==Summary==As the Jupiter 2 is travelling along in space, it becomes necessary for Professor Robinson and Major West to clean impurities out of the reserve fuel cells by running the engines at full power. This results in an accident, propelling the Jupiter 2 past the speed of light, and into a time warp. When the Robinson party recovers from the accident, they discover that they are approaching the planet Earth. Upon landing, they discover that they have indeed travelled back in time. It is October, 1947. They have landed in a lumber mill parking lot in the rural town of Manitou Junction, Michigan. The locals in the small town believe the Robinsons are aliens,called Voltones,read by one of the locals in a science fiction magazine and form a vigilante squad to deal with them.The robot is mistaken for their leader,because his size and metallic shape.The Robinsons knowing that they fifty years out of want to just lift off,but the towns people believe it to the beginning of an alien invasion and form a vigilante squad to deal with them. The Robinsons resolve to leave the Earth and attempt to return to their own time. Dr. Smith is opposed to this strategy, so he attempts to endear himself to the locals and take over control of the vigilantes by passing himself off as a Fire Chief from a nearby town of Chickasaw Falls. Will and the Robot attempt to find Smith and bring him back to the Jupiter 2. This fails and they are captured. By the end of the episode Smith is prepared to destroy the Jupiter 2 in order to get the Robinsons to stay. This plan is foiled and the Robinsons are able to return to the Jupiter 2 and leave. Smith, afraid to be left behind, gets aboard the Jupiter 2 at the last moment and leaves with them.In the end,one of the towns people,Craig phones in a report,that the ship was sort of like a Flying Saucer. 

File:J2 3.jpg

The Jupiter 2 full-size mock-up on the Fox lot.

File:J2 4.jpg

The mock-up as seen in the episode.

File:Chevy lis.jpg

The "antique" car found by Prof. Robinson and Major West.

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