The Terran Federation. By Joseph Gilbert Thompson and Carl Edward Thompson.

The Terran Federation or Terran Federation of Worlds or Planets, sometimes simply called The Federation, is the primary stellar government of the Terran Homeworld and its many colonial worlds and outer rim worlds.

Early YearsEdit

The Terran Federation, founded in the late 21st century, is a federal republic, originally consisting of the nations of Earth, then, as humanity spread throughout Terran Space the Orion Arm of the Alpha Quadrant, and began to settle colony worlds, by way of first the Sleeper Ship Space Program of the United Worlds Star Force –Pre Warp Technology Era and later on the First Generation Hyperwarp Space Program, during the Post Warp Technology Era . The Federation has seen several waves of expansion, most of them coinciding with or happening in the aftermath of interstellar conflict. and deep space exploration.

The Terran Federation of Planets, commonly the Federation or Terran Federation, is an interstellar political entity founded in the 22nd century. Terran Federation-is supplied by the Navy –Star Fleet and the Star Force and the Mobile Infantry -ground-based military arm of the government or military forces-the army and Colonial Marines specifically.In the first two hundred years of its existence, the Federation grew to be the dominant galactic superpower in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, thanks in no small part to the efforts of its Terran Federation Starfleet.Star Fleet or the United Space Service or United Star Service,as it sometimes called,is the collective name of the Terran Federation Space Service. the Terran Federation Ranger Service.Branches of it are the Terran Federation Colonial Marines,the Terran Federation Rangers-a sort of interstallar Law Enforcement Agency,.the Terran Federation Space Probe Agency-a kind of interstellar Deep Space Exploration Agency,and the United Star Forces Agency.It grew out of the Old Terran United Space Forces and the Terran Ranger Service.Branches of the Old Terran Military Forces were the Terran Colonial Marines,the Terran Rangers-a sort of interstallar Law Enforcement Agency,.the Terran Space Probe Agency-a kind of interstellar Deep Space Exploration Agency,and the Old United Star Forces Agency.

Terran MilitaryEdit

The Terran 's military appears to be divided into either Army like that command ground troops or Navy like United Space Forces (that use spacecraft instead of ships and double as an air force), with dozens of non-combat and support branches e.g Logistics. The "Sky Marshal" commands the entire military. To be eligible for the post of Space Marshal, an officer must reach certain high ranks in both the Army and the Navy.

Old Terran Confederation of WorldsEdit

The Terran Federation grew out of the Old Terran Confederation of Worlds-a loose knit or alliance of Colonial Worlds allied to the Terran Homeworld, also known as Earth. This Interstellar Republic began as a mutual protection and economic alliance among a number of planets in the Terran core Systems. The Old Colonial or Terran Confederation began as a good and noble idea, but soon became corrupted by beaurcratic red tape which were more often ignored and undermined by corrupt and power-hungry politicians ,who heeded the will of the special interst groups and not heeded the common will of the people. Stupid, inefective laws and incompetent government officials also created much of the mess that the later half of the Old Terran Colonial Confederations difficulties to maintain the policies and government programs of this first interstellar Republic. Each world operated and maintained its own colonies, Fleet, and Police., but had no central strong government to help deside any interstellar policy or interplanetary law.

The United Space Forces of the Terran Homeworld, were often called in to protect and defend each Colonial World, but stupid beaurcratic red tape of each colony could delay instant or effective military actions in the time of crisis or war, Admiral Adam Worthington, his job was once to defend to the Colonies with his Great Carrier Battle Group-USS Independence ,who just fought a interstellar war with the evil Delkhon Alliance began in his post military retirement to use his influence to attempt to reform the faulty the Old Terran Confederation of Worlds and help bring about a newer stronger Alliance of the local 12 Colonial Worlds,plus those outside Colonial Alliance star systems that joined or allied themselves with the Coderation during the Terran/Delkhon Wars.

During this time,the newly formed was governed under the Articles of Confederation without a President; governmental organization was different from the present form. Admiral Adam Worthington was persuaded to attend the Terran Colonial Worlds Convention on the Terran Homeworld in the summer of 2166, and he was unanimously elected president of the Convention. He participated little in the debates involved (though he did vote for or against the various articles), but his high prestige maintained collegiality and kept the delegates at their labors. The delegates designed the presidency with Worthington in mind, and allowed him to define the office once elected. After the Convention, the Admiral support convinced many, including the United World legislature, to vote for ratification; the new Constitution was ratified by all 13 Colonies of the New Terran Fedration. AdamWorthington attended carefully to the pomp and ceremony of office, making sure that the titles and trappings were suitably republican and never emulated Old Terran Homeworld European royal courts.Some felt his new name or official title of Supreme Commander of the Military Forces and Government,should something like Empiror of the Terran Federation of Worlds.Worthington rejected this deplite many other nearby interstallar powers often used terms like Empiror or Supreme the Terran Allies the Atlanteans or Supreme Commander such his old enemies the Delkhons.He felt it made him too ditator like and wanted use the old term used by the American leader of the United States.To that end, he preferred the title "Mr. President" or ‘’President ‘’more democratic to the more majestic names suggested.

Worthington proved an able administrator. An excellent delegator and judge of talent and character, he held regular cabinet meetings to debate issues before making a final decision. In handling routine tasks, President Worthington was "systematic, orderly, energetic, solicitous of the opinion of others but decisive, intent upon general goals and the consistency of particular actions with them."[28]

Worthington reluctantly served a second term as president. He refused to run for a third, establishing the customary policy of a maximum of two terms for a president which later became law by the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution of the Terran Federation of Worlds.He felt it might appear despite his popularity,that Old President Adam Worthington might be setting himself up for the position for life and that was never his intention.He only wished help form the new interstellar government to establish itself until it could function well by who ever followed him.The Second Terran Federation President was retired Admiral Heronimus Kane,an old friend of Adam Worthington and once Supreme Commander of Great Carrier Battle Group-USS . Victorious-who fought during the Great Terran /Delkhon Wars.*

Oddly ,enough some Terran Federation President Adam Worthington followed much similar lines as an ancient Terran hero of his General George Washington,later First President of the United States of America.Was it the will of the Sarkhon and the Legion of Time Sorcerers or simply co-incedence,who helped Admiral Adam Worthington during his military career no one by them-the so called Lords of Light-otherwise known as the ancient Elder Races of the Universe know for sure.


The four founding species of the Terran Federation (clockwise from top left): the Terrans of the Original Homeworld,Terran Colonist of the 1)Alpha Centauri Colonies,2)Proxima Centauri,3)the Rigel Colonies,4) Vega Colonies(or Alpha Lyrae).5) Tau Ceti III

More than an alliance of purely independent states, the Federation government is based upon the model of a federal republic, where its member planets and colonies remain semi-autonomous, controlling their local territory as they see fit in accordance with Federation principles as outlined in the Articles of Federation. The government is divided into three branches: theTerran Federation Council acts as the the legislative branch, , and The Terran House of Representative,that represent the interests of the various Colonial Worlds, the Terran Federation Supreme Court, serves as the supreme judiciary. For the most part, theTerran Federation government was established only to function in areas that required interplanetary cooperation. Each member operated and maintained its own colonies, Fleet, and Police. The Terran Federation President, is the chief executive and head of state,and resides over the policies of all three houses and could veto any law passed by the Terran House of Representatives. Star Fleet

the United Star FleetEdit

The Terran Federation of Worlds is defended by the United Star Fleet-that coprised two military organization the United Space Forces and the related United Star forces,which helps maintain and safeguard the Terran Homeworld and it’s Colonial Regions.The United Space Probe Agency,a related operation,combining the two organization,supervises and is in command of any star ship which also has oversight of the Survey ships exploring new territory.

The United Terran Federation Interstellar AgencyEdit

The United Terran Federation Interstellar Agency or Terran Interstellar Agency for short.Central Organization,which is the Command Structure for a variety of smaller Agencies and Departments. Terran Interstellar Agency.often works with various military branches and independent agencies of the Terran Federation,if nessessary. Agencies and departments

The Terran Federation Colonial Bureau of Agricultural AffairsEdit

The Terran Federation Colonial Bureau of Agricultural Affairs Federation Archaeology Council is a Federation organization of archaeologists.

  • The Federation Astronomical Committe

The Federation Astronomical Committee is the Unites Spaces Forces agency responsible for naming and locating new spatial phenomena.

  • The Terran Federation Colonial Bureau of First Contact
  • The Terran Federation Colonial Bureau of Industrialization
  • The Terran Federation Colonial Bureau of Planetary Treaties.

  • Terraform Command is an agency of the United Space Forces that is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the terraforming of celestial bodies.

==United Space Probe Agency== Headquarters is the command center for the United Space Probe Agency, located on Earth.

the Terran Federation Ranger ServiceEdit

.Branches of it are the Terran Federation Colonial Marines,the Terran Federation Rangers-a sort of interstallar Law Enforcement Agency,.the Terran Federation Space Probe Agency-a kind of interstellar Deep Space Exploration Agency,and the Old United Star Forces Agency.

==Independent Agencies and Departments==.

Fate Enterprises Department of Interstallar Affairs.

Project Time Stalkers IncEdit

Project Time Stalkers Inc.Department of Temporal Investigations, Private Agency created by Time Core Corporation.and founded by various individuals of Project Time Stalkers,Inc. to investigate and explore temporal space,plus exploit and research any technology found with time and space.

Sarkhon Enterprises,Inc.Private Agency created by the Imperial House Clan of Professor Thuzan Thune Sarkhon to investigate temporal phenominon,temporal and other related scienfic reserarch and so forth.

Time Core CorporationEdit

Time Core Corporation-Top Secret Board of Directors,who founded a company to help fund and profit off any research and exploration of temporal technology and time travel.Possably a corporate front for Sarkhon Enterprises,Inc, Fate Enterprises,Inc, Project Time Stalkers Inc members to secretly finance various operations and project by way of a back door policy and dummy company front.Thus,they avoid any type of legal or miltary interference from certain outside temporal agents fighting a Temporal Cold War in other parts of Temporal Space.


United Terran Broadcasting Company

United Terran News Network (UTNN)

United Terran News Service (UTNS)

Fate Enterprises United Broadcasting Company.

Terran Federation Starfleet Broadcasting (TFSB) Military and security

The Terran Federation United Space Forces Starfleet Departments.


A)The Terran Federation Starfleet -United Space Service or United Star Service. The Terran Federation Space Force:

The Terran Federation Space Force defends the Terran Federation and it’s Colonial Allies through control and exploitation of air and space. The Space Force flies and maintains heavy class star craft-such as heavy Deep Exploration Cruisers, Deep Star Destroyers, such as long-range heavy bomber star ships, Space borne Warning and Control System (SWACS) Star craft and many others to protect the interests of Terra and Terran allies. Almost 400,000 highly trained officers and airmen compose today's Space Force. The Space Force recruits approximately 30,000 to 40,000 men and women each year to fill openings in hundreds of Space Force careers. The Space Force is basically an old growth of Earth’s old Naval Military forces.

1)United Space Service- A general Branch of the Terran Federation Starfleet,refering to those military offices are under the Command of the United Space Forces Command-a kind of Interstallar Navy.


United Space Service is the branch of the Terran Federation military forces principally designated for space naval warfare and amphibious warfare,with the local planetary Naval Forces for namely lake- or ocean-borne combat operations and related functions. It includes operations conducted by surface ships, amphibious ships, submarines, and seaborne aviation, as well as ancillary support, communications, training, and other fields; recent developments have included space related operations. The strategic offensive role of a Navy is projection of force into areas beyond a country's shores (for example, to protect sea-lanes, ferry troops, or attack other navies, ports, or shore installations). The strategic defensive purpose of a Navy is to frustrate sea-borne projection-of-force by enemies. The strategic task of the navy also may incorporate nuclear deterrence by use of nuclear missiles.

Space Naval ranks

Main article: Naval officer ranks

A navy will typically have two sets of ranks, one for enlisted personnel and one for officers.

Typical ranks for commissioned officers include the following, in ascending order (Commonwealth ranks are listed first on each line):

Acting Sub-Lieutenant / Ensign / Corvette Lieutenant

Sub Lieutenant / Lieutenant Junior Grade / Frigate Lieutenant

Lieutenant / Ship-of-the-Line Lieutenant / Captain Lieutenant

Lieutenant Commander / Corvette Captain

Commander / Frigate Captain

Captain / Ship-of-the-Line Captain

Commodore / Flotilla Admiral (in : Rear Admiral (lower half))

Rear Admiral (in only: Rear Admiral (upper half))

Vice Admiral


Fleet Admiral or Admiral of the Fleet or Grand Admiral

"Flag officers" include any rank that includes the word "admiral" (or commodore), and are generally in command of a battle group or similar flotilla of ships, rather than a single ship or aspect of a ship. However, commodores can also be temporary positions. Such as command of a star base or space station, a Space Navy captain was assigned duty as a convoy commodore, which meant that he was still a captain, but in charge of all the merchant vessels in the convoy

The Terran Federation Star Force:

The Terran Federation Star Force defends the Terran Federation and it’s Colonial Allies through control and exploitation of air and space. The Star Force flies and maintains heavy class star craft-such as Battle Carrier Groups and star fighter squadrons, such as long-range bombers, supersonic fighters, Space borne Warning and Control System (AWACS) Star craft and many others to protect the interests of Terra and Terran allies. Almost 400,000 highly trained officers and airmen compose today's Star Force. The Star Force recruits approximately 30,000 to 40,000 men and women each year to fill openings in hundreds of Star Force careers. The Star Force is basically an old growth of Earth’s old Air Forces Military forces.

2)United Star Service.A general Branch of the Terran Federation Starfleet,refering to those military offices are under the Command of the United Star Fighter Command. -a kind of Interstallar Air Force

The Terran Star Force, in some countries called the Star Force, is a military or armed service that primarily conducts aerial or spacial warfare. It typically consists of a combination of star fighters, star or space bombers, repulsorcopters, Space or Star transport and other aircraft. Many air forces are also responsible for operations of military space, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), and communications equipment. Some air forces may command and control other air-defense assets such as antiaircraft artillery, surface-to-air missiles, or anti-ballistic missile warning networks and defensive systems.

Air forces typically operate numerous types of aircraft. These may include

Star Fighters, used to destroy other aircraft;

Star or Space Bombers and Attack Aircraft, used to attack ground targets;

Reconnaissance Starcraft;

Electronic Warfare

Spacerborne Early Warning Starcraft;

Maritime Patrol Starcraft;

Transport Starcraft;

Tankers which provide aerial in-flight refuelling for other Starcraft;;

Helicopters, used for attack, rescue or transport;

and Training Starcraft;t.

Star Forces also operate numerous types of satellites. These satellites provide services such as:

Secure and unsecure communications

Position, navigation and timing

Missile warning

Weather data

Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)

==The Terran Federation Army==:

The Army's mission is to protect the security of the Terran Federation homeworld and its vital resources. plus it’s Allied Colonial Worlds interest and resources. The Army is constantly ready to defend Terran Federation interests and the interests of our allies through land-based operations anywhere in the world or the interstellar regions of the Terran Federation Space and surrounding allied Colonial Alliance Space, if called upon.

  • The Terran Federation United Space Forces Military Department-The Alpha Omega Warriors Group.

The Terran Federation Colonial Army.

The Terran Federation Special Forces Corps.


The Terran Federation Colonial Marines


The Terran Fedration Special Forces Patrol

The Terran Federation Colonial Marine Corps:

The Terran Federation Colonial. Marine Corps has grown to become one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. Approximately 174,000 officers and enlisted Marines fly planes or star fighter and helicopters, pilot star ships, operate radar equipment, drive armored vehicles, and gather intelligence along with hundreds of other jobs. They also assist other branches of the Terran Federation Military Forces, with domestic and interstellar military operations. Each year, the Marine Corps recruit 41,000 men and women to fill job openings. Training programs offer challenging and progressive skill development with emphasis on the development of mental strength and physical prowess.

==The Terran Federation Interstellar Guard==:

The mission of the Terran Federation Interstellar Guard is to be prepared to be called to active duty as a reserve of the Army and Star Forces. The Terran Federation. Constitution designates a second mission to each star systems planetary National Guard and Interstellar Guard, be ready to assist the local government and near by interstellar forces at a moments notice. Upon mobilization, the state Guard comes under the control of the Army. There are approximately 36,500 officers; 7,700 warrant officers and about 313,500 enlisted members. The Terran Federation Navy:

The Terran Federation Navy plays an important role in helping to maintain the freedom of the Terran Federation and its allied neighbors. The Navy defends the right to travel and trade freely on the world's oceans and protects our country and national interested overseas during times of international conflict. The Navy is a large and diverse organization, consisting of 371,000 officers and enlisted members. Navy personnel operate and repair more than 320 ships and over 4,000 aircraft. They serve on ships at sea, on submarines under the sea, in aviation positions on land and sea and at shore bases around the world and other Colonial Worlds, with co-operation from the Terran Federation Star Forces...

The Terran Fedration Naval Patrol ;The Federation Naval Patrol was a department of the Terran Federation that deals with sea ships that patrol the oceans of Federation worlds, similar to how starships patrol Terran Federation space.


The Terran Federation United Space Forces Starfleet Department.

The Terran Federation Archaeological Council


Astronomical Committee

The Terran Federation Department of Cartography

The Terran Federation Department of Temporal Investigations

The Terran Federation Science Council

The Terran Federation Science Bureau


The Terran Federation Central Bureau of Penology


The Terran Federation Department of Temporal Investigations


From an economic perspective, the Terran Federation functions as an interstallar democracy where all its citizens are provided for thanks to the inexpensive, large-scale production and dissemination of nearly all food, clothing, shelter and consumer goods. By the late-21rd century (and probably earlier), the Terran Federation no longer used paper money in the traditional sense, but made use of the Federation credit as a basic unit of exchange when needed.Much of the Economy is based products and goods created by interstallar commerse and trade,manuefactrured goods and products created upon various colonial worlds ,plus anything created or produced by wormhole or space warp technolgy.

The Terran Federation influence on the interstellar economy is linked to its regulatory powers, production of Republic dataries, and authorization of relevant bodies.

At heart of the interstellar economy was planetary trade. Interplanetary trade could support a local economy, but, in many cases, the high levels of government spending required for an advanced society could only be funded only by interplanetary exports. While some planets maintained their own shipping fleets, most relied on large freight firms, such as the Alpha Centauri Transport Systems, or independent freight haulers to carry their goods along major hyper space lanes and wormhole trade routes...

==Orion's Arm==-

The Orion Arm is a minor spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy. The Solar System and Earth are within the Orion Arm. It is also referred to as the Local Arm, the Local Spur or the Orion Spur.

The Orion Arm is named for its proximity to the stars in the Orion constellation. It is located between the Sagittarius Arm and the Perseus Arm, two of the four major arms of the Milky Way. Within the Orion Arm, the solar system and Earth are located close to the inner rim in the Local Bubble, approximately 8000 parsecs (26,000 light-years) from the galactic center. The Orion Arm is a collection of stars, planets, nebulae, and other spatial objects that form one of many curved "arms" outshooting from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Orion Arm (or Local Spur/Orion Spur) is a minor "arm", extending from the Sagittarius Arm, and is the location of the Sol System. The Alpha Quadrant is the common designation for one-quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy. Its boundary in the region around the Terran Federation is defined by a meridian passing through the galactic core and at least near the Sol System.

The Orion Arm, Perseus Arm and Sagittarius Arms of the galaxy are located in that quadrant. The Milky Way Galaxy is a large barred spiral galaxy that is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter, and contains over 400 billion stars. The galaxy is comprised of three major parts: the core, which contains a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A, the disc, which is the ring of stars and interstellar dust that gives the galaxy its spiral shape, and the halo, which includes many older stars orbiting the core, but outside the disc, of which most are concentrated in massive globular clusters. The Sidairian Galactic Barrier is an energy field created by Sidairian Space Mine technology that surrounds the specific locations,that wish quarentine or cut off from outside hostile enemy,such as the Kellorians or the Khyvan from comtaminating specific pre warp technology worlds or keep the hostile enemy within such as the Phasian race-an evil Sidairian colony,from getting out causing havok or temporal contamination. . A log buoy or recorder-marker is a recording device carried by starships.mark where and when such barriers are located and must avoided when travelling in normal or sub space.

==Editors Notes==;

Although the character of Admiral Adam Worthington began simply as a way to re imagine Battlestar Galactica’s Commander Adama and mix him aspects of Battlestar Pegasus’s Commander Kane-a hard assed,tough George Patton/Captain Christopher Pike type,ideas I felt never by other creators could incorporated into the character.Ideas I felt never used with Captain James Kirk,after he become Admiral Kirk-like being elected President of the United Federation of Planets,instead of getting killed in a terrible Star Trek movie Generations-which an idea Paramount would think of,nor dare because not beloved and dynamic star fllet officer Jim Kirk of the Classic Star Trek series.Think how fun it would been for Captain Picard ,if say Kirk were President of the Federation and it only a few after his Captaincy.Other eliments,to Admiral Adam Worthington followed in I’d think much George Washington-a rich guy,fought a war,freed his 13 colonies and help form the beginnings of a new nation,while the First President of the United States.

My Terran Federation is not the clean cut technocratic utopia of Star Trek nor is it the totolitarian ditatorship of Blake Seven.It is much more like the United States of America,simly spread throughout Terran Space,with it’s greatest and flaws presented there.My Terran Federation is neither good nor bad,it simply is better than the surrounding old world monarchies and total dictatorship interstellar powers around.

Doc Thompson.

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