Yor: The Hunter is some guy you know,played by reb brown in a dum movie.With Ray Collins (Eugenio Zappietro) Juan Zanotto (Giovanni Zanotto created the prehistoric Henga (Yor in Italian) using his and Diego Navarro's scripts (the 1983 film Yor, the Hunter from the Future was based on this graphic novel),Two different civilizations in a primitive world in late Neolithic, when the last glaciers had left a new earth for man.  In this cruel world and live wild Henga a gerrero to seek its origin at the mercy of fighting a superior intelligence will have the key to his own destiny and that of the human race.' [1]THE DATA: A true masterpiece of science fiction comic, based on an original idea by cartoonist John Zanotto, but with the final script Zappietro Eugene (Ray Collins, Diego Navarro) and Alfredo Julio Grassi (Roderick Schnell).  Highly recommended if you like Barbara (if not, too) will see a warrior fantasy adventure, with clichés but different.  Henga is a smart addition to the strength of your body uses the strength of his cunning and logic, can remind ANTHRO time the first caveman on Earth, from the DC comics aesthetics and ambience.  But reading the first comic will Henga positive accounts brings the caveman differences dollar (plus top is surrounded by mines)

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