You know whats annoying.Edit

You know what annoying about heroic fiction,fantasy,science fiction,comics and other genre related material.This articles about stupid crap,that either comes out of idiots getting paid produce,write and draw,film and destribute,that nobody or hardly nobody talks about but is like the Empiror's New Clothe.


You know whats annoyingEdit

The nickname John Byrne gave to the She-Hulk....Shulkie.What are fracking crazy Byrne or with Jim Shooters foot so lodged up your ass,your brain couldn't function ?
250px-Conan witch born

Comic asswhipes who want to see Arnold do a third Conan movie-even he's pushing 60 or something,plus retired from the movies and certainly that character.

Aceholes in the comic industry that keep on saying Oh.ya know this new direction isn't really a new direction,it's getting back to basics.Were re-vamping the book to ya know make it better ya know.When we all know that here comes the onslaught of bad ideas-bad characterisation,bad stories,sometimes bad art and writting-to a project ill advised or no longer revelavant-just put out there to keep a copyright and trademark of something past it's prime.

Spider-Man and Ben Grimm still bitching about everything after forthy year.Come grow up. The new,so claimed better Conan adaptions at Dark Horse.Someone needs to shoot both Kurt Buskiek and Tim Trueman for those comics.By Crap those comics suck totally-hope you Howard purest enjoy them,your making shit a hit.

Fracking morons-especially those acekissers in the business going around saying Well Jack Kirby was the king after all or Jack Kirby was the King. when much his work especially away from Marvel was sloppy amaturish shit.And Mark Evanier needs to really shut up and stop appoligizing for the Kings mistakes and thumbles.Epilogue at the beginning of the First Issue of the New Gods my ass.That's a mistake a ten year old fan boy makes -not the so called King of Comics.Anyone that can't draw a uniformed Ben Grimm/the Thing like Alex Toth did for the cartoons,plus give five,not four fingers-plus forgets how many fingers the Hulk has dosen't deserve the title.And if this bothers Kirbyites-up yours gomer-get a brain operation and grow up.The Fantastic Four and The Mighty Thor of Marvels way past it's prime-now their brand names promoted by a corporation.Most of the 1960's and 1970's Marvel Bullpen are either dead or retired or have moved on.Grow and get out of your wife's basement-find something else to do with your life.

more to come.

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