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Tramp Freighter Warbooks , open content is an interstellar encyclopedia and star ship guideScreen captures from the Colonial Rim Worlds data search engine. War-Book also supports the idea that some form of electronic defense was available.It contains navigation search engines,similar to the Starfighter Pilot Manual.

The warbook is a database of known friendly and enemy ships in the Colonial fleet database. The warbook is accessed through the scanner equipped on most Colonial ships. STARFIGHTER PILOT MANUAL Starship Technical Manual

  • Power

o Fusion Power Plant o Power Distribution System o Emergency Power o Independent Power Systems

  • Propulsion

o Maneuvering Drive o Vector Drive o Contragrav

  • Jump Drive

o Lanthanum Grid o Power Crystals o High Yield Power Plant o Jump Governor o Fuel Systems o Fuel Purification

  • Environmental

o Atmosphere o Potable Water o Sewage o Recycling o Gravity Generation o Emergency Environmental Systems

  • Communications Systems

o External Communications + Sub Space Radio + Laser + Meson + IFF/Transponder o Internal Communications + Personal Comm + Intercom + Security

  • Control Systems
  • Sensor Systems

o PESA o AESA o Advanced Radar/Laser Detection

  • Computer Systems
  • Safety Systems

o Fire Suppression o Acceleration Compensation o Medical Response o Environmental Monitoring o Atmospheric Integrity Systems o Lifeboats/Escape Pods

  • Space EVA

o Airlocks o Vacuum/Non-controlled Atmosphere Areas + Spacedock Hangars + Cargo Holds + Vehicle Bays

  • Low Berths