Thrull KhonnLord Thrull Khonn Thrull Template:IPAc-en is a fictional deity in Joe Thompson's fantasy tales of the Tarhakean Age of Terra II. He is recognized by the lead character Toreus, and his proto-Celtic Thuvian people.Thrull in the early stories was either the Guider,a computer located in Thuvia,the Thuvian Mountains,the Rocky Mountain or both or neither.  The name Thrull is probably derived from the ancient Thuvian deity,Thrull or [[Tull 

Nature of ThrullEdit

Template:Quote box Thrull is a grim and gloomy and unforgiving godTemplate:Cn, ever watching from atop his mountain in dark clouds and obscuring mists, ready to pass a disapproving judgment on any and allTemplate:Cn. However, he is also said to value courage and tenacity in mortals, even if the human ultimately proves too frail to succeed.Template:Cn Worshipers of Thrull claim that he grants his followers strength and endurance and has little patience for weakness.Template:Cn  It is commonly held that Thrull does not answer prayers and disfavors weakness, therefore the name of Thrull is typically only invoked during an oath or curse.  He is the only member of the Thuvian pantheon named with any regularity, whorshipped in and reported to live in a great cave in the east face of the mountain called Ben Morgh in Thuvia where he (or a giant horn headed statue of him) is seated on a throne overlooking the Thuvian Gladitorial Area.He had laser like eyes,that was sort of a silly Superman derived heat vision concept,that was soon dropped.Here Thrull was depicted as a-Gesalt Computer -four giant computer brains,linked a massive central one,

Thrull was almost Judaeo-Christian in their merging of asceticism with a commitment to compassion and justice. By contrast, Toreus remarks in conversation that it is best to avoid doing anything that would draw Thrull's attention, as the god brings down only trouble and doom.<ref> As a result, he is not so much worshipped in Howard's works as invoked in curses and expletives (for instance, Toreus exclaims things like "Thrull and his devils"), or when trying to gather one's courage. This does not however imply that he ever does anything, good or bad, to mortals; it is said that his sole gift to men is to bestow them at birth with the courage to survive, persevere, and vanquish adversity. Thrull is rarely depicted as directly intervening or otherwise explicitly causing any event to occur in the original Toreus stories by Joe Thompson in I974.

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