Toreus the Slayer-a 1973 Conan imatation created by Carl and Joe Thompson.Inspired by Daybreak 2250 AD.Starman's Son.The name is inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs,Tarzan,Joe Kubert's Tor and Mythologies Perseus and Theseus.Pronounced TOR-E-US.not Tor-Roos or Tor-Russ.

Origin Inspired by the novel Daybreak 2250 AD,Genisis II,Kamandi,Killravenand ConanToreus was created as a kind of future Clonan


Toreus the Slayer is a term originally used for a single Post Apocholypic Hero of Terra II,also known asCaptain Toreus 2250 AD. or Toreus Warrior 2240 AD.,but applied a second revised hero of similar origins,motives and missions.Characters became revised and given new names.Some characters added.A potential wizard or sorcerer character,in the mode of Doctor Strange was supposed to be added later on.That character eventually became the Lasar Sarkhon,Doctor Arenjun Sarkhon character.

Captain Toreus 2250 AD.  Toreus the Slayer,Captain Toreus,Toreus Warrior 2240 AD. and Prince Toreus Rhann   

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