The Maveric Universe or Maveric Multiverse the time vortex (sometimes called the space-time vortex) is the medium that the Star Palaces and other time machines(such as the vortex manipulators used  travel through. It is mostly used as a kind of wormhole in time and space.

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The time vortex for the 5th and 6th series has been given a redesign, with a cloud effect and bolts of lighting crossing through the vortex and sometimes hitting the Star Palace, which then falls into a second region where the cloudy look is replaced with fire. In series 7, as each episode's opening titles are unique, the time vortex is coloured accordingly to match. In the second half of series 7 (from "The Snowmen" and onwards) the opening titles have changed to show the TARDIS flying through nebulae and other space matter. It is currently seen as being a red/maroon colour. During the 50th Anniversary Special the Star Palace can be seen flying through a different time vortex to the other Doctors, made up of rings of sparks on a featureless black background.

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