Wendigo.The name means "the evil that devours". The strange wendigo is one of the lesser known entries in the encyclopedia of cryptozoology.Though rarely seen, the wendigo's existence is evidenced by the fierce, primal roars that echo across Northrend's mist-shrouded peaks. Many believe these reclusive, cannibalistic creatures are the primordial cousins of the wendigo that populate the mountains of Dun Morogh...The wendigo is known as the "spirit of the lonely places". It is certainly a solitary creature. The wendigo hides in the forest and tracks you silently, always just out of sight. The Sasquatch tribe of the Wendigo, possesses superhuman strength and heightened endurance as well as a high degree of resistance to injury that enabled him to go toe-to-toe with a Jovian Primative and survive (in an early appearance, Sasquatch fought the for "fun" in order to test the limits of his own strength). They also has a healing factor.30-foot-tall, glowing creature, with a star upon his forehead, was always followed by an immediate death in the family

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