Trongaroth Hegemony

Trongaroth Hegemony  

Trongaroth Hegemony-huge extra terrestrial,alien armored bug or insect like race,possably created by the Titans of the so called ""Old Maveric Universe"".The Trongaroth,invade other worlds,set up an empire or diminion and mine the world of it"s natural resources,plus use it"s indiginous lifeform for a cheap slave labor force,if possable.The Trongaroth Empire consisted of an looseknit alliance between themselves,the Metrone Empire,the Mystrann Confederacy,the Naudain Federation,The Sornai Empire,and several other species often allied for a common purpose.

In Interstellar relation, the Trongaroth Hegemony may be defined as a state or power that can dictate the policies of all other powers in its vicinity, or that is able to defeat any other power or combination of powers that it might be at war with.They often become allies with other military species such as the Metrone or Titans,who often do their fighting for them.The Trongaroth Masters,run the political and economic branches of their civilization.

The processes by which a dominant culture maintains its dominant position: for example, the use of institutions to formalize power; the employment of a bureaucracy to make power seem abstract (and, therefore, not attached to any one individual); the inculcation of the populace in the ideals of the hegomonic group through education, advertising, publication, etc.; the mobilization of a police force as well as military personnel to subdue opposition.In this way,the Trongaoth Hygemony,maintain control by their sub species,allied forces,such as the Metrone or Slave Forces,such as Terran Humans.


The Trongaroth society is a caste system composed of many races,who came from the same or similar species of huge cybernetic artificially grown insectoid creatures some of which were forcibly incorporated into their slave empire. Each race is required to provide a specific number of battle-ready troops in order to remain within the Hegemony.

The Trongaroth Master.are another name commonly used refer to the Trongaroth Royal Family,by other races-mainly those of the Terran human races.The Royal family ,consist of the Queen and her royal consorts,plus the lower members of the royal family.

Queen— The Queen of the Trongaroth  colony is the progenitor of the colony or the hive.

Preist Kings-two subordinate members of the Trongaroth Royal Family.They often ,do the actual running of the Trongaroth Empire.Sometimes,these Trongaroth Preist Kings,often employ Zatikhon Agents,to carry out various offworld operations,as Trongaroth do not wish to be seen outside their Trongaoth Hive Ships.

Trongaroth Slave Masters-these are the members of the Trongaroth Royal Family,who maintain and manage the massive Slave Labor Forces.It is these Trongaroth,that employ the Trongaoth Slave collars and Trongarite Ticks,that enslave other races.Sometimes

Trongaroth Workers— do the manual labour for the Hive Colony, digging and upkeeping the tunnels. They are semi-defenseless and will usually flee at the first sign of danger unless they have no way out. They are physically similar to Warriors Class but possess a non-aggressive mentality. They are not however completely useless; near the end of the novel, a large mass of Workers were used as a decoy for the  while their Warriors prepared a greater trap; the Workers did not fight, even when they were attacked.

The races are identified by their common

The Trongaroth Engineers are the scientific engineering backbone of the Trongaroth and its economy.

Drones are a conquered race that was forced into service by the military forces, yet are the lowest creatures in the caste system.They often are the alien species,enslaved by the Trongaroth.


Trongaroth Hunters Soldiers  are incredibly dangerous foes, deployed more like equipment than soldiers.The Trongaroth maybe a species spawned off from the ancient race known as the Mystrann-an ancient bug like species all big brains and a small bug like body,encased in a superhard exoskeleton.These hunter Soldiers,might be an evolutionary branche of that species.

Terran Slave Force is what the Trongaroth Masters call, those they enslave for the empire or dominion and mine the world of use indigenous lifeform for a cheap slave labor possible.

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Encyclopedia All Reference the Web results Hegemony Displaying 2 best matches.  Browse all results below.  Sponsored World The Financial Times - a Leading International News productivity by aligning business Hegemony

Theories of hegemony attempt to explain how dominant groups or individuals can maintain their power -- the capacity of dominant classes to persuade subordinate ones to adopt and internalize their values and forms.

 Antonio Gramsci devised one of the best-known accounts of hegemony.  His theory defined the State by a mixture of coercetion and between which he drew distinctions.  According to hegemony consists of socio-political power that flows from enabling the of the populace through intellectual and moral leadership or authority as employed by the subalterns of the State.  The power of the hegemony is thus primarily through coercio and consent rather than armed force.  Such conceptions are sometimes referred to as Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe have re-defined the term as a discursive strategy of combining principles from different systems of thought into one coherent ideology.  Hegemonies in history the word originated in ancient Greece and derives from the word hegeisthai an early example of hegemony during ancient Greek history occurred when Sparta became the hegemony of the Pelopoesian League in the century BC.  Philip II of Macedon became the personal Hegemony of the League of a position he passed on to his son Alexander the Great.  In ancient China during the Easter Zhou dynasty, the Zhou kings appointed hegemons this was due to the increasing chaos that resulted from the weakening of Zhou authority.  The hegemons - initially from the powerful state of - were men with sufficient strength to impose Zhou rule.  In return, they got prestige and legitimacy they would not otherwise enjoy.  The office of hegemony had vanished by the time the last Zhou king was deposed i1.  BC.  The term hegemony is also used to describe three unifiers in the late sixteenth century and early seventeenth century.  Oda Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu each had different titles held many different posts during their but each had in common that they exercised hegemony over all or much of case much of Korea at one For ease of reference they are collectively referred to as the three hegemons or the three unifiers.  To the extent that hegemony appears as a cultural or cultural institutions maintain it.  The Medici maintained their hegemony in Tuscany through control of major the Arte della Lana.  Modern hegemonies also maintain themselves through cultural often with allegedly membership.  The dominance of the British Empire during the 1st Century can be considered the first emergence of a global hegemony whose influence reached all over the globe.  The or of Britain during this period stemmedot only from its large military power othe but also from its financial and ideological power in both its Empire and elsewhere.In more recent analysts have used the term hegemony ia more abstract sense to describe the of the resulting iregional dominatioby local or domination of the world by a global power. Position of dominance in East Asia for most of its history offers an example of the regional hegemony.The Cold War - with its main avenues of the Warsaw Pact led by the USSR and NATO led by the United States often appears as a battle for hegemony. The details of the respective ideologies have no relevance to whether they are both sides featured superpowers by their battling to dominate the arms race and become the supreme world superpower. The details of the ideologies do come into play to the extent they determine the persuasiveness or efficiency each hegemony.Since the end of the Cold analysts have used the term to describe the United role as the sole superpower in the modern world.  Some scholars of international relations as argue that the United States does not have true since it lacks the resources to impose dominance over the entire globe.  and the European Union are considered by some to be emerging superpowers capable of competing with the U.S in their in the case of the worldwide.  British historical Niall Ferguson has reviewed Patrick Karl the Centurial Professor of Economic London School of Economics comparative analysis of hegemony vs. empire.  Hegemony in fiction Theovel Valis by the science fiction writer Philip K. Dick treats the concept of hegemony as one aspect of what he calls the Black a totalized system of social control.  Orson Scott Card used the title to describe the office of world leader taken by the fictional character Peter the brother of Andrew Wiggin.  The story of rise to dominance is told in the science fiction novel and more fully in the series.  Peter uses his great intelligence and political savvy to manipulate public opinion by publishing under the pseudonym of Peter persuaded his Valentine to publish opposing viewpoints that were widely supported by the common people under the guise of The educated and political fearing the power Demosthenes held with the consequently supported a more moderate writer itheir opinion. once Peter attains the he finds that it has little actual contrary to what the title would lead one to Hyperion Cantos also features an interstellar society called Hegemony of

The Hegemony includes all of the several hundred planets colonized by the as well as space stations and outlying colonies. The Hegemony funds and maintains ainterplanetary entity called and two hundred or so Hegemony planets are linked together by the farcaster network to comprise the WorldWeb. The TechnoCore and the Ousters are not included ithe Hegemony.Robert A. Heinlein referred several times to the there is ainterstellar government called the lasting from the early century to the late 2th century. The government is more akito a constitutional monarchy than anything Control Control the player struggled against the Hegemonic a hegemony of races dominated by the bird-like race of aliens.In Star Trek Deep Space the Breen race is represented by a government called the Ione Next Generation the is described as a loose alliance of states ithe early and is assumed too longer exist.In In aiM. a is a hive-like organism that seeks to make everything in the galaxy a part of it. It is described as one potential Outside Context Problem for the Culture.Geography of hegemonies .Hegemony does not leave geography untouched. Henri theory of as articulated Productioof insists that space isot a passive locus of social relations and that space is trialectical. That is space is comprised of mental social space and physical space. This hegemony cabe read as a spatial process. Edward David Chantal influences hegemonies. Ancient hegemonies developed in fertile river valleys of hydraulic China and the succession of states in Mesopotamia. In China during the Warring States Era the state of created artificial waterways as the Chengkuo in order to give itself aadvantage over its neighboring rival states. Hegemonic successor states iEurasia tended to cluster around the Middle East for a using either the sea or the fringe lands The focus of European hegemony moved west to the northwards to the Franks and the Holy RomaEmpire. The Atlantic seaboard had its heyday before the fringes of the European cultural area took over ithe twentieth century Soviet regions show continually fluctuating areas of regional for or the Balkans. Other regions show relative offers a case in point.Long-lived hegemonies Pax Pax offer a contrast to shorter the Mongol Empire or Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.Resistance and survivalConrad Phillip in Window on Humanity explains hegemony in terms of ideologies that offer explanations about why the existing order is interest. Many things are but are said to take time and patience iorder for them to hegemonyMonetary HegemonyDominant ideologyPosthegemonyHegemonic masculinityHegemony or a book by Noam ChomskyThe a book by Machiavellin Spartahegemony B.C.E. - B.C.E. – power Great related White White Burden Liberal elite Groupthink External hegemony theory and the ideological role of the mass The Quiet Convergence of Culture and and the hidden persuaders - the power of the free encyclopedia 21-26 Wikipedia contributors article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.Last updated on Tuesday August 27 at PDT this article at - Edit this article at - Donate to the Wikimedia More from Wikipedia results from Columbia Encyclopedia13 from WikipediaView results Dictionary Thesaurus Encyclopedia All Reference the WebAdvertisementPerform aew or try your search for - Shop for music and - Search for - Web Search powered by - Search for synonyms and antonyms HegemonyTioHegemonyDollar HegemonyKzinti HegemonyMonetary HegemonyFree Get instant and encyclopedia access from most Mac and Windows programs. Indicates premium which is available only to subscribers.About Policy of Use to Us Us Copyright Lexico Publishing LLC. All rights reserved.

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