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Write the second section of your page here.Warp Gates are built on moons and can only be used by their owner. They allow a player with two Warp Gates to transport a fleet of ships from one Warp Gate to the other once every sixty minutes. This recharge time is only needed for the two Warp Gates that were used, so should the owner possess, for example, four Warp Gates then one could execute two jumps in one hour, as long as the second warp uses the two previously unused warp gates.

Once you have at least two moons with warp gates, select the moon that has the ships you wish to warp from and display the Fleets view. Select the second moon you want to warp to as the destination. Select the ships you want to warp. The Warp option should be added to the Mission types. Select Warp. Click Dispatch Fleet. This action does require an open Fleet Slot.

Just remember you can't take resources with you, so if your fleet is transported make sure you have some hydrogen at your destination. If you need to send resources between the two galaxies where you have warp gates, use a transport mission from moon to moon as Oracles cannot scan moons.

Construction Cost and CooldownEdit

Building a warp gate beyond level 1 provides a 15% reduction in cool down time per level. Where the warp gates have different cool down times, the time of the gate being sent from will apply to both gates.

Level Ore Cost Crystal Cost Hydrogen Cost Cool Down Time

(in minutes)

1 2000000 4000000 2000000 60
2 4000000 8000000 4000000 51
3 8000000 16000000 8000000 43.35
4 16000000 32000000 16000000 36.8475
5 32000000 64000000 32000000 31.320375

As the base build time is 2400:00:00, or exactly 100 days, the actual build time will equal the build-time reduction multiplier given by the Moon's Capitol level, in days. (For example, if you have a level 10 capitol the build time will be reduced to 9.09 days.)

While it is possible to build a Warp Gate beyond level 1, doing so provides no operational benefit.


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