Transwarp aperture

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[1] A transwarp aperture A transwarp aperture is an opening through which a transwarp conduit can be either accessed, or from which a conduit can be exited.

The Borg maintained a series of six transwarp hubs throughout the galaxy, from which thousands of transwarp apertures could be accessed in all four quadrants. This allowed the Collective to deploy vessels nearly anywhere in the galaxy, giving them a decisive tactical advantage. In 2378, the crew of the USS Voyagerput into action a plan to destroy the Borg's entire transwarp network, by destroying a series of the interspatial manifolds which supported the network's structure. Entering an aperture in a hub they discovered in the Delta Quadrant, the crew fired a series of transphasic torpedoes as they traveled through the conduit, destroying the manifolds and setting off a chain reaction which destroyed the hub and collapsed the network. Remaining ahead of the resultant shock wave, the Voyager crew was able to exit an aperture located less than a light year from Earth, moments before it collapsed. (VOY: "Endgame")

Transwarp thresholdEdit

edit this page  Discuss035,947pages on this wiki The transwarp threshold (also known as the maximum warp barrier or the transwarp barrier) was a boundary that separated warp from transwarp and was identified in the 24th century as the velocity of warp 10.

In 2372Tom Paris became the first Human to cross the transwarp threshold. While the attempt was successful, the Federation transwarp drive turned out to be an unsafe method of bringing USS Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant, as it induced hyper-evolution in Humans. (VOY: "Threshold")

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A Stargate Jumps you from one Solar System to another. Each system has at least one Stargate.

[4][5]A typical Gallente Stargate

You can use Stargates even if your Security Status or Standings make you an "enemy of the state", but you may be fired upon depending on the circumstances (you may enter any area in a Pod without being shot, no matter what).

There are four types of Stargates (Caldari, Ammar, Minmatar, Gallente) but the only difference is in the appearance - they all function in the same way.

In the future, a feature that may be implemented is that an Alliance will be able to control Stargates in their territory (see Sovereignty). For now, anyone may use any Stargate at will (lag permitting...)

In High Security areas (0.5 to 1.0), Stargates are patrolled by Concord or the Navy of the particular faction that owns the space. There will also be 6 to 8 turrets equidistantly placed around the gate. Shooting anything you aren't supposed to will result in them opening fire. The Customs Official (in the zippy Interceptor that buzzes around) will also scan your ship if he gets close, confiscating any illegal things you possess and handing out fines if any are found.

In Low Security areas (0.1 to 0.4), Stargates are not patrolled by anything, but will will have a few turrets that will open fire on anyone who picks a fight. These turrets are not particularly powerful, and can be tanked. Sometimes there are NPC Pirates that appear.

In No Security areas (0.0), Stargates are devoid of all law enforcement, but often there will be NPC Pirates.

[6][7]All one sees of a ship making a stargate transit

Note that smartbombs cannot be set off near to gates. The turrets guarding the gate have a range of 150km from the Stargate itself.

You may need to enable gates in the Overview settings, they are very useful to have in the Overview but are not in a default settings (and CCP likes to reset Overview settings after major patches).

Some missions have inactive Stargate(s) in the background - they will not take you anywhere.


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