 Stuart Nichol Stuart Nichol ... Pete 1 episode, 1964 Richard Poore Richard Poore ... Robbins 1 episode, 1964 Stuart Saunders Stuart Saunders ... George Ulrig 1 episode, 1964 Michael Standing Michael Standing ... Barlow 1 episode, 1964 Barry Wilsher Barry Wilsher ... Waiter 1 episode, 1964 Eve Belton Eve Belton ... Tessa 1 episode, 1966 Pauline Collins Pauline Collins ... Marie-Therese 1 episode, 1966 Otto Diamant Otto Diamant ... The Pawnbroker 1 episode, 1966 Phyllis Montefiore Phyllis Montefiore ... Princess Alexandra 1 episode, 1966 Donald Oliver Donald Oliver ... Policeman 1 episode, 1966 Peter Burton Peter Burton ... Claude Molliere 1 episode, 1967 John Clive John Clive ... Garton 1 episode, 1967 Danny Daniels Danny Daniels ... Barman 1 episode, 1967 Lawrence Davidson Lawrence Davidson ... Maitre D' 1 episode, 1967 Karen Ford Karen Ford ... The French Girl 1 episode, 1967 Stan Jay Stan Jay ... The Night Watchman 1 episode, 1967 David Nettheim David Nettheim ... Inspector Umberto Crepi 1 episode, 1967 Charles Rea Charles Rea ... Jack 1 episode, 1967 Ann Tirard Ann Tirard ... The Old Woman 1 episode, 1967 Prudence Drage Prudence Drage ... Girl Customer 1 episode, 1968 Anne Godfrey Anne Godfrey ... Second Woman at Party 1 episode, 1968 Dafydd Havard Dafydd Havard ... Second Local 1 episode, 1968 Edward Kelsey Edward Kelsey ... Williams 1 episode, 1968 Julian Sherrier Julian Sherrier ... Mr. Sen 1 episode, 1968 Bernard G. High Bernard G. High ... Radio Man 1 episode, 1969 Derek Smee Derek Smee ... Young Man 1 episode, 1969 Hugo De Vernier Hugo De Vernier ... The Butler 1 episode, 1962 Clay Johns Clay Johns ... Floor Manager 1 episode, 1962 Pearl Prescod Pearl Prescod ... Hotel Maid 1 episode, 1962 John Barrett John Barrett ... Inspector In Blue Goose 1 episode, 1963 Richard Clarke Richard Clarke ... Jacques 1 episode, 1963 Peter Duguid Peter Duguid ... Prop Man 1 episode, 1963 Peter Exposite Peter Exposite ... Lucito 1 episode, 1963 John Gayford John Gayford ... Barman 1 episode, 1963 Tom Naylor Tom Naylor ... Paul Fouchet 1 episode, 1963 Georges Robin Georges Robin ... French Waiter 1 episode, 1963 Steven Brook Steven Brook ... Hotel Clerk 1 episode, 1966 Tita Dane Tita Dane ... The Nun 1 episode, 1966 Hans De Vries Hans De Vries ... Sergeant 1 episode, 1966 Alan Downer Alan Downer ... Gendarme 1 episode, 1966 Kevin Flood Kevin Flood ... Sergeant Finnegan 1 episode, 1966 Harvey Hall Harvey Hall ... Merkin 1 episode, 1966 Harry Brunning Harry Brunning ... The Stage Door-keeper 1 episode, 1967 Tommy Eytle Tommy Eytle ... Calypso Singer 1 episode, 1967 Tommy Godfrey Tommy Godfrey ... The Taxi Driver 1 episode, 1967 Joseph Greig Joseph Greig ... The Old Boatman 1 episode, 1967 Stefan Gryff Stefan Gryff ... The Waiter 1 episode, 1967 Yvette Herries Yvette Herries ... Michelle 1 episode, 1967 Gino Melvazzi Gino Melvazzi ... Electrician 1 episode, 1967 Jeremy Anthony Jeremy Anthony ... 1st Pakistani 1 episode, 1968 Roy Boyd Roy Boyd ... McCord 1 episode, 1968 John Crocker John Crocker ... The Blind Man 1 episode, 1968 Yutte Stensgaard Yutte Stensgaard ... Telephone Operator 1 episode, 1968 Araby Lockhart Araby Lockhart ... American Lady 1 episode, 1969 Malya Nappi Malya Nappi ... The Bank Clerk 1 episode, 1969 Brian Tully Brian Tully ... Dr. Grange 1 episode, 1969 David Calderisi David Calderisi ... Vittorio 1 episode, 1962 Hazel Futa Hazel Futa ... Maria 1 episode, 1962 Janine Gray Janine Gray ... Receptionist 1 episode, 1963 John Martin John Martin ... Medical Examiner 1 episode, 1963 Michael McKevitt Michael McKevitt ... Waiter 1 episode, 1963 Ivor Salter Ivor Salter ... Germaine 1 episode, 1963 June Smith June Smith ... Annette Dosterd 1 episode, 1963 Bartlett Mullins Bartlett Mullins ... Bald Man 1 episode, 1964 Gerald Young Gerald Young ... Sir Edras Levy 1 episode, 1964 Jean Benedetti Jean Benedetti ... Waiter 1 episode, 1966 Robert Bridges Robert Bridges ... Fat Man 1 episode, 1966 Walter Horsbrugh Walter Horsbrugh ... The Judge 1 episode, 1966 David Spenser David Spenser ... Atar 1 episode, 1966 Gordon Whiting Gordon Whiting ... Dr. Pineda 1 episode, 1966 Paul Williamson Paul Williamson ... London Policeman 1 episode, 1966 Charles Hyatt Charles Hyatt ... Maitre D'Hotel 1 episode, 1967 Valerie Leon Valerie Leon ... Therese 1 episode, 1967 Doel Luscombe Doel Luscombe ... Police Officer Witness 1 episode, 1967 Mandy Mayer Mandy Mayer ... Glenda 1 episode, 1967 Trudi Nielson Trudi Nielson ... Gretchen 1 episode, 1967 Bakshi Prem Bakshi Prem ... The Waiter 1 episode, 1967 Gil Sutherland Gil Sutherland ... The Young Boatman 1 episode, 1967 Shaun Curry Shaun Curry ... Guard 1 episode, 1968 Edward Harvey Edward Harvey ... The Sheriff 1 episode, 1968 Oswald Laurence Oswald Laurence ... Reporter 1 episode, 1968 Reg Pritchard Reg Pritchard ... Fourth Local 1 episode, 1968 John Ringham John Ringham ... Dr. Russell 1 episode, 1968 Victor Chenet Victor Chenet ... Jury Foreman 1 episode, 1962 Richard McNeff Richard McNeff ... Guard 1 episode, 1963 Bill Cartwright Bill Cartwright ... Driver 1 episode, 1964 Edith Saville Edith Saville ... Lady Levy 1 episode, 1964 Katherina Holden Katherina Holden ... Nurse 1 episode, 1966 Tom Macaulay Tom Macaulay ... Banker 1 episode, 1966 Henry McGee Henry McGee ... Reeves 1 episode, 1966 George Zenios George Zenios ... Nicky 1 episode, 1966 Kenneth Edwards Kenneth Edwards ... The Judge 1 episode, 1967 Eric Longworth Eric Longworth ... Dr. Butcher 1 episode, 1967 Nita Lorraine Nita Lorraine ... Celeste 1 episode, 1967 Joanne Dainton Joanne Dainton ... Nurse 1 episode, 1968 Clifford Parrish Clifford Parrish ... Mr. Roach 1 episode, 1968 David Rendall David Rendall ... Reporter 1 episode, 1968 Barry Stanton Barry Stanton ... Pete 1 episode, 1969 Les White Les White ... Frogman 1 episode, 1969 John Cazabon John Cazabon ... Dragisha 1 episode, 1966 Ernst Ulman Ernst Ulman ... Arab Servant 1 episode, 1966 Pauline Clifford Pauline Clifford ... The Commentator 1 episode, 1967 Colin Rix Colin Rix ... The Radio Expert 1 episode, 1967 Richard Davies Richard Davies ... Reporter 1 episode, 1968 Dorothea Phillips Dorothea Phillips ... Mrs. Barnes 1 episode, 1968 John Herrington John Herrington ... Porter 1 episode, 1966 John Bull John Bull ... Boy with Banjo 1 episode, 1967 Ian Kingly Ian Kingly ... Reporter 1 episode, 1968 Gábor Baraker Gábor Baraker ... Barman 1 episode, 1969 Carl Conway Carl Conway ... Steward 1 episode, 1966 John Frawley John Frawley ... The Doctor 1 episode, 1967 Edward Higgins Edward Higgins ... Doorman 1 episode, 1967 Agath Angelos Agath Angelos ... Doorman 1 episode, 1969 Arthur Goodman Arthur Goodman ... Hotel Guest / ... (uncredited) 48 episodes, 1962-1969 Pauline Chamberlain Pauline Chamberlain ... Lady in Nightclub / ... (uncredited) 22 episodes, 1962-1969 Jack Arrow Jack Arrow ... Hotel Guest / ... (uncredited) 21 episodes, 1962-1969 Alan Meacham Alan Meacham ... Bar Patron / ... (uncredited) 21 episodes, 1962-1969 Austin Cooper Austin Cooper ... Dancer / ... (uncredited) 21 episodes, 1962-1968 Leonard Llewellyn Leonard Llewellyn ... Airline Passenger / ... (uncredited) 21 episodes, 1962-1968 Martin Lyder Martin Lyder ... Croupier / ... (uncredited) 19 episodes, 1962-1969 Paul Beradi Paul Beradi ... Boxing Match Spectator / ... (uncredited) 16 episodes, 1962-1969 Michael Dempsey Michael Dempsey ... Reporter / ... (uncredited) 16 episodes, 1963-1968 Walter Henry Walter Henry ... 4th Sailor / ... (uncredited) 15 episodes, 1963-1969 Roy Beck Roy Beck ... Audience / ... (uncredited) 13 episodes, 1963-1968 Keith Denny Keith Denny ... Bell Boy / ... (uncredited) 12 episodes, 1962-1965 Vic Chapman Vic Chapman ... Policeman / ... (uncredited) 11 episodes, 1964-1969 Sadie Slade Sadie Slade ... Casino Patron / ... (uncredited) 11 episodes, 1964-1969 Roy Lansford Roy Lansford ... Hotel Guest / ... (uncredited) 10 episodes, 1962-1969 John Tatum John Tatum ... Court Officer / ... (uncredited) 10 episodes, 1962-1968 Peter Evans Peter Evans ... Party Guest / ... (uncredited) 9 episodes, 1962-1969 Emile Stemmler Emile Stemmler ... Waiter / ... (uncredited) 9 episodes, 1962-1968 Billy Dean Billy Dean ... Policeman / ... (uncredited) 9 episodes, 1962-1964 Bill Westley Sr. Bill Westley Sr. ... Police Officer / ... (uncredited) 9 episodes, 1963-1967 Lewis Alexander Lewis Alexander ... Gambler / ... (uncredited) 9 episodes, 1965-1969 Aileen Lewis Aileen Lewis ... Airline Passenger on Geneva Flight / ... (uncredited) 8 episodes, 1962-1969 Victor Harrington Victor Harrington ... Boxing Match Spectator / ... (uncredited) 8 episodes, 1963-1968 Hein Viljoen Hein Viljoen ... Waiter / ... (uncredited) 8 episodes, 1964-1969 Alan Chuntz Alan Chuntz ... Assassin / ... (uncredited) 8 episodes, 1965-1969 Patrick Halpin Patrick Halpin ... Dinner Guest / ... (uncredited) 7 episodes, 1962-1969 Harold Sanderson Harold Sanderson ... Airline Passenger on Geneva Flight / ... (uncredited) 7 episodes, 1962-1969 Ernest Fennemore Ernest Fennemore ... Court Officer / ... (uncredited) 7 episodes, 1962-1968 Richard Gregory Richard Gregory ... Croupier / ... (uncredited) 7 episodes, 1962-1968 Ken Lawton Ken Lawton ... Hotel Guest / ... (uncredited) 7 episodes, 1962-1965 Fred Machon Fred Machon ... Casino Patron / ... (uncredited) 7 episodes, 1962-1964 Pat Ryan Pat Ryan ... Club Patron / ... (uncredited) 7 episodes, 1963-1968 Hugh Elton Hugh Elton ... Policeman / ... (uncredited) 6 episodes, 1962-1966 Ernest Blyth Ernest Blyth ... Gambler / ... (uncredited) 6 episodes, 1963-1969 Maxwell Craig Maxwell Craig ... Gang Member / ... (uncredited) 5 episodes, 1962-1969 Jim O'Brady Jim O'Brady ... Cantina patron / ... (uncredited) 5 episodes, 1962-1969 Chris Adcock Chris Adcock ... Homeless Man / ... (uncredited) 5 episodes, 1963-1968 Jack Sharp Jack Sharp ... Boxing Second / ... (uncredited) 5 episodes, 1963-1968 Steve Donahue Steve Donahue ... Café Patron / ... (uncredited) 5 episodes, 1963-1964 Reg Thomason Reg Thomason ... Gambler / ... (uncredited) 5 episodes, 1964-1969 Peter Avella Peter Avella ... Cafe Owner / ... (uncredited) 5 episodes, 1964-1968 Paul Weston Paul Weston ... Gambler / ... (uncredited) 5 episodes, 1965 Ned Lynch Ned Lynch ... Club Patron / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1962-1969 Billy Cornelius Billy Cornelius ... Bellhop / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1962-1965 John Lynn John Lynn ... Beggar / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1962-1965 Fred Stroud Fred Stroud ... Criminal / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1962-1965 George Curtis George Curtis ... Homeless Man / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1963-1968 Ernie Rice Ernie Rice ... Beggar / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1963-1968 Harold Coyne Harold Coyne ... Passer-By / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1963-1965 Paul Phillips Paul Phillips ... Casino Waiter / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1963-1964 Tony O'Leary Tony O'Leary ... Factory Worker in Bar / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1964-1968 Gerald Paris Gerald Paris ... Casino Patron / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1964-1965 Mike Reid Mike Reid ... Captive guard / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1966-1969 John More John More ... Art Gallery Guest / ... (uncredited) 4 episodes, 1966-1967 Arnold Schulkes Arnold Schulkes ... Hotel Guest / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1962-1965 Fred Davis Fred Davis ... Policeman / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1962-1964 Eve Eden Eve Eden ... Girl on Motorboat / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1962-1964 Pat Judge Pat Judge ... Bar Patron / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1962-1964 Peter Roy Peter Roy ... Club Patron / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1962-1964 Ken Hutchins Ken Hutchins ... Cabaret Patron / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1962-1963 Paddy Ryan Paddy Ryan ... Birdsnest Club Patron / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1963-1967 Eddie Boyce Eddie Boyce ... Gendarme / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1963-1966 Eric Henderson Eric Henderson ... Plainclothes Policeman at Battersea Park Fun Fair / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1963-1965 Jack Mandeville Jack Mandeville ... Pub Patron / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1963-1964 Colin McKenzie Colin McKenzie ... Man in Bar / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1963-1964 John Wilder John Wilder ... Detective / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1963-1964 Mabel Etherington Mabel Etherington ... Dinner Guest / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1964-1968 Pearl Walters Pearl Walters ... Colosseum Tourist / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1964-1967 Joe Beckett Joe Beckett ... Detective / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1964-1965 Alan Bennett Alan Bennett ... Horse Racing Spectator / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1964-1965 Alf Mangan Alf Mangan ... Factory Worker on Strike / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1964-1965 Fred Peck Fred Peck ... Boxing Match Spectator / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1964-1965 Michael Stevens Michael Stevens ... Air Crew / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1965-1966 Bunny Seaman Bunny Seaman ... Colosseum Tourist / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1966-1969 Bill Sawyer Bill Sawyer ... Karl / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1967-1969 Phil Parkes Phil Parkes ... Boat Passenger / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes, 1967-1968 Billy John Billy John ... Dignitary / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962-1968 Norman Fisher Norman Fisher ... Coliseum Vendor / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962-1966 Ray Marioni Ray Marioni ... Man in Cafe / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962-1966 Bill Hibbert Bill Hibbert ... Mechanic / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962-1965 Bill Rooney Bill Rooney ... Detective / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962-1965 Andrew Andreas Andrew Andreas ... Hotel Guest / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Arthur Howell Arthur Howell ... Bobbie on Crime Scene / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Mike Jarvis Mike Jarvis ... Dancer / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962-1964 Geraldine Addison Geraldine Addison ... Club Patron / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962 Ken McGregor Ken McGregor ... Policeman / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962 Zorenah Osborne Zorenah Osborne ... Cantina patron / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1962 Hilda Green Hilda Green ... Beggar / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1963-1969 Gerry Judge Gerry Judge ... Casino Patron / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1963-1969 George Leech George Leech ... Chauffeur / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1963-1966 Burnell Tucker Burnell Tucker ... 2nd Props Man / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1963-1965 Roy Everson Roy Everson ... Airline Passenger / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Frank Harper Frank Harper ... Horse Racing Spectator / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Jeff Silk Jeff Silk ... Bobby at Coroner's Inquest / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Tony Thawnton Tony Thawnton ... Butler / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Philip Webb Philip Webb ... Juror / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1963-1964 Ron Watkins Ron Watkins ... Actor outside Film Studios / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1963 Terence Maidment Terence Maidment ... Gang Member / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964-1969 Vincent Harding Vincent Harding ... First Guard / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964-1968 Lola Morice Lola Morice ... Lady Watching Parade / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964-1968 Ishaq Bux Ishaq Bux ... Arab / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964-1967 Jim Bolton Jim Bolton ... Aussie / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964-1966 George Romanov George Romanov ... Man in Casino / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964-1966 Jack 'Kid' Berg Jack 'Kid' Berg ... Chauffeur playing cards / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964-1965 George Hilsdon George Hilsdon ... Factory Worker in Bar / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964-1965 Tony Allen Tony Allen ... Aussie / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964 Jim Beasley Jim Beasley ... Airline Passenger / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964 Bill Cummings Bill Cummings ... Birdsnest Club Patron / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964 Joe Phelps Joe Phelps ... Driver / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964 Bess Rogers Bess Rogers ... Hotel Guess / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1964 Bill Risley Bill Risley ... Dancer in Night Club / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1965-1968 Tony Castleton Tony Castleton ... Man in casino / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1965-1966 Josie Grant Josie Grant ... Girl in Night Club / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1965-1966 John Cam John Cam ... Man in Casino / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1965 Anthony Chinn Anthony Chinn ... Oriental Agent / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1965 Hubert Hill Hubert Hill ... Man in Audience / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1965 Eric Kent Eric Kent ... Man at Orly Airport / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1965 Bill Strange Bill Strange ... Boxing Match Spectator / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1965 Juba Kennerley Juba Kennerley ... Gambler / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1966-1969 Fred Wood Fred Wood ... Man Watching Parade / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1966-1968 John Doye John Doye ... Gang Member in Club / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1967-1969 John Bawden John Bawden ... Bar Patron / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1967 Derek Chafer Derek Chafer ... Policeman / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1968-1969 Ian Selby Ian Selby ... Clergyman / ... (uncredited) 2 episodes, 1968-1969 Don Archell Don Archell ... Coliseum Passerby (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Roy Beck Roy Beck ... Spanish youngster (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Tom Busby Tom Busby ... Policeman (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Robert Gallico Robert Gallico ... Man who mimics Joe Sholto's Voice at Trial (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Renee Heimer Renee Heimer ... Club Patron (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Angela Kay Angela Kay ... Bar Patron (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Pierre Perrett Pierre Perrett ... Poco Bandito (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Terry Rendell Terry Rendell ... Maitre d' (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Terry Sartain Terry Sartain ... Restaurant Patron (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Jimmy Scott Jimmy Scott ... Waiter (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Robert Vossler Robert Vossler ... Waiter (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Joe Wadham Joe Wadham ... Policeman in Joe Luckner's House (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Johnny Wyne Johnny Wyne ... Barman (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Johnny Wyne Johnny Wyne ... Guitarist (uncredited) 1 episode, 1962 Robin Burns Robin Burns ... Beggar (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Bill Dean Bill Dean ... Nazi Follower (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Alan Gibbs Alan Gibbs ... Club Patron (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Pat Gorman Pat Gorman ... Gendarme (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Muriel Greenslade Muriel Greenslade ... Lady at Coroner's Inquest (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Tina Hart Tina Hart ... Reporter in Airport (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Graham Leaman Graham Leaman ... Court Clerk (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Oliver MacGreevy Oliver MacGreevy ... Boat Rental Man (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Tony Mendleson Tony Mendleson ... Club Patron (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Margaret Nolan Margaret Nolan ... Daisy (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Harry Phipps Harry Phipps ... Beggar (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Ingrid Pitt Ingrid Pitt ... Poolside Sunbather (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Dido Plumb Dido Plumb ... Beggar (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Keith Pyott Keith Pyott ... Coroner (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Jack Ross Jack Ross ... Airline Passenger (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Walter Sparrow Walter Sparrow ... Constable (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Ian Wallace Ian Wallace ... Sir Angus (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Allan Williams Allan Williams ... Railway Passenger (uncredited) 1 episode, 1963 Bernard Barnsley Bernard Barnsley ... Man in Tante Ada's Night Club (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Hilda Barry Hilda Barry ... Landlady (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Sean Barry-Weske Sean Barry-Weske ... Dancer (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 William Baskiville William Baskiville ... Police Officer (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Tony Bilbow Tony Bilbow ... Commentator (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Ron Carr Ron Carr ... Reporter (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Rosemary Chalmers Rosemary Chalmers ... Dancer (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Marian Collins Marian Collins ... Restaurant Patron (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Vera Cook Vera Cook ... Clara (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Edward Dentith Edward Dentith ... Police Chief (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Joyce Everson Joyce Everson ... Airline Passenger (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Ian Fleming Ian Fleming ... Butler (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Vince Fleming Vince Fleming ... Aussie (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Dorothy Ford Dorothy Ford ... Competitor at Horse Show Jumping (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Rex Garner Rex Garner ... Maitre D' (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Joyce Grant Joyce Grant ... Nurse (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Eileen Harvey Eileen Harvey ... Jan (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 George Herbert George Herbert ... Zimmerman (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 John Ketteringham John Ketteringham ... Man outside Phone Box (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Margaret Lacey Margaret Lacey ... Chemist Chop Assistant (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Anthony Lang Anthony Lang ... Porter (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Howard Lang Howard Lang ... Security Guard at Portland Naval Base (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Rosalind Mendleson Rosalind Mendleson ... Woman watching Hi-Li (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Manny Michael Manny Michael ... Aussie (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 John Morris John Morris ... Photographer (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 George Oliver George Oliver ... Oil Company Rep (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Donna Pearson Donna Pearson ... American Tourist (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Princess Soraya Princess Soraya ... Belly Dancer (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 John Smart John Smart ... Member of Parliament (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Will Stampe Will Stampe ... Garage Manager (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Jim Tyson Jim Tyson ... Drunk in Tante Ada's Night Club (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Eric Wetherell Eric Wetherell ... Train Passenger (uncredited) 1 episode, 1964 Jack Armstrong Jack Armstrong ... Tourist in Bar (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Anthony Baird Anthony Baird ... Klein (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Avril Botting Avril Botting ... Secretary (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Jack Brabham Jack Brabham ... Racing Driver (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Alec Bregonzi Alec Bregonzi ... Gendarme (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Cecil Cheng Cecil Cheng ... Soldier (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Jack Dearlove Jack Dearlove ... Waiter (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Gigi Gatti Gigi Gatti ... Car Racing Spectator (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Ron Gregory Ron Gregory ... Boxing Match Spectator (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 John Ashley Hamilton John Ashley Hamilton ... Joe (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Peter Hannon Peter Hannon ... Timekeeper of Fight Templar vs Johnny Angel (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Peter Hughes Peter Hughes ... Casino Cashier (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Leonard Kingston Leonard Kingston ... Reporter (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Robert Moore Robert Moore ... Casino Security Guard (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Lou Morgan Lou Morgan ... Policeman (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Reg Prince Reg Prince ... Airport Official (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Gerik Schjelderup Gerik Schjelderup ... Klaus (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Michael Segal Michael Segal ... Reporter (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Dino Shafeek Dino Shafeek ... Native (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Frank Singuineau Frank Singuineau ... Skipper (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Alan Stuart Alan Stuart ... Detective (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 William F. Sully William F. Sully ... Man in Bar (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 John Surtees John Surtees ... Racing Driver (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 John Trenaman John Trenaman ... Fake Police Officer in Airport (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Jeremy Tunnicliffe Jeremy Tunnicliffe ... Sorrel (uncredited) 1 episode, 1965 Zelda Barnett Zelda Barnett ... Lady in Casino (uncredited) 1 episode, 1966 Ann Barrass Ann Barrass ... Lady in Street (uncredited) 1 episode, 1966 David J. Grahame David J. Grahame ... Man in Casino (uncredited) 1 episode, 1966 Lindsay Hooper Lindsay Hooper ... Left-Luggage Man (uncredited) 1 episode, 1966 Richard Marner Richard Marner ... Russian Ship Captain (uncredited) 1 episode, 1966 Hana Maria Pravda Hana Maria Pravda ... Hotel Maid (uncredited) 1 episode, 1966 Bob Simmons Bob Simmons ... Fake Limo Driver (uncredited) 1 episode, 1966 Roy Stewart Roy Stewart ... Wrestler (uncredited) 1 episode, 1966 John Triplett John Triplett ... Art Gallery Guest (uncredited) 1 episode, 1966 Neil Wilson Neil Wilson ... Duncan (uncredited) 1 episode, 1966 John Clifford John Clifford ... Man in Pub (uncredited) 1 episode, 1967 Geoffrey Hughes Geoffrey Hughes ... Party Boy (uncredited) 1 episode, 1967 Eddie Powell Eddie Powell ... Servant (uncredited) 1 episode, 1967 Peter Taylor Peter Taylor ... Police Officer (uncredited) 1 episode, 1967 Joseph Tregonino Joseph Tregonino ... Waiter (uncredited) 1 episode, 1967 John Adams John Adams ... Homeless Man (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Ron Baker Ron Baker ... Policeman on Crime Scene (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Ralph Ball Ralph Ball ... Photographer (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Michael Da Costa Michael Da Costa ... Doctor (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 John Downing John Downing ... Roberts (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Frank Dreycott Frank Dreycott ... Homeless Man (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Harry Fielder Harry Fielder ... Kidnapped Security Guard (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 George Fisher George Fisher ... Thug in Phone Box (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 John Garvin John Garvin ... Ministery Man (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Kevork Malikyan Kevork Malikyan ... Hima Dri (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Dinny Powell Dinny Powell ... Ballard's Henchman fighting with Templar (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Christopher Sandford Christopher Sandford ... Photographer (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Mickey Varey Mickey Varey ... Photographer (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Terry Walsh Terry Walsh ... Sailor (uncredited) 1 episode, 1968 Richard Atherton Richard Atherton ... Man in Club (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Frances Baker Frances Baker ... Lady in Restaurant (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Hyma Beckley Hyma Beckley ... Casino Patron (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Bill Burns Bill Burns ... Lafitre's Thug (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Gerry Crampton Gerry Crampton ... Thug on Boat (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Joe Dunne Joe Dunne ... Gang Member (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Pat Lewis Pat Lewis ... Lady in Hotel (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Gino Marotta Gino Marotta ... Gang Member fighting with Templar in Palermo (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 David Mayberry David Mayberry ... François - French Student (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Darryl Read Darryl Read ... French Student (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Robert Rietty Robert Rietty ... Lafitre (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Paddy Smith Paddy Smith ... Casino Patron (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Philip Stewart Philip Stewart ... Casino Patron (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Ernst Walder Ernst Walder ... First Policeman in Palermo (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Karen Young Karen Young ... Alba (uncredited) 1 episode, 1969 Series Produced by Robert S. Baker ... producer (117 episodes, 1962-1969) Monty Berman ... producer (71 episodes, 1962-1965) Johnny Goodman ... associate producer (14 episodes, 1968-1969) Lew Grade ... producer (unknown episodes) Roger Moore ... co-producer (uncredited) (1 episode, 1969) Series Music by Edwin Astley ... (118 episodes, 1962-1969) Series Cinematography by Lionel Banes ... (69 episodes, 1962-1965) Michael Reed ... (23 episodes, 1966-1968) Brendan J. Stafford ... (15 episodes, 1968-1969) Paul Beeson ... (7 episodes, 1966-1968) Walter J. Harvey ... (3 episodes, 1965-1967) Kenneth Talbot ... (1 episode, 1966) Series Film Editing by Peter Pitt ... (37 episodes, 1962-1967) Derek Chambers ... (26 episodes, 1962-1967) Bert Rule ... (21 episodes, 1966-1969) Jeanne Henderson ... (10 episodes, 1964-1965) Inman Hunter ... (10 episodes, 1966-1968) Lee Doig ... (7 episodes, 1968-1969) Bill Lewthwaite ... (3 episodes, 1966) Spencer Reeve ... (3 episodes, 1966) Series Casting By David Booth ... (71 episodes, 1962-1965) Anthony Arnell ... (28 episodes, 1966-1969) G.B. Walker ... (17 episodes, 1966-1968) Judith Jourd ... (2 episodes, 1969) Series Art Direction by Allan Harris ... (51 episodes, 1964-1968) Charles Bishop ... (32 episodes, 1962-1966) Ivan King ... (15 episodes, 1968-1969) Cedric Dawe ... (11 episodes, 1967-1968) Len Townsend ... 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Christopher ... production supervisor (unknown episodes) Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Bruce Sharman ... assistant director (18 episodes, 1962-1964) Pat Kelly ... assistant director (18 episodes, 1964-1969) Gordon Gilbert ... assistant director (14 episodes, 1966-1968) Dominic Fulford ... assistant director (12 episodes, 1966-1968) Ken Baker ... assistant director (9 episodes, 1965-1968) Ernie Lewis ... assistant director (6 episodes, 1963-1964) Frank Hollands ... assistant director (6 episodes, 1965-1966) Dennis Hall ... assistant director (5 episodes, 1963-1964) David C. Anderson ... assistant director (5 episodes, 1964) Peter Price ... assistant director (4 episodes, 1962-1963) Peter Weingreen ... assistant director (3 episodes, 1962) Bill Snaith ... assistant director (3 episodes, 1964-1965) Ernest Morris ... assistant director (3 episodes, 1968) Stuart Orton ... assistant director (2 episodes, 1968-1969) Gino Marotta ... assistant director (2 episodes, 1969) Cino Bassi ... assistant director (1 episode, 1962) Nick Caris Carter ... assistant director (1 episode, 1962) Derek Parr ... assistant director (1 episode, 1963) David Bracknell ... assistant director (1 episode, 1964) Harry Kratz ... assistant director (1 episode, 1964) Terence A. Clegg ... assistant director (1 episode, 1967) Denny Lewis ... assistant director (1 episode, 1969) Series Art Department Bill Greene ... construction manager (32 episodes, 1966-1968) Michael Pittel ... set dresser (31 episodes, 1966-1968) Don Picton ... set dresser (13 episodes, 1968-1969) Pamela Cornell ... set dresser (2 episodes, 1969) Len Townsend ... associate art director (1 episode, 1966) Series Sound Department Len Abbott ... sound recordist / recordist (99 episodes, 1962-1969) Norman Coggs ... sound recordist (44 episodes, 1962-1966) Rydal Love ... sound editor / dubbing editor (44 episodes, 1964-1969) Jeanne Henderson ... sound editor (42 episodes, 1962-1964) Cecil Mason ... recordist / sound recordist (40 episodes, 1963-1968) Jim Sibley ... dubbing editor / sound editor (24 episodes, 1965-1968) Eric Bayman ... sound recordist (13 episodes, 1962-1963) Len Shilton ... recordist / sound recordist (11 episodes, 1962-1969) Les Hammond ... recordist / sound recordist (9 episodes, 1963-1969) Bill Rowe ... sound recordist / recordist (7 episodes, 1965-1969) Dennis Lanning ... dubbing editor (3 episodes, 1967-1968) A.W. Lumkin ... recording director (3 episodes, 1968-1969) Dennis Whitlock ... recordist (3 episodes, 1968-1969) Keith Batten ... recordist (3 episodes, 1968) Sash Fisher ... sound recordist (2 episodes, 1965) William Trent ... dubbing editor (2 episodes, 1967) Wilfred Thompson ... dubbing editor (2 episodes, 1969) Stan Fiferman ... sound editor (1 episode, 1964) Charles Crafford ... sound editor (1 episode, 1965) Bob Jones ... recordist (1 episode, 1966) William Tout ... dubbing editor (1 episode, 1967) Series Stunts Leslie Crawford ... fight arranger (14 episodes, 1968-1969) Royston Farrell ... stunts (uncredited) (50 episodes, 1963-1965) Rick Lester ... stunt performer (uncredited) (11 episodes, 1965-1969) Series Camera and Electrical Department Frank Watts ... camera operator (31 episodes, 1964-1966) Arthur Lemming ... camera assistant (31 episodes, 1966-1968) Alec Mills ... camera operator (20 episodes, 1966-1968) Len Harris ... camera operator (16 episodes, 1962-1964) Sid Wainwright ... gaffer (16 episodes, 1966-1968) Mike Tomlin ... camera assistant / assistant camera (15 episodes, 1968-1969) Harry Gillam ... camera operator (13 episodes, 1962-1964) Steve Birtles ... gaffer (13 episodes, 1966-1968) Jack Lowin ... camera operator (11 episodes, 1968-1969) Val Stewart ... camera operator (9 episodes, 1962-1964) Ray Sturgess ... camera operator (9 episodes, 1966-1968) Tony White ... camera operator (4 episodes, 1966-1968) Michael Wilson ... camera operator (4 episodes, 1968-1969) Gerry Massy-Collier ... camera operator (2 episodes, 1962) Frank Ellis ... camera operator (2 episodes, 1966) Wally Thompson ... gaffer (2 episodes, 1968) Harry Gillard ... camera operator (1 episode, 1962) Ted Hallows ... gaffer (1 episode, 1966) Malcolm Vinson ... camera assistant (1 episode, 1966) K.C. Jones ... clapper loader (uncredited) (23 episodes, 1964-1965) Series Costume and Wardrobe Department Joyce Stoneman ... wardrobe (32 episodes, 1962-1964) Laura Nightingale ... wardrobe supervisor / wardrobe (32 episodes, 1964-1966) John Briggs ... wardrobe supervisor (19 episodes, 1966-1968) Masada Wilmot ... wardrobe supervisor / wardrobe (14 episodes, 1968-1969) Charles Guerin ... wardrobe supervisor (12 episodes, 1966-1968) John Irwin ... wardrobe (9 episodes, 1963-1964) Norman Hartnell ... gowns: fashion parade (1 episode, 1967) Series Editorial Department Philip Aizlewood ... post-production (32 episodes, 1966-1968) Selwyn Petterson ... second assistant editor (uncredited) (12 episodes, 1962) Richard Hymns ... apprentice editor (uncredited) (1 episode, 1964) Series Music Department Leslie Charteris ... composer: original theme / composer: original Saint theme / composer: theme music (45 episodes, 1962-1969) Deveril Goodman ... music editor (38 episodes, 1964-1967) Michael Clifford ... music editor (21 episodes, 1966-1968) Brian Lintern ... music editor (14 episodes, 1968-1969) Edwin Astley ... conductor (uncredited) (1 episode, 1969) Series Other crew Harry W. Junkin ... script supervisor (118 episodes, 1962-1969) Josie Fulford ... continuity (58 episodes, 1962-1969) June Randall ... continuity (24 episodes, 1963-1968) Marjorie Lavelly ... continuity (14 episodes, 1966-1969) Elizabeth Wilcox ... continuity (8 episodes, 1966-1967) Isabelle Byers ... continuity (4 episodes, 1963-1965) Barbara Rowland ... continuity (2 episodes, 1963) Lorna Selwyn ... continuity (2 episodes, 1963) Joy Mercer ... continuity (2 episodes, 1966) Leonora Hail ... continuity (1 episode, 1964) Rita Davison ... continuity (1 episode, 1968) Sally Jones ... continuity (1 episode, 1968) Elsie Alder ... hairdressing supervisor (unknown episodes) Jeanette Freeman ... hairdressing supervisor (unknown episodes) Ken Norris ... double / stand-in (unknown episodes) Vickie Corner ... distribution director (uncredited) (1 episode, 1962) See also Release Dates | Official Sites | Company Credits | Filming & Production | Technical Specs

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Search for: The Saint Trying to figure out exactly how many literary adventures of the Saint there are is an interesting challenge; many early adventures got reprinted under different titles when some marketing genius decided the books would sell more if they had the word ‘Saint’ in the title and there’s been many anthologies and collections under yet more titles, then combine that with the 40 adventures written in French and translated into Dutch but never English and you get the idea.

But you have to draw the line somewhere. These are the 90 original adventures of the Saint…

Meet the Tiger (1928) (also known as The Saint Meets the Tiger, Scoundrels Ltd., Crooked Gold and Meet the Tiger! The Saint is in Danger) Enter the Saint (1930) The Last Hero (1930) (aka The Saint Closes the Case and The Saint and the Last Hero) Knight Templar (1930) (aka The Avenging Saint) Featuring the Saint (1931) Alias the Saint (1931) She Was a Lady (1931) (aka The Saint Meets His Match and Angels of Doom) The Holy Terror (1932) (aka The Saint v Scotland Yard) Getaway (1932) (aka The Saint’s Getaway) The Saint and Mr Teal (1933) (aka Once More the Saint) The Brighter Bucaneer (1933) The Misfortunes of Mr Teal (1934) (aka The Saint in London and The Saint in England) Boodle (1934) (aka The Saint Intervenes) The Saint Goes On (1934) The Saint in New York (1935) Saint Overboard (1936) The Ace of Knaves (1937) (aka The Saint in Action) Thieves’ Picnic (1937) (aka The Saint Bids Diamonds and The Saint at the Thieves’ Picnic) Prelude for War (1938) (aka The Saint Plays With Fire) Follow the Saint (1938) The Happy Highwayman (1939) The Saint in Miami (1940) The Saint Goes West (1942) The Saint Steps In (1942) The Saint on Guard (1944) The Saint Sees It Through (1946) Call for the Saint (1948) Saint Errant (1948) Quand le Saint s’en mêle (1950) La loi du Saint (1951) Le Saint ramène un heritier (1952) Le Saint et le canard boîteux (1952) Le Saint et la veuve noire (1953) Les anges appellent le Saint (1953) Le Saint parie sur la mort (1953) The Saint in Europe (1953) Le Saint refuse une couronne (1954) Le Saint se bat contre un fantôme (1954) Le Saint découvre le virus 13 (1954) Le Saint joue avec le feu (1954) The Saint on the Spanish Main (1955) Le Saint contre le Triangle (1955) Le Saint au carnaval de Rio (1955) Le Saint et le perroquet vert (1955) Le Saint condamne sans appel (1955) Le Saint choisit la mort douce (1955) The Saint Around the World (1956) Le Saint chasse la blonde (1956) Le Saint devient nourrice sèche (1956) 50.Le Saint voit une soucoupe volante (1956) Le Saint devient pirate (1956) Le Saint exige la tête (1956) Le Saint suit la mode (1957) Premier prix au Saint (1957) Thanks to the Saint (1957) Le Saint ne veut pas chanter (1957) J’accuse le Saint (1957) Greta emballe le Saint (1958) Plus fort que le Saint (1958) Vive le Saint (1958) Le spectre du Saint (1958) Señor Saint (1958) The Saint to the Rescue (1959) Le Saint et le tyran (1959) L’enfer attend le Saint (1959) Le Saint contre les cagoules grises (1959) Le Saint à Paris (1959) Sacrifions le Saint (1960) A l’eau, le Saint! (1961) Le Saint au volant (1961) Le Saint au bois dormant (1961) Trust the Saint (1962) Le Saint au Mexique (1962) The Saint in the Sun (1963) Le Saint en Afrique (1963) Le Saint retrouve Greta (1963) Vendetta for the Saint (1964) The Saint on TV (1968) The Saint Returns (1968) The Saint and the Fiction Makers (1968) The Saint Abroad (1969) The Saint in Pursuit (1970) The Saint and the People Importers (1971) Catch the Saint (1975) The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace (1976) Send for the Saint (1977) The Saint in Trouble (1978) The Saint and the Templar Treasure (1978) Count on the Saint (1980) Salvage for the Saint (1983)

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