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Warriors CodeEdit

As part of the samurai philosophy, Bushidō stresses loyalty, frugality, the mastery of martial arts, and "honor unto death." Born of two main influences, philosophy and swordsmanship, the violent existence of the samurai was tempered by the wisdom and serenity of Japanese Shinto and Buddhism.[1]

Warrior” should not be used to describe every individual who now fights, has ever fought, or prepares to fight a war. The term would have more strength if can call reserved it to apply only to those war fighters who meet other important criteria, which may be less tangible, but ultimately more significant, than that of having taken up arms against an enemy. Before the warrior can call any collection of belligerents a culture of warriors, should first ask why they fight, how they fight, what brings them honor, and what brings them shame. The answers to these questions will reveal whether or not they have a true warrior’s code.

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Warriors Code.

Accept hospitality gracefully when it is offered,but always be wary from whom it come from. Accept no imprisonment Defend the honor of the clan Remain true to one's clan and it's traditions and customs. Remain true to ones word Show no fear Speak only the truth;punish liars and expose falseholds Take no woman by force Take only what is necessary.

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