A tramp freighter was a type of independent freighter with no established scheduled ports of call, as opposed to a freight liner.Tramp Freighters are often involving independent spacer and smuggler characters,who operate as independent or family operated cargo hauling enterprises.They have Tramp Freighter Warbooks,that include operation Cargo Hauler Guides Books,which rules for modifying freighters, dealing with loan sharks, and trading legal and illegal cargo. Interestar Customs officials to outwit, space pirates to battle, loan-sharks, corrupt portmasters, mechanical failures and a thousand other things which make your life interesting.

Light freighters were spacecraft used for small freight operations. They were popular choices for small shipping firms, independent haulers and smugglers for their low cost, ease of customization and a ubiquitous nature that helped avoid unwanted attention.

These craft were usually upgradeable, a glistening (or maybe a not-so-glistening) example being the Millennium Falcon, which was capable of moving four times as fast in hyperspace as a stock YT-1300.

Although light freighters were usually in private hands, the Azzameen family used a few YT-series transports for their shipping operations. Most large shipping concerns used larger bulk freighters and container ships for their transportation needs.

Bulk freighters were huge spaceships used to haul enormous cargo loads. Most of the ship's interior was occupied by cargo bays while the bridge and crew areas were often small and cramped.

Bulk freighters were very costly to obtain and operate, but the payoffs for transporting such huge loads were much higher than those earned with smaller and more inexpensive light freighters. Therefore they were mainly used by larger shipping concerns or smuggling organizations.

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