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Warwolf (Vince "Vic" Marcus) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe who first appeared in Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos #1.Mike Travers is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe who first appeared in in Astonishing Tales #26 as Warwolf.


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Fictional character biography[edit]Edit

Vince Marcus is a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Howling Commandos Monster Force. He is the field commander. It is unknown yet when he joined S.H.I.E.L.D. or why he is nicknamed Warwolf.[volume & issue needed]

He has fought with guns and also used his claws to infiltrate the "Lords of Lightning", a doomsday cult and led the assault on Stonehedge when Merlin and faeries were bringing their world into ours.[volume & issue needed]

== Mike Travers Warwolf ==

WAR-WOLF of Earth-7484

Real Name: War-Wolf

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-7484 / Earth-Deathlok) human cyborg

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: Possibly Project: Alpha-Mech

AffiliationsSimon Ryker of Earth-7484

Enemies: Deathlok the Demolisher of Earth-7484

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Warwolf

Base of Operations: Statue of Liberty, New York, Earth-7484

First Appearance: Astonishing Tales#26 (October 1974)

  • On Earth-Deathlok, there is a character known as Warwolf. He first appeared in Astonishing Tales#26.


War-Wolf appeared to roughly match Deathlok's physical power, so presumably he could lift about 2 tons, run at over 40mph, and had superhuman reaction time, endurance, and durability. He wielded a dagger (magnetically clamped to his back) and an energy pistol. He was not seen to speak, and there is no evidence that he could function beyond his programming and direct orders from Ryker.


(Astonishing Tales#27 (fb) - BTS) - War-Wolf was a cyborg created for Simon Ryker, presumably under Project: Alpha-Mech. Ryker considered him his first success, as Deathlok's rebellious nature rendered him a failure for Ryker's needs. War-Wolf's original human body is unidentified.

(Astonishing Tales#26) - Deathlok tracked reports of his old comrade Mike Travers to the Statue of Liberty. There he fought his way past Simon Ryker's agents and into a cell, which contained Ryker and the War-Wolf, whom Ryker claimed to by Travers.

(Astonishing Tales#27) - Ryker sent War-Wolf to kill Deathlok, who found himself unable to fight back against what he believed to be his best friend. Allegedly programmed with Travers' knowledge on Manning, War-Wolf punched Deathlok to the ground, but Deathlok forced him to fire back with his laser pistol, blasting War-Wolf's pistol from his hand. Deathlok was unable to make himself follow up on the attack, and War-Wolf then smashed him with a piece of machinery and then battered him repeatedly, eventually even tearing out his life-line. War-Wolf continued to pummel the rapidly weakening Deathlok, but then Ryker became overconfident and revealed that War-Wolf was not Travers (he further claimed Travers had died on the operating table, though Travers was later shown to be alive). This had the opposite effect of what Ryker intended, and Deathlok was newly inspired to fight back against War-Wolf. Deathlok tackled War-Wolf off the top of the Statue of Liberty's pedestal and made sure that War-Wolf took the impact fully on his back. Though his computer stated that his opponent's main circuits were near to a dead halt, Deathlok refused to stop. He continued to beat on War-Wolf, knocking his dagger from his hand and then blasting a hole through his chest with his laser pistol. His computer analyzed the cyborg opponent as demolished.


Deathlok was told that this Warwolf was Mike Travers.Travers was am army buddy of the original Deathlok Luther Manning. He was captured by Simon Ryker and much latter his remains were used to create yet another Deathlok or he thought. Deathlok attempted to track down his old friend Mike Travers, which brought him back to Ryker. Major Ryker sent the Warwolf after the Deathlok cyborg, duping him into believing that it was a transformed Travers, so he would not fight against it fully. However, after Deathlok was badly injured, Ryker thought victory to be guaranteed, and so revealed that Warwolf was not Travers. Deathlok then rallied and destroyed the Warwolf, although the fight carried him away from Ryker. Simon then initiated the process of having Nina plugged into the Omni-Computer, which left her in a semi-catatonic state, responsive to his directions.In reality,Travers alive appeared whole future storylines.


  • A member of Cybertek is known as Warwolf who first appeared in Deathlok vol. 2 #1.
  • A group of extradimensional former agents of Mojo are known as the Warwolves who first appeared in Excalibur Special Edition #1.


  • Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #1-6




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