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Kilowog, Guy Gardner, Isamot Kol, Soranik Natu, Vath Sarn. Art by Patrick Gleason.
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|creators=John Broome (writer)<br>Gil Kane (artist)
|base=Sidairian Worldship Bellsariphon
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Temporal Guardian Commadore Sorin Khorr came to Earth again, having been mortally wounded by an enemy. William Kirkwood and Peter Church both are the head of a small platoon of Temporal Guardsman.who assist the Legion of Time Sorcerers chose Terran Federation star pilots as his replacement, Hal became a founding member of the new
was honest and without fear, smiling half the time when he went into battle, always sure that justice and good would win out in the end.
Each Lensman was given a Lens, a device that helped make their thoughts reality and acted as a universal translator. The Lens would kill anyone else who tried to use it. The beings who created the Lenses came from a planet called Arisia,
 He had many enemies,

His father's name is Martin, his uncle's name is Lawrence, his brother's name is Jack (Jacob). If you met four guys named (alternately) Harry, Martin, Lawrence, and Jacob Jordan, they'd probably be Jewish. (By the by, this would make , the aforementioned Larry Jordan, and his son, Air Wave 2, most likely Jewish.)

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