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Toreus Warrior 2250[edit | edit source]

Toreus Warrior 2250,was the working title for a fictional creation,created in 1974,by Joe Thompson.It featured the adventures of a Post Apolypic Barbarian Warrior,known as only as Captain Toreus,who was guided by an ancient green jewell on a headband upon his forehead,that talked to him,known as the Guider or Guider Gem

I only read one Mighty Samson comic,I picked in Atlantic City in the 1960's #12,the River Raiders,where Terra of Jerz returns with a Coast Guard cutter and attempts to take of the tribes of N'Yark.I never saw another comic,but years later it had a good impression on me when developed my post nuclear holocaust Conan called Toreus;Warrior 2250.Soon a world was developed the idea, fleshing out a new invented world — similar to the Hyborian Age — and populating it with all manner of countries, peoples, monsters spawned mutantations after a ancient Atomic War,that destroyed the world, and super science that looked like magic to the uneducationed people of this New Terra..

Other influences were Genisis II,Killraven,Kamandi,Conan,Kull,Planet of the Apes,

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