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=Why People Hate Zachary Smith "The guy in the above picture pisses people off. Of course, he's supposed to. He is the villain of the 1960s TV show, Lost in Space." Why People Hate Zachary Smith: A Study in the Psychology of Villains and American Morality=

Why People Hate Zachary Smith: A Study in the Psychology of Villains and American Morality[]

By Megaera Lorenz (Picture from The Promised Planet)

[14]The guy in the above picture pisses people off. Of course, he's supposed to. He is the villain of the 1960s TV show, Lost in Space. When the show first started, he was a "classic" bad guy -- completely dark and evil, with no redeeming qualities. The actor portraying him, Jonathan Harris, was dissatisfied with this version of the character, because he feared that such a character was doomed to death within the first few episodes of the show. And so he set about changing Dr. Smith into a comic villain -- a tragic, bumbling, cowardly, lazy character with just enough good in him so that the producers of the show would not be justified in bumping him off. The resulting character was one of the most intriguing and unusual villains in the history of modern American entertainment.

But there is something about Zachary Smith that rubs people the wrong way even more than your typical TV show bad guy does. What is it about this character that people find so irritating? After all, he's not all bad. He is lazy, cowardly, dishonest and nefarious, but he also shows a good deal of compassion at times. Perhaps it is because he is somewhere between good and bad that he makes the average TV viewer so uncomfortable.

There are a couple of reasons for this phenomenon. First, it seems that it is human nature to dislike ambiguity. People like to be able to classify things into distinct categories -- good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, black vs. white. This very aspect of human nature has led to countless problems throughout history. Because of this mentality, people want their bad guys to be bad and their good guys to be good, not to be left with the uneasy feeling of not knowing whether to like or dislike a given character. After all, if the bad guy is anything less than pure evil, how can we be justified in hating him? One of the most common tactics in wartime propaganda is to dehumanize the enemy. It makes it easier to kill them.

Perhaps even more telling are the results of a poll recently conducted on The Promised Planet. The poll asked visitors to think about their own character traits and decide which Lost In Space character they most resemble. Of the 82 people who responded, 20.7% said that they were most similar to Dr. Smith, making him the 2nd most common choice after Will Robinson. Does this mean that Dr. Smith makes people uncomfortable because he hits a little too close to home?

You might not like the idea that most people are more like Dr. Smith than they are like the saintly Robinsons. After all, Dr. Smith represents a collection of qualities that are most frowned upon by the traditional standards of our culture. But studies done by psychologists on the true face of American morality have revealed some frightening results. Apparently, the average American bases his/her moral standard on what he/she thinks he/she can get away with, both in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society and culture. (Psychologists call this the "conventional morality" stage in ethical development (Weiten, 1995; Kohlberg, 1969).) You might be shaking your head in outrage at this statement, but before you dismiss the idea, try the simple experiment that my introductory psychology professor likes to demonstrate to his classes. Take a large group of people and ask them what they would do if all legal and social inhibitions were removed. About 90% of my classmates responded (anonymously) that they would commit some sort of crime. While most of them only wanted to commit such relatively "innocuous" crimes as bank robbery, a large number reported that they would like to commit rape or murder.

 My American history professor performed a similar experiment, which revealed similarly frightening results. All but two students out of the class of approximately twenty said that, if a grocery store clerk were to accidentally give them too much change, they would take it and not give back the extra. The same number said that they would not report it if they moved into a new apartment and found that the cable was still connected and it was not supposed to be, etc. Their excuse? "It wasn't my mistake!"

And yet, although most of us admit to frequent dishonesty, and the desire to commit various crimes, we also demand extremely high ethical standards from our cultural and political role models. The same people who admitted that they would happily carry out a bank robbery, provided they wouldn't get caught, were outraged and infuriated by President Clinton's philandering. We would all rather root for the Robinsons, who are so perfect that even their mistakes are all due to well-meaning misguidedness, than Dr. Smith, who is so uncomfortably close to the average American's lopsided ethical standard.

The good side of Dr. Smith vs. the bad side: Right: The trapped Dr. Smith holds pilot Don West at gunpoint and orders him to return the ship to Earth (from the pilot episode, "The Reluctant Stowaway"). A frighteningly large number of people would probably resort to tactics like Dr. Smith's gunpoint threatening if they were in a position similar to his. Left: A weepy Dr. Smith kisses Penny, whom he has accidentally turned into platinum ("All that Glitters"). How many people would give up an opportunity like the one he had in "All that Glitters" to turn that danmed Major West into a hunk of metal?


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Delkhon Alliance[]

Delkhon Alliance

Delkhon ( Delkhonian or Delkhonean)-a race of mostly armored cyborg warrior,found within the outer colonial rim of the Terran Federation's Northern Colonial Alliances of Space.This race originated on the planet Delkhon 4-fourth planet in the star system,known as the Delkhon Star System.The Dekhon are a race of highly intelligent indiduals-mostly albinoid in skin color Albinism (from Latin albus; extended etymology), more technically hypomelanism or hypomelanosis, is a form of hypopigmentary congenital disorder, characterized by a lack of melanin pigment in the eyes, skin and hair (or more rarely the eyes alone).Thus most Delkhon are either light skin or completely white in skin color,eye color and hair color-although there have cases where,the Dekhon,are platinum blonde but a dark shade of blonde hair color,eye clor ranging from icey blue to red or light copper brown color.This is either some sort of genetic mutation,genetic enhancement or inner breeding with other sotable races. Most Delkhon humans and many animals that live upon this world,with albinism appear white or very pale; the multiple types of melanin pigment are responsible for brown, black, gray, and some yellow colorations. In some animals, especially albinistic birds and reptiles, ruddy and yellow hues or other colors may be present on the entire body or in patches (as is common among pigeons), due to the presence of other pigments unaffected by albinism such as porphyrins, pteridines and psittacins, as well as carotenoid pigments derived from the diet or some sort of genetic defect in the Delkhon biology,perhaps due something their local enviroment or ancient genetic engineering efforts.

The Delkhon is a cast system-with the Imperial Dekhon or Royalty or ruling class at the top,such as the Imperial Delkhonean Royal Family-many whomb are members apart of the Imperial Delkhon High Council.Below this is the Delkhon Warrior Class system,many whomb can advanced toward the upper Imperial Dekhon or Royalty or ruling class.Many of these make the bulk of the Imperial Delkhonean military system-which includes the Imperial Dekhonean Army,Navy,Air Force,Star Forces and Star Fleet miltary services.-a somewhat combined service,that works together with the other branches of Delkhonean military life.Next is the Lower Merchant Clas system-vital to trade and commerse with the Imperial Delkhonean Alliance and partially nessary for the Imperial Dekhon or Ruling class to survive and maintain wealth andpowerr,but looked down upon by the upper Delkhon Warrior Class system-for it brings no glory or true honor to the Delkhon race.Next is the lower Delkhonean Worker class,who maintain the vital functions of the various cities within and upon colonial worlds of the Imperial Dekhon Empire.

the Delkhon people and their interstellar empire became governed by the oligarchic Delkhon High Council and a figurehead emperor, although in the past the emperor's role was much more powerful. The Delkhon political state is referred to as the Delkhon Empire and Delkhon Alliance,refers to the Delkhon homeworld and it’s colonial worlds and conquored colonial frontier..that reaches into deep space and beyond.,

However, for most of Dekhon history the emperor or Supreme Delkhon Commander was not allowed outside the palace grounds and his will was "interpreted" by a Imperial Delkhon Governor, or military dictator. Beneath the Imperial Delkhon Governor, regional Dekhonean lords, administered the provinces through their Delkhon lieutenants.of the Warrior class system.

Kortharr Khonn the so called First Imperial Supreme Commander, a messianic figure and true warrior in Delkhon history, unified the Dekhon people and became the first Imperial Delkhon emperor. The ’ Delkhon most important symbol of leadership, Kortharr Khonn said that Delkhon should fight not just to shed blood, but to enrich the spirit. The story of Kortharr Khonn,the First is a cornerstone of Delkhon mythology and religion,throught the empire..

The stories of Kortharr Khonn the so called First Imperial Supreme Commander, are the stories of the Dekhon people. Passed down from generation to generation, these stories remind the Klingon people about who they are and where they come from. the Dekhon study these stories for all of their lives; many find new truths in them every time. Many of these stories are held within the sacred texts, a few exclusively. Nevertheless, they remain an integral part of the Dekhon lore.No one is quite sure exactly what of the life of Kortharr Khonn is true fact,what is Delkhonean mythology and what is attributed to Delkhonean approcrapphal stories written into the Great Twenty Books of Kortharr Khonn-the story of the life and teachings of First Imperial Supreme Commander.

In ancient times , the position of Emperor was strenthened, when the son of Kotharr Khonn inherited the throne with the blessing of the Chancellor and High Council. Titled Kotharr Khonn II, the Emperor became titular ruler of the Empire at a time when the Empire needed a figurehead. The bulk of power, however, remained in the hands of the High Council,with the Emperor having the ultimate veto power over any descition made by the Council.

The series has made several references to Delkhon anatomy. Most Delkhon body functions incorporate multiple redundancies, such as redundant stomachs, lungs, livers, an eight-chambered heart (although the Terran Federation Star Flett Medical Reference Manual shows a three-chambered heart-which may either an error or the evidence was from some Delkhon with defective heart), and twenty-three ribs. [5] This characteristic," [5] makes Delkhon incredibly resilient. Delkhon ribs are arranged in a latticework and composed of a cermic like material,Delkhonite -based on Atlantean technology.Delkhonean ribs are arranged in a latticework; the structure might be compared to chainmail. Delkhon bones and skull structures are typically re-infirced to survive heavy impact or blunt force, with many back up medical nonotech bots to repair and housekeep the body function during sickness and combat situations.; .Delkhon are also equipted with data read out with their body armor,that act as a body computer-like to the medical biorecorder,which gives the Delkhonean Heads Up Displays,with the tactical contacts and helmet veiw plates,up the minute medical examinations.

Carter Tauron and Goliath.

Carter Tauron will on patrol,during a war with the Delknon Alliance becomes involved in a space fight dogfight with three Delkhon Raider ships.Like the Marvel Battlestar Galactica comic Beserker where Captain Apollo fight a menacing and relentless Cylon Mark III in issue #16 first over a desert planet and upon it’s surface,Carter Tauron is forced to crash land upon a desert world and fight a menacing and relectless Delkhon,hell bent upon his destruction.In the end,Captain Tauron must find a way either defeat the Delkhon Warrior –which is near impoossable,since like the Terminator-or eventually work with Goliath to escape the planet and return to his Terran Federation Battlecarrier fleet,rebuilding their two crashed sar ships-then known as the Hms Bounty -Tauron's ship and IDSS Hunter-Goliath's ship,inot a single tramp freighter vessel known as the HMS Bounty-Hunter.Later,this will changed to the SS Gypsey Queen,in futuredevelopements..The rest of the series Carter Tauron and Goliath.learn to except one another as equils and track bad guys and during and after the Terran Federation/Delhon War.-sort of space version of the Long Ranger and Tonto.saying Hi ho-star ship away,at the end of each stories conclusion,as a kind of tribute to the pubular radio and tv western hero.

Carter Tauron-is a maveric hero-a smuggler,bounty-hunter,and Terran Federation Ranger,a Corvaillian –a race of space travelling or spacer,as they call themselves.with a ship for hire.Like Captain James T.Kirk-he is a man with a sence of duty but will break the rules if he see fit and pull his ship and crew out of danger,at the last minute,by some sorrt of cever stagigy or manuever.Like Han Solo-he the reluctant hero,who finds himself fighting on the side of justice,in a galactic war.Like Lt.Starbuck,is the tought star fighter pilot,womaniser,gambler,who the end does the right thing,even if he in the end must suffer from those heroic actions.Carter Tauron,is outspoken-and will tell anyone his opion,if he see’s fit to-even those Godlike members of the House Clan of Sarkhon-to may or maybe be somewhat related to via his obscure Tauron abcestry-Taurons-an alien race of Atlantean blood to the Sarkhon Family-many whose members are apart of the Legion of Time-Sorcerers-those Gaurdians of Peace and Justice,throughout time and space.

Goliath chose to travel with the=is Lone Terran Federation Ranger, rather than continue about his business. A reasonable assumption would be that he felt a sense of gratitude to the man.whom he honors,and vows to protect,as sort of Delkhonean Warriors Code of Honor life dept,to stand by this mans side,who bested him in a far fight and become his personal armored bodyguard.Delkhon Warriors,often hide features behind a fierce armored mask,reveals his true self-an abinoid Conan like warrior-a cyborg,in a horned Iron Man like in a gold,blue and red combat space armor.Goliath,is part Mister Worf-the lone warrior,who is few among his race with a true sence of honor,beyond just talk and bravado.Tonto-the noble savage and sidekick to main hero,Mister Spock-the cold alien-a stranger among humans,trying to fit in,Conan-the savage and ruthless hero.Tony Stark-Iron Man-the hero,hidden behind a cold mask and suite of fantastic abilities.).Commander Goliath –onced served the Imperial Delkhon Supreme Commander,until Carter Tauron,convinced him and others of his kind-Imperial Delkhonean Cybernautes or Cyberknights- Humans) presented actual hope for the eventual defeat of the evil members of the Imperial Delkhon Alliance and bring about a peace between their two races and a better Way of Honor for his people.

Goliath Khon,is often quite,introspective,but when anger is arroused,will speak his mind and tell exactly what a true Delkhon Warrion of the Delhon Alliance thinks and feels.Goliath,will often refer to Carter Tauron,as simply ‘’Tauron’’,Carter Tauron or the Captain.Goliath possesses powered armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons possesses powered armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons

Goliath has amazing self-control, restraining himself to calm actions when others would often become extremely angry, but he makes no claim to a lack of emotion and he has been known to lose his temper when his close friends and family are threatened. He places his duty to protect anyone he chooses to call freind or family,as part his life dept to them or duty to family and freinds as Goliath Khonn often calls it as above all other things-other needs and other emotion.Goliath Khon believe that honor and duty above all ,even his own personal welfare and would gladly give up his life, if it meant freedom for the Delkhon Alliance and the continued existence of the many worlds beyond it’s boarders..Goliath in contrast to the stereotypical warrior- (equipment laden soldiers were said to emit grunting sounds under the weight of modern combat equipment. ) one might expect, has a very rich vocabulary and a good command of the English language; in almost all situations he speaks tersely and calmly. He rarely uses the words yes and no, preferring short but complete affirmative or negative sentences, such as I did or we were not; this is the form used in some languages lacking own words for yes and no, such as Latin.